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Oct 1, 2015



#38095 Oct 1, 2015

Retirement Savings in TSP Have a Bad Month, AgainBy Amelia Gruber12:27 PM ETAugust was a bad monthfor the retirement funds in the federal employee Thrift Savings Plan,and September was not a whole lot better, according to monthly returnsreleased Thursday.The only two offerings that ended last month in the black weregovernment securities, which grew 0.18 percent for September, and fixedincome bonds, which were up 0.75 percent. The G Fund also was abovewater for the year to date, with 1.51 percent growth so far in 2015. TheF Fund was up 1.44 percent for the year.All of the stock-based offerings lost ground in September, on theheels of even bigger losses in August. The international stocks in the IFund fell the most last month, dropping 5.02 percent. The I Fund wasalso down for the year to date, by 4.33 percent.The small and midsize companies represented in the S Fund endedSeptember down 4.8 percent, and lost 5.98 percent for 2015. The commonstocks in the C Fund decreased 2.47 percent last month and 5.24 percentfor the year to date.The lifecycle offerings . which move investors to less riskyportfolios as they near retirement . were all in the red for Septemberas well. L Income, for people who have already started withdrawingmoney, was down 0.51 percent; L 2020 fell 1.67 percent; L 2030, 2.26percent; L 2040, 2.67 percent; and L 2050, 3.09 percent.The L Fund returns for the year to date were similarly grim. L Incomewas up barely, by 0.31 percent, but the rest lost ground in 2015 sofar. L 2020 fell 1.55 percent, L 2030 was down 2.56 percent, L 2040decreased 3.27 percent and L 2050 dropped 3.96 percent.��(Image via��Nate Allred��/

By Amelia Gruber12:27 PM ETRetirement Savings in TSP Have a Bad Month, Again

Retirement Savings in TSP Have a Bad Month, Again Government securities and fixed income bonds see slight gains for September, but the rest of the funds remain in the red.


#38099 Oct 2, 2015

�������� I'm still a rookie when it comes to investing, but the lessons I learn stick with me.�� Back in 2007 I had only just��started investing, had a little over 11K in TSP and deposited about 7K that year.�� So at the end of the year (yes, I did not check it that often and used it as a loooong term account) when I had only 9K in TSP, I was pretty stunned.�� My friend offered me my first lesson:�� "Keep your chin up, you haven't lost a @#$!��cent until you move that money, or take it out.�� It will recover.�� Leave it alone."����The second lesson that day was "Just think of how cheap you are getting those shares for right now.�� You are getting a steal."�� I sure was.�������� This is probably old news to some of you, but as I see the share prices fall again, I don't feel so bad.��We're getting a deal right now.��And I am getting another lesson knocked out about the importance of bonds, when the time is right.��Now, if I could just find a good used crystal ball to know when the time is right, I would be even better off...My crystal ball��seems to be��cloudy as of late.

Hang in there!�� And thank all of you for your advice.�� I wish I had more to offer. -Perry

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