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06 Dance expansion board
JV-1080 Manual Posted in the files area
1080 Patch transition question
1080 performance efx
1080 Question and Observation
2 Questions: midi sync and manual
3 SRJV cards (Dance, HipHop, Pop) for sale
3 SRJV cards (Vocal, House, and Techno) still for sale.
5volt SmartMedia
880 V 1080
A decent JV80 Take on Me Patch?
A demo on Orchestra I & II, Super Sound and Latin expansion boards.
A Fond Farewell
Adjusting reso and cutoff in real-time
testing aftertouch
Aftertouch - JV
Announcing a new VST based editor for the Jv series Synth
any one got any sr expansion cards for sale?
Anyone have a good Accordian patch for the JV?
Appreciate the files section
Are Performances useful for sequencing?
Assigning outputs
AW: JV-80 Sounds on JV1080
AW: PCM Cards ?
Awesome Keyboard Drum Player
Basic questions about creating/saving performances on a JV-1010
Bass and Drums for the JV 1010
Battery change in a JV-2080
Belated Happy 10th Birthday
Book: The Synthesizer - R.D.Graham
Book: The Synthesizer - R.D.Graham
C.C. messages dont work
Can't get PERFORM to work correctly.
Can I use a JD-800 PCM card in a JV-1080 without a data card?
Can you save your settings in the JV-1010?
Cards to Swap/Trade/Buy
Carrying my JV2080
ChangeIt! v2.0
Changin users patches with A33 controller ?
Compatibility of JV with SRX
Computer Game/Midi port to JV-1010
Control assign on JV1010 - is it possible?
Control assign on JV1010 - success and another question
Controlling Patch Strings Volume On JV-1080
Convert Samples to JV-1010 Patches?
DAC replacement
Dance Exp Board
Dance SR-JV80-06 Patch/Waveform book scan
Data and PCM cards.... help...?
dept. of music sharing
Digest Number 151
Digest Number 228
Digest Number 229
Digest Number 237
Digest Number 312
Digest Number 315
Digest Number 326
Digest Number 337
Digest Number 382
Do JD800 cards work in the JV Series?
Download sounds base
DVD/Video Tutorials for JV1080
Ebay vs. new
Editing expansion cards?
FW: Editors and OS versions.
Encore Electronic Knobby MIDI Controller and the JV1010
English manual - pdf JV-1080
English manual - pdf JV-1080 and a 2080 one too
JV-1080 => Bulk Dump from PN-JV80 impossible : error message
EV-5 or 7 expression pedals with a XP-30
exp board: trade/swap
Expansion Banks syx on Jv1010
Editing expansion cards?
Expansions Cards
Exploding expansion card
Exporting XP files to a Fantom?
Files Posted
Finger Bass Patch Different in Performance

FOR SALE! Three Data ROM Cards for JV-80/880/90/1000/1080/JD-990
For Trade: '60s & '70s Board for ?
Front Panel Editing
Fully Expanded JV-1080 for sale
FW: [GR-30] Yahoo Privacy - Please Read
Fw: John Lord's B3 specific emmulation on a XP-30
Fw: MODERATE -- posted to Roland-Super-JV
FYI: Notice on SR-JV80 cards
GI-20 and performance mode/ Performance Mode in General
Has anybody tried the patch cd's that are sold on ebay?
Having Trouble With Effects on JV-1080
Hello JV'ers I need your help.
Need help copying a JV-90 patch to my XP-80
Help....again ! (JV-1010)
Help finding floppy drive for XP-80
Help finding sound/patch
Help for a new JV-1010 user
HELP!! Having problems with new JV-1010
help setting up my xp60 as a controller...
help with a faulty jv-1080
help with jv1010 needed please !
help with midi program
Help with OSC-1 Editor for JV-1080
Hi guys new here..............
hiphop exp board: trade/swap
Holiday music for you
Hope This may be of interest.
How can I play JV-1080 with my computer?
How do I save my patches in Sonar Cakewalk?
how do I use patches (nubie question)?
