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May 27, 2012



#548 May 27, 2012

On 12-05-27 02:23 PM, Mike Friend wrote:

> What I am refering to, is only at the roof area only.

> Such as: the antenna from the roof what is the calculation loss per foot.

The cable or other wire you connect the antenna to the converter or TV

set has a loss per meter (or foot) that will vary with the frequency.

If it is an issue you can generally select a "Better" cable (more

dollars per meter ---> Less loss per meter!)

Twin lead (300OHM) used to be considered to have lower loss than Coaxial

Cable, but that depended on Very careful installation.

The more interesting variable is taht sometimes a foot either way up or

Down in the antenna position will make for a change of signal strength.

In theory the higher the better, but this is not always the case in

practice, particularly if you are getting the best signal by aiming the

antenna at the reflection of the signal from your local water tower.


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#772 Feb 3, 2014

I'm not sure of the model number but its a 6' Winegard I bought in 2011..basically an older style UHF antenna.�� It has 2 coax on the bottom where 1 goes to the tv and the other is an option to plug in another antenna since many have used multiple antennas.�� Its very similar to the picture on the right in our group.��Bill��Silly Windows, computing is for Macs!


#773 Feb 6, 2014

��It may have been mast mounted preamplifier, with 2 antenna inputs, one for uhf and on the second for vhf similar to this

Here is an 8-bay stacked antenna that has the ability to split to 2 4-bays 90 deg. may be try this, see how the wiring harnis is connected, and then try 2 gh designs. There are several mods of gh design, each with its own complexity.

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