1100 GTO shines at public observing

Mar 23, 2014



#43477 Mar 23, 2014

I took out my 1100 GTO for the first time at a public event for a special Mars viewing at the Van Vleck Observatory last night. �� It was a last minute decision to pack it as we were using the 20" Alvan Clark. �� Mars would only be at 18 degrees by 10 pm and I knew it would be hard to reach the eyepiece for that 24.5" long scope for the first hour or so. ��I had a 152 mm achromatic mounted on It with a Celestron universal dovetail which worked out marvelously in the LM162 saddle by the way. ��No one was quite sure if it would or not given the warnings online about some Celestron dovetails not working in AP saddles. �� This is one of the black ones with many holes not the orange one. ��What did take me by surprise was the number of screws and set screws that blocked the holes for the RAPAS. �� Got all the little buggers out and it aligned perfectly. �� After the first RCal on Rigel GoTo's were dead on for a 14 mm Radian and often a 8 mm Radian and Delos EP's. ��With 30 people coming out for a 10 pm to midnight viewing I didn't pack out of their until after 2 AM. ��

Wonderful mount! ��Great precision and an absolute pleasure to use. ��Now if I could just get a decent case for the head instead of using the shipping boxes it came with I would be a very happy camper. ��Yes I know I have had had a lot of suggestions but still haven't decided on two cases or one. ��The extra time to setup the halves versus the lifting weight of the two together have stopped that decision making process so far.

John Sillasen

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