Trouble with mic/earpiece plugin.

Aug 8, 2012



#5785 Aug 8, 2012

Just picked up a couple of these for $5.00 plus shipping...they say they are for Kenwood, but the plug is correct.

Seem to work well.




#8098 Sep 16, 2012

I've searched the group without any luck, so before I spend some money I thought I'd ask if every earpiece gives you that same loud CLUNK sound as the one that came with the radio.

Also, just curious, are there any of these cheap radios (sub 200) that also has wide receive (not tx, just rx) that covers 800mhz or VHF-Lo?



#47946 Jan 19, 2015

Hi all,

My UV-5RA came with a earpiece/microphone attachment that I can plug in to the side; it's very handy, but I noticed that there is a little silver PTT button included (it sits about halfway down the cord), and that this PTT button sometimes activates when I don't want it to.

My question is, is there a good way to disable this external PTT button, so that I can use the earpiece to listen without risking unintentionally keying the mic? ��Preferably the solution would still allow me to use the unit's built-in PTT button. ��I suppose I could try wrapping the external PTT button in duct tape or something, but I thought I'd check first to see if there is a more elegant solution than that.



#48000 Jan 20, 2015

Are you sure it's the PTT button becoming active versus you accidentally having VOX enabled?

Assuming you are, does it appear like the button on the cord can be snapped apart such that you could unsolder the inline button?



#53055 Sep 26, 2015

I just got my new UV5r and had a problem when plugging in theearpiece/mic. When I plugged it in, it went into transmit modeimmediately. I think that the unit I got was a third party knock off.Since I love to tinker to figure things out, I took the unit with thepush button apart. It just unsnaps. When I did, I discovered that theground braid was shorting out on one of the connectors of the switch. Ihad to unsolder a couple of the wires to move them into position towhere they did not short out. It now works the way that it is supposeto. Also added a couple of drops of hot glue on the wires to make surethat they would not move and short out again. The attached picture isthe earpiece that I am talking about. I hope this helps anyone who hasthe same problem.

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