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Sep 9, 2008



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> Hello, all,


> I tried running my new (used) 1200 / CP2 via TheSky6 this evening. I used a

> home-made

> serial cable that I checked and double-checked for correct pinout*, opens,

> shorts, etc. The

> USB-to-Serial adapter is a Keyspan four-port that works reliably. TheSky had

> no difficulty

> connecting to the mount and reported success in sending date, time, and

> position to the

> mount. The hand-control box was disconnected.


> The mount seems to move just as it should in RA.


> All attempts to move the mount in DEC, even a one-arc-minute nudge, result

> in the DEC

> axis rotating at slew speed without end. (No cables attached to the scopes,

> so no harm

> done.) The "Abort" button in TheSky had no effect; only unplugging the mount

> stopped

> the rotation. Plugging the mount back in did not cause the rotation to

> continue, but

> reconnecting TheSky6 and attempting a DEC move consistently produced the

> spin.


> I tried the same thing with Equinox running under Mac OS X and I got exactly

> the same

> result.


> * I used the document at


> which

> calls for a straight-through connection for pins 2,3,5, and 6, while all

> others pins are

> unused. I checked and rechecked the cable with a VOM, then I wiggled the

> wires about a

> bit and checked ad rechecked, always with good results.


> Help?


The first thing you want to do when you get a new used mount is to operate it

with the keypad. Trying to operate it with external software without really

understanding how the software works can get you into trouble. So, try it with

the keypad first. Make sure your time, date and location entries are correct.

Go through the startup procedure and check the 3 park positions. Does the

mount operate properly with the keypad? If so, then simply connect The Sky and

operate it that way. Do not try to initialize the mount via The Sky until you

thoroughly understand how the mount works. In fact, there is no need to ever

initialize the mount via any external program because the keypad can do it quite

properly. The mount will connect just fine to external software (The Sky) after

initialization from the keypad.



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