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[1] Tying Chords and Lyrics to NOTATION rather than TAB?
1st and 2nd Endings are not available
2.71 a9 / MIDI Options bug, I believe
2 issues
2 questions
2nd part of chords on notation question
3 of my recent compositions
5 string banjo chord catalogs
5-string banjo note placement in TAB
5th string tuning note indication
6+ fret printing out...
6+ note
A#/Bb as name in tab
A couple of Bugs on Mac Intel Beta a1
A little public mention in the steel guitar world
a measure question
A new bug?
a question about chords
A question about pick-up notes / bars
A question about transposing for different instruments (mandolin to mandola)
A Treble Clef Question!
About cross-string hammer-ons
Accidentals: revisited
Accidentals: revisited
Add Drum Module Bug
add new instrument
Add New Tuning
Adding/Deleting Measures with multiple instruments
Adding Sharp to note
'Jaw harp' voices added to percussion sound choices?
'Natural' button not having an effect on flatted notes
"Format" shortcut bug
"go to measure" function
Anchors in the Tablature
Android Testers Needed
Annoying Circle round note
Another Artificial Harmonics question
Any suggestions for adding just chord names and beats? (ie non-specific notes?)
Appogiatur and other things
Artificial Harmonics
At. Mr. Matt
Auto Note Value Change
Automatic Chord Diagrams
B-flat chord text disappears
b4c bug?
banjo rolls
Banjo tabs one octave lower?
Banjo tabs one octave lower?
Bar (measure) numbers
Bar numbering...
Bar Numbers Don't Print
Baroque Guitar Tuning Issues...
Beams & Brushes
bend hold and release
Better way to export to WAV?
Better Way to Make a PDF on Windows us MS Word
Blank .WAV Files
Bold Text
Boxes around tied notes
Breaking line
Brush - Change Stroke Direction
Bugs - Instrument = Pedal Steel Guitar
Can't Edit Low E String in Guitar Tablature Notation -- 2nd Communication
Can't enter anything beyond the first note
Can't print tabs or save them as pdfs - It WORKS NOW!!!
Can't print tabs or save them as pdfs - It WORKS NOW!!!
Can't remove double line
Can't save because I don't have permission
Can chord diagrams be larger?
Can I use a C for common time instead of 4:4 in signature.
Can the standard notation font be changed?
Capital B
Fifth string capo on banjo
Capo not on print out
capo with dulcimer
Capo with Mt. dulcimer
Centering score in printout
Change display order of modules
Change Tempo
Changement d'instrument
Changing Guitar Tuning within a file
Changing Instrument/Tuning in the same Module
+Changing instrumentation
Changing Key in the middle of a score
Changing Module Print Order
Changing string number on dulcimer module gives you a chromatic fretboard?
Changing the default save location
Changing the position of upstroke/downstroke directions?
Chord catalogs for Macintosh
Chord Catalogue for Mountain Dulcimer
Chord catalogues for ukulele & Guitar
Chord Charts
Chord Diagram Identification
Chord diagram placement
Adding chord diagrams to the chord manager
chord diagrams--fingerings in diagram
Chord Labels
Chord Line Position
Chord Manager request #2
Chord Manager Window Crash
Chord manager window should be resizable
Chord Manger request #1
Chord Manger request #2
Chord Name Placement
Chord name questions
Chord names above tablature...
Chord Progression Sheet
transposing chords
Chords for multitrack tefs
Chords in tab
Chords in Text Only
circled notes
circles around notes
Colored notes when stem has been forced
Colorizing TAB notes?
Commands not in English
Compatibility PC and Mac versions
connecting 4 eighth notes with one beam
Converting .TEF files to .WAV format
Copying into MS Word
Correct help file ?
Corrupt file
Crashes using Catalogue
Creating a Chord Catalog
custom instrument
Custom Tab Instrument
Date Stamp a .tef file
Back to defaults
Defaults (v2.73 b4 for Windows)
Delay option for the "Loop" function
Denoting sections: positioning using Text Manager
Diatonic vs Chromatic dulcimer
Digest Number 14
Digest Number 389
Dimmed notation and tab choice
Discrepancy with 5 string banjo capos
Display a chord in "Lyrics" when there is no note
Display tab only
Displaying lyrics but not tablature
Displaying Palette
Distance between chord diagrams and tab
Doigté Accordéon diatonique
Dotted rhythms...