How Many Banks in a JV 1010
How to disconnect ribbon cables in an XP-80?
How to load the syx files on the JV1010?
How to Sequence the Drums
How to sync XP-80 effects to external clock
how to use expansion board.
I'm board (was poorly 2080 (was new owner, now own 2))
I'm So Confused
i need a jv-880 manual
Initial review of JV-880
Patch Initialize
Instruments per channel distribuction
Interesting Ebay finding
is it possible access parts in the performance mode via midi
JD990 -JV2080
john engel ..... hey man can you give me call?
Juno 106: Changing presets via midi without controlling notes on/off
JV-1010 Acoustic Pianos
JV 1010 & Logic
JV 1010 Battery
JV-1010 Bend Range (with Roland Guitar Synth Controller)
JV-1010- Can it PERMANENTLY Save User Performances?
JV-1010 - Cash money if someone can write a patch for me.
JV 1010 Channel Bleed
JV-1010 Computer Connection W/Sounddiver
JV-1010 Copy presets to User bank using only the front panel?
JV-1010 Editing in 2008
JV-1010 Editing Software
JV-1010 Effects (XP-30 + JV-1080)
JV-1010, EMI
JV 1010 - Good soprano and tenor sound patches you would recommend for ewi ?
JV-1010 Manual & SoundDiver
JV-1010 Manual - UserBank question,
Jv 1010 Patch detail
JV-1010 patch editing
jv 1010 patch editior
JV 1010 Problem... HELP!!!
JV-1010 question (another one)
jv -1010 user presets?
jv-1010 won't save my performance
JV-1080 => Bulk Dump from PN-JV80 impossible : error message
JV 1080 and JV880 Bank Change
JV-1080 - Are Crackling Outputs Normal?
JV-1080 Effects
JV-1080 Fiddle Sound?
JV_1080 Firmware
JV-1080 for lead
JV-1080 For sale...Excellent condition
JV-1080 Manual Posted in the files area
JV-1080 multi-timbral operation
JV-1080 - Noise Level
JV-1080 Patch Volume Level
JV-1080 Power Up Mode?
JV-1080 problem - clues anyone?
JV-1080 vs JD-990 vs 2080
JV- 2080 Banks
JV-2080 battery change
JV-2080 data cards
JV-2080 Effects
jv 2080 manual
JV-2080 programming question
JV 2080 REPOST (trailing noise)
JV-2080 + vibrato
JV-35 has a broken key
Roland JV-80 memory equivalent
jv 80 expansion board problem
JV-80 schematic
AW: JV-80 Sounds on JV1080
Initial review of JV-880
JV-880 help!
JV-880 Support (Manual for JV-880)
JV-880 users? Two quick questions. Two not so quick answers.
JV-880 users? Two quick questions. Two not so quick answers.
jv 880wont play in PERFORMANCE mode
jv-90 jv-2080 patch match
Jv editing compatability
JV or XV?
JV1000 and PC Messages to XV3080?
Jv1010 and performance curious pb ???
JV1010 Editor (JVperform2003) - STRANGE Problem!
jv1010 manual
JV1010 Patch Map
JV1010 S/N Ratio
jv1010 service manual
JV1010 VS JV80
JV1080 Novation Remote Template?
JV1080 and Logic Audio v6
JV1080 Changing User Bank Settings
jv1080 country expansion boards and cubasisi how ?
JV1080 - expansion card distortion?
jv1080 fx - how to - sort of
jv1080 fx is pathetic - please don't blame the 1080. The effects are a bonus!
jv1080 fx is pathetic - please don't blame the 1080. The effects are a bonus!
Jv1080 house expansion
JV1080 midi info.
JV1080 Midi message light flashing when no being used
JV1080 Patch Change question
jv1080 video or dvd manual
JV1080 w/ Roland A33 & Behringer Foot Controller
JV2080 Display Type Information and Supplyer
JV2080 Display Type Information and Supplyer
JV2080 Effects
JV2080 Patch Categories
JV2080 + Session = JV1010?
