When You Find Yourself in a Hole, You Keep Digging

Oct 5, 2013



#30771 Oct 5, 2013

Sometimes when you find yourself in a hole you just keep digging

BY Dave Ross ��onOctober 4, 2013

This week's sessions of Congress have basically been about Republicanstrying to restore piece-by-piece the government they closed, andDemocrats refusing to restore piece-by-piece the government they wantopen.

But the polls show most of the blame is going to the Republicans. Partlybecause they're the ones refusing to vote on the budget resolutionalready approved by the Senate.�� But also, I think, because they're the party that's argued for years that the federal government is way too big and intrusive.

They've argued at various times that National Parks should be sold off.That medical research should be privatized. That food stamps encouragelaziness.

Republicans support the military - they helped those veterans storm thebarricades of the WWII memorial - but since the federal government givesemployment preference to veterans, veterans make up a disproportionatenumber of the employees affected by the shutdown.

And it's only going to get worse as small businesses, another bigRepublican cause, and one who also get a federal preference when itcomes to government contracts, have to lay off their employees. And atthe same time it's clear that the online Obamacare exchanges whichRepublicans were trying to protect us from - are jammed with unprotectedapplicants.

But I have a way out. Republicans could argue that when they startedthis, they never thought the President would so shamelessly lay offworkers who actually were essential, and therefore to rescue the nationfrom his capriciousness, they will pass the resolution that's been ontheir desk all week, reopen the government immediately, and claimvictory.

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