Re: Eyepiece Collet Locking Nut too tight

Oct 10, 2006



#11180 Oct 10, 2006

--- In, "dean_drumheller"

drumhellerd@...> wrote: >

> We have a brand new APO 140. It's beautiful.


> The eyepiece collet sleeve is stuck, after attempting to attach 2"

adapter / SLR camera. > It would not hold when tightened, and after several minutes the

camera / 2" adapter, fell off > the instrument.


> Now it won't loosen (or tighten). When trying to loosen the

locking nut the entire draw tube > end cap began to unscrew. I turned the end cap back on and

retightened the end cap locking > screws.


> The entire collet locking mechanism is completely jammed. It

obviously needs to > "loosen" (counter clock wise) and is stuck.


> HELP ! Thanks,


> Dean

> College of San Mateo, CA

Dear Dean,

Sorry for the problem,

please send us (tec@...) your shipping address

(not the college one) and the replacement item of different type

will be sent to you.

regards, Yuri >


#26562 Apr 6, 2015

Hi guys,

Today I received my 160FL.I was really excited and ready for the first light but I couldn't loosen the eyepiece collet locking nut.I even tried strap wrench but I wasn't able to loosen the locking nut.I'm wondering there is anyone who has an idea to help me.

Thank you.Donghun


#26566 Apr 7, 2015

- strange, not familiar with such problem. Usually it goes easy by turning it by hand CCW colletsleeve (6-13) to remove 2" plug. Could you try to loose 6-11 end cup locking screws (page 3 of the APO160 manuals) and unscrew the end cup. Than try to push out the 2" plug from inside? You can call us 303 273 9322 (upto 6PM) when doing this. Yuri


#26567 Apr 7, 2015


I'm not with the scope right now at my work but I was trying to turn 6-12 locking nut CCW.I don't remember 6-13 is exposed outside to turn.I will try to push out the plug (I tried last night this and it wasn't possible with hand).

Thank you.Donghun

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