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Apr 20, 2012



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> Just out of curiosity would the new AP1600 encoders fit onto an AP1200

The 1200 was not designed for encoders. These things are very new and were

not available 20 years ago when the 1200 was designed.


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No, you don't have to upgrade the keypad.Rolando

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I received the AP newsletter and it offers prices forabsolute encoders for the 1600...are the user installed kits now available fororder?��Another question: to upgrade to the CP4 controller on the1600, does one need to upgrade the handpad to V 4.19 (which I never use butmaybe twice a year when collimating the telescope)?�� For me, 4.17 works justfine, I park through the GTOV2 ASCOM driver as well as run the system.��Thanks...��Mike J. Shade: mshade@...Mike J. Shade��In War: ResolutionIn Defeat: DefianceIn Victory: MagnanimityIn Peace: GoodwillSir WinstonChurchillAlready, in the gatheringdusk, a few of the stars are turning on their lights.Vega, the brightest one, isnow dropping towards the west.�� Can it be halfa year since I watched herApril rising in the east?�� Low in the southwestAntares blinks a sad farwellto fall...Leslie Peltier, StarlightNights��International Dark SkyAssociation:��


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Mike,The encoder kits can be ordered now, but won���t be available to ship until the CP4 is also ready since it relies on the CP4. As Roland mentioned, the keypadupdate is not required. ��Clear Skies, ��Marj ChristenAstro-Physics, Inc11250 Forest Hills RdMachesney Park, IL 61115Phone: 815-282-1513Fax:

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