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15 Min close price
26 Week Relative Strength Formula
3.1 is excellent, and a question about Historical Volatility
30 minute chart
4.91 hanging
52 Week high
64 Bit Install
AAII no longer working
AAII Custom Fields
AAII data updates
AAII no longer working
Accessing AAII EPSEstExpRepDateQ0
Accuracy of Historical Values
Actual date versus (-1) etc
Adjusting trailing stops for dividends
Advice on setting up for real transactions
ADX Problems
ALSO learnin'
Am I the only person having problems using the XLQ Stock Investor Pro interface ?
"Busy..." error - Newbie question
"manual entry" or "import" as a data source?
Another Type of Data Problem
Any plans to use Google finance as an XLQ data source?
Any way to get historical dividend info?
Anyone using Google as data source for Hong Kong stocks?
Apple PC
Assist Requested on Range Formula
ASX stock quotes
Unable to figure out ATR functions
ATR values are not right
Auto generated Email alerts
Average True Range
Average Volume
Average Volume, duh?
Average Volume Time Period?
xlqxhAveTrueRange bug
Backtesting an RS system using Excel with xlq?
Backtesting of Exits Using XLQ
Basic Questions Answered
BBands %B on daily including current day?
Beginner questionHi.
Best data feed for market open prices?
Best way to handle stock splits?
Bollinger Bands less than 1 std dev
BollingerBandsWidth is not correct
Bond fund yields?
breadth tickers / interactive brokers data
breadth tickers / interactive brokers data
Bug: Looping symbol processing
Bug? New build is not retrieving data (Yahoo)
Bug? XLQ fails to shut down all instances of Excel upon exiting
Bugs with Stock Manager
TDA RT Data “Busy” – SOL VED
C# Build error Interop type 'xlqCom.xlqAPIClass' cannot be embedde
Can't find some of the ticker symbols in IB!?
Can't get a green Q?????
Can't get the delta for futures options
Can't seem to get XLQ to work...
Can I use this software for Forex trading?
cant get FX prices to work with Interactive Brokers
Cell reference for date in formula?
Change in Weekly ADX
% change over varying periods
ChangePercent calculation?
Clarification on User Instructions for Excel
Clear Symbols in Stock Manager
[Close To] Mutual Fund Dividends
Closing prices outside of lows
Commodity Prices: XOI is NOT a crude oil index
Commodity Prices: XOI is NOT a crude oil index
Company descriptions
Compare Pre-market realtime data with previous day data
Computer hangs on XLQ1Eng.exe
Concatenate commands?
Connecting Interactive Brokers [1 Attachment]
Connecting to IB
Connors Trading Strategies
Corrupt file on Vista
Corrupt file on Vista
Cost of XLQ
Crashing with XLQ 4.4(.7)
Cryptocurrency Prices Question for Leo
Cryptocurrency Prices Question for Leo
Currency data
Currency Issues
current status od DJIA histrorical data
Custom datafile input XLQ
Custom EMA formula question
Data disconnect
Data Discrepancies
Data issue also with upgraded version
Data problem
Data pull
Use Multiple Data Sources
Database Error Message
Date Ref
dates in xlq: [xlqTradeTime & xlqPrice] vs [xlqhmDate(,-1,) & xlqhmClose(,-1,)]
AW: DAX Symbol
Debugging IB access in a vanilla environmnet
Deleting symbols out of stock manager
Demo User with Some Questions
Determining when xlq has refreshed all Excel cells
Did I miss something obvious?
Difference between ATRs
Differences in Data Sources
Digest Number 111
Digest Number 189
Digest Number 93
Disabled Application Add ins
Dividend Dates in Excel
^dji Yahoo data problem
Do the Preference settings effect the historical functions globally?
Does anyone know what I options or setting I need to change on Excel 97 to allow
Does XLQ have to be used with Stock Investor Pro exclusively
Does XLQ support Forex data?
Does XLQ work under Virtual PC running on a Macintosh?
Historical quotes for Dow Jones
Down level install file
Download limits question
earnings date
Earnings Dates
Earnings release data
Easy way to replace/substitute values for XLQ formulas for many records?
EMA/SMA calculation question
Endless Scanner Loop
error code XLQEng1
Error:: Could not register xlq.dll C:\Program Files\QMatrix\xlq\xlq.
