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Sep 7, 2013



#41704 Sep 7, 2013

Hi Herb,

Yes, I read that review and other info - that's why I'm very interested in this scope. Do you have this scope on a mach1 mount?

. . MarkS


#41709 Sep 7, 2013

Hello Mark,

I'm the guy who submitted the first-light photo and comments

on the "initial impressions" posting on AstroMart's review


I didn't specify which mount I used, because it is

quite fashionable -- and usually right -- to stress

over-mounting any equipment used for imaging.

But the fact is that, *properly supported*, the Mach1

is just fine. Roland C. seemed to think that this

would be so when I asked him about it, and he was correct.

In fact, the Mach1 is loaded down more heavily than when

I use the TOA-130 on it, and if anything, the tracking

is *better* than with the TOA-130, despite the increased


The CCA-250 is remarkably compact. A lot of its "length"

is really a semi-permanently mounted dew shield in the

front of the scope. But the "working" part of the OTA

is quite short, perhaps 22 inches long or so. I also

use the optional larger shaft with extension on the Mach1,

and two 18-lb counterweights.

I am really thrilled at this combination -- it meets all

of my requirements, and is *truly* eminently portable.

Judge for yourself how effective it is by my little

first-light effort (more to follow when the clouds go


Yes, bigger mounts are better, but the Mach1 handles the

load superbly (I use an OAG, so I don't have a separate

guide scope). Since I must be a mobile imager right now,

and I am not about to carry heavier equipment into the field,

this setup approaches the ideal for me.

I'm sure it will work for you also, providing you will

be imaging in low-wind conditions, and the Mach1 base is

supported in a rock-solid fashion.

Feel free to PM me if you have further questions about the

Mach1/CCA-250 combination, or just post here if that's not


Clear skies,


--- In, Mark Striebeck mark.striebeck@...> wrote:

> ...Do you have this scope on a mach1 mount?


#41712 Sep 8, 2013

Thanks Herb and Greg,

It looks like we have the same goals: a great imaging platform that is still (just) mobile. I have to schlepp my stuff outside every evening and a few times a year to a star party. I'm using the eagle pier which provides a lot of stability and in my backyard there's usually no wind. Thanks a lot for your info!

... and now I have to find a legitimate reason to convince my wife ... ;-)

. . .MarkS

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