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Jan 2, 2016



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Hi All,��The issue is with the keypad. It is apparently calculating the meridian hour angle as if it were still 2015, so��the calculations in the keypad��is off by about 4 minutes. That is enough to send the Park1 position to the other side of the meridian.��If you will be using the keypad and want to park in Park1, then for now you will need to change the date to 2015.��If you use any other initialization program such as the AP ASCOM Driver, APCC etc., there is no issue with Park1. Just the keypad has the software error. We will try to get an updated software for the keypad as soon as we can.��Rolando����-----Original Message-----

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I was going to try this same experiment tonight. I still will to confirmyour results.

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Hi all,

I had this same issue last night with my 1200 (V chip). Just now I wentout changed the date to 12/30/15. Power cycled &�� resumed fromref park 1 & asked to slew to m31. it started to slew correctly -heading east.�� I have the observatory closed so I hit stop. Asked topark 1- it parked correctly. Changed the date back to today. Power cycled& asked to slew to m31- it headed west towards the pier. Anythoughts?


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Hi Rolando,

I was using Maxim DL 6. I do notice that when I connect my camera, theASCOM driver comes up. However, at this point in the process, I have notconnected Maxim DL to the mount.That said, this is norm for my imagingsessions.

Today I am going to simulate setting up the mount in the house with thehand controller only in order to see if this issue repeats. I will thenadd the computer to the mix.



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