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Apr 21, 2015



#47712 Apr 21, 2015

For some time I have had a noisy Dec motor during slews,600X and 1200.�� On Roland���s advice I greased with Aeroshell���nochange.�� It seems as if it is getting worse, so I took the motor off ofthe mount and activated by the handpad���the noise persists.�� Soundedlike a click-chunk...about a two second delay and repeats.�� ��So I carefully took the gears out of the assembly and amleft with the gear on the end of the brass worm, silver color, about the sizeof a nickel (THE HOUSING IS OFF OF THE TELESCOPE IN MY HAND). ����It is very difficult to turn this gear by hand and itdoes not turn smoothly or evenly, the gear ���skips��� when I try andturn it and I have to use so much pressure that it leaves an indentation of thegear in my thumb (THIS GEAR IS NOT ENGAGING ANY OTHER GEARS, IT IS THE GEAR ATTHE END OF THE WORM).�� In other words it is not that the gear turnssmoothly but with pressure, the gear hardly turns at all and there are parts ofthe rotation where it is very difficult to move at all. ��My guess is that this is incorrect, the worm should turnsmoothly I am assuming (on any other mount I have ever owned they have).��As of course this gear is attached to the end of the worm, that suggests thatthe worm is bound in its bearings or some similar problem. ��In looking at the end of the worm opposite the silver gear,there is a silver colored end piece, in the housing, with two small holes at180 degrees to each other.�� The housing is threaded and I am guessing thatthis is some sort of a tensionioner cap or end piece���can this piece beloosened ever so slightly maybe freeing things up a bit?�� If so, how andhow much?�� Or does the assembly need to make a trip back to AP?�� Isthere a special tool for this?�� I suspect that this end cap adds some sortof preload and it is a bit tight, binding up the worm. �� �� �� ��Mike J. Shade: mshade@...Mike J. Shade Photographymshadephotography.comIn War: ResolutionIn Defeat: DefianceIn Victory: MagnanimityIn Peace: GoodwillSir Winston ChurchillAlready, in the gathering dusk, a fewof the stars are turning on their lights.

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Mike, ��I���m pleased that you found the solution.���� Enjoy!

��Regards, ��George ��George WhitneyAstro-Physics, Inc.Phone:�� 815-282-1513Email:�� george@...

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Hi Mike,

If you can send us the gearbox, we can find out what's wrong. Maybe a bad bearing.


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Mike,��I assume that the motor is powered off when you try this.���� Call me at the office.��Regards,��George��George WhitneyAstro-Physics, Inc.Phone:�� 815-282-1513Email:�� george@...

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