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750 Internal SCSI
S-750 memory ...
760 inconsistent levels SOLVED
760 mouse extension?
770 & ReCycle or SoundDiver 2
770 operating system....
8Mb simms ...
A Complete List of CD-Roms for the s700 Series, Akai & Related
A Newbi question
Accesories for S770 for sale?
Akai and Roland format sample cds
AW: Akai conversion
Akai S5000 load
akaito roland s760
Alchemy 3.0 (Mac) and the S-550: sample dumps
Aligning the QD head
Amiga video convertor
Another Brazilian with a S770!
AW: Another question ;-) about SIMMS this time
Any requirements for sampling software
Anybody there? HELP S770
Anyone ever use Flash RAM in Roland samplers?
Anyone in the UK want to swap their S550 or S330 for my S450 and DT100?
Anyone out there in Roland land?!
Apple basic color monitor
assign wheel to the s760 filter
Assunto: Roland S750 not receiving MIDI sample dump
Autoload and S-760
AW: 750 memory
AW: AW: AW: S770 Manual
AW: Custom Made S-750 Memory Board Replacement
AW: Digest Number 70
AW: AW: Good News: PS/2 to MSX Mouse Converter is working!!!
AW: Please Help!
AW: s750 memory
AW: AW: AW: S770 Manual
AW: Sampling on the Roland S-50
AW: Those old Media Cartridges sure are huge
Backlight working again on my S-770
Both 12 and 24 dB filter slope?
Broken Memory holder ...
Broken Roland MU-1 mice
Burning Roland format CD's
Can't get rid of clicks at the end of my samples.. Problem Solved!
Can't get rid of clicks at the end of my samples.. Problem Solved!
Cant get s-750 to read my scuzzi drive
Cant get s-770 to read my scuzzi drive
cd and DJ-70
AW: CD player function on S760 to sample?
CD-Rom's 700 series, a complete List ??
CD-Rom's and 770 & 720kb floppies
CF/SD SCSI solutions (was: Another Brazilian with a S770!)
Changing floppy on 760 to Zip drive
Changing internal drive to iomega
Cheap monitor solution for S series samplers.
Cleaning up Hard bouncing members on ROLAND SAMPLERS Yahoo group PLEASE READ
Colour Monitor for S-750
Components needed for S750 turbo upgrade?
sgroup Conserving Memory On The S700 Series
Convert load on S-760 Pt2
Convert load on S-760 Pt2
Corrupt Files - Anyone have Good ONES?? [1 Attachment]
Crack Disk2File
Creating realistic horn sections - S550
AW: Custom Made S-750 Memory Board Replacement
Dead S-10 :-(
Decoding the Roland W-30: Basic operations and tweaking Book
Difference between W30 and S50? ??? Any gurus around?
Digest Number 133
Digest Number 150
Digest Number 272
Digest Number 249
Digest Number 272
AW: Digest Number 70
Digest Number 84
Digest Number 85
Director-S and the dongle (S-550/SYS553)
Director-S dongle free
Director-S SYS-333
display/inver/backlight 760
Display on its way out on S-760 :(
DJ-70 - a little known secret
DJ-70 mkII questions (got no manual)
DT-100 and S-750?
Dusty S-10 needs help
EL backlight inverter out
expansion board S770
Experiences With HxC Flashed Gotek Drive
External SCSI Zip Drive to an S-750 - Help
Failing MSX Mouse Buttons: Tactile switch replacements. See file/photo uploads

Flash storage
Floppy disk "sensor" switches.
SCSI2SD - floppy drive bracket
Floppy Emulator (HcX)
Floppy Emulator (HcX)
Convert from Floppy Image?
SP-700's (4) for sale
For Sale UK S750 18MB Bright LCD almost Mint on eBay closes 3rd Oct
For the scsi
Frozen S330.......HELP!
fs : large sample library
FS: Roland S-550 original sample disks, MU-1, and Dir. S
fs : roland s50 keyboard
FS: S-760 (no OP-760/bad display pixels)
fs : s750, sp700 & 2u cdrom/hd rack
Fw: Digest Number 4
Fw: Quick-and-dirty reference chart for different sampler-architectures
Good News: PS/2 to MSX Mouse Converter is working!!! (DIY-Project)
Got a dual SCSI Zip Drive Today - Woohoo!