Dotted Stems in TAB
Double stems on notes?
Down - Up strum or brush
Duck Baker Stompin at the savoy
Dulcimer Fretboard Suggestion
Dulcimer tab with four equidistant strings
Dynamically Changing Clefs
E# note in the key of F# major
Easy lyric entry for Mac
EFB Introduction
el cumbanchero descending run; and the short fingers accompaniment while singing topics
email overload - Solve it easily
email overload - Solve it easily
Endings and Repeats
Endings and Repeats
endings and tied notes
enharmonic notes?
Enter Notes First?
entering 1/8 notes
Entering a line break in a text string
Entering lyrics at end of song
Entering lyrics at end of song
entering music: automatically move to next beat
Entering notes after 16 measures
Entering notes in the stave
Entering Text
Excessive space in headers and change of notation stems
Excessive space in the Header
Export feature for Mac
Export TAB as WAV file
Exporting all Tab info to ASCII plain text
exporting wav with 64bit
Fiddle Tablature
Fifth string capo on banjo
Final measure before returning to lead in measure
Bothers me in tabledit: Fingerboard not retaining a large size from session to session
Fingering error? In notation, not mirrored in TAB
Fingering palette and left-hand clicks (on a Mac)
Optimize Fingerings changes key and notes

Parenthetical Sharps and Flats
Folder for help files
Font for "notes"
Font Size
Font size for measure numbers
Forcing a line break in tablature
forcing accidentals
formatting page layout
Freedom Park
Fret hand fingering notation position
Fret numbers above 9 turn in to Roman Numerals in Harp Guitar tablature
Function keys are working incorrectly
further on reading list problem
Furtive bug in text entry
Fwd: "Fichier?" "File?" "Format?"
getting latest version
Getting program
Getting the Module information to print.
gp5 file does not open
Grace Notes Including Pedalled Notes for Pedal Steel Guitar
Grace Notes Missing In Tab Display on Android TefView
Grace notes which span multiple strings...
Grandfather's clock tab
Grayed-Out Rest Markers
Great idea
Other Scores Available on GUITARFREESCORES!
Half-diminished chord symbol
Hammer-ons in notation
Hand palette?
Hard Drive Failure!
Harmonics and triplets
Have a slide in notation, but not i midi?
Having trouble with forcing note duration
Heavy top line in tab
Tabledit Windows help file
Tabledit Windows help file
Folder for help files
Help help
Help - I lost my stave, see no_stave.jpg in Files
Help needed for multilingual resources.
Help needed with multi-verse lyrics using the"notes"
Help please
Help Window (send to back)
Hi Keith - Thanks For The Invitation
Hi y'all!
HIdden Notes
hornpipe rhythm
Hotkey Help Page
How can I annotate this guitar stroke?
How do I hide notation?
How does one indicate a rake across strings?
How to Add DAD instead of TAB at beginning of each Tab line
How To Edit or Remove Crescendo
How to get the double bar section boundary to display at the end of a measure?
How to get the repeat bar at the end of a tune?
How to make a slur?
How to make cursor more bold / more visible during MIDI playback?
How to play only 1 module in 2-module file?
How to reduce space between clefs
How to write for a lap steel guitar with 7 or 8 strings?
I Am Having Trouble With Pitch Change
I'd love to know why this is happening...
Implications of simultaneous melody with bass lines for solo guitar in standard tuning.
Import ABC files
Import ABC files
Import Ascii tab
Import pdf tablature
Importation of Finale Files
Importing ASCII
Importing Multi-Track Midi files
Improving sound quality on midi playback
OSX Lion Inconsistant volume on midi playback
Information Request
Inline Lyric Editing Stopped Working?
Inputting problem in version 273
Installation on a second computer
Installing on a Mac and a PC
Instrument Configuration Dialog
Instrument definations
Instrument - Midi Channels
Instrument Name Tab Confusion
Instrument - Tuning - Octave I don't get it...
Intro with no lyrics
EFB Introduction
Tab Request: Julia Florida (Barrios)
Google Drive on iPad
iPad App + Android
iPad App + Android
Irish Trad on B/C Diatonic Accordion
Irregular triplets
is there a slur for fiddle bowing?