JV2080 Windows Editor
JV80 patches for a JV2080?
Sound quality differances from the JV880 to the JV1080
Keyboards of the 60's and 70's
Kid Nepro
Korg Triton Le as Controller for JV-1010
Leslie Cabinets
LFO jv1080 Still problems
LFO jv1080 Still problems
Local Off and Transmit Off problems w/ XP-80.
Looking for a JV1080 for possible trade or?
Looking for "piangrnd.mid" patch file
Looking for SoundDiver
Looking to buy vintage key or 60-70 s Ex Board
M-VS1 Vintage Module
mac patch editor/librarian for jv2080
Manual download timed out
Midi Channels
Midi Control Boxes
midi control of efx
Midi data streaming at input and output after battery change in Jv1010
MIDI expertise requested...
MIDI OUt, JV-1010
MIDI receive
Modifying sounds
More Files in the Group Area
More Midi help...
More realistic woodwind sounds.
Most compact 2U rack case for JV-1080?
Multitrack Playback Issue.
MVS-1 Vintage module use with the Keyfax Phatboy controller
My problem regarding the velocity settings, plsss help me out
My work on XP
Need a few keys for an XP 50
Need help copying a JV-90 patch to my XP-80
Need help copying a JV-90 patch to my XP-80
Need help on programming volume pedal
New at the group- a request
New file uploaded to Roland-Super-JV
New JV-1010 owner, questions about Cakewalk and JV
New JV-1080 owner with some questions
New JV1080 Owner
New Meber...newbie question about gm
New member.
New member here...
new member just got xp80
new owner / patch name script wanted
new owner / patch name script wanted
New Sensitive Chaos music on this week's Hearts of Space
new to group /|\
New to group-JV-1000 owner-replacement parts?
Some questions from a Newbie regarding a JV-2080
Newbie JV-1010 connect question
Newbie JV-1010 connect question
Newbie to this group, MIDI and JV-1010
No MIDI acitivity happening on my XP-60
Not at full velocity....... JV1080
One more newbie on the block i.e. just acquired a JV-2080
Orchestral Hit
Orchestral II SR-JV Expansion #16
Orchestral II SR-JV80 #16
Original composition on YouTube
Originals on YouTube
Originals using JV-1080
OSC-1 / JV info
Oscillator sync on JV/XP synths
ot - testing
Other Modules
Output Level Adjustment
Patch sounds in Performance mode -help!
Patches from PN-JV80 Cards
patches again
Patches for Roland JV-90
Patches vs song names
SO-PCM cards
PDF Downloads
is it possible access parts in the performance mode via midi
is it possible access parts in the performance mode via midi
Performance / patch control channel
I'm board (was poorly 2080 (was new owner, now own 2))
I'm board (was poorly 2080 (was new owner, now own 2))
Preview Sound function on XP-80?
Probelms with patches
Problems with MIDI-IN in a JV-1080 connected to a computer
putting my JV80 back together??
1080 Patch transition question
Question about editing patches on the JV-1010
question about effects jv1080
Question about the 1010
Quick patch change
Rack fixing a JV-1010
Rack fixing a JV-1010
Rland JV30 internal battery questions
Roalnd keyboard velocity parameter question ... it's Roland actually.
Roalnd keyboard velocity parameter question (specifically, the Juno-Stage kbrd)
Roland A-37 & JV-1010
Roland JV 1010 assigning patches in Cubase
Roland jv 1010 sound driver for windows Vista 32 bit
Roland JV-1010 Synth Module
Battery replacement for Roland jv-1080
Roland JV-2080 Volume Change Via MIDI Controller
Roland JV-80 memory equivalent
Roland JV/XP/XV pro-rec sounds, anyone heard them?
Roland JV/XV patches, anyone knows them?
Roland JV1010 Output Question
Roland Legacy Products
Roland Manual Downloads .... timing out ... why?
Roland midi controller keyboard A-37 & JV1010
Roland SR-JV80-08 Expansion Boards
Roland SR-JV80 Expansion Boards to sell... Can I post link here, Moderators?
