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Jan 14, 2014



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1) there is no on/off switch. You apply power, and it's ready to go. 2) if you have set the keypad to Autostart YES, then all you do is turn on power and the mount is ready to go to your favorite objects. Nothing else to do. No un-park, no intitialization, no sync, etc etc. Really the very easiest way to use the mount. 3) when you are finished, either park the mount in one of the 3 preset positions, or simply point the scope somewhere convenient, or leave it where it is at the present time and turn off the power supply. It will remember where it is at all times and will be ready for you next night or next month. 4) if you go to your first object (or any object during the night) and it is off a bit, simply center the object with the buttons and bring up the Rcal menu (bottom right hand keypad button) and press 9 - Rcal. Rolando

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I have my new AP1100 mount about 80% setup, just need to put on thecounterweight shaft, weights and dovetail. I can really tell the qualityin this mount...Wow!!

My questions:

1. Is there an On/Off switch for the mount?

2. Almost 100% of what I do it planetary imaging. The mount will have aC14 on it. After I do the initial one time setup, then to get going for atypical evening session, would my steps basically be:

a. Turn on the mountb. Goto planet>

when donec. park the mountd. turn off the scope

or something close to that.

I'm hoping I don't have to do star align each time I use the scope. Thesetup stays in one spot in my back yard. I guess I'm also hoping thepointing accuracy will put the planet in my FOV as well.


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