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Oct 2, 2016



#2109 Oct 2, 2016


Had some fun today (Saturday) 9 people showed

interest, and 4 showed up for an afternoon of soldering

whatever kits or projects we are working on. One of the

first was the Pixie transceiver, one gent got his together

but it did not oscillate and we could not figure out yet,

why not. Good continuity around crystal socket (yes we

put in a socket for potential QSY) transistors seem good

and no go. Any hints?

By the way, Pixies from generations 2,3 and 4 were there : )

Secondly we have two kits of the AM/FM and even TV receiver

and all the instructions are in Chinese : ) Anyone have those

instructions in English???

We are planning on having these soldering sessions and

trouble shooting sessions each Saturday afternoon from 1 to 5

no charge, except reimbursement for the kit, unless they bring

their own projects. I put the coffee on and if they wanted water

we had that otherwise bring your own soda. Not sure how long

we will do this, but at least for a while, while the interest is there.

Thought I.d pass that on to you guys in case something like that

could take off in your area. No charge, just bring your iron and kit

and have some fun and learn from each other and help the newer

members on to possible success. Please let me know if you tried

this and that it worked : )

73 fer now

Bill KE9XQ


#2110 Oct 8, 2016

Hi BillInteresting. What is the average age of the participants? Today's young people have already made all the technology and do not want to bother to assemble their devices.��But I think it's a nice informative hobby.DannyYou can visit my blog page to see what I do with old radios at:��


#2111 Oct 10, 2016

Average age I thnk is around 35-40I.m 71 so that helps up the average a bit. : )We will have a few more, some new bees inon the deal so we are helping them out in the��right directions. �� I.ll save your email, and look��at your site shortly down the road, been fairly��busy of late : )73 fer now DannyBill ��KE9XQ

On Oct 8, 2016, at 10:22 AM, dannibou@... [funwithtransistors]> wrote:

Hi BillInteresting.��What is the average��age of the participants?��Today's young people��have��already��made��all��thetechnology��and do not want��to bother��to assemble��their��devices.��But��I��think it's��a nice��informative��hobby.DannyYou can visit my blog page to see what I do with old radios at:����

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