#Error In Excel
XLQD Error Msg
Errors Galore
Errors using Excel 2010
Ex-Dividend Date
exceeding IB data limit
Excel 2007
Excel 2013
Excel error
Excel Function Challenge [1 Attachment]
Excel macro question [1 Attachment]
Excel macro question - even better [1 Attachment]
Excel Mobile and XLQ
Excel problem
Excel question
excel with xlq started by windows schedule task doesn't work
Exchage rates
Feature Request
Feature Request: Enter indicator variables directly into XLQ formulas
Files needed for using multiple SIP databases?

Forex Symbols
formula help
Formulae for portfolio data in Excel
Formulae for Short information
Formulas not calculating
Free Trial of XLQ
Frustration with XLQ behavior of "#VALUE!" in all cells until all data updat
Future Tickers using IB
Futures Contract Prices on Yahoo
FW: Formulae for Short information
Fwd: Red Q
FX quotes via TDA?
GDX Stock at IB
General Excel question
get tick data
Getting IBKR Option Quotes and Delta
Getting intraday and historical intraday future w/ VBA
Getting Option Strikes
getting prices of call and put options
Yahoo or Google end of day DATA
Google Finance Currency rates
Google finance and Monthly Data
Google/TDA not retrieving data
Hang Seng Index quotes error
Having trouble, is this normal?
Hello All ! - I'm just getting started with the trial version -
Help Evaluating Swing Trading Strategy
Help Evaluating Swing Trading Strategy
Help please !
Help with improving speed of VBA/Excel with XLQ
Help with #XLQ Error
High and Low Alert Formula
High and Low of the 1st 30 Minutes
High Price over a date range
High Since Purchase Date
highest close data
Highest high
HighestClose function
HighestHighDate & LowestLowDate
historic currency price
Historic data for BRK.B
Historic Data not reporting correctly
Historical Daily and 30 min Intra-Day Bars
Historical Data (Daily)
Historical Data (Daily)
Historical data of delisted stocks
Historical Data problem
Historical Data - Yahoo
Historical exchange rates
Historical formulas with date index 0 not working
Historical formulas with date index 0 not working
historical intraday data
Historical mutual fund data
Historical prices for indices
historical quarters
Historical quotes for Dow Jones
Historical Quotes in Yahoo ??
Yahoo History Price Data
History Data load
How do I go about this?
How do ya get this to work?
How to Detect a Date on Which Stock Market is Closed?
How to copy existing tab
How to Detect a Date on Which Stock Market is Closed?
How to Disconnect XLQ
How to get close price ajusted with dividend
How to make a XLQ-formula dynamic in VBA (Excel)?
How to make TDA work in Trial XLQ Plus
How to sell/cover some, not all, shares in xlqCompanion?
How to stop xlq after Excel crash
howto get option data in excel using Interactive Brokers and XLQ?
IB & Canadian (TSE / VENTURE) symbols
IB as data feed
IB as Data Source
IB examlpes
IB Expired Futures contracts
IB Historical Pacing Violations.
IB Info
IB is slowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
IB Limits
IB Option example
IB Option Quotes
IB-Requested Data Error message
IB Ticker for Intra-day SPX
IB Tickers
IB VIX & VXV Quotes - Help HELPED!!
IB works, SPX & RUT symbol?
Implied Volatility?
Importing all stock symbols in Stock Investor Pro into Excel using XLQ?
Importing Data for Delisted Stocks
Inconsistent historic formula results
Incorrect formula results
Index symbols using YAHOO as the source
Index symbols using YAHOO as the source
Industry data
Industry or Sector
Interactive Brokers
Interactive brokers data [1 Attachment]
Interactive Brokers: Futures and Options Symbols on European Exchanges
Interactive Brokers: Futures and Options Symbols on European Exchanges
Interactive brokers FX. weird date convention
Interactive Brokers (IB) quotes on preferred stock
Interactive Brokers instructions
Interactive Brokers option data
Interactive Brokers Setup?
