PAS used as sold / guiding needed anyway I bet

Dec 4, 2001



#7102 Dec 4, 2001

some folks here do it. But those who do it don't really use it as


Mr. Nowell,I kinda started this discussion and realize I am only one data point and not the best imager out there. I have DSC installed (you helped me with them--thank you!) and use the PAS *as is* with no adjustment. Since my setup is portable and I don't have all night to image, I must cut time where I can. After hearing about how you *have* to do a drift align--I don't and have success that is *good enough* to get round stars after 15 minute exposures (the chip saturates beyond that normally, often before that). Then, after hearing about how you *have* to use off-axis guiding--I don't and have success using a separate guidescope. My quest began a few years ago to get round stars and finally the STV with the stock G-11 made that possible. My main point is there is *good enough* and then there is perfection. Near-perfection seems to be necessary to get round stars *without guiding* and that seems to be the efforts of many, but not my interest in the hobby. My experience is that the G-11 is a fine mount as sold

, but the STV makes it shine for imaging. I realize others' experiences may have been different and maybe I was lucky (my mount measured ~12" PE peak using a CCD). Then again, I added nearly $3000 for the STV-deluxe and DSC+computer and for that price I could have gotten a Tak or AP mount--but I still would have had to guide my exposures based on what I see from other imagers out there. Take care.

Mike Chapa

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