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10.4 amm needed
11x59R Gras
[1911TechTalk] 44 Autorim
[1911TechTalk] A-MERC brass
20x139 cartridge
.224 BOZ
303 British amo id
30x165mm Philco-Ford
3Day 1911 PistolSmithing Course With Dane Burns of July
.45-90 and .45-70 images
[SPAM] .458 Q
5,45 x 39
5.7x28 ammo for sale...
50-90 pp c.o.l.
.50 BAT
.50 BMG images posted
A good read and a request
Alexander's Essay (a good read)
"Emerson" goes to court next week
anyone there?
AR cartridges, etc.
BAT cartridge
Berdan primed LC 52 .30 Carbine
Berzerkly and flags... FWD OT
Books, recommended for Christmas...
Call 911 and die. FWD
Cartridge ID Help
cartridge trading
Cartridges I have
Catridge Collectors Org.
Check out link to this article. Kinda neat.FWD
Cicero on the "enemy". FWD OT
Colin Powell on Empire-building. FWD OT OT
Contact your elected officials, NOW.
Cowboy Commandments
D-Day remembrance
Democrats want your guns
Digest Number 114
Digest Number 286
Digest Number 296
Digest Number 47
Digest Number 81
Dr. Seuss and the "Binch" FWD OT
Dumb, Dumber, and Dumbest. FWD
Dutch Mauser Ammo
Editorial: "PC" is on the run and in hiding? FWD OT
Fireworks banned in France due to war!!!!!! FWD
Flu pandemic possible this year
For all you French lovers out there. FWD OT OT
Forgotten login & password
French rimfires
FS- Seven Gold coins (so I can buy a gun ;^ ) )
Fw: Anti-gun Senate Amendments Coming This Week
FW: Any cartridge collectors on board?
FW: [Battle-Rifle] Ammunition Question
Fw: Boy, is this true
FW: [BPCR] 11 mm Mauser ammo
Fw: Celebrating the Fourth of July by Jacob G. Hornberger, July 4, 2003
Fw: Firearms Industry Needs Your Help Now!
Fw: FW: GATOR FOOD (lawyer joke)
Fw: [GunsSaveLives] Declaration of Independence Banned at Calif School
Fw: [GunsSaveLives] Fwd: [AZ-RKBA] Fwd: Military Ready to Shoot Down Airliners
Fw: Help needed for 30.06 Ammo ID
FW: Join the NRA "Good Guys" List
Fw: Just Wondering?
Fw: Kerry's Resume' :-)
FW: M1A1 SABOT rounds
Fw: Mad Cows and Illeghal Aliens
Fw: Military PC
Fw: officer charged
Fw: OT A Light Goes on at the CDC -- Gun Control doesn't work
Fw: Our butts are getting kicked - Why I vote
Fw: reconquest
Fw: Scrabble. INCREDIBLE
Fw: Social security. Who destroyed it?
Fw: Stop Complaining
Fw: Two Alligators
Fw: Why are we still there?
Fw: Yahoo Groups SPAM alert
Fwd:Thanking the Troops...
FWD to all you can ASAP. United we stand.
George Bush a Cowboy? Thank God. FWD
Get involved or lose
Gift books for Christmas?
God Jul og Godt Nytt År!
Goose Hunting...Ole, Sven & Lena
Gore and Sadam Hussein ...
Got a couple of new cartridges
Great Vise
Greener Police Shotgun, 14 ga.
Gun Defense Clock web site. Good info, FYI
Happy "Second Amendment Day," everyone!
Happy New Year!
Hatcher's Notebook available on Google
Hatcher on Range of weapons...(long)
Head Stamp URLs?
Help ID Arab 8mm Mauser round, please.
Fw: Help needed for 30.06 Ammo ID
Here's a company to work for! (not spam), funny, sad. FWD
Hi for all!
Hiya and thanks
How to help our service folks this holiday season.
[IDPA] 22WMR and 22LR
Inkjet Head Cleaner
Interesting Libertarian ramblings. FWD
large brass cartridge identification needed
Last verses. FWD
Lawyers then and now... FW OT
LBEH 2005 Starts Now!
Lebel Cartridges Value
Link for cartridge dimensions?
[m1-m14] 7.62 AP
[m1-m14] Reloading Old Brass
Magpul to the rescue!
Mailing cartridges
Mantracking With David Scott-Donelan
mecuric prmers
Military cartridge information needed
More on Article Two and the Campaign
My interests Acknowledged!
Mystery cartridge.... Help!
Mystery cartridge.... Help!
Need help identifying bullets with green coating
New "HomelandDefense-Rifles" group
New file uploaded to Cartridge-Collecting
New poll for Cartridge-Collecting
New treasures
Norton Virus protection
Obama told the truth about your guns
Old Ammo Guy
Old blackpowder cases
Old Powder cans
On familiar Vermin that infested Colonial America. FWD
One of my favorite Blogs.
(OT) 1945 Gun Control editorial
[OT] a new virus is loose...
[OT] Emerson news?
[OT] - Homeland Security Knowledgebase
(OT) National AMMO Day tomorrow, November 19th, 2002!
[OT] New York Group Grope in Central Park
(OT) Yahoo marketing preferences
Our First Family - OT
Our First Family - OT
personal "firewall" for your computer
Pin-fires anyone?
Please help ID cartridge.
Please help ID this cartridge.
Please help me ID 8mm dummy round.
POLITICS ! -- kakistocracy
Poll is still open through Sunday evening-OOPS!
Poor Taliban. FWD OT
Prestine .50-70 bullets in the original case on eBay
Ram's fan? Joke FWD OT
Randy Cain In Los Angeles
RC Tactical Handgun Course
Re Obama
Recent school shooting. Real story. FWD OT
Recommended Reading?
Red Skelton on allegiance. FWD OT
Red Skelton, worth remembering? FWD OT, Serious
Results of poll (Did it again!)
Rules for Gun fighting.
Sign K-Mart petition, if you like. FWD OT
Signers of the Declaration of independence
Small Game Cartridges
So: Who is an American? FWD
[SPAM] .458 Q
Speed Kills **Burma Shave** OT FWD
Spread the word...then join up!
[Tactical-Rifle] Russian 12.7mm...50 cal [and e-mail test]
Take Rosie's poll!!! fwd
Ted Nugent on FOX tonight...
Terrorists on the attack in Boston!!!!! Help!!!!
Thanks for the invite
The soldier... FWD
these are good...
This article originally appeared in "Blue Press"
Time to thank Holywood!!! FWD
Turn in your neighbor...NOW! FWD
unknown cartridge
Unknown Cartridge / Spec's:
US flag Ban.. FWD
What's the name of the cartridge?
What do I have here?
Who is "more smarter"? Uh... this is an awesome article IMHO, please read FYI. FWD
...who really won what?
Who should we thank today (and every day)? FWD
Who were the "signers"? FWD OT
WTB- 7mm pinfire cartriges.
WTB some .30-06 blanks.
Yahoo group members should check this...
YAHOO setting you may wish to change