Issues when note editing
Issues with conveting midi's to .tef
It's back
Jazz Guitar Tab
Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring: Guitar -> Mandolin
Keeping a tuning note as a # in spite of a b key
Key of Imported Midis
Key Shifting
Key Signatures
key transposition
Keyboard Shortcuts for Hand (Fingers) Pallet
Function keys are working incorrectly
Killings in Paris
Labels for Special Effects
Lag in posts
last measure
Latest upgrade
getting latest version
Final measure before returning to lead in measure
Ligatures / ties
line break generates unwanted extra blank measure
Lines of empty measures in Print Preview
Links Feature Request
Localization for Advanced Options and Other Options
Loss of Audio in TablEdit
Lost TabEdit
Lute tab display problem
Lyric alignment issues
Lyric alignment when starting after measure 1
lyrics being 'fractured'
Lyrics entry
Lyrics: How to have lyrics displayed and printed in multiple mod
Lyrics: How to have lyrics displayed and printed in multiple modules / instruments?
Lyrics question
Mac Lion with mt dulcimer tab
Mac OS 10.7 Lion HOTKEYS do not work
Mac OS X 10.7
Mac OS X Mavericks (OS X 10.9)
Macintosh version that scrolls properly
Making first and second endings longer
Managing measures
Mandolin Tremolo
marking "Phrases"
Max length of lyrics string? How to work around that limit?
Meaning of the + sign in TAB
Measure numbering, and dragging notes only horizontally
Measure numbering, and moving blocks of notes only horizontally
Measure numbers disappearing
Measure numbers for Mac
measures to a page
Melody & Harmony tabs with only one line of notation
Message posting
Mickey Baker's Complete Course in Jazz Guitar
Midi Playback Program
midi back up
Midi config file
Midi drivers gone in Windows 8.1
Midi Latency
Midi Playback Program
MIDI playing software help??
MIDI problem
MIDI Reading List gives "off by one" result: 2.77b3
MIDI, synths and the ukulele
Minor bug in MIDI export
(minor) glitch?
Missing Fiddle
Missing Fingerboard Display
Mobi Format
Module Labels
Module playback volume management
More Files... V2.75 b2
Mountain Dulcimer 6+ fret
MP3 Export Option
Multi-module TAB
Multiple session open at once
My first post
Native American flute arrangements?
Need a new feature in Reading Lists
need more info
never works
new computer and installation
New ideas wanted?
add new instrument
New Link feature
New links posted to TEF file sites
New Lyric Management
New Lyrics feature
new lyrics management
new member
new setup for PSG
new suggestion - orientation of the arc of a slur or tie
new suggestion - orientation of the arc of a slur or tie
just change tab line? newbie here
Newbie in limbo
Newbie seeking advice
News in v2.78 a4 (Windows)
No Audio
No Help in Help
No scroll bar
No sound in Windows 10 when exporting WAV files
No sound in Windows 10 when exporting WAV files
no sound windows 10
No words
Non-Sounding 'Dead' Notes
notation display
notation for a strum
Notation markers? What are they and how did I get them there
Notation mode has corrupted
Note bending tab for guitar
Problem Keep Note Durations
Printing note names in TAB rather than fret number
Note placement
Note refusal
Note Shape Notation
note stem direction
Notes are not printing
Circling whole/half notes in tablature
Notes in wrong position
Notes Palette Disappeared
notes tied
Notes Will Not Show in Tab
Number Identification of Measures
Number of measures displayed.
Numbering Measures
Numbering of measures
Numeric music notation
Numerical size tab
Odd note groupings
Old setup files
one note at a time
open 2 files
Open pull-off
Opening MusicXML files
Opening two files at the same time.
Option to move user files to another location
Orchestral scores with transposing instruments...
OS X Lion version still thinks it is a demo
OS X Lion version still thinks it is a demo
OSX Lion Inconsistant volume on midi playback
Page Layout Problems
Parenthetical Sharps and Flats
Paste ABC already exists! Not....
Paste ABC already exists! Not....
Better Way to Make a PDF on Windows us MS Word
Pedal Steel Guitar and fingerboard
Persistent Problem with 2.76dfc
Piano Fingerboard?
Piano Scoring
pick up measure
Pick up measures?
