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Sep 30, 2013



#54647 Sep 30, 2013

Hi Lawrence,��Sorry to be boring but I have taken a daylight photo of the garden flowersand tried to get a realistic colour using the 5 changeables, X,Y,R,G,b. After aday of trying the only result is that I have less hair!!!. I have read themanual and other posts to my plea for help, many suggesting the same as you. Bychanging X and Y (by just clicking from 0 to 1 for each) all I get is a heavyblue or red cast!!��It all sounds so easy when carried out by people whjo know what they aredoing but could I ask you to go through the settings that you ended with, andhow.��I know this will probably not work for mine but it may help meunderstand a bit more how the process works.��Reluctant to go the filter wheel route because I use Hyperstar so I havegot get this working despite the frustration but at the moment just do not knowhow!!!��Thanks in advance��Regards��mike��In a message dated 30/09/2013 10:45:12 W. Europe Daylight Time,lawrence@... writes:��> Hi, New to this aspect of the hobby but I appear to have a problem

> using my H9c within DL5. I Have managed to align, aquire, focus etc

> etc etc all to get what appears to be a respectable set of images but

> when I come to process to color in "Convert Color" if I use Generic

> RGB I see little change but there does not appear to be a setting for

> the H9c under Starlight Xpress, SX25, MX5 and MX7 various but theyall > give serious color casts. Obviously I am missing something, Ihave > tried You Tube and everything that I can thinkof!!>> The image is there but I am frustrated because I cannotbring it out; > is there a plug in for H9c? or any help would beappreciated. TYIA>> Regards Mike

Hi Mike

[BTW Icouldn't use the reply button in the new Yahoo mess!]

Can you take anormal daylight terrestrial colour picture? I used my H9C with a telephotoand took a picture of the garden and flowers. I then tried each x/y offsetuntil I got the correct one. Works a treat.


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