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05-09-05 Issue of Forbes - The Oil Bubble
1/12 Cramer's 'Mad Money' - likes SU, DRI, ATI, PTR, others
1/15 Barron's comment on AEOS
1/15 Barron's comment on commodities
1,2,3 system with the DMI+ crossing the DMI-
1/23/08 S&P 500 at 1329: Cramer says "bottom"
1/24 Mad Money: Weird One likes DO, BHP, others
$1.3 billion owed to 2006 nonfilers
1/3 of grain crop going for fuel...
$1.38 trillion federal deficit - $2.3 trillion missing, gone, no explanatio
$1.38 trillion federal deficit - $2.3 trillion missing, gone, no explanatio
1/3rd oil/gas shutin as of Sat pm in Gulf
1/5 The Wild Man likes Japan stocks, BZH, ADBE
1 and 2 dollar stocks ?
1 commentator on RealMoney
1 down 4 to Go ! The Fed Pulled a Rabbit out of the Hat .
(1) Great spellers (2) The Fickle Finger of Management
1 green in a sea of red
1-in-4 mortgages are risky "interest-only" loans (front page WashPost)
1 more reason why I think AMZN has no longterm future
#1 reason to avoid all m-reits
1% risk rule vs. "plunging" -sell point .
10/11 'Mad Money' -- JC likes SU, OXY, PZE, MTU, KF
10/11 'Mad Money' -- JC likes SU, OXY, PZE, YUM, MTU, KF
10/15 Barron's excerpt: maybe too sanguine about
10/3 'Mad Money' - JC bullish on FXEN, NBR, OXY, PCU
$10,662,653,586,483 and growing . . .
10% of SRS is short, and there could have been.........
10 Reasons Why Oil Stocks are Heading Back Up!
10% rule for new investors
10 stocks I feel that will do well in 2007
10 stocks making new highs 11-9-7
10 Thoughts after Looking at 2,000 Stocks
10 to watch , at , above , near 52week highs today , some at nice pullbacks for
10 ways to survive a Bear Market
10 Ways to Tell There's More Downside
10-yr Treasury note at 4.61%
100 billion being spent on new refining capacity
$100 billion more in markets for AAPL
$100 fill-ups arrive at gas pumps
How list is made - 100% Plus YTD gainers
$105 target on JNJ (I own it and PFE)
$105 target on PNRA (I own)
$109 target on OXY
$109 target on OXY: Occidental Petro
11/17 Mad Man: panned XMSR at 28; likes it at 30+
11-23 - 07 Market subsectors @ 4 year lows - eech!!!
11/28: JC touts COF, SHLD, SU, LOW, others
$110 target on FB
(110707) Know Your Trading Flow
$1130 target on AAPL
$115 Oil without Biofuels
$115 price target on CELG
$115 target on FB (I own it)
$115 target on FB (I own it)
11th Grade: High School's Worst Year
12,000 autoworkers paid to do nothing.....
12:03 ESLR Evergreen Solar options activity (10.07 -0.37)
12/10 Barron's: if you needed more on the Bear Case.........
12-17-07 Sectors with positive alpha gains
12-24-07 DAILY GAIN /LOSS on the 11-21 100%> ytd - port
12/31/06 Berkshire holdings (partial) PIR, USB, others
12,500 next
12 months / 2 months = 6 x 1.50% = 9% [corrected subject line]
12 Stocks to Buy on a Pullback
$12 target on HIMX
$12 target on HIMX I own it
$125 target on AAPL
$125 target on FB
$127 target on CELG (I own it)
12d hourly Nat Gas / Crude Apr futures chart
130/30 or 120/20 funds
$130 oil :a tipping point ?
$130 target on OXY: BofA adds Occidental Petro to US 1 List, removes Pioneer Natural
132K of 169K jobs were phantom birth-death #s
13D Filing on PWEI
$14 price target on KONA
$145 target on AAPL
$145 target on PNRA
15 above the 50
15 stocks I'm watching Monday 8-28
$15 target on Ford (ticker: F )
$15 target on HCLP
$150 price target on PNRA
$150 target on CELG
150 yrs for Bernie Madoff
$16 target on BRG (I own it)
$16 target on NRZ
$160 target on AAPL
$160 target on Boeing
$165 target on BA
$165 target on PNRA
$1650 by 2015
$166 target on FB
17 months since last cigarette
17% of AMED float is short
$170 target on PNRA
1700 message archive....making my lists, doing my study
$175 target AAPL
$175 target on AAPL
$175 target on BA
175Ksh block in ALJ today
$179 target
$18.50 target on NRZ: New Residential hits new all-time high on positive coverage
$180 target on CELG
$180 target on PNRA Panera Bread
1800 message archive....
$185 target on PNRA (I own it)
$185 target on top pick PNRA
19% gain in same-store sales for AEOS
$19 price target on DRIV
$190 target on Panera
$190 target on PNRA
$190 target on PNRA (Panera Bread)
1948/continuing OT - waaay OT!
1948/continuing OT - waaay OT!
$195 price target on PNRA (Panera Bread) (I own it)
2/16 barrons online: HPQ
2/28 'Mad Money' Recap- pumps COP, AAPL, CVS, others
2/28: Bank Of America Cuts 1Q Earnings Estimates On Oil Refiners
$2.31 / gallon for unleaded regular today, BUT
2/5 Barron's excerpt: Emerging markets look out
2/5 Barron's research: TSO, PIR
2/5 wsj online: 2 MILLION vacant homes for sale
Looks like GOOG missed but only by about 2 cents
2-for-1 stock split on DSW
2 gift retailers file bankruptcy
2 New Commodity "ETN"s - DJP,GSP
2 oil notes; earlier clarifications
2 other interesting stocks: $COSI/$CETV
2 paths
2 X S&P 500 - Time Yet???
20/20 tonight @ 9 PM EST on how top executives use heir imagination
$200 crude and $7.00 gasoline? (plus US/Europea...
$200 crude and $7.00 gasoline? (plus US/European Transport Differences)
$200 crude and $7.00 gasoline?? When?
$200 price target on AMZN
$200 target on AMZN
2005 Market Concerns
2005 market, concerns, China etc--general thots
2005 Performance
2006 - perfect storm on the horizon or another so-so year?
2006 Top 10 newsletters; botton 10 newsletters
2007 Stock Market holidays
2008 Candidates
2008 IT Outlook: 'Less than Comforting'
2008 Picks - AERO, SVA
2008 Picks - SVA
KSS holiday hiring to be 21% more than 2009
2009 U.S. Hopes to Ease G.M. to Bankruptcy
2014 Stock Picks
$203 target on FDX (I own it)
$205 target on CELG
$209 target on CELG (I own it)
$21 target on NRZ
$210 price target on CMG (currently about $228)
$210 price target on PNRA
Will The US Lead In The 21st Century? (080523)
21st Century Holding earnings report/my thoughts
$2200 a day to dress Sarah Palin
$225 target on PNRA
$24 target on BLMN (now $16)
25 People to Blame for the Financial Crisis
25G'S , a bit steep - TATA motors will
$260 target on CMG
$262 / barrel oil
$27 target on LOCO
2740 x 3 = 8220
28-year low in manufacturing activity
$29 target HZNP
links for Rydex Ratio - 2nd week in a row: flow of funds drying up
3/13 Barron's -- AMED
3/17: Crap-for-Brains said sell VLO at 55
3-18-08 Lead alpha gains -Sector rotation study
3/26 Business Week Top 50 + 25 (of SP500)
3/28 Dim Bulb's picks
$3.46 unleaded regular today in northern Virginia
$3.55 unleaded regular today in Western Michigan - Diesel closer to $4
3/6 Goofy Guy likes HD, LOW, AAPL, BBY, NBR, SLB, HAL, others
3.8% of my portfolio is now short homebuilders
3 charts with similar patterns $BHP, $MMM, $RIO
3-D on iPod
3-D printing stocks
3-D printing stocks
3 Different Email Options to choose among
3 down, 27 up, 3.09% overall - We should start our own ETF!
3 hrs. six minutes: a new record for Red Cross handouts
3 income funds chart overlay: RSF, RMH, PHK
3 ominous signs for retail ... maybe - Aug. 15, 2006
3 reasons oil been going higher
3 reasons why I swapped SWFT for XMSR
3 tech stocks panned in Barron's Mark Veverka article MOT
3 tech stocks panned in Barron's Mark Veverka article MOT
30-year mortgage rates hit 5.91%, higher than a year ago
300% rise in recurring net income on an 81% rise in revenues
32 Reasons why stocks will go higher
$32 target on KAR
$33 target IGTE
$33 target on CSCO
$33 target on XLRN
$34 target on PBPB (I own it)
$36 target on CSCO: Cisco gains on pre-earnings Pac Crest upgrade
361% allowed in interest charge at Advance on Paycheck Stores
$37 target on DSW
$38 target on CSCO
$38 target on LKQ I own it
$38 target on PETM (PetSmart)
$385 target on AAPL
$39 target on LKQ
$390 AAPL target
$395 price target on AAPL
3d Printing companies
4/07 Stanford Univ. study on ethanol health risks
4/26 (sec. C) Wall Street Journal has a piece questioning whether
4 all the chuckleheads who think malpractice suits are just.............
4 Gulf refineries may be out for months
4 Reasons Stocks Will Make New Highs
4 sectors to be cautiosely bullish on...
4 Warnings- Larry Edleson
4 yr low sectors with gains today
$40 target on PFE
401k % ? personal income up 0.5%, spending up 0.8%
401K Reallocation - Opinions ?
$405 target on AAPL
$415 price target on AAPL
$43 target on PYPL
$430 target on AAPL
$445 price target on AAPL
$45 target on DSW
$45 target on PFE
$45 target on PFE: Jeffries bullish on Pfizer; raises price target $3 to $45
$450 price target on AAPL from Needham
$450 target on AAPL by DB
$46,326 - Median Household Income Rises 1.1%
$46 target on DSW
$460 price target on AAPL
$465 target on AAPL
$48 target on VZ; great dividend; I own it
$480 target on AAPL
$485 target on AAPL
5/07 Cramer predicts DJII 14,458 in 2007
5/21/07 Cramer predicts DJII 14,458 in 2007
5-22-6 watch list all RED
5/23 WSJ: Google's success story has chapters to go
$5 a gal. ? Yes - 200$ oil yes
5 DAY LEAD SECTORS 2-15 / 2-22 (by alpha gains )
5 day lead sectors - BC100 1-31-08
5 day lead sectors by alpha gains - Bev Distilleries - Poll Trt Control
5 day sector alpha leaders 2-22 -08 / 2-29-08
5 day sector leaders alpha - 4-12-07 - Ind metals mineral still leading
5 day sector track 4-18 to 4-25 alpha gains / loses
$5 gasoline by July 4th?
5 Month Investment
5 Picks for '07
5 Small Stocks that Pay Big Dividends
5 stocks to watch- PFE- ORCL- FDX- JBL- TRLA
5 Top Stocks
5 trailing day lead sectors
5 views of your house.
5-year silver chart: I'm short PAAS
NAS 100 well above 50 dma
$50 target on CTRX
$500 target on AAPL
$51 price target
$510 target on AAPL
$515 target on AAPL
51Job a GOOG China Play???
$52 target on VZ (Verizon) (I own it)
DDD: 3D printing stocks sell off to new 52-week lows.
52 week lows, CRDN today's ER for a example
52week highs 70-90 RSI % - so far today 5-30-08
52WK highs 80+ RSI - Top 10 sectors 6-5-08
52wk highs over 80 rsi - O/G again
$53 target on HPQ
$530 target on AAPL
$54 target on WEC
$540 target on AAPL
$545 target on AAPL
$55 target on Verizon (I own for the divdend)
$550 target on AAPL
$555 price target on AAPL
$555 target on AAPL
$555 target reiterated on AAPL
$560 target on AAPL
$57 target on Verizon (I own it) symbol: VZ
$570 target on AAPL
$575 target on AAPL
$58 target on HPQ
$59 target on MET
5th wave top in crude?
6 best times to buy a stock- Interesting at least
6 leading market sectors - List performance Tues 2-20 +1.96% share wt'd
?List ? 6 leading market sectors - Stock picks to watch this week
6 Market Investment Opportunities Right Now
6-month NAS chart
#6 Oil ? Fair Retails?
6 Picks for next week BAP OMRI SRVY SYKE SYX XING
6 Stocks $hygs $fuel $synm $mkty
6 Stocks $hygs $fuel $synm $mkty
60% for bailout, 40% against: I have mixed feelings:
$60 target on VLO (Valero)
$612 target on AAPL
$612 target price on AAPL
$62 target on DAL
$630 target on AAPL
$65 target on DAL
$65 target on SSYS
$666 target on AAPL
67.48 crude, the rest of platforms evacuated for 3 days
7-10-08 52WK highs - 60-79 RS
7/10 Barron's: negative on INTC, positive on EMC
$7.50 price target on NRZ
[7] BJ Services (BJS)
[7] Caremark Rx (CMX
[7] DPH - Delphi
7 x Seven Sideways Stock Wonders
$70.50 price target on ED (I own for the dividend)
$70 Crude Oil?
70% into cash this morning, locked in some profits
$700 and $750 targets on AAPL
$700 target on AAPL (lowered from $780)
$71 target on HCLP (currently $48)
$710 target on AAPL
$725 target on GOOG
$730 target on AAPL
$74 price target on QCOM ( I own the stock)
$74 target on QCOM
$742 target price on CMG post-earnings
$75 crude >> slowing economy >> pressure off rates?
$75 target on WAG
$750 on AAPL
$750 target on AAPL
$750 target on AAPL; China could add $8 to eps
$750 target on GOOG
$76 target on ABT
$78 target on KMX
$78 target on QCOM (I own it )
$780 target on AAPL
$79 target on WAG
8/17 Mad Money recap: he likes YHOO, GOOG, XMSR, ATI, WB
8/22 - Cramer pumped VLO, DHT, others tonight
8/25 -- PPP
8-30-05 Yahoo subsector leaders laggards
8.6% dividend on BRG
$80 billion investment in ethanol plants
80% mindset, 20% systems (Audio Interview w/Trader Tim Racette 081003)
$80 price target on KSS
$80 target on Facebook
$80 target on Las Vegas Sands
$80 target on QCOM (I own)
$80 target on QCOM (I own)
$800 bln Mistake: Though I don't normally agree with Feldstein,
$800 target on AAPL
$800 target on AAPL reaffirmed, estimates raised
$82 target on FB
$82 target on WAG (I own Walgreens)
$83 target on WMT
$84 target on Facebook FB
$84 target on ROST
$840 target on AAPL reiterated
85 RSI + - Earnings , Sales , Price 2-17-06
$850 target on AAPL
$86 price target on Valero (VLO)
$86 target on Conoco (COP)
$86 target on SBUX
$87-89 target on SBUX (I own it)
$88 target on SBUX
$88 target on Starbucks
$888 price target on AAPL
$89 target on WBA
9/12 'Mad Money' recap
9/15/09: Buy-high Cramer recommended IYR at 45
9/16 Cramer recap: likes MOT, PSYS, MOT, NLY, others
9/18/07 Cramer said Buy HOV at $13
9/24: maybe NOT a Bernanke "put" under the market
9/4/07 NAS 100 at 2020 - Cramer pumps tech stocks
9/7 Mad Man recap: the Great One changeth his "mind"
9-9-9 plan - what am I missing?
9-9-9 plan means higher taxes
9-9-9 plan - what am I missing?
9/9 Mad Money recap: JC likes UNH, XEC, VLO, DRC, EP, others
$9 price target on IMGN
$9 target on FNFG (I own)
$90 price target on Starbucks SBUX
$90 target on FB
$91 target on FB
$910 target on AAPL -- more on mini iPad
$93 target on Facebook
$93 target on HD
$94 target on PM
$95 target on DDD
$95 target on FB
$96 target on Facebook
A "perfect storm" today
a "sell" on OXY
A "warm thank you" to the Fed
A another reason why this recession will be compounded
A Back Story to Buybacks
A Bear trap Rally.. A repost according to Ching
A beautiful day in the neighborhood
A better mousetrap - Peanut butter My WalMart adventure
A Big Round of Applause for Home Depot window installation
A building Glut of Sour Crude - no one can use it .. yet
A caveat re cash flow
A challange to the group
A comedown may be waiting after Fed high
A comment on our polls
A conspiracy? So thats why oil stocks are down?
A Contrary Approach to Wall Street "Forecasts"
A Conversation With A Chinese Client
NOW is when a correction is likely
a couple names...
a couple of Bearish oil articles
a couple of rather short-term (not day trading though!) candidates
A Couple of Sales Today
A Couple of Sales Today - QLD, QID
A couple stocks Im watching
A day ago Cramer was bullish (Aug. 16) on PTEN and COP
A Day for the Commentary
A Day in a life.............
A Day in the Life ..,.@Valero Refinery
A Different Christmas Poem
A different take on frack sand producers
A different take on Job Losses data.
A FA for THO
A Few Chinese Net Stocks to Ponder
a few thoughts (a little long, sorry)
a few thoughts (a little long, sorry)
a few to look at, do not own at this time
A Financial World Gone Mad! (090807)
a forgotten stock- SUNW chart pattern
A general (probably easy) investment question
A good 3 min read
A good example why I don't trust any doctor's ..............
A good explanation of meltdown
A government interested in energy conservation
A great read for stock traders and investors! Saw at another group
A Growth Rate Weighed Down by Inaction
A guide to neuroeconomics
A holiday favor...
A just for Fun Stock picking contest CALM
A just for Fun Stock picking contest CALM
A Law N Order Marshall Plan
a letter to my senators, representative, and Speaker of the House
A letter to the President
A License is required to drive or hunt.......
A line not to cross
(a little dated) HSBC Starts Southern Copper At Overweight PCU
A little different take
A little history: Cramer: another time, another top: Booya!!!
a little history on CNBC's nightly jackass: Booya!!!
a little history on moderation
VLO -- a little perspective
A Look at CSCO
A Look back ....
A look beyond the news
A Lump Of Coal? [retail sales]
A Lump Of Coal? [retail sales]
A Mug's Game
A must see interview . . .
A nail in OPEC's Coffin !
A National Water Crisis Is on the Verge of Gushing
A nationwide problem: do something now - Angel Food Ministries
A nationwide problem: do something now - Angel Food Ministries
A Natural-Gas Play Rigged for Growth
A negative view: Investing Success Without Stock Picking
A New Day at RadioShack
A new IPO $BCC and more IPO info !
A new IPO in a very Hot market
A New Twist on Assisted Living
A new way to invest /save for retirement starting in 2006: The Roth 401k
A Note On The Sovereign Debt Crisis: Abandon Ship (100509)
A Observation
A Observation - BRNC
A Observation - Let's talk about OIL groups/stocks,HYDL
A Observation - Let's Talk about some OIL Groups/Stocks
A old Chiness proverb says...
A pat on the back for Timdman2003
A pessimistic curmudgeon at DJI 13,546
A point frequently lost in dealing with retailers
a positive view by a SandP equity strategist
a post-war rally coming???
A-Power Energy Generation Systems, Ltd. (APWR)
A primary value in this group is conflicting opinions, soooooo
A proprietary technical indicator says BUY
A Question about Shell
A question for the IBD's
A question - not a hustle - on investment advising
a question on the method Agree that this is NOT a time to be on margin, EXCEPT
(ELN) a quick thought
a quick thought - $ELN
A rare and Bullish TA event occurred .
A Real Economic Phenomenon (100226)
A Reason to be cautious
A Reason why the Markets are strong
A Remarkable Market Event
A reply to Scotts nagging Ethanol question.
A rescue that may do more than the ................
A short was trying hard to spread the rumor that VSNT was lieing
A silver lining?
A Simple Trading Spreadsheet (An audio w/ Mike Toma 090220)
A Stock with Hidden Assets - IDR
A suggestion about long posts and Yahoo "delays"
A suggestion for those reluctant to post views
A summer vacation theory
A Talk With Tim Geithner (090403)
A Technical Take on Cramer's Four Horsemen of Tech
A technically valid break to multi-year highs
A theory about customer bases
A theory about tech rally
A theory about the AAPL cuts to suppliers
A Theory in search of some factual support
A TON of insider selling recently in GOOG
A Trader's Best Friend (110131)
A truism but a useful one
A truly vulnerable market is one that..................
A U.S. Nuclear Power Renaissance
A very constructive day I thought
a view on CAV, no sales/marketg cost
A Whole Lotta Bunk!
a word on stop losses...
A word to new members
AA 4-10 ER A good one
AAI my opinion with request for others.
AAI my opinion with request for others.
AAOI After Hours
$AAP Land message # 1856
AAPL (12/8 wsj online)
AAPL $200 target
AAPL $450 price target
AAPL @ 476.60
AAPL $555 target reiterated
AAPL: $780 target and lowered expectations
AAPL...a stock with breakout possibilities ?
AAPL 's disappointing guidance for next quarter
AAPL's last stock split was five years ago
AAPL: "fear trade" and rising short interest
AAPL: Analysis: Apple Christmas Sales
AAPL and
AAPL and CVX???
AAPL and others
$AAPl and some F,c,n and a1,2,3 buy point Now!
AAPL and T-Mobile
AAPL: Another Patent lawsuit filed in East Texas
AAPL: Apple +3.3%; App Store revenue rose 50% in 2014
AAPL: Apple's EPS lifted by $687 iPhone ASP, 39.9% gross margin
AAPL: Apple's gross margin tops guidance; iPhone ASP at $659
$AAPL (Apple) at an interesting point
AAPL: Apple gets target hikes, Icahn praise after FQ2 beat
AAPL: Apple sends out invites for March 9 event
AAPL: Apple Stock: Affirming My $140 Target By The End Of May
AAPL: Apple up 2.4% following Credit Suisse upgrade
AAPL at 35.95 (I have no position)
AAPL at $500 - can it hold?
AAPL attractive now to income funds
AAPL BBX BRNC - research reports in Barron's 1/15
AMZN AAPL BBY price target changes today
AAPL beat on earnings and revenues, and............
AAPL BRNC - research reports in Barron's 1/15
AAPL China revenue to triple in 2 years
AAPL could be a good entry point F,C,N
AAPL current year estimates............
AAPL delay
AAPL dividend
AAPL dividend and stock buyback
AAPL down 16 in after-hrs- bought at 138.40
AAPL down 16 in after-hrs- bought at 138.40
AAPL down 9% in after hours trading
AAPL downgrade: the background story
Breaking: AAPL Earnings
AAPL earnings Monday - lawsuits over I-Phones toxins
AAPL estimates raised
AAPL - First whispers of the iPad2
AAPL: Flurry: Apple made up 51% of tracked Christmas activations
AAPL,GILD: Morgan Stanley: 10 cheap big names, 10 expensive ones
$AAPL has a ER 10-11- 5 A/C
AAPL HDTV in 2013
AAPL Hits All-Time High as Analysts Raise Targets
AAPL huge beat on top and bottom lines
Apple Prepares HealthKit Rollout- AAPL- I OWN
AAPL iBooks
AAPL in Barron's August 14
AAPL (in Barron's today)
AAPL in China
AAPL in China expansion
AAPL in India
AAPL in the automobile
AAPL incredibly cheap
AAPL influence on RIMM?
AAPL influence on RIMM?--Some challenges to the iphone
AAPL iOS vs. GOOG Android
AAPL iPad to have two cameras
AAPL: IPhone Chatter Boosts Apple Shares
$AAPL jusr released
AAPL launching iPhone w/ iTunes midsummer
aapl market share
AAPL - More room to run?
AAPL / MSFT - iTunes and Vista
PNRA AAPL NFLX -- consensus numbers
AAPL now unchanged on 10 million shares
AAPL off on Cirrus Logic news (Wednesday April 17)
AAPL-- PC sales better than expected; Apple's share tops 7%
AAPL price target cut to $740
AAPL production cuts: real? a function of components supply?
aapl rebound?
AAPL: Report: Apple set to ship Watch in March, prepping new MacBook Air
AAPL share buyback?
AAPL smartphone share in China
aapl split?
AAPL still a "top pick" at Morgan Stanley
AAPL suppliers, including QCOM
AAPL target $775
AAPL target of $1,001
AAPL - target raised again
AAPL targets raised
AAPL to overweight
AAPL to unveil products
AAPL under-owned
AAPL up $1.10 in after - hrs (5 pm Eastern)
AAPL vs. Android
AAPL vs. GOOG's droid
AAPL vs. Samsung and Android
AAPL watch
AAPL: what is impact of next-generation iPhone?
AAUK metals
aav and other canroys
sold ABBV today
ABB (I own, a core holding)
ABB Ltd. - Power industry support
ABB my first time posting
ABB Powers Up in Emerging Markets (I own ABB)
sold ABBV today
ABBV: AbbVie Q1 U.S. sales up 19%; operating earnings up 25%; non-GAAP EPS raised
ABBV: AbbVie reports tomorrow
ABBV Earnings
ABBV: FDA grants Priority Review for AbbVie's 2-DAA HCV-4 regimen
ABBV: Healthcare ratings roundup - Upgrades/Downgrades
ABBV: Roche's venetoclax a Breakthrough Therapy for blood cancer
Abercrombie (ANF): don't follow the stock but barrons online today
Added ABK and MBI last week
Inclined to buy finance stocks - ABK MBIA
AMGN: Unbeatable Stocks With Everlasting Dividends (8): Expertise, Growth And An Increasing Dividend
about "moderation"
question about ask-bid spread
about Gates and Buffet
About Geithner and China
About the SIRI-XMSR merger and effects:
About those damned immigrants!!!!!!!!
About to buy my first stock
ABP some F,C,N
$ABP ER 3-6-B/O If energy heats up this could be a good trade.
ABP some F,C,N
8.9% yield on ABR
Absolutely, don't be shy: Fear of posting bad STOCK PIX
Absolutely Stunning
sold ABT today
ABT Phase 3 results look good
Abu Dhabi buys Canada's PrimeWest for two billion dollars
$ABX For the TA's a long legged Doggie
AC (I don't follow the stock)
Bsns Development Corporations like ACAS
ACAS earnings due out sometime tonight
American Capital (ACAS): I own
ACAS (I own for long-term)
ACAS (most-recent earnings report added to our Links section)
ACAS price target $45
ACAS with 8.3% yield
PFE: Pfizer's meningitis vaccine TRUMENBA effective in two large-scale studies
Access to Alaska oil, revenue closer- frustration
Access to Alaska oil, revenue closer- frustration
accessment of refineries damage/opinion
Acclaim & Starpoint merger
Acclaim Canroy ACNJF merger & applies for duel-listing
Accounting Brothel Opens Doors for Banker Fiesta:
Accreative Health (AH)
Accredited Investor
Acetaminophen Warning
Dividend approach to retirement
ACH , Aluminum China - mentioned - I like it
ACI: Arch Coal ER review
ACI Arch Coal (Mark's pick?) tripletop breakout
$ACI Coal stays green some F,C,N !!
$ACI stock holders meeting 4-27-6 DEF 14 A
ACIand BTU price moves
Ackman: How to Save Fannie, Freddie
ACOR the IPO that underpriced looks to be headed to...
ACOR Today's IPO is going Balistic -- EXTREME CAUTION
NRZ: New Residential Investment: Acquisitions Could Finally Send Shares Higher
Active Hurricane season predicted
Actos for treatment of Type II diabetes
FB: Ad Blocking: Facebook Investors Actually Benefit
FB: Ad Blocking: Facebook Investors Actually Benefit
Actually bought today - HNP and ACAS / STON and LINE
Actually, for the four qtrs ending in June 06
Actually...newcomers LINKS info
Actually REITS are turning around - attractive yeilds ?
TSLA: Tesla's Spectacular International Sales Collapse
Adapting to Short-Term Events...Rev Shark,
ADBE....Adobe Systems reaffirms Q3 guidance
ADBE (Adobe Systems): the bullish case
ADBE: Business Week online excerpt tonight
ADBE -- Forbes (various views)
ADBE raised to outperform
$ADBE read a good FREE article !
ADBE upgraded to outperform
LVS: Macau stocks slide as growth story hits a roadblock
add LCAV to watch list
added 100sh OMM@ 18.03 good earnings
Added 2% TCHC to 4%, 2% KSU total RR 5%
Added 2% USU and 1.5% TM
Added ABK and MBI last week
Added ADBE earnings release to our Links section
Added ALDN 1%
Added CP
added DGIT
Added DK @ $17.20
added FDG at USD40.80
added FDG at USD41.25
added feed@9.60
Added GIVN, Sold small pos in NBR, HGT, NOC
Added KSU
Added KSU, bought NEW
Added more BBT today
Added PGS @ $25.99 now 2% of Prot
added some more HWCC
Added TCHC, CP, bought HRB all long-term value play
Added TM
Added TM $110.2
Added TM, ADEP, KSU, shorted MSO bought TX
Added TM at 128.78
added to AAPL at 123.35
added to ACAS
added to ADBE today at 29.05
Added to AEO
added to AEO at 28.30
added to AIG and C
added to AIG and C
Added to ALJ @ 28.05 - Bought FIZ, DK, AUY, DXPE, SIMC, EPEX,
added to AMED at 35.23 - Pyramid strategy
added to AMED at 35.23 - Pyramid strategy
added to AMED at 35.80 today
added to AMZN
added to APC at 39.71/YUM-DEO/JOYG
Added to BBW at 27.92
Added to BBW today
added to BCF - diversified closed-end fund
added to Berkshire Hathaway today
do not understand - added to BIF - 13.52% yield
CORRECTED: added to BTU at 47
added to BX
added to BX today
added to canroys - comment on citation trades
added to CNE
added to CTX and EWZ shorts
added to CVS today
added to CVS today
Added to DBD shorts
added to DIA short today
added to DSW today
added to DXPE and CMG
added to EBAY
added to EBAY at 32.97
added to EBAY this a.m. 29.50
Added to EOG at 73.72
added to ETV and BCF today
added to EXG
added to FFH
added to FRPT at 17 today
added to GE today
added to GOOG at 395 today
Added to GOOG at $563 today
added to HANS at 32.39
added to HCP this a.m.
Added to HLX @29.01
added to HPQ ; re-entered LH again
added to HPQ ; re-entered LH again
added to HRP, NTO, AIG, ETV, IGA, GDX
added to HRP, NTO, AIG, ETV, IGA, GDX
added to HTE and PEYUF this a.m.
added to JNJ
added to JOSB
added to JOSB today at 29.70
added to LRW today
added to MEDX at 11.15 today
added to MKL
Added to my ANAD position
added to my PTEN this a.m. at 30.43
Added to NCT
Added to Nokia at $24.76
Added to NVDA today
added to ODP at 38.77
added to ORCL
added to OXY and VLO today
added to PFE
added to PFE today
Added to PFE today at 27.03
I added to PG today; read this article
Added to position in SU today
DJI 13,245: just added to QID and SDS
added to QID at 47.20 -- NAS at 2585
added to QID at 60.30
added to Sasol SSL also bought APC
added to SDS today
added to SLB, AMGN, AIG and MKL
added to SLB, AMGN, AIG and MKL
Added to SLM, DVR today
added to some singapore stocks
added to SPLS
added to SRS at 58.75, added to QLD at 26
added to TCHC today at 22
added to TWM at 60.92
added to UNH
Added to USG at 50.55 . . .
Added to UWM at 14.80
added to UWM at 16.89
added to VLO
added to VLO at 72.10
Added to VLO at 79 in AH
Added to VLO, Total direct oil/portfolio 8%
added to VZ Verizon Communications
added to WAG at 38.70
added to XLU
added today
added toTWM just below 60
Additions to Russell 3000
aded to AEO - sold ACI and BTU
ADF Income Fund exposure to Russia, Brazil, Mexico
ADF Income Fund exposure to Russia, Brazil, Mexico
$ADI releases Some F,C,N
$ADI Releases today A/C
adjusting the DJII for inflation
PFE: Mid-stage trial shows Pfizer's meningococcal vaccine can be safely coadministered with MCV4 and Tdap
ADM's Profit Rises 20% On Sharply Higher Sales
ADM Archer Daniels sure had some big blocks today
ADM corn old - enzyme tech overlooked ? STKL -bio fuels
Adobe (ADBE): did the conference call go well or not?
Adobe (news today)
Adobe: No Flash in the pan....CNN Money
Adobe Systems ADBE
ADPT 3.61
ADP: Automatic Data Processing: A Quality Company At An Expensive Price
ADPT 3.61
ADPT>Who is buying it
answer to ADR Question
ADSK affirms outlook
ADSK and others
ADSK: Citigroup starts at BUY
ADSK -- down on outlook
ADSK, EBAY, WLP, INTZ, INTC, INSP, TXN etc has them Advance/decline lines pretty sloppy today (more declines than
Advance/decline lines today are flat to down
Advance/declines ratios
Advantage Apple
My advice to young investors
advice EBAY or AAPL???
Advice Needed Please
Ethanol futures , dbl top , positive rsi adx
AEC: this could be a bad sign for the industry (REIT)
AEO - American Eagle's Stores Set to Soar
AEO ? and DRYS
AEO and retailers generally - Crude oil
AEO and retailers generally - Crude oil
AEO annual report
AEO - as night follows day
AEO beat estimates on sales; raised guidance
AEO - Citation and all other holders
AEO for example
AEO insider action
AEO - Three Retail Stocks For the Holiday Season
AEOS: the new Martin format is the sleeper
AEOS Amer Eagle-- good bottomfish?
AEOS beats by 2 cents (nice; I own)
AEOS boosts dividend
AEOS downgraded to Hold
AEOS ER 11-14 B/O
AEOS gaining market share; earnings due out 8/15
AEOS great same-store sales for August: UP 11%
AEOS (I own): cash cow w/ 16-17% same-store sales
AEOS in 9/4 Barron's
AEOS July sss up 7%; total up 12%; guidance raised
AEOS, others: Free Cash Flow
AEOS same-store Nov. sales up 14%
AEOS same - store sales up 11 percent
Aeropostale (ARO) (I own) and Cardinal Health (CAH)
Aerospace Defense-Prd sector
Aerospace Defense-Prd Svc sector looks promising !!
Aerospace Defense Prod Svcs Sector -6 pIX
AET ER 10-26 BO
AET instead of UNH
$AET Stock split soon !
AFAM and home health care companies (incl. AMED)
AFAM and home health care companies (incl. AMED)
AFAM beat in net income
AFAM one of ten best new companies on Forbes list
AFFM (someone mentioned it recently)
AFFX seems to be the next GRO
At Least Six Americans Killed in Attack at Base in Afghanistan
Afghanistan natural resources
EFX 124. After Hours
after hours market activity
After Hours question.
after hours trading
After-hrs most active, most up, most down
after-hrs NAS -- techs and QQQQ really moving u...
After-hrs train wrecks: AQNT WFMI
After Marquee Tech, Market Needs New Act
After Oil fell all week, finally had an Up day on Iran fears again.
After peak oil: Will America survive?
After Streak of Strong Profits, Health Insurers May See Decline
After Sun's Ugly Numbers, Brace Yourself for Cisco
After the close some Kick ass ER"s
After Thursday's Recovery, Stocks Expected to Decline
After Verbal Fire, Senate Effectively Kills Climate Change Bill
Again, if anyone at any time wants to run the numbers on our
Aggregator bank under consideration
DIS: Disney's Magic Will Continue And So Will Your Returns
AGIX - AtheroGenics Stock Flies on Speculation