remote control-USB extenders-USB protocol conflicts-Toshiba Laptops-need help

Apr 6, 2003



#6230 Apr 6, 2003

This is a bit long and tedious but if you have any experience in

the use of USB extenders - to CAT5 - for remote control using

Laptops (Toshiba 440CDT & 4080 Satellite Pro) I would appreciate

your advice.

Trying to control Gemini, CCD Cameras, Robofocus, from indoors,

a cable length of 70-100ft needed. Decided to use USB with a

proprietary USB extender claiming 150ft range with 100ft cable.

Works of Desktop but not off Laptop.

Hub fitted to Laptop then to USB extender gives about 10ft range.

USB extenders adverts on webb do not mention which version of USB

they work. On receipt mine says v 1.1.

Maker (USA) has been most cooperative offering money back or

replacement - commendably positive attitude , But Brisbane Australia

is a long way (costly) from central USA.

I ordered a second (very costly unit) which has recently been lauded

on the users groups, but have sent a follow up "in panic" (costs $1K +

landed here) "hold order if possible" - with explanation of dilemma.

"Out there" are some pretty fantastic brains - can you help me please:

I have checked voltages and current drawn by the recently purchased

USB extender (making up expecial cables - I am electronically competant)

and they appear to be identical voltages 5.17-5.19 volts and 10ma passive with

no device plugged into the remote end, a 128MB "Pen Drive" when plugged

in increased the current to 20ma - all as I see it "about right".

I do not know what USB protocol my Toshibas "use". At a computer market

today a chap who seemed to know his stuff said that most Laptops used

protocol v 1.0 (which is "hard wired" and cannot be changed/upgraded)

and will not work v 1.1 or v 2.0, whilst another says that all USB's

are compatible - they just work at the speed of the slowest.

I am caught in a trap of ignorance.

The USA supplier has been very positive, I want to respond likewise. If

his product is u/s how can I be certain - they have offered replacement,

or if I am atrying to do the impossible and the device is not usable

with the Toshiba's (no mention of this on the adverts by this or other

manyfacturers of more expensive units) then I'd like to accept their

offer of money back - and be able to give them in return some concrete

advice as to my reasons.

Long diatribe - my apologies, however I am sure that many will be going

down this track and we cannot all afford the very latest thing in Laptops

(which may or may not work even then). To go to the field lugging a desktop,

generator and VDU is not my idea of pleasure.

Apologies - hope someone has the answers, Gerald.

Either the "device" is u/s (but it works on a desktop ?) as it will not

work with either 440CDT or 4080 (Satellite Pro's with win98SE


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