Hanz Zimmer Guitars Vol. 1
AW: HD5-IF cloning project - follow-up
Hello everyone - new member
hello, link and question
Hello list!
HELP! DJ-70 graphic zoom problems
help me choose a soft sampler
AW: HELP! Need Roland font!
HELP! Roland S-770
Help! SP-700 SIMM details needed.
Hi! Can anyone help me?
Homebrew Choir Samples
How Do Ya All Do It??
sgroup How to check or verify a SCSI harddisk ?
how to sync the 8-pin din to a vga monitor
How to use S550 samples on a S750
I think it is time to sell my S-770
image files to disk
Individual Outs
Inexpensive Card Reader Drives for the S760 Available Now
Inexpensive SCSI Card Reader drive now available for the XV-5080
Injury to moderator please read. Richard/Stacy at Route 66
Installing system on internal HD on S770
Internal CF question
Internal termination and the blue resistors?
JS-30 1.03 OS upgrade?
Just got an s-750...several questions
Just What Is The Vari-OS?
lcd buzzing sound
listening to samples on disks
Loading 8 tones into the s-550
Looking for 720k disks?
Looking for Roland S-10 spares...
Looking for Roland Samples
lost disc
Mac program to burn S760 format CD-ROM's?
Mac program to burn S760 format CD-ROM\'s?
Making a S-760 v2.24 System Disk on a Mac
making an s770 system disk on a zip
Making back-up copy of 770 Zip Disk?
Making floppy samplebanks S-330
[maybe spam] s50 to s330
Microsoft Technical Bulletin [RolandSampler]
Midi controller 11
midi in prob
Missing S-550 RSB Disks
Montior Cable: Amiga 1081 -> Roland S770
MSX mouse adapter
mu1 and s330
My zip drive has no termination or ID switch at the back... help!
Need Help Converting my DJ-70mkii Samples stored on ZIP 100 disks via SCSI to PC
Need help s50
Need mouse for S550
New file uploaded to RolandSamplers
New member - Roland is not dead!
AW: New Photos, schematics and rearranging
New Project - 40-to-50 pin SCSI adapter
New S-50 / S-550 Website
Newbie 760 user here...naturally, i have a ?...
Newbies questions (booting,manual)
No images (was: Using volumes on s750)
non working s550
Notice To All S-550 Owners
old Roland gear
OP-760 NTSC / PAL Switch
OT: E-Mu / Akai
OT: Gear for sale...(including an S770)
Pan Controller with S770
Pan-Ctrl and individual Outputs
PC software that can read/import S-550 CD rom ?
Philips SBC 3810 Mouse Problems
Phillips 1081 Monitor on a S770 ?
Please help me get a DIN :(
Please help me get a DIN :(
Possible mouse problem with newly acquired S-750
POTENTIAL SOLUTION?: "Digital Unlock" and digital-in problems?
Problems with Midi Sample Dump through Wavelab
Program Change
PS: (was: Creating realistic horn sections - S550)
Query - batch conversion of Roland floppies to S750
questions : external drives for S7x0 series...
RAM for S750
RC-100 and DT-100 on eBay and S-50 question
RC-100 vs. MU-01
RC-100 w/S-770
Re[2]: Another Brazilian wit h a S770!
Re[2]: Another Brazilian with a S770!
Reliability is in the eye of...
REPOST: FS: $50 - Roland S-550 original sample disks, MU-1, and Dir. S
[REQ] Roland S-330 Director-S Working Version
RGB cable fun
Roland's and rest of gear on with one switch
Roland CD-Roms
Roland FINALLY putting manuals online!
Roland Manuals NOW ONLINE!
Roland mouse extension cable
Roland MS-1 memory card limits
Roland MS-1 memory expansion to 64 MB...
