Rate setting error prevents maxim connecting to ASCOM scope driver

May 15, 2011



#45441 May 15, 2011

Hi all

I am finding I am having problems just recently with the combination of

Maxim Dl 5.09, Ascom 5.5 and POTH 5.0.5. My underlying controller is a SS2K

v2.10 which supports guide, 2x, slow slew and slew and sorts underlying

tracking rate out itself under the hood based on what target type is being

looked at.

The problem occurs on connecting to the telescope controller through the

Maxim telescope control window - I use chooser to select the Generic Lx200

as usual, select the correct com port and click to connect. However Maxim

then reports the error: "Maxim DL failed to connect to the telescope which

returned the error - ASCOM generic LX200 driver: Control of tracking is not

implemented in this driver"

Now I usually use POTH to hub all my ASCOM stuff. However I have removed it

from this example to remove possible sources of error. I have moved to

ASCOM5.5 recently and made sure I was using POTH 5.0.5 , the most recent

version. It all worked for about a month. However just recently it returns

this new error.

I can imagine two scenarios that might have caused this problem to appear ..

changing settings in Maxim that needs maxim to be able to set the rate or

changing the LX200 driver somehow (maybe a month delayed reboot ? )..

Does anyone have an idea whether there is a switch/setting in Maxim that

removes the need for this setting of driver rates ? Is there a way of

emulating it in POTH that causes it to be reported to Maxim. Basically this

prevents me using the mount for photography at all since I can't connect and

hence can't autoguide.

I updated Maxim to 5.14 and the issue persisted. I can use Maxim with the

scope simulator without error. I haven't yet tried regressing to ASCOM 4

Help is gratefully requested.



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