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1984 and other Files posted In my Folder!!
5 volt SmartMedia
A demo on Orchestra I & II, Super Sound and Latin expansion boards.
A patch for Greg
A quick one before..
about XP50
Additional Outs on XP-50
Advice wanted on using an XP-80 live / midi control
after some eastern sound
All right, now I feel like a total idiot!
alpha dial too fast
'Third party' volume pedals and the XP-50
"All Hallows" patch?
" Indian Music" Any one?
Any one?
Arpeggiator Tempo
Arranging patches in user bank
Assign volume pedal for XP-50
assigning controllers
Awesome Keyboard Drum Player
Bank Codes Roland XP80 for Cubase 7.
Basic Programming - Help me
After battery change in xp80 empty screen
Battery Backup
Beginner question
Best buy?
broken key or spring
broken keys
Broken MIDI interface.
Bulk Dump; Please help
buttons on XP80
C1/C2 slider controls and recording
cake walk
Cakewalk help.
Cakewalk Sonar and General Midi Mode
Can I repair a button myself?
ChangeIt! question, take two
ChangeIt! question, take two
Comparing Roland with Korg
Complete newby Question
Connecting to ext seq
Considering an XP
Control data
Controllers, help PLEEEEZE!
Controlling volume of Direct Outs
converting xp-80 files.
Copying C.Aftertouch data
counter question On A Roland XP-50 How Do I Turn Velocity Off?
creating sounds
Cubase Instrument definitions
Damaged LCD Replacement
Dance and Experience Expansion Boards
**SPAM** data backup
Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures!
Digest Number 319
Digest Number 322
Digest Number 323
Digest Number 324
Digest Number 331
Digest Number 349
Digest Number 360
Digest Number 376
Digest Number 378
Digest Number 380
Digest Number 395
Digest Number 402
Digest Number 417
Digest Number 492
Digest Number 494
Digest Number 506
Digest Number 533
Digest Number 547
Digest Number 679
Digest Number 704
Digital Natives Dance
Direct Outs/Volume
XP-50 Disk Drive Interchangability
Disk drive light (thanks brockster2)
Disk drive light (thanks brockster2)
disk drive reply reply
disk drive reply reply
XP-80 & 60 Display
Do I need a MIDI Foot controller for Midi Guitar? (JV-1010)
Does a VOLUME TRACK exist?
Downloading Sounds
DP-8 and SR-JV80 cards
DP XP60 MOTU MTP Setup. have a question I am a novice
Droning Monk Voice
Drum & Bass module anyone ??
Drum & Bass module is great !!
Drum files posted
Drum help needed
drum patches
Drum patterns and creating drum patterns
drum sounds
Drum Tracks
Two drumsets within a performance
Easy Question (I think!)
Editing XP-80 sound files
Editor XP-80
Eerie sounds and Halloween music?
EFX Control
Excel file of JV Patches to XV Patches
Expand Card for XP80
Expander Help
Expansion Board Loops
xp80 expansion boards
expansion card sounds for XP series synths
Expansionboard waves
Exspansion Cards
Fairlab patches?
Fantom Vs. XP80
Fantom X8
1984 and other Files posted In my Folder!!
files sys to svd

Floppy Drive Emulators? Anyone tried these on a Roland XP-80?
floppy drive replacement XP-60/80
floppy to usb, emulators
Foot controller
Foot Switch
footswitch patch change
Footswitch question XP-80
FOR SELL = Banned
Free Roland 2004 product video
FS: Roland Users Group magazines/back issues
Future SR-JV Expansion Boards
FW: [GR-30] Yahoo Privacy - Please Read
getting all your sounds in one bank
SV: Getting classic keys sounds
Glue under the keys
Glued Keys
Good Bye
Great Short-Course on Basic Synthesis
Basic Programming - Help me
HELP!! by symon
Help converting .SVQ to .MP3
Help ! Could not record
Help creating performances
help guys
Help - I need all the advice I can get ~>:)
Help: Roland A-30 and XV-2020
Help!! - Sticky Key!
