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Dec 19, 2017



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First contact George to get a grease kit with our special mix.

Re-greasing means removing the motor gearbox to expose the worm teeth. First I would remove the scope and counterweights. Then remove the Dec gearbox by unscrewing the 5 Allen Head screws holding it to the bracket. Make a note of which screws go where. When you get access to the worm teeth, it's just a matter of wiping off the old grease (lots of paper towels), and maybe using an old toothbrush and mineral spirits to clean down deep into the teeth. Also clean the grease on the worm. It's a good idea to attach the controller to the gearboxes to turn the worms when you are cleaning them so that you maintain the correct PE synchronization. The gearbox does not need to be attached to the worm wheel in this operation.

Apply the new grease liberally to all the worm wheel and worm gear teeth. Once you have done the Dec and replaced the gearbox, you can remove the Dec axis from the RA axis and do the same operation on the RA.

Taking your mount apart and greasing the gears will help you to better understand how your mount works. It is quite easy to do this, however it can be a bit messy, so have lots of paper towels on hand.


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Is there any in-depth documentation (pictures/video help a lot) that covers re-greasing the 1200 mount? I need to do this now and have no experience in this procedure.��Thanks,��Steve��

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