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Dec 2, 2017



#9312 Dec 2, 2017

Hi Vic,

Sure, I.ll let you know the next time it happens. I do not know how long it will last, so I can.t tell you that.��

I run a website for options traders that is free. We all share ideas on trades, just like many of you do here, but in a forum setting that updates automatically rather than email. So we all publicize our trades and our methods and our indicators without concern that publicizing will reduce efficacy. I don.t run a hedge fund because I.m too new at this and don.t really want to. As I said in my message , this is the first time successfully utilized this Warning to strong success.��

I.m inviting y.all to join us there. It is free and open to everyone. There may be a future date where a subscription fee will be charged. ��But run it for two years by word of mouth only and have no need or justification to charge anyone.��

Every time I respond to an email to this group, I get a skeptical or critical reply. I can assure you there.s none of that at Options Bistro. It.s a small group of experienced traders as well as several others who follow and are learning. None of us are gurus, we all make mistakes, and all open about it. Anyone wanting to participate is welcome; you can just follow and watch, you can ask questions, or you can become a Contributor simply by emailing me and asking.��

And all the details on the Upside Warning are available there.��

Hope to see you there.��


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On Dec 1, 2017, at 5:44 PM, Vic Ferrari vico213@... [supertraderkarenstudy]> wrote:


Jeff - I'm always interested in how if somebody has a reliable signal that " almost always works " , you do not run a Hedge Fund , using the Upward Warning Signal , that almost always works ... I'm sure you have a Downward Warning Signal that is just as reliable ...��

Secondly , if true , wouldn't you be worried that if you publicize the Upward Warning Signal , the efficacy of it's power will get diluted by publicizing it ?��

Thirdly . every one on this forum is sharing freely and openly ... Why do you tell us about the Upward Warning Signal that almost always works , after the fact , instead of directing us to a website afterwards�� ?

Can you please alert us when the Upward or Downward Warning�� Signal is in effect next time and for how long will it last�� ?��


On Thursday, November 30, 2017, 12:37:16 PM EST, Jeff Payne jpayne.rdb@... [supertraderkarenstudy]> wrote:

��The Vix Indicator on fired an Upside Warning signal on Friday. ��I started getting long, got longer every day this week, and closed all remaining short positions yesterday. ��Now just riding it up until we see a pause or pullback, then I can sell new call spreads. ��It.s a relief because this signal almost always works, but this is the first time trusted it enough to GTFO of shorts and sell ATM put spreads from the start.



#9313 Dec 2, 2017

Every time I respond to an email to this group, I get a skeptical or critical reply

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