Help with ChangeIt (Excuse me)
help with midi program
Hey everybody
Hi everyone..
Hi friends!! See
HipHop Expansion Module?
Home again...
Hooking Up Roland XP-60 to Laptop
How can i learn to read musical notations
How Can I Make & Save a Split-Keyboard Sound in Patch Mode?
How do I change the battery in my XP-80 ?
How do you change the battery?
How Do You Split The Keyboard onThe XP-50
How many Roland XP users does it take to change a lightbulb?
how to change bpm
How to connect XP-30 to Computer?
How to download files and be able to use with XP. -80? Please Help.
how to get a sound similar to effect on The Cars Moving in Stereo
how to make my own drum kits
How to mix GM patch and User patch in a song
How to modify a patch with the XP-80?
How to Re-Initialize the XP 80
How to Sequence Songs in Xp-50
how to use non-GM patches in a sequence
How to use the built-in effects
I'm new
I've hung myself but good!
i bought a jv-880
I downloaded some patches, what do I do next?
i have 5000 syx - ex - i live in Brazil...
I need an XP80 Main Board
I need Rhythms
I want the drum kits!!!!!
Idiot's Guide to XP-80
If you don't need your manual any more...
If you use XP-80 you can probably help me...
Importing midi drum patterns
Improving JV1010's GM?
INCREASE VOLUME ON DRUMS?...Success Thank You All..
Information on Zip Disks
Installing Roland Expansion board in an XP 50
Internal waveforms vs external ones
Introduction (XP50/XP80)
Introduction (XP50/XP80)
Is the XP-80 for me? What are your experiences?
Is the XP-80 velocity sensitive?
Jumping banks...
Jumping banks...
Just bought a JV-1010 used.....
Just found this group...
JV-1010 question
JV-1010 Compatible Patches
JV-1010 Drum set Question
JV-1010 Is there a patch editor for XP?
JV-1010 patch programming question
JV-1010 User Bank Question
JV-1080: losing patch position on power off
JV-1080 gain levels
JV-1080: losing patch position on power off
JV 1080 Patch mode questions
JV-2080 and Fruity Loops
JV-2080, MIDI File Format 0 and How To's....
JV-880 expansion question
JV-880 RAM and PCM cards?
JV Battery Replacement
JV expansion board
JV patches for Pink Floyd
JV vs. SRV boards
JV/XP Patch
JV1010/keyboard issues
JV1010 Performance Parts
Outputs 1 & 2 of JV1080
JV1080 Change Control Numbers
JV2080 Display Type and Supplyer informations needed
JV2080 Display Type and Supplyer informations needed
JV2080 OS version
Key order for XP-80
key replace??
Keyboard Split
broken keys
keys don't work
Kick Start
LCD works, backlight doesn't
Leslie Effect thru pedal ? XP-50 or XP-80
Live gig setup
Loading Patches
Local Off for a part in Single Performance mode not working (XP-80)
Looking for more inspiration patches.....
Looking for patch
Looking for piano/strings patch
Looking for the Roland XP-10 Manual
Looking to buy an XP-60 or XP-80
Loop syncing
looping in the sequencer
Lost songs on disk!
Lots of Expansion Borads at low price
Low Battery
m audio firewire interface and XP-60 trouble
Mac Editors for MVS-1/OC-1/MSE1
Mac Floppies
MAC versus PC
XP-50 Service Manual
Manuals Online
matching jv90 and jv2080 patches
maybe fixed ...?
Member Websites -- was xp -80 floppy drive
MIDi Cables...
MIDI CC disappointment on JV-1080
Midi connection Help!
MIdi Drum Loops?
Midi echo?
midi file to XP80
Midi files into XP-80's seq
MIDI help...jv101-
XP-10 midi question
midi software
midi stuff
Mixing Tracks in the Roland XP-80
Modulation control with EV-5?
