Owning two mounts (was: Quality of the new mount )

May 15, 2005



#25525 May 15, 2005

You will particularly regret parting with the G11 if you have the

Titan somewhere semi-permanent and like to go to group events. The

G11 is fine, all the way up to a C14, for visual use.

I used to think people who liked small scopes were NUTS, but lately I

LOVE going out and setting up two scopes. Had a lot of fun with a

C14 and 80mm side by side. To use that 80mm I definitely needed a

second mount. The second mount will hold anything up to a c8. Very

handy. Plus I feel I can throw it in the car with a lot less hassle

than the G11. I note that the 80mm is "rock solid" on the Super

Polaris whereas the C8 is more "at the limit." Well, OK, it's good

for folks to see how different configurations perform.

Were I to buy a Titan....well, I'd probably use it a lot. But the

G11 might become the 9.25 mount. It is really perfect for that. At

soem point I'll probably try my hand at imaging. Don't know if it'll

be with the c14 or the 9.25.

The main item weighing on my mind is that I believe Argo Navis is

gong to come out in the next year or so with a pointing system that

will be nearly equal to Gemini. Should that occur, I would want a

dsc type configuration, not a go-to one, and don't see the need to

buy a Gemini. Indeed, I might be inclined to find an HGM 200 because

it has the analog setting circles. (useful to have, even if you are

using dscs)


Greg N

--- In, "Paul K" pkane2001@h...>


> And by the way, I am facing a similar dilemma: I was informed that

a > new Titan should be arriving any day now, but I can't make up my

> mind to sell my trusty G11. It's been such a great performer, that

> I'll have to have the Titan for a good while before making such a

> decision, and feel like I may regret it later :)



> Regards,


> -Paul


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