RE: [ap-gto] New Image Issues: The Flame Nebula

Dec 3, 2016



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Guys, ��Thanks for the replies. Let me address them now. ��Don, that.s what is am leaning towards but am at loss as to how to subdue the effect, keep in mind seldom do I image with such a bright star in the field so it is likely a moot point. Unless there is an easy fix. ��Stuart, I.ll have to see if I can measure this as well. One thing that I didn.t say and should have is I use a STL-11002M CCD camera with Baader 50mm filters. The camera has the FW8 instead of the built-in 5 filter wheel so it replaced the original front plate and filter wheel. Spacing is critical between the CCD chip and the flattener so I have no leeway there at all. As it is installed I have the camera/MMOAG/Flattener/Pyxis 3. Rotator and rear cell. The only other time seen issues is if there is a very bright star just off the chip and then sometimes it makes a difference if the mount flips being that east side may show some issue while the west side might not at all. Same with those reflections I showed a crop of for the Medusa Ha image here. ��Mike, as seen in the Medusa Ha image I don.t have that issue, for that matter in most of the images. Alnitak of course is extremely bright and very rarely would I have. a star of such brightness in the field. The only issue I have seen in some of my Ha images that are taken under less than good conditions is a horizontal like dark area above the center of the top of the image. Maybe 5-7% down from the top. On well exposed images under good conditions it isn.t an issue so it really isn.t a problems as those frames would not have been used anyway. As far as filter placement, I have no choice. ��Kent, thanks for the heads up but all my filters are 50mm unmounted so that would apply but thanks for the notice. In my early days of imaging I used the Custom Scientific that SBIG shipped with their filter wheels for both my ST-7 and ST-8. When I moved up to the ST-10XME I had some issues with the CS filters over time and replaced them with Astro Don version 1. Those gave me reflection issues and I moved on to Baader which I have had for a long time now. That was before the Astro Don filters came out with version 2. When it came to the STL-11002M I ended up staying with Baader filters and have been mostly happy. If I were to need new filters I.d look as Astro Don filters again. ��Again, thanks for the replies and suggestions. ��Steve ��From: [] Sent: Saturday, December 3, 2016 2:31 PMTo:; ap-ug@yahoogroups.comSubject: Re: [ap-gto] New Image Issues: The Flame Nebula

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