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Jan 4, 2016



#5852 Jan 4, 2016


Good morning sir.

Well, I'm usually really good with ToS but I can't find what to click on to select new column headers in that section, so I can change.BP Effect to.Margin Requirement.

Crap! Where is it?

And yes, I sold that 1810 PUT for $10 and now it's a5 $16.15, so I'm down $615. Pretty reasonable, given this action this morning.

I was scanning all over the place looking for some way to make some $$ from this dip but now that I'm using the Analyze Tab, it's very clear and apparent that adding another short PUT would be extremely dangerous here. Especially since we don't know if this is the start of a large leg down, like in August, or worse.

So, I'll just hang here and watch the action.


#5854 Jan 4, 2016

Hello Rob,

On the upper right side of the screen is a sprocket by Setup.�� Click on that.�� Then click on Application Settings.

Under Positions you will find the box that switches between BP effect and Martin Required.

While you are there click on the Display tab and under Volatility calculation mode select Volatility smile approximation.

At the bottom of the set up box click in apply settings and you should be good to go.



#5855 Jan 4, 2016

Hi Rob,��Go to Setup, Application Settings, General, Positions. 4thdrop down menu is .Position margin/BP effect:.. Change it there.��BTW, I did not adjust vol for those margin req numbers. My pointwas to show that your margin requirements down at that level is already morethan half your net liq.



#5856 Jan 4, 2016

Got it from three people, thanks a million, folks.

Btw, what's "smile approx?"

Appreciate it!!



#5859 Jan 4, 2016

Among this really good margin discussion (thank you all!), onething to keep in mind. ��The brokers reserve the right to change the rules at any time.Karen got caught by it in 2014 and we saw it this past fall. My opinion is thatif the SPX were to fall 300-400 points in a relatively short period of time, Ithink the rules changes could be draconian.��If you estimate your margin requirements are close to the flame,you should probably do something. Just one guys thoughts.��Ralph

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