Modulation in Performance
moving patches
Multi-Track Recording with JV-1080/XP-50
Multitrack Playback Issue.
Muting Tracks and Unmuting Tracks during Playback?
MVS-1 Vintage module use with the Keyfax Phatboy controller
My problem regarding the velocity settings, plsss help me out
My Roland History and more questions!
My roland xp-80 just record on trak 1 ,,,and no on another
My roland xp-80 just record on trak 1 ,,,and no on another track,,,,,,help
Nathan walks a higher plain
Need help MIDI setup please!
Need help w/MIDI setup
Need help w/MIDI setup: MalletKat, JV-1010, Korg 05R/W
Need help with velocity
Need some help with my XP-80
Need the best strings patch I can get ( and Thanks MZ )
need xp-50 help!
New file uploaded to roland_XPs
New groupie, Ancient XP-ie
New Member XP-80 Owner
New member in San Diego, Calif.
New Member need major help Please!
new member question
New member seeks opinions...
New member (Wurlitzer Patch)
New Member XP-80 Owner
new to synth playing
New to this Group
New user JV-1010, Simple question about differences between "Category/Bank"
Newbie Questions
Newbie - Brock - Nathan
Newbie JV-1010
Newbie Questions
Newbie question: Sound Library
Newbie Questions
No audio on occasions
No MIDI transfer happening on my XP-60
No sound after a little too thorough cleanup
No sound at all!
no sound on one key
Non working keys
Not a newbie, but (software sequencing q's) ...
octave horns
counter question On A Roland XP-50 How Do I Turn Velocity Off?
One More Question
One too many Rolands...
Online Roland XP-60/XP-80 Owner's Manual Available
Online Roland XP-80 Page.
Opening my XP-80
Organizing Patches on a Mac / translating XP30 to XV88?
OT: 2 Expansion Cards for sale
ot - testing
Output jacks on the '80
Outputs 1 & 2 of JV1080
Overseas Power Requirements
patch for The Fixx - One Thing Leads to Another
Patch Loading
Patch modulation problem
Patch Tempo
patches for roland xp-30
Patches for Roland XP-80 [1 Attachment]
Patches interchange-able ???
.pdf manual??
PDF manuals?
performance editing
Performance Mode versus General MIDI Mode
Performance Mode versus General MIDI Mode
performance on xp-30
Pipe organ waveforms
Pitch/Modulation Wheel
playing moduloe demos on xp-60
Tuning Help! PLEASE PLEASE ! Help
PLEASE help me with my XP-80
Powerful Xp-50
Roland JV/XP/XV pro-rec sounds, anyone heard them?
Problems with keyboard
Problems with the ev-5 pedal
Problems with XP-50. Worth fixing??
ProTools and MIDI Patch List
XP-10 midi question
Question about effects controller destinations...
Question on XP-80
question towards merging songs
Newbie Questions
Questions regarding Sequencing
really basic questions
Realtime Recording
Recalibration for XP-80
Receive on Multiple MIDI Channels
XP-80 & the recording process
recording failure
recording patterns
Repair Parts for XP-80
Replace floppy with sd card
Replacement Keys
Replacement Parts - Speed Dial
replacing key
Rock Drums posted
Roland A-70 controller...
Roland BD-1/XP-50 setup
Roland JV-1010 + Roland JX 10 + Computer by MIDI
roland jv-1010 & gi-10 + behringer v-amp & fcb-1010
Roland JV-1010 + Roland JX 10 + Computer by MIDI
Roland JV-1080 Data Card
Roland JV-1080 Ram cards
Roland jv-80 manual needed
Roland JV/XP/XV pro-rec sounds, anyone heard them?
Roland keyboard velocity parameter question (specifically, the Juno-Stage kbrd)
Roland Patch Database Available Now
Roland RD-500, Roland XV-5050 HELP!