InteractiveBrokers NYSE & NASDAQ Historical Daily Volume
Internet lost
Interpretation of Period Formulas
Intra-Day Datas
Intra-week and intra-month values for MACD, Stoch and W%R
intraday "historical" data
Intraday backfill with IB - incorrect volume reported
Intraday intervals - request sub 1 minute intervals and multiple intervals
Intraday Market Timing
Intraday Quotes
Intraday RSI Questions
Intraday Trading Day
IntraHigh or Intra Low
Intratime in local time
Investment U referral
IQ Feed intra day data
IQ Feed Transaction limits
IQFeed vs. TDA
IqFeed and XLQ data Retrieval Problems
IQFEED Backfill Data - excluding pre and after market data
IQFEED intraday backfill setting
IQFeed S&P Symbol
IQFeed vs. TDA
Is it possible to write a function in Excel using the XLQ functions ?
Is there a function that will return whether an ETF is long or short?
is there a step-by-step to get xlq working with IB?
Is there a way to specify which SIP database to use when using a macro?
Is this symbol valid?
Japanese stock symbols
Just learnin'
Kaufman Adaptive Moving Average
Keeping everything simple
Keeping track of intraday prices
LIFFE future data
Limit on the number of Symbols before database corrupts
Linear regression coefficient
Live IB Data, anyone receiving it today?
Lost Registration
MACD Differences
Major Index Vol and A/D in IB
Market Cap format in yahoo quotes
Maximum drawdown
Maximum suggested size of .xlq files
MaxRange, MinRange, RangePct, AveRangePct, MaxRangePct, MinRangePct
Missing MSN Historical Quotes
Moving Average
Moving Average Calculation
Moving average of indicator
MS COM detailed examples in C# and Visual C++
MSN End-of-Month error
MSN Historical Quotes for ETFs
MSN Jan '16 quotes
MSN money (new website)
MSN Options Bid/Ask Quotes
MSN options symbols
multiple incorrect historical quotes with yahoo
Multiple XLQ Accounts?
mutli symbol historical data
[Close To] Mutual Fund Dividends
TD Ameritrade feed for mutual funds?
Mutual Funds and XLQ
my Yahoo-RT data is lagging by 15min
=xlqName #N/A
Name & daily close of expired option
#Name error?
Nasdaq Adv & Decl
NAV symbols
Need help on PSAR input Values
Need help with option formulas
Need help with options symbols, using IB. can someone give me couple of examples
Need help with spread sheet functions [1 Attachment]
Never Mind
New Error
New Feature Suggestion
New options symbols on Yahoo
New options symbols on Yahoo
New to xlq..... Bollinger Band question
New to xlq..... EMA question
New User --which data base to use
New User --which data base to use
New version of Yahoo! Finance portfolios to be launched next week
Newbie here with a question
Newbie question on options
No prices in XLQ Companion after crash
No quote for SID using xlqCompanion and XLQ 3.9
No Results
non-price data --- Nasdaq new highs & new Lows and CBOE put/call ratio
non us ETF data with yahoo, what syntax to use?
Not working right
Numeric values in symbol field of Stock Manager
NYSE missing data
Obtaining yesterdays value of monthly stochastic
Off to a slow Start
Office 2016 [2 Attachments]
On Balance Volume Feature ... Never Mind
On Balance Volume Feature ... Never Mind
Open Office
Openoffice Calc
Operation questions
Option Chain
Option expiration dates
Option format
Option Prices - Current and Historical
Option quote problem
Getting IBKR Option Quotes and Delta
option quotes in TDA
Option quotes on S&P 500 futures
Option Symbol change - Important
Option Symbolgy
Option symbology
Option Syntax
TDA + options formulae
Options in XLQ
Options Price History
Options Pricing Model
Options Syntax
Options Sysmbols
OTC data
Performance History
Performance slowing considerably
Periods in xlqxh function
Piotroski's F-score
Plus formulas
point and click ss
Point and Figure with XLQ
Portfolio tracking
Portfolio with Stop Loss
PPO Histogram weekly?
Pre-market data
Precious Metals Quotes
Predefined AAII Screens
Previous Close Issue
Probability Calculations
problem getting historical prices
Problem getting real time VIX quote into xlq/excell
Problem Solved by Opening a TDA
Problem w Yahoo Real Time
Problem with divpershare
Problem with highest high function...
problem with TDA as data source
Problem with XLQ and TDA
problemas with excell retrieval #XLQ
yahoo problems
Problems with ETF data
Problems with IB TWS v888
Problems with new version of XLQ Plus and running the AAII Henning Technical Momemtum Spreadsheet
Problems with XLQ and IQFEED
problems with xlqCom and Win7_64
Pulling in a different database
q matix and lotus symphony works?
