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Nov 11, 2003



#19505 Nov 11, 2003

since when did ap start making folded refractors? I saw this in

the > jim phillips section in the photo files. Does ap do custom scopes?

Hello Asia,

In the 1980's I was excited to read about the developement of

apochromatic refractors by a young Buck named Roalnd Christen. The

review I read in S&T of, I believe, a 5" model, was truly impressive.

At the time I was using an 8" Doublet made for me by Tom Dobbins. It

had an R.E. Brandt F/12 (13?)Lens. I called Mr. Christen had a long

talk and ordered a 6" F/12 Super Planetary scope in a Folded OTA. I

believe he had made the folded OTA as an experimental model. I Loved

it. The performance was superb. After that, I called and wrote Roland

asking if he would ever make a larger apo of, at least, 8" aperture.

Finally, one day I got a letter stating that he was going to make

four (4), 9" F/15 apochromatic triplet lens. He was going to sell

three and keep the fourth as a back-up. Was I interested? You are

going to probably laugh when you read that I thought it over for a

(short) while. I then told Roland I would like to buy the lens but

needed him to build a folded OTA for me similar to the 6" F/12 I

already had. He agreed and I ordered the lens (and OTA) in 1988. As

there were no 1200 mounts at that time I quickly contacted John

Styles at OGS and ordered a mount. The AP 9" F/15 Folded apo arrived

in 1991. The amount of work put into the lens ate up any profit I am

sure. I do not know if any of the other 9" lens were completed. Mine

has been mounted in an observatory 10 feet ouside my bedroom door for

12 years now.

Jim Phillips

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