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Dear Joe,

Thank you Joe, I hope the spring come quickly and we could do again our passion.

Call me if you will come to France, I will be happy to meet you.

Nicolas Outters.

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Hi Nick, I wish my own astrophotos had increased in quality as much as yours. Your producing some wonderful images and Rob Gendler

I'm sure appreciates his competition. Here in the state of Maine, USA, we have had such poor conditions that lately, there are only

1 or 2 nights a month is suitable to open up the observatory. Usually, winter gives us the best of conditions for viewing and

imaging, cold dry air, but this year is an exception, to warm and rain instead of snow. Maybe I'll move to southern France so I

can get more scope time in.

Looks like your next progression is to start putting mosaics together to capture those large DSO's in all their glory. Keep up the

good work, you and Rob set some incredible benchmarks for us beginners and I enjoy the challenge. There are others in our group that

produce some very fine images and I want to thank them for sharing their efforts with us.

Thanks to all especially Yuri for designing such fine instruments that make it all possible, viewing and imaging.


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Sent: Wednesday, February 22, 2006 3:12 AM

Subject: [tec-scopes] Rosetta 2 old files

After the version of Rob Gendler I try to post my version but don't to compare it :o)

Here in France the weather is very cloud and I have found an old version of fits files and decide to process them.

Date : 8 febrary 2005 !

TEC140 F7 and ST10xme on Paramount ME.

Astrodon filters

Ha : 11 x 20 mn unbinned

RGB : 6 x 5 mn each bining 2x2

Low resolution and technical data

Full resolution

Nicolas Outters.

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