Q: xlqIntraPrice for Options?
Qs about Relative Strength
Cryptocurrency Prices Question for Leo
Question about adjusted close & Yahoo
Question about VBA and xlq
Question about xlqxhStochasticSlowK
Question on data provider fo options
Questions on xlqDemo.xls.
Quote for spot Gold
Random errors on xlqrhHighestClose
Re[2]: TDA Data
Yahoo! Real-Time Quotes Gone?
Real time data feed when using 2 copies at the same time
Real time quotes on Yahoo
Real time simple moving average
Real-time Yen price quotes
REALLY strange Excel problem
Recommendations for using XLQ in low bandwidth environments
Red Q
XLQ 5.7_2 hangs up refreshing on 148 or 309
Regular XLQ Users - Please Read
Relative Data References
relative date
Relative Stregth calculation
Repairing bad data
Request: XLQ Scripting Language
Retrieval failure behind firewall
retrieve fscore & zscore
retrieving IBEX 35 stock data
retrieving stock market indices all-time-highs
Intraday RSI Questions
Intraday RSI Questions
S&P500 symbol
Saving Intraday Data & Intraday Data Uniformity
Industry or Sector
Setting Up XLQ to Work with IB
Several BASIC Questions
Short & Long Term Profits & Losses
SIPro Data
SMAx and SMAy data not accurate?
some new functions in xlqPlus 3.0
[SPAM] total market index data
Special Situation
Split Formula
spreadsheet for analyzing Relative Strength
Spreadsheet freezes !?
Spreadsheet to compare feeds
IB works, SPX & RUT symbol?
start up problems
Starting XLQ w/IQFeed
Stock lists
Stock option quote question
stock price at certain time intraday
Strange behavior with MSN feed today?
Streaming Deltas - Interactive Brokers
New Feature Suggestion
Suggestion for a new function
Support and Resistance Levels
Suppressing after-hours data
Swing Trading Strategies
Symbol for current/historical price of Gold and Silver
Symbol for Spot price of Gold
Symbol for VIX on TDA
Symbol format for Japanese stocks
Can't find some of the ticker symbols in IB!?
Symbols for indices
Steps to login and get data from TD Ameritrade
TD Ameritrade feed for mutual funds?
TD feed Option naming convention
TDA Access Not working
TDA as new data source
TDA Data
TDA data feed
TDA experience
TDA Futures data
TDA + options formulae
TDA Options Price Anomalies
TDA RealTime Quotes (Option Quote Symbol Format)
TDA RealTime Quotes (Option Quote Symbol Format)
TDA RT Data “Busy” – SOL VED
TDA RT Data “Busy” – SOLVED
TDA Setup
TDA Symbol?
TDA to replace Daily Yahoo Data
TDA v. IQ Feed
TDA Volatilities
Technical Indicators
The Yahoo day formulae no longer work
Think or Swim
Three wishes for next version of XLQ
time-sensitive intraday formulas?
TIP: How to tell if Yahoo quotes are RT or delayed
To LEO Error message
Tokyo Stock Exchange
Toronto Stock Exchange
Toronto Stock Exchange data
[SPAM] total market index data
Total Return
Tracking the Price of Oil Using XLQ
Trailing stop in Portfolio & Steamer format
Reply: Trouble loading history data on Options
Trouble reaching Leo
Trouble with custom EMA with today's "0" day on TDA
Tutorial Required
Typical Price
UK History
Ultimate newby question
Unable to figure out ATR functions
unhandled exception when calling IsDataReady using COM
Use Multiple Data Sources
User Manual
User Question
Using AAII SIP data in xlq
using xlq add-in in an excel-vbq 'user-form'
Using XLQ for Backtesting
Using XLQ with multiple time-frames
using xlqhADX to get today's ADX value
Valid trading day function
Various exchanges.
VBA workaround for now Intraday Formulae?
ver. 2.7 is now available
volatileDependencies.xml problem
Volume Question
Waiting for an OLE action
Weekly formula question
Weekly MACD
weekly MACD and EMA26
Weekly Options @ TDA
Welcome All
Welcome All
what's the matter with the website?
What does xlqAverageVolume() calculate?
What is XLQ doing ?
