Question re: movements when using telescope controls in Maxim

Jun 16, 2013



#53650 Jun 16, 2013

Dear group,

I have a question regarding the amount my scope moves when using the Nudge button in the telescope controls under Observatory menu. My mount is a MI-250 powered a by Gemini I controller.

I have the ASCOM 6.1 driver, and successfully connect to the telescope

using shared control thru the option. However, the motion

increments shown in the Telescope Motion Control menu box do not seem

to do anything. You have a choice of movement increments of degrees, minutes, and seconds.

No matter how small an increment I choose from the menu, hitting the Nudge button always moves the object clear off my chip, which has a field of 77 X 66 arcminutes.

Am I missing something? Is there another setting I can use which will allow me to get the correct movement from my scope.

I should also mention that I can successfully control the mount via

The Sky 6, by choosing the menu Telescope/Link/Establish. When doing

this, the Telescope Motion Controls under The Sky will move my scope

the amount desired.

My main reason for wanting to use the controls in Maxim is simply the

convenience of having both Camera and Telescope controls on the same

screen, rather than toggling back and forth between Maxim and The Sky.

Can somebody give me some guidance on making Maxim move my scope correctly. I hope so. Thanks for your input!!

Ron Abbott

Land of Oz Observatory

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