RE: [funwithtransistors] A pile of BJTs

Nov 20, 2012



#1028 Nov 20, 2012

I just purchased the scope I mentioned in a previous

older machine but functional. I left the tubes... probably a mistake,

but I simply don't have the time and space to deal with them. Ended

up with a pile of msc parts... resistors, caps, diodes, and other odds

and ends, and a box full of BJTs which are virtually all new old stock

replacement parts for TVs. The bags are from Philips, Magnavox, GE,

Sylvania, etc. The majority are NPN units, with current ratings in

the 2 amp and under range, with fair number of quite large capacity PNPs

where the collector is the case of the transistor. Designed to bolt

down to a heat sink, some have ratings as high as 25 amps. And a small

bag full of loose small transistors most of which have manufacturer's

part numbers on them. Out of the entire lot, I came up with two small

mosfets......... I have no real interest in working with BJTs and don't

foresee any, except perhaps for the big power transistors. All I

really wanted was the resistors, caps, and diodes, which I often have

use for.

Anybody interested in these BJTs, let me know............. they

will probably sit here gathering dust otherwise.




#1029 Nov 20, 2012

Howard, ��Forgive me for saying so, but as you are just starting to learn about electronics, you don���t yet KNOW that you won���t be needing BJTs.�� This is kind of like the beginning woodworker who upon coming across Philips screwdrivers decides to get rid of all his flat bladed screwdrivers.�� I suggest that you hang onto the BJTs for a while and at least learn the basics of how to use them.�� Limiting your options can lead to extinction.�� Being able to adapt is the key to survival. ��Jerry F. ��From: [] On Behalf Of StoneToolSent: Tuesday, November 20, 2012 10:05 AMTo: funwithtransistors@yahoogroups.comSubject: [funwithtransistors] A pile of BJTs

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