When can we use XLQ with other brokers (Tradestation, TDAmeritrade, Scottrade
Windows Mobile
Windows Professional x64
Wrong data for TIRXF in XLQ Companion
XCEL 2003?`
XLQ hangs up retrieving data from TDA
Xlq 20 -week change? Norman Fosback Utility Divergence Index
xlq 4.4(.6) pre release
xlq 4.4.7 - (msn day data available again)
xlq 4.4.8 - fixing new data processing issues
xlq 4.4 pre-release (with fix for ^dji problem)
xlq 4.51
XLQ 5.7_2 hangs up refreshing on 148 or 309
XLQ 5.7 Initializing?
xlq 5.7 with yahoo historic
XLQ's refresh process
XLQ and AAII Stock Investor Pro
XLQ and IB Test
XLQ and IB - The Maximum Number of Tickers has been Exceeded
XLQ and previously downloaded data
XLQ Averages
XLQ completely hosed (with fix)
Templates for XLQ Companion
xlq companion/AAII data?
XLQ Companion & Options
XLQ Companion - can you use formulae for fields
XLQ Companion grid lines
XLQ Companion on a thumb drive
XLQ completely hosed (with fix)
XLQ completely hosed (with fix)
XLQ Date ranges for historical data
XLQ Day Date with XLQ Lite
XLQ day list is stuck on 2-9-2011-.xlq config file date?
XLQ.DLL won't register
Xlq does not "release" IQFeed data
XLQ errors
XLQ Excel Inreface
XLQ Excel Loader disabled
XLQ for Mac?
XLQ function for Times and Sales
XLQ has stopped working
XLQ Historic Daily Data with IQFeed Refreshing
XLQ hung up retrieving quotes
xlq in Boot Camp
XLQ in MS Access
XLQ license
XLQ not pulling MSN historical data today
XLQ ok, IB unreliable at best
XLQ problems
XLQ problems
XLQ / QMatix customer service audit
XLQ Questions
XLQ Seems to have stopped transferring current information
XLQ starting with Excel
Removing "Old" IB Options Entries from XLQ Stock Manager
XLQ stops returning data with Office 64bit
XLQ TD Ameritrade symbol for new Mini Options
XLQ tech support
XLQ under Linux?
XLQ Will not recognize Excel
xlq with excel vba
XLQ with Office 365
xlq won't open
xlq52WeekHighDate returns 0-Jan-00
xlqAverageVolume with TDA
xlqCompanion 4.5, proxy settings
xlqCompanion 4.5, proxy settings
xlqCompanion and MSN feed
XLQD Error Msg
xlqh functions--returning a value when viewing on a non-trading day
xlqhCCI and xlqxiCCI formulas
xlqhm function returns #error using IB
=xlqhMACD not retrieving data for me
=xlqName #N/A
xlqPrice doeesn't retrieve current (recent) price for Yen
xlqPricePerSales not working?
xlqusers group
xlqxh formulas do not work
xlqxhAveTrueRange bug
XLQXI RSI & EMA Question
XLQXI RSI Question
XQL range limitations by function?
For yahoo team
Yahoo adjusted close data
Yahoo-adjusted vs. Yahoo-non-adjusted data
Yahoo Daily Feed Problem
TDA to replace Daily Yahoo Data
Yahoo Data Not Adjusting for Splits?
Yahoo date change
The Yahoo day formulae no longer work
Yahoo - Dividend Pay Date
Yahoo Finance "error 999"
Yahoo Historic Data for Old Symbols ?
Yahoo History Price Data
Yahoo history not working
Yahoo History Price Data
YAHOO, IQFEED, GOOGLE Data Feed Discrepancies
YAHOO moves to new option symbology
Yahoo Names
yahoo (non-RT) delays
yahoo options quote
yahoo options quote
yahoo problems
yahoo quotes
Yahoo! Real-Time Quotes Gone?
Yahoo! Real-Time Quotes Gone?
Yahoo! Real-Time Quotes Gone?
Yahoo RealTime Quotes
yahoo-rt delay problems
Yahoo RT is FREE
YAHOO-RT Problem
Yahoo! Volume
Yesterday and Today's Open, High, Low, Close
Yesterday Hi, Lo etc
Yesterdays Volume
Yet another series of error messages for the Stock Investor Pro interface