Pick up notes on ipad
Pickup measure
Pitch Change Problems/Limitations
v2.9e6 + Pizzicato
Placing finger under a note
Placing Lyrics
Plase help-Problem displaying chord diagrams
Play Rests
Midi Playback Program
playlist feature does not work properly
Please Leave Ratings and Reviews on Google Playstore
Pocket TE error message Bad File Type
Preview next iOS TEFpad version
Previous programs
Previously unreleased tune
Print Issues with Forced Line Break
Print Layout
Print of Chord Names above Tab Problem
Print Option
Print Output Size
Print Page Numbers
Lines of empty measures in Print Preview
Print preview and Quick View
Print Preview Settings
Print Review Settings
Print Title
Printing Changes
Printing first and second endings on same line
Printing Individual Instrument Parts
Printing Issue
printing notation only
Printing note names in TAB rather than fret number
Printing notes
Printing Problems
Printing set-up to size line-length correctly for a book
printing tied notes
problem with barre text
Problem with EDIT->Format
Problem with first two notes of the bar
Problem with LYRICS feature?
problem with playback sound
Problem with tied notes
Problems adding measures the new way
Problems creating trixordo bouzouki that works with notes
Problems I cannot Solve ?
Problems with Bend-Release, and will pull-off to non-open string
Problems with HELP file in TE 2.69 and Windows 7 64 bit
Problems with the tab (TefView) program on a Mac system
PROGRAMMABLE PALLETE BUTTONS - I have not seen this addressed yet, or did I miss it?
Proportional Note Spacing
Puerto Rican Cuatro setup
Putting Chords Into Tabs
Quarter rest to begin quarter note triplets
Query about several features
Tab question
question about appending tef files
Question about artificial harmonics
Question about midi files
questions and suggestions
Re[2]: training
Re : Reading List
Re : Tablature for Ztar instruments
MIDI Reading List gives "off by one" result: 2.77b3
Reading List - Coda (Repeat Issue)
Reading List Functionality
Reading List Functionality Problem
Reading List improvement suggestions
Red rectangle in Tabs
registered users and non registered users
removal of circles around half notes
remove dynamics
Repeat Brackets - multiple measures
Repeat Brackets - multiple measures
Repeat sections and start sections on new line
Endings and Repeats
Request to Open Other File Formats
Rhythm issue
Rosetta vs Mac Snow Leopard
Save/Load configuration with file
Saving a Prottected File
Saving specific display settings
Score>Notes prints too low
Scores Including Transposing Instruments
scoring different instruments
Screen Layout
Scrolling the tab or notation and centering the cursor
Scrolling in the Macintosh version
Search Function
send tabs via e-mail
separating chords
separating tracks
Setup files for tev271.exe corrupted = obtain new copy of program message
Several Tunes On The Same Page
Sheet music
Showing Left Hand Positions
Showing strums
Showing tab only on screen and printed page
Sibelius files
Silent Measures Feature Not Working As Expected
Single vs. double measure "markers"
Size of printed notes
Size of printed staff.
slide a chord
Slide effect is inconsistent
Slides on the violin
Slides on the violin
Slides: Second note doesn't sound
Slightly off topic, but maybe...
new suggestion - orientation of the arc of a slur or tie
Slurs and Beams
Slurs and Beams
Smooth slides (aka: why must slides have the bends?)
So,What pushed you over the edge
Soundfonts MIDI Driver For Windows
Spacing between notes when adding text above notation
Spacing between Title and Subtitle
Special effect on note hidden in staff?
Staccato mark
.abc files to standard notation with chords
still unable to set up module to handle fingerings for violin
Strange Graphics
Strum Notation
suggested fix for ENDINGS
Suggestion Box
Suggestions about MIDI Playback
(symbol for crotchet) = 90
Tab font size in the options and other small windows causes problems.....
tab key moves to previous measure on my Mac
Tab note numbers appearing as black squares
Tab numbers randomly red?
Tab Request: Julia Florida (Barrios)
Tab stem display in "As In Notation" mode
Tab templates
TabEdit version
Tablature below the melody line
Tablature Editor: can't print or play
Tablature for Ztar instruments
Tabrite Files In TefView
Melody & Harmony tabs with only one line of notation
tabs not corresponding to notes?
