Public Beta of CalGroups

Jun 11, 2002



#2602 Jun 11, 2002

A public beta of "Calibration Groups for MaxIm DL 3" (CalGroups) is

available for download:

Scroll down to find the section for CalGroups. You MUST have version 3.07 of

MaxIm DL to use CalGroups. NOTE: CalGroups is commercial software. Beta

testers who provide significant feedback will get a free version at the

conclusion of the beta. Anyone may download and try the program, however;

it's a 30-day trial version.

Please report all errors to me by private email at:

support@... (support at

CalGroups is a program that allows you to create and re-use groups of files

(bias, darks, flats) for calibrating images in MaxIm DL. It also allows you

to batch process images (remove hot pixels, apply a map to fix bad pixels,

sharpen, etc. etc.) in a wide variety of ways. After calibration and

processing, it will also combine images for you using the settings you


This new version of CalGroups has some nifty behind-the-scenes features,

made possible by some changes to MaxIm DL in version 3.07:

* Automatic creation of master calibrations frames. This greatly speeds up

re-use of any calibration group. Instead of having to load however many

individual frames and then combine them, the master frames take just a

moment to load.

* Tool tips. Although the documentation is incomplete, the tool tips will

help you figure out how to use the software. Be sure to review the existing

docs; it will help you to use the program for the first time.

I have also made many, many small changes to the program to make it easier

to work with and more flexible.

CalGroups will increase your processing productivity quite a bit. g> If you

have comments about the program, or suggestions on how to make it better,

let me know.

Ron Wodaski

author of The New CCD Astronomy

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