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Mar 5, 2017



#55954 Mar 5, 2017

This is my first post to the list so if fouled something up, please let me know gently ;-)

I.m trying to use SkySafari with the CP4 for observing versus imaging. I.m aware that SkySafari does not currently understand much about the CP4 other than GOTO commands. No initialization and no park appear to be the case. Thus, I am trying to use APCC to initialize or park the mount (as I would in an imaging scenario) and then switch to SkySafari so I have a hand-held, clear sky chart to look at while observing. tried various ways of connecting the two to the mount. tried WiFi from SkySafari (on an iPad) with APCC either WiFi or USB-connected to the mount. In both cases the ASCOM driver appears to get lost after done a GOTO commanded from SkySafari. I thought that the CP4 would be constantly advising the two clients of its position, but apparently I.m wrong on that.

Am I trying to do something that was not intended in the CP4/ASCOM/APCC design? Or am I nuts doing this at all because there.s a better way overlooked? Perhaps it.s the dual connection that is not supported.

Thanks for any help,



#55969 Mar 7, 2017

Howard, thanks for the quick offer of help. �� tried both days now trying to be in the observatory during the day and have successful cell phone coverage. ��The Universe is not helping me. ��

I.m going to thrash about a bit more and perhaps discover the answer. ��Certainly, we have enough crummy weather for such things. ��Thanks again,


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Hi Gary, ��If possible, give me a call at AP when you are with the equipment and we can walk through some things.�� ��Mag. 7 Skies! ��Howard HedlundAstro-Physics, Inc.Phone: 815-282-1513www.astro-physics.comPlease include this e-mail with your response. ��P��Consider the environment before printing this e-mail. ��

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