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Feb 20 2:37 PM



#72484 Feb 20 2:37 PM I find out I wasted time today :) Oh well, it was abeautifully warm day to waste time.

Thanks for all that information Joe! The metal dust caps will lookmuch more professional too. I will pick some up.


On 2/20/2016 3:50 PM, 'JosephZeglinski' J.Zeglinski@... [ap-gto] wrote:

.Hi Tony,.... Nice DIY work-around for a DSUB DB-xxxDust Cap..... Perhaps a bit too much work andtime for the small cost and convenience. Perhapsit might be preferable if AP generally replacedthe pink plastic ones with the secure metalcaps. The plastic ones are nice to have, inquantity, as covers for cables and bodyconnectors that are regularly unplugged.Permanent covers should be metal..... I used all sizes of metal .dust caps..when I designed equipment some 25 years ago.These .screw-down. types are available by .avery few. connector manufacturers. The caps comecomplete as a single unit shell and screw-downear tabs . in both Male and Female versions -(this is important), since they are eitherinserts our outer covers on the bodies. Ofcourse, these caps are so tight that the screwsare redundant, unless you expect a lot ofvibration, or don.t have enough spares toreplace the ones that get knocked off. Theirbody grip requires a significant force to pulloff . which also cleans them for good earthgrounding..... The .metal. Dust Caps not only keep outthe weather, prevent connector body saltcorrosion, but also EMI/RFI shielding of thepins inside . probably more important forexposed CCD camera ports, than a rugged mountcontroller. Of course, the common steel caps aremore common and inexpensive (say Amphenol, $1.50each, in singles), than the expensive Mil-gradenon-magnetic anodized metal caps (CONEC etc.).The steel caps can be over-sprayed with atypical arts supplies (3M) lacquer, or ahardware store type Polycoat, if you are incoastal areas..... Check the MOUSER catalog. Worth buying afew in DB-9 and DB-25 Male & Female sizesfor this and future project needs, just in casethey eventually become obsolete and disappear.Made by AMPHENOL and ( a very few) others, thanthere used to be..... Don.t bother looking at manufacturerslike CINCH, MOLEX, or ITT/AMP - Not majorDisti.s like DIGI-KEY, Jameco, etc. which handlethe temporary cover, disposable. anti-staticplastic ones..However, for example, Packages of the. tiny DB screws &washers are. available from any majorelectronics distributers.... Doing a search for DB Dust Caps findsmany Disti.s and makers of Micro-D Dust Caps .but most are of the more common. .plasticvariety.. Amphenol seems to be just about thesole source for the screw-down dust covers..... Worth having an assortment of bothscrew-down and anti-static plastic-fit types,.in one.s spare parts drawer..Joe Z.

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