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Hi Bill, had that problem with the "Generic LX200" Ascom-Driver and it costs me

some nerves and Sigurd Boxdoerfer (MTS3 MountController) a lot of time

searching for ProgramBugs.

In the Setup of the Ascomdriver for the generic LX200 is the Opttion of


Standard there is 60 Acrsec from the Installation.

This works like a DeadZone, any command lower than 60 arcsec will be ignored

by the Ascomdriver until it is set that to 0. And the calibration for the

Point Telescope here Command works with 2 Arcsec.....

Perhaps you take a look into the teleskopredriver for your mount and

investigate for some similar adjustment.



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Betreff: [MaxImDL] Q: Point Telescope Here

I have tried using the "Point Telescope Here" function the last couple of

nights for the first time. Both times, I have not met with success and

wonder if someone might be able to enlighten me.

I am running Maxim v.4.52 with an ST-7E, SCT and AP900GTO. Guider is

calibrated. I have ititialized the mount using PulseGuide, then connect to

the mount via TheSkyv6 on a second serial cable. I connect Maxim to the

mount using the Telescope Control and connecting to "TheSky Controlled"

Scope. Since I have PulseGuide connected, I at first thought that is was

because I had button speed set to 12x, but I have tested it at 1x and

observed the same reaction, the object is slewed of the frame.

Any suggestions? Thanks,

Bill Gardner


Pictor Observatory

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#23150 Feb 26 7:14 AM

Ah... yet another manifestation of the "look for movement" method of

determining slew completion. This is in the Generic LX200 driver because

many LX200-like emulations don't provide a positive end-of-slew completion

command/signal. In LX200-ese this is the "distance bars" command. Most

emulations don't implement it. Thus, the Generic LX200 driver must be told

what the encoder resolution is so it knows the difference between moving

and stationary. At the encoder resolution, it's possible for the

coordinates to dither back and forth from one tick to another, even though

the scope is stationary.

I suggest you give feedback to Boxdoerfer that they should (a) provide some

osft of end-of-slew command/signal, and (2) supply their own ASCOM driver

that knows about it. By supplying their own driver, they would be free to

implement it any way they like.

-- Bob

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