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Apr 7, 2016



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Chris Go posted a seven-min video of the first day at NEAF and atabout 01:58 of the video I see the new scope. Speak about going aunaturel (not you, the new scope) and which looks like an RC design(hehehe, RC by RC).

About time seeing much greater aperture from AP after all of theseyears hassling you for the same.. (I have a C14 EdgeHD coming.. :-()


On 4/8/2016 02:00, Anthony Ayiomamitiswrote:


I thought you reply to my April Fools Day trolling was a prank inreturn .... can you provide further info on the new telescope (exdesign)? For it to be so light, it must be some sort of truss tubedesign, oui?


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.Hi all,

Well we set up the 1600 mount with our new 17 inchastrograph prototype for all to see. Lots of interestfor this combination. We will have more extensiveinformation for the scope as soon as we figure out howto use the hotel wifi setup.

Some highlights for the mount: .encoder feedback fromthe shaft allows the axes to be close loop controlled tosub-arc sec levels. This counteracts wind loads on thescope and controls the position and motions of each axisto a very high precision, something that was onlypreviously possible with direct drive mounts. In otherwords, you can push on the scope, as the wind would do,and the axis will push back to keep the scope pointingexactly where it was. This happens 100+ times persecond, and really enhances the stability of the system.It also allows very precise positioning to 1/10 arc seclevels of both axes. This is all done in the new CP4using the Renishaw Absolute En coders.

We also show the new spring loaded gearbox with theability to completely disengage the gearbox for precisebalancing. The gearbox now has low wear worm gear andessentially no backlash in either axis. Tracking andguiding is now essentially perfect. For those who don'twant to guide, the mount can be precisely modeled withAPPC, a really sweet combination.

Mounted on the 1600 is the 17 inch F8 Astrograph.This scope is lightweight so that it takes only oneperson to set it on the mount. I actually placed it onthe mount with no help ( and I'm a lightweight ). Thisis the prototype that I have been using for the last 2years in my observatory, and we plan to make them inproduction this year. Quartz optics, carbon fiber, focusand forget. No cool down problems, sharp 1/10 waveoptics interferometry tested. It really works, covers a3" flat field, produced the highest resolution I haveever experienced at our observato ry, even with ourmediocre skies in N-Illinois.


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