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Oct 12, 2012



#62128 Oct 12, 2012

Thanks Anthony.

I get inspired when I see comet images such as yours. I did try aligning on

the comet only but at 600 seconds the comet core becomes a line instead of a

ball:-) This is with the OGS 12.5" RC at f/9 so 2857mm. I used my STL-11000M

and the Baader Luminance filter. Of course my trusty AP1200 always gets me

on target. I used ACP for the sequence.



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Impressive sequence! What focal length did you use?


???? 10/13/2012 00:39, ?/? Steve Reilly ??????: >

> I've uploaded a sequence of images I took or I guess I should say made

> from

> two nights ago of this bright comet. Been a while since I did any comet

> shooting but decided a few nights ago if the weather was good I'd go for

> this one either last night or tonight as it would be in a great location

> with many faint background galaxies. This is an animation of 8 - 10 minute

> frames taken between 11:36 PM and 12:59AM last night. The skies had

> cleared

> wonderfully so I decided to go for this one. This image is calibrated

> with a

> master -30-600 second dark and master luminance flat frame. Hot and dead

> pixels removed using MaxIm, aligned using CCDStack where DDP and auto

> stretch was used before saving all frames as scaled images. Brought the

> images back into MaxIm and opened. Then used MaxIm to create the .avi

> files,

> 81.1MBs large. Too large to e-mail or post to the website so I looked for

> software to create the mp4 file from the avi format. If there are any

> differences I can't really see them but it took the file size down to

> about

> 6Mbs which is manageable. The animation can be viewed here

> If there are any

> viewing difficulties please let me know. The link should download the file

> and then play on your local computer.


> -Steve


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