Roland Rich Sound Collection 2
Roland so pcm cards
Roland tips page
Roland Video Owners Manual Online
Roland XP 10 or JV 80 ?? help plzz
Roland XP-30 For sale
Roland XP-30 vs. FANTOM S-88 or S
Roland XP 50 Demonstration Disk Required
Roland XP-50 issue...And also a Korg Triton vs Roland XP-80 reveiw
Roland XP-50 issue...And also a Korg Triton vs Roland XP-80 reveiw
Roland XP 50 RPS function question
roland xp 50 very very low output
Roland XP - 60 Ground
Roland XP-80 faqs?
Roland XP-80 Firmware Upgrade?
Roland XP-80 Organs
Roland XP-80 quit playing!
Roland XP-80 Track Volume Question
Roland XP Expression Pedal Information
Bank Codes Roland XP80 for Cubase 7.
Roland XP80 battery change
Rookie question on MT300s and tempo changes
Routing MIDI in to MIDI out
RPS/Patterns help
RPS/Patterns help
samples in the xp80
San Francisco band seeking synth genius
Saving a song
Saving all user patches to disk
saving and mixing patches
Saving Patterns to Disk
Saving Performance
[spam] [spam] Saving performances in the user group
Saving the User patches and loading outside patches
Saving user settings?
Saving XP-60 User Bank
Saw Wave
Sending XP80 drum track to extrnal box
Sequencer question
Sequencing xp-80 ?
sequencing on the xp
Sequencing Problems....
Sequencing xp-80 ?
Serial connection problems
Serial Midi Driver for Win2K or XP?
Serial Number
Setting the time signature of XP-80 song
several things ...
Single key portamento
Size of Keyboard
Slave volume control
Sliders and Sonar
xp-80 software
Software recommedation for JV synth family
soliciting opinions about changing boards
Song Patch or Sound
Song Saving to Floppy
sorry about that let me try to explain
Sorta hard question...
XP-80 No Sound / update
Soundcheck PLease!
Crackling Sounds From Session Card?
Sounds on split
**SPAM** data backup
[spam] [spam] Saving performances in the user group
[spam] [spam] Saving performances in the user group
Splitting the keyboard
SR-JV80-02 or 16 (Orch I or Orch II)
Sr-JV80-13 Question
SR-JV80-13 Vocal Board Floppy
SR-JV80-97 Experience Expansion Board
SRJV80-12 Hip-Hop exp board for sale
SRJV80 Expansion Boards
Step Recording
sticking ... fading ... assigning
still can't get drums on JV-1010 to work
still sticking
Stop the blinking
Strange glitch on JV-1080
SV: Getting classic keys sounds
SVQ Files
SVQ files to MP3
svq to midi
Syncing a VS-1680 to an XP-60
ot - testing
Thank You Nathan and David
Thanks Jon....Appreciate it.
Thanks Jon....Appreciate it.
The JX/XP book.
The Oasis
Time signature on files..
time to replace disk drive
Time to Say Goodbye to My Faithful XP-80
Timpani Roll
To Alexander
to all for sale xp80mint, roland jp8000 brand new
Track record problem
Tracking Drums
Transfering a patch to the performance section
Transferring XP-60 Patch Banks to PC MIDI software
Transposing-I figured it out
Transposing-I figured it out
Tuning Help! PLEASE PLEASE ! Help
Tuning problem...Help!!
Turning off Layers -- and the Local Switch!
Turning off Layers -- and the Local Switch!
Turning off the Local Switch!
Two drumsets within a performance
two questions
Tx and Rx switches when making a performance
U20 manual FS
Uriah Heep / B3 sound?
USER bank
User Bank on the XP-80
Using M-Series Modules With XP-80
Using my XP-60 abroad
Using XP80's sequencer to control external synths
Using xp80 sequencer with different keyboard
Value dial
Video Manual
Video Owner's Manual
Roland Video Owners Manual Online
Vocal Mixing
Voice Crystal Cards?
Volume changes
Volume Pedal Set up
Volume Question --
Volunteers to Take Over Group?
Wah Wah effect using EV-5 Pedal
Welcome to roland_XPs
What happens?