Take up notes
Tango el Bongo
TE 2.75 d1c on linux adds two sharps for each click
TE v2.77 b2
TEF and iOS 7
TEF to PDF conversion
TEFpad Android
TEFpad Android
TEFpad does not repeat sections?
TEFpad for Android
TEFpad for iPad
TEFpad for phones
TEFpad LE for Android on the Google Play Store
TEFpad no sound
TEFPad tuning customization?
TefView and Android 5.0 (Lollipop)
TEFView Android Stopped Working
TEFview For Andorid - Grace Notes Evidence
TEFview for Android 2.0
TEFview for Android 2.2
TEFview for Android Beta 1.2
TEFview for Android Beta 1.3
TEFview for Android: double tap
TefView for Android on Amazon Fire
TefView for Android - On Kindle ??
TefView for Android (Version 1.1a)
TEFview for Android Version 2.0 enhanced
TEFview for iPad
TEFview for iPad Files Organization
TEFview for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch available
TefView - Intel
TEFVIEW Mac version
TEFView on Galaxy Note 10.1
TefView on Mac OSX Lion and Ipad
TefView ver 1.2
Template for U-12 Pedal Steel
tempo default
Tempo instructions?
Text editor in 2.76 c5
Text Manager
Text Manager and Format
Text manager only converts some "b"s to flats
Text on page of tab
Text or Chord
text placement
Texts showing up as special characters instead of normal fonts
Thank You and Correction to my passionate enthusiasm
Thank You and Correction to my passionate enthusiasm
Thanks for the android version
Thanks for the android version
Hi Keith - Thanks For The Invitation
Thanks for the Invite
Thanks Matthieu
the new look of the diatonic accordion palette
The One I Love Has Gone
Thickness of Connecting Beams in Tablature Prints
This is a great idea
Tied note symbol
Changing arc of tied notes
Tied Notes and More
tied notes and repeats issue
Tied notes don't print
Displaying tied notes in tablature when "hidden" from notation
Tied notes play the tie mountain dulcimer
tied notes together for mountain dulcimer
Ligatures / ties
Time Signature bug
time signature in wrong place
Timing help
tip on the merits of using the dynamics (soft to loud) settings
Title Information not appearing when printed
Re[2]: training
Transpose tuning of all tracks
Transpose/Using Fingering Problem
transposing chords
Triple feel to beat
Triple oddity
Triplet placement
triplet problem
Trouble creating triplet starting on 2nd beat of measure
Trouble getting grace notes to work
Trouble installing 2.71
Tuning font size and Title block
Turn off word wrap in text blocks
turning off sound on note entry
[1] Tying Chords and Lyrics to NOTATION rather than TAB?
tying notes with brackets
MIDI, synths and the ukulele
Unable to Import Nif Files
Undoing grouped staccato
Unexpected Quit
Unifying the Edit Measures dialogs
Unwanted Dotted Notes
Unwanted line
Unwanted Markings
Win 10 Upgrade ?
Upgrade to 2.69c6 and it ain't working right
Use only Tablature
Using different fonts for "Footer"
v.2.73 b8a for Mac: lower scroll bar missing access is being blocked (was v2.69 c7 is available for Windows users)
v2.69 e4
TE v2.77 b2
v2.9e6 + Pizzicato
v2.9e6 + Pizzicato
Fixes in TablEdit Version 2.76b0
Version 2.75 b2a
Vertical Offset of Chord Names
Vertical Spacing of Chord Diagrams
Violin/Fiddle Tablature
Volta Bracket Issue
Volta Brackets
- Wav to Midi
Weird display in 15/8 18/8
Weird Printing Issue
Weird problem with a key board mistake
what is correct terminology for describing the occurrence in time of notes in music?
What is going on here? (slide)
What is the trick to reliably placing ties
whats a module?
who does tab with lap steel guitar
who knows the answer to these:
whoa! ERROR in 2.75 a3 needs fixed
Whole and half rests
win 10 and problem with changing stem direction
Win 10 Upgrade ?
Windows 10 and midi sound
Windows 10 Repeats and Ending problem
Would love to see more customizable tuning slots
Would you be able to put this in bass clef?
Writing TAB for mountain dulcimer in Em using cap at first fret?
X instead of number
Yahoo Issue
You Rock Guitar / Midi Controller help