Re: [Losmandy_users] Pointing error with DSCs

May 21, 2004



#20751 May 21, 2004

I recently caught myself, who am pretty experienced with dscs, in a

dumb mistake. I seem to forget to tighten the azimuth locks on top

of the mount.

Obviously one loosens them while polar aligning. It's very easy to

forget to tighten them again, as your mount head is not in danger of

falling off, and gravity doesn't produce any "dramatic adjustment

results" which can happen if you've neglected tighening up in


A recent discussion here came from s.o. who had given up on Argo

Navis, and gone back to Sky Commander, because of erratic results.

It would not surprise me though, if in the transition from a well-

known dsc box to a more complex one (like AN) one can get caught up

in the details and neglect the azimuth tightening (and maybe

altitude too).

Forgetting to tighten will indeed produce erratic results in

pointing accuracy as twisting one way will torque in one direction

and twisting another way will torque in the other. I recently was

had the azimuth locks so loose that the readouts were maddeningly

erratic, and then it all went away when I re-polar aligned and

tightened everything down.


Greg N


#20754 May 21, 2004


A bit of a war story, but even more embarrassing I think, I forgot to

remove 85 lbs of counter weights one time when rushing to break down a new

mount in the rain.

When I removed the last of four HD 1/2" threaded bolts from under the

mount, the whole setup (no scope thank god i.e. C14 at the time) passed

over my head and behind me so that I couldn't even try to slow it down

before it crashed on the pavement! The mount was brand new (first light

sort-of), and never saw a 2nd :-). We ALL have our moments :-/


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