Followup: PEC training method using STV...a bit long winded

May 28, 2003



#15438 May 28, 2003

Well, I got out again last night and there were a few scattered

clouds, so I thought I'd take the opportunity to try to get my

tracking down. I had loosened the gear 1 notch from the tightest I

had it without binding. I started tracking with the C11 and it was

looking OK, but not great. I realized I didn't shift the weight

east, so I moved my 10# weight about 2-3 inches to the east (I had a

10# and 20# to balance my C11) which is a little more than I had

normally done. I sat there and waited for the spikes to happen and,

gues what....they never did. I was getting great tracking,

averaging .6-1 arcsec average error with 3 second exposures on the

STV. I'm not sure if the looser gear or the greater eastward weight

shift did it, but I am now quite pleased. I tried PEC training

(after clearing the previous data) and it had a property where for

3/4 of the period it would be great and the other 1/4 horrible. Oh

well, the most important thing is the smooth tracking.

I decided to give M63 a go at f10 ( 1 arcsec/pixel) and got the

result at the top of my SXV-H9 page:

I wouldn't normally image at this resolution, but it was a great test!

If anyone has the magic decoder ring for PEC, I'd like to hear it.

I'll keep's not too difficult when guiding anyway.

Rick Krejci

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