PAS, polar axis correction= no more drift alignment

Jun 24, 2004



#21261 Jun 24, 2004

I thought I'd take time to post results after the first trip for my new

equpment; G-11/Gemini L3 carrying a FS-102 guided off axis with a

Taurus Tracker and ST-4. During this last 2 weeks, I finally was able

to try some really serious astrophotos using this setup, so basically I

was able to check the results with a fine tooth comb.

After setting up, leveling and balancing, I did a one star (Polaris)

alignment with the PAS. I looked at only the big dipper's 'pointer'

stars for orientation. I wanted to start imaging ASAP, so I didn't wait

for the other stars to show. I then powered up, did a sync an Vega,

then a couple more additional aligns on Deneb, Altair and a couple in

the west. I then went to Arcturus and performed the Polar axis

correction routine, even though it was not ideally located. I made one

adjustment and quit while I was ahead.

After that weekend trip, I did the same procedure when returning home

and setting up in the observatory. The results are terrific: no field

rotation, pinpoint stars, no trailing.

At this time then, I would like to thank some people who have provided

invaluable help and advice; John Mirtle (APML) gave me an excellent,

cheap focusing suggestion that I really only needed to use once. James

Lacey gave me many suggestions for setting up the off axis guiding

system. Paul Kane and Joe Mize have offered much help on working with

the pointing model and the polar axis correction routine. Many others

on this list have also provided input over the last several months on

power supply questions, etc... A big "Thank You!!" to all for sharing

your experience and knowledge.

If I'm still subscribed to the Gemini group, I will try to post this

there also, so I apologise to those who get this twice.



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