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Aug 2, 2006



#25337 Aug 2, 2006

I have made some significant progress in basic guiding and would

> like to share my findings with the group. My current system

> includes a 10" LX200 Classic, with an Orion ED80 mounted on a

> homemade rail system. I am using a DSI Pro as a guide camera, an

> Atik 16HR for imaging. and MaximDL for control. Maxim is using the

> POTH ASCOM interface setup for Meade LX200 and Autostar.

Glad to hear this. I have been wondering about running Maxim via

POTH. I use an RCX.

> I have found the "Traffic" button on the POTH interface to be very

> helpful in troubleshooting guiding. The resulting window can be

> configured to show the corrections being set to the mount. My most

> recent problem was inconsistent corrections in declination.

Tell me about it......

The > guide star would slowing drift north (or south) and after a

> seemingly random amount of time, would be moved correctly back to

> zero error in one or two guide intervals (adjustments), followed by

> another random amount of time of drifting. Every attempt to

> correct this was ineffective. Gain, aggressiveness,

> minimum/maximum move times, ect had little impact. By watching the

> Traffic Window, it became quickly apparent that dec corrections

> were not being sent to the mount, except after the random time

> interval. On a hunch, I turned off simultaneous corrections, and

> viola! Corrections sent to the mount were an orderly RA / Dec

> progression. A few minutes resetting the rest of the settings and

> I think I am up and guiding:)

The mount can handle simultaneous corrections - but I read somewhere

that POTH (or ASCOM) cannot!

> I am not sure which piece of my system cannot handle the

> simultaneous corrections, but life is good without them. Seeing

> the actual adjustment commands being sent to the mount were

> extremely helpful in diagnosing my problem. Hopefully this helps

> anyone still struggling. Mark

My struggle is with the dec variation. With good alignment, I am

still finding erratic movements occur. I get a lovely straight patch

and then suddenly it drifts up or down. I cannot work out which way

is indicated for the drift; the corrections go +y at one time, but -Y

another! The suggestion of 'turn off correction in the direction

where..... whatever, does not help when drift seems to be random up or


Lawrence Harris

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