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Oct 10, 2013



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Stuart, A while back I had an issue slightly similar on one of my scopes.  I sent an email to Wayne at starlightinstruments and he responded back very quickly.  IIRC my solution was adjusting the knobs via their set screws. The knobs over time, perhaps being bumped into were putting pressure on thew pinion shaft and I had to very slightly move them out. Anyway, if no one here know specificly what to do contact Wayne.

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Hi all,I have the older style feather touch focuser.  A number of months ago, Inoticed some slippage in the focus when I had my camera attached, so Itightened the brake screw.

The large focus knob works fine.  But the fine focus either doesn't movethe focuser at all, or, if I loosen the brake screw, it will only move outand not in.  I have to leave the brake screw tightened otherwise my cameraweight will drop the focuser all the way to the limit.

I obviously screwed something up with it, and my question is, is itsomething that I can fix?  I'm wary to start fiddling with the allen wrenchscrews at the bottom of it without knowing what I'm doing.

I can still focus with the big focus knob and it stays in place, but itwould be nice to have the fine focusing knob working well.

Thanks for any help you might give.

Stuart Forman