What is the best way of organizing patches of the JV in Mac?
Wizoo guide
wizoo guide for 5 bucks!
X-80 repair
XP-10 Mod. Lever problem
xp 10 synth
How to connect XP-30 to Computer?
XP-30 and MIDI Playback Question
XP-30 Arpeggiator Not Working ):
XP-30 Manual
XP-30 serial midi
xp-30 vs xp-60/80
XP-50 Buttons Problem
XP-50 Disk Drive Interchangability
XP-50 Drum Patterns / play
XP-50 intermittent no output issue
(XP-50) Intros, and Breakdowns
XP-50 owner manual
xp-50 question
XP-50: Replace Disk Drive with Memory Card?
xp-50 transformer voltages
XP 50 Tuning
XP-50 vs XP-60
XP - 60 Panel Board
XP-60-80 Floppy Drive
XP-60/80 Wurly Patch - eh?
XP-60/80 Wurly Patch - eh?
xp-60 and Pro Tools 8
XP 60 Carryover
XP 60 Formatted Floppy Not Read by Windows - Problem Solved
XP 60 Formatted Floppy Not Read by Windows - Problem Solved
XP-60 Rhythm Tracks
XP-60 sequencer capability to drive external midi modules?
Xp-60 Sound Pallet Sliders
XP-60 Sync with Pro Tools - HELP!!!
XP-60 - Tempo Track
Editor XP-80
XP-80 & Mbox
XP-80 & Piano patch
XP-80 & the recording process
XP-80 backlights still available?
XP-80 Battery Replacement
XP-80 blinking beat lite...
xp 80 bulk dump question
XP-80 changing rig patches between songs live
XP-80 Controlling a KORG CX-3 Issue
XP-80 CPU & ROM upgrades
XP-80 Disk Drive
XP-80 Goes Out of Tune Again!
XP-80: How to disassemble the keyboard?
XP-80 LCD Screen
XP-80 left/right Output problem!
xp-80 looking for opinions on session card piano sounds
XP-80 Manual
xp 80 mint for salee or trade.
XP-80 No Sound / update
XP 80 not in tune
XP-80 not playing splits coming in fro A-80 controller
XP-80 Patch Distorting
XP-80 patches
XP-80 Performance, Saving Patches within SVQ or Midi Files.
XP-80 Questions
XP 80 sequencer question
XP-80 Shopping
xp-80 software
xp-80 sounds and GM
XP-80 static
XP 80 SVQ problem..
XP 80 to Fantom S
XP-80 Tone List
XP-80 Tuning Hell!
xp 80 verses Fanthom XA
XP-80 w/Orch.I & Orch.II vs EMU Virtuoso rack
XP-80.... weighted keyboard???
XP-80 with outboard sequencer
XP B3 Organ Patches
XP Data Storage
XP detachable power cord?
XP effects question
XP responds strangely to programme change
XP vs. Fantom
xp30 vs. jv2080
XP50/60/80 Librarian????
XP50 & DR880
XP50 behaving strangely....
XP50 Floppy Replacement.......... HDM uniflash
XP50 Floppy Replacement.......... HDM uniflash
XP50 Manual
XP50 - replacing floppy disk drive
xp60 and midi please help me!
XP60 drum sequencing problem
XP80 & Piano Patch
XP80 and performance issue
XP80 as master keyboard
Roland XP80 battery change
XP80 Blank Screen
XP80 C1 and C2 slider pots
XP80 / Cubase 7.5 Users
xp80 expansion boards
XP80 expansion boards and MIDI clock?
XP80 Key Repair
XP80 mix out problem
XP80 OS Upgrade
XP80: Realtime control of effects and tone parameters via MIDI
XP80 with MIDI in Logic Audio
XPs vs Fantoms X
Roland XV-3080 Smart media
xv-5080 sampler functions question
XVEdit Pro software & JV/XP
Yamaha CP80 M Electric piano sound Included in any SR-JV80????
Your opinion about SRJV's
Information on Zip Disks