Re: [ap-gto] 1st Light for my much-loved AP155EDF w new-to-me STL11000XM

Aug 13, 2015



#48623 Aug 13, 2015

I've had my 155 for years and brought my AP900GTO CP2 out of retirement to have a second permanent set-up at our farm. Bought the STL on Astromart. It is a NOISY camera but dithering and lots of subs seemed to tame that nicely.

BTW - I know there is a blue bias in this shot. I decided, after talking w Don Goldman, to put E series filters in the camera vs. I series filters (which were designed for this type of chip). The E series filters are the same in G and B but much narrower in the red. The wider I series red filter is to compensate for the weak red response of the camera but you sacrifice contrast in th red channel. As a first light, I wasn't sure what to expect so I am now looking at either longer subs for red or more subs then using software that will allow me to program in the weights (like Maxim or CCDStack). Or both.

-- Stuart


#48625 Aug 13, 2015

Hi Stuart,

Nice shot!

I just brought my trusty AP900 out of retirement as well, so that I could run my Tak 106FSQ at the same time as my CDK 12.5. It's still a great mount, isn't it, and I'm glad to have to back working again.

I'm considering a full frame DSLR for the Tak, as I'm not sure I can manage the cost of a full frame CCD and the large filters.

Where in Ontario are you? I grew up on the Quebec side, across the river from Ottawa.




#48626 Aug 13, 2015

Sean, most kind of you - thanks! I was born in Toronto and our farm is near Lake Huron between Goderich and Kincardine. Almost 3 hours North of Port Huron / Sarnia if that helps our friends South of the border with the general location.

If I were going to buy a DSLR for astro I'd buy the D810A from Nikon. Check out Wei-Hao Wang's photos with that camera (and his privately modified D800). Amazing! Cost would be under $4K. Superbly low noise camera too.


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