Roland OP-760 NTSC / PAL switch
roland rom cd libarary - not recognised on computer !"#&$
Roland S-330 Enabling System Exclusive
Roland S-330 for sale in Miami
Roland S-330 no sound?
Roland S-330 Replacement Floppy Drives
Roland S-330 System/Startup Disk?
Roland S-50 "Director-S" (sys503) CONGLE acquired! now what?
Roland S-50 SCSI Port?
Roland S-550 for sale
Roland S-550 sound disks
Roland S-760 Trigger with Drums
Roland S-760 wav file import
Roland S-760 with MU-1 Mouse
Roland S-770 plus SC-100 for sale
Roland S-sampler sampling library on the web ?
Roland S-Series
Roland S330 <-> W30
Roland S330, today!
Roland S50 colour output to SVIDEO?
Assunto: Roland S750 not receiving MIDI sample dump
Roland S750, SCSI connector power, and SCSI2SD?
Roland s760 newbee scsi drive question
Roland s760 newbee scsi drive question
roland s770 with RC-100 and DT-100 -- slow response
Roland Sample-CD Library as PDF in the file-section
Roland sample cd to a S-750
Roland sample encoding
S-xxx Roland Sampler tool to replace the monitor, mouse MU-1 and remote control RC-100 with your PC
Roland Sampler items for sale
Roland Samplers controlled by a (ex)notebook touchpad or trackballs!
Roland Samplers For Sale!!
Roland Samples
Roland SP-700 Ver 1.12 Bin EPROM Request
Roland SP700
Roland Sys-503 Sequencer Software
Roland W-30 Compatible CD-Rom Drives
RSB-5502-10 Disk (STEREO DRUM KIT 2)
Running sdisk on an intel mac with a usb floppy drive
S-330 editor?
s 330 pricing / s-750 scsi zip
S-330 quickstart guide, Video conversion
S-330 quickstart guide, Video conversion
S-330 sample disks
S-330 to VGA Monitor via Video Converter
S-330 Video Output Resolution
S-50 Firmware / EPROM's
S-50 acid destruction. Several questions.
S-50 and LCD Monitor
S-50 Firmware / EPROM's
S-50 Manual v1.0
S . 50 / S.550 / S.3 3 0 / W-3 0 Disk Image Reader Utility
S .50 / S.550 / S.33 .0 / W-3 0 Disk Image Reader Utility
S-50 / S-550 / S-330 Utility
S.50 / S.550 / S.330 ./ W-3 0 Disk Image Reader Utility
S-50 / S-550 sound disk sets : L-506 and L-509
s-50 startup disk problems
S-50 System Disk
S-50 trashed by an acidhead. Several questions (1 answered)
S-550 Blown Fuse - Solved!
S-550 Harddrive? Zipdrive?
S-550 List of RSB Files
S-750 18MB + RGB Monitor + CD-Rom + HD + 2CD Set for sale in Berlin
s-750/770 memory expansion board
s 750 and 1084s monitor cable?
S-750 memory ...
s-750 scsi cd rom?
S-750 to Commodore 1084S Monitor (8 pin) Din TTL RGB Input
s-750 vs. S2000/S1000
S-760 25-pin to 50-pin scsi cables source
S-760 "chopping" of samples help
S-760 and compatible flatpanel computer displays
S-760 and sample transfer via MIDI
s-760 boot time
S-760 Display
S-760 external hard disks
S-760 Manual
S-760 with a video card and Mac monitor (was: sgroup S-760 online resources)
S-760 online resources / 2
S 760 os Questions
s 760 owner need help !!
S-760 power supply
S-760 Question: "Digital Unlock" and digital-in problems?
S-760 resources
S-760 Samples to performance
S-760 Sound Archiving Dilemma - any suggestions?
S-760 / SP-700
S-760 with a video card and Mac monitor (was: sgroup S-760 online resources)
S-760 with a video card and Mac monitor (was: sgroup S-760 online resources)
s-760 without monitor?
S-770/750 turbo kit - getting (very) near! :D
S-770 backlight inverter schematics available under PHOTOS
S-770 Hard Drive
S-770 Hard Drive size question
S-770 or S-760?
S-770 software upgrade
S-Series Libraries on CD-Rom
S10 QD library
S330 Random Re-Boot
S330 Random Re-Boot - more erratic behaivor
S330 RGB colour to monitor
S330 Software?
S50-class Sampler owners
S50 - No sound
S50 OS Disc
S50 question...
s50 to s330
S550 and SCSI supported drives
S550-no audio output
S550 SCSI Questions
Components needed for S750 turbo upgrade?
S750 "not formatted" error with Roland sample disks.
S750 Memory upgrades
S750 Memory upgrades
s750 Mouse and 18MB Upgrade
S750 mouse fuse resistor replacement for Philips SBC 3810
S750 options ?
S750 or S760?
S750, S760 sound difference?
S750/S770 Turbo kit. What does it do?
S750 SCSI CF Options
S750 Zip Disk Formatting
S760 - (32 MB) Sucking an Ocean thru a Straw
s760\'s in n out
S760 and scsi, max drive supported size is ?
S760 bad files - help!
s760 display issues
S760 for sale
S760 RGB to scart cable? Sync lines to make own lead?
S760 sampling tips
s770 acessories
AW: S770 and SCSI CD-Rom's
s770 factory samples wanted
AW: AW: AW: S770 Manual
S770 OS version history
sale on s-770
Sample Library Archiving Dilemma Expands
Sample monitoring with S-760?
sampler suggestion?
Samples too Large to Load in your Sampler
Samplifier won't work!!
Sampling on the Roland S-50
Saving S760 Samples to Floppy
saving volumes on a (zip) drive
Screen gone almost 100 % dark
Screen Shots of the S770 CRT interface/ RC100 question
SCSI Card Reader drives available now for the S750, S760 and S770
scsi cd rom - i have sim prob - help please
SCSI Daisy Chains
scsi2sd setup for S760
SCSI2SD with S-750
Sdiskw win98 and Sony MPF920, TEAC FD 235HF
Sdiskw win98 and Sony MPF920, TEAC FD 235HF
Sdiskw win98 and Sony MPF920, TEAC FD 235HF
Seeking Beta Tester for XV-5080 and Microtech Media Card drive
Selling S-550 and all the extras
Sending a WAV via SDS (Sample Dump Standard)
sgroup Conserving Memory On The S700 Series
Simple question
so i'm trying the 2.25v for the 770 on my 750 tonight
Soft. for read Roland samplers
SOS SP700 memory
SP-700's (4) for sale
Speaking of QD's
Strange S-10 problem (ROM?)...
Strange S760 behaviour - aliased audio like 8-bit
Super basic question - need help
supported cd-rom list of S760 ?
s-750 & syquest 270?
SYS333 Package
AW: Sytem Disk : S-750 needed
Test Disk
Thank You Mr. J.D. Wilson!
Thanks to everyone here for your support!
The 550's connector to the SCSI board...
The Ins and Oust of the S-760?
Thinking of selling my S-770
Third Party MSX Mouse Options/My life as a electronic musician
Those old Media Cartridges sure are huge
Translator Pro vs. Awave Studio
Translator & S-7xx format
Translator Pro vs. Awave Studio
TZ7iSO - What is this File??
UpGrading to Version 225
Using an S760 with the RC100
using OUT images.
Using the Mac as S-760 monitor?
Using volumes on s750
Video monitor workaround?
video signal conversion
Vintage Delight
VS 880
W-30 Disk Label Description
W30 files to S760?
RES: wanted : OS for s750
What do you use your sampler for?
What is the model number of the Roland monitors that work with the samplers
Which one to get? S770 S750 S760
Who here knows video signals?
Why am I getting clicks on my SCSI loaded samples ?
Working: Low Cost USB Floppy Disk Drive Emulator For S-550 & S-50
Wrong mouse in an S550: permanent damage?
WTB: OP-760
WTB: Roland L-CDX-04 Strings & Orchestral Percussion cd's
WTB: Roland S-770 format original sample cdrom's.
XV-5080 compatible with Microtech PCD-47B card reader drive