Reported 'bug' in Maxim's SX AO operations

Apr 10, 2008



#31830 Apr 10, 2008

I have previously reported this bug in Maxim's SX AO (active optics) facility to

technical support but there has been no response.

A month or two ago I finally got the SX AO unit working 'perfectly', in the

sense that a good guide star finally enabled the AO module to correctly

autoguide, and also bump the mount. However, there continued to be a major

problem with Maxim's unwillingness to perform a full calibration on guider

images. Instead of accepting bias/dark deductions (and thereby removing hot

pixels) the guider image simply delivered raw images and invariably selected a

hot pixel instead of a guide star. Consequently it was proving extremely

difficult to get the unit to work on more than an occasional image.

Then, a week or so ago, I discovered a major bug! I immediately reported this

to Technical Support, together with associated guide images to demonstrate the


What actually happens is that the full calibration of images **does** actually

take place - but ***not*** in the active optics module, only in the guider

module! This means that one has to do an 'expose' via the guider module instead

of 'locate' in the AO module. Then you get a clear image on which guide stars -

if any - are normally correctly selected by the software and displayed in the

'locate' window.

I have requested that guide star selection could be much improved if the actual

full guide image is used, and not the tiny contrasty window that usually

envelopes guide stars in background brightness - at least on my system. It is

not possible to change the contrast (range) of the tiny window.

I am hoping that Maxim writers will quickly rectify this problem.


Lawrence Harris

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