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Jun 4, 2003



#6943 Jun 4, 2003

I've read various comments on the Starlight Xpress group that

suggests that Maxim DL/CCD is less-than-easy to use for Star2000

autoguiding so my question is... Is anyone doing Star2000 autoguiding

with an SX camera to a Celestron NexStar telescope (probably GPS

since I doubt anyone is doing it with a NexStar 5i or 8i, but if they

are, I'd love to hear about it!!!)

Thanks in advance,


MX916 NexStar 5i


#41537 Jun 23, 2010


I dont have Maxpoint (yet) but am considering trying it out so what I say here is gleaned from reading up on this software rather than using it.

I have a polar mounted Meade LX200 GPS which is on a pier. It is parked between observing sessions. My Gotos are fairly good once I have synced off an initial star - my first slew is about a 1/4 degree out in RA so I have to adjust this first. Then I am fine.

My question relates to whether Maxpoint would work well in this scenario. I dont want to have to calibrate it every time so would want to reuse a previous calibration run.

The documentation suggests I can load a previous calbration run do a few more extra points for this current session and everything will be OK.

So specifically:

- does it matter which additional star (stars) I chose and will Maxpoint handle this against previous data points without issue

- if I have to move the scope by 1/4 degree following a park to resync everything will Maxpoint have a problem with this.

No point me experimenting with this if this is going to swamp the benefits of using this software.

Any tips/advice would be appreciated.

Thanks David

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