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Apr 12, 2013



#64754 Apr 12, 2013


I am quite desperate for a couple of AP 18-lb counterweights so as to

have my Mach1 in action every available evening. Do you have an

economical qay to ship overseas? USPS had some very good rates but they

are now history.



???? 4/12/2013 20:03, ?/? Herb York ??????: >

> That is great news!!


> As a SPECIAL bonus ATWB will have a "Special" deal on ALL

> Astro-Physics products for NEAF.


> Not everyone can afford to go to New York so now you will be able to

> stay home and get even better prices!


> What AstroMart www.AstroMart.Com for a "Special" notice.


> You won't even have to walk around the show with the product or pay

> for it there.


> ATWB will deliver it right to your HOUSE


> AP at a discount - who would have ever thought it possible?


> Thank you

> Live Long and Prosper

> Herb York



> On Apr 12, 2013, at 9:53 AM, chris1011@...

>> wrote:


> Marj,


> I have reviewed their AP webpage and prices on items. On the last

> couple pages they have listed the encoder options, and both the

> options and prices are wrong. Please let them know.


> Roland


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> Subject: Oceanside Photo & Telescope (OPT) selling AP products at NEAF!!!


> As previous NEAF attendees know, Astro-Physics does not sell products

> at NEAF, we are there for show, tell and tantilizing only. HOWEVER,

> this year, we have partnered with OPT to sell some of our products to

> NEAF attendees during the show.

> ** ACCESSORIES ** Some of our most popular accessories will be

> available at special NEAF prices: 10% discount on accessories from our

> retail price + free shipping + no sales tax. The discounts for the

> accessories will be limited to items that OPT has on hand at NEAF. At

> this time, these accessories will be available for purchase:


> Advanced Barlow (BARADV)

> CCD Telecompressor (CCDT67)

> MaxBright Diagonals (PMDMAX)

> We also plan to have our new Guidescope Bracket designed for the 10x60

> Vario-Finder from Baader Planetarium available at the OPT booth. We

> originally showed this bracket at AIC and in Tucson last fall and they

> are now ready for release. We plan to finalize pricing information by

> next Monday and hope to have the information ready for the website, as

> well.

> ** SPECIAL REQUESTS FOR ACCESSORIES ** OPT is also willing to handle

> special requests for particular items that you would like to have

> shipped to NEAF for your pickup. All special requests must be received

> by OPT by midnight on Monday so that they can be shipped to NEAF by

> Tuesday. Be sure to call early.

> ** MOUNTS ** NEAF attendeees will also be eligible for a special

> discount on the Mach1GTO mount (available for immediate shipment from

> Astro-Physics following NEAF) or the 1600GTO mount (available for

> summer delivery). Please note that the discount on the mounts will be

> revealed at the show.

> For more information, contact OPT and check out their webpage:


> Be there or be square!!


> Clear Skies!

> Marj Christen

> Vice President

> Astro-Physics, Inc

> 11250 Forest Hills Road

> Machesney Park, IL 61115

> Phone: 815-282-1513

> Fax: 815-282-9847


> Please include this e-mail with your response.


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