Roland SRJV - 11 Techno Expansion for JV and XP synths for sale
roland super JX question......display function!!!
Roland XP-50 For Sale In Excellent Condition $625.00 Or Best Offer
Roland XP-50 For Sale In Excellent Condition $625.00 Or Best Offer
Roland XP-50 malfunction
Roland xp-80 and cakewalk
Roland XP10
[roland_XPs] ChangeIt! question, take two
[roland_XPs] xp -80 floppy drive
Rush Patches
Saving user patches to disk, XP-60
seeking key/synth player
Selling my JV2080 (and cards separately)
Selling my JV2080 (and cards separately)
Sensitive Chaos 'Seeker After Patterns' video posted
Sensitive Chaos holiday music
Setting JV2080 to change program on other synth ?
Setting JV90 to control JV2080....
software editors??
Someone please help!!!!
something is wrong with the xp50 outputs
Sound Editor for JV-90/1000
Sounddiver, OSX & XS Key
SoundDiver to JV-1010 Comms ("No new device found")
SoundDiver to JV-1010 Comms ("No new device found")
Soundiver Mac OSX Beta
Soundiver for Windows
Roland S series samples/sounds to trade.
Sounds ok?
Speaking of SR-JV cards ...
SR-JV cards for the XV-5080
sr-jv expansion boards! wich ones!??!??
SR-JV80-04 Vintage Synth Expansion Board
SR-JV80-07 Super Sound Set
SR-JV80-08 60s & 70s keyboards available in Europe?
SR-JV80-11Techno card for sale.
SR JV80 Piano expansion board
strange problem with JV1010 / help, any idea ?
STYX patch recommendations
Supertramp's Electric Piano
System version and factory reset info for all Roland gear
The site I've been hoping to find....
Trailing artifacts of sound in the JV2080 patches
Turning Off Midi Parts on a XP-60
Tweaked patches using the SRJV-80s
universal JV series 1080 2080 editor
USB noise!
Using JV-1080 sound module with Korg Triton
Using JV-1080 with my Triton Sequencer.
Using the XP-60/80 with Logic Studio OS X Leopard
VERSION # of JV-1010 (How do I find it?)
Vintage Synth and Keys of 60's & 70's USER patches
Vintage Synth Expansion- Name of waveforms
Vintage Synth vs. Keys of 60's & 70's
Roland JV-2080 Volume Change Via MIDI Controller
wanted jv 10 80
Wanted: JV1080 User Manual and Tutorial Resouces
WAV file transfer.
Waveform Listing
What is the best control surface for JV 1010 and XG?
Which Expansion Card???
Which Roland Module Responds to Multi Bending?
WTB: JV-2080
xp 10
JV-1010 Effects (XP-30 + JV-1080)
XP-30 as a MIDI Control Keyboard
XP-30 for sale...
XP-30-Need Help for Quick Patch/Performance Changes in Live Performance/No Midi
XP-50 disk-drive
XP 50 Display problems
XP-50 help......
XP-50 - how to turn off receiving specific midi channels ?
XP-50 manual download?
xp-50 midi-HELP PLEASE
XP-50 Questions
XP-50 Questions
XP 50 sequencing issues
XP-60/80 Users
XP-60 repair parts
XP-80 battery removal/replacement
XP-80 Battery Replacement
XP-80 Guitar,Harp & other string sounds
XP-80 Manual ?
XP-80 midi problems
XP-80 - patches which "die" in performance mode
XP-80 sequencer live
XP-80 Sequencer Questin
XP-80 vs Fantom
XP Battery Replacement
XP rhythm help?
XP30 DACs vs. JV1010 DACs
XP30 Orchestra patches
XP30 patches
XP50 MIDI timing
XP80 Battery replacement
XP80 Battery replacement
XV3080 vs JV2080 & Fantom S vs Fantom X ?
XV3080 vs JV2080 & Fantom S vs Fantom X ?
Yahoo group options
Yahoo Privacy
Yamaha CP-70 patch on Keys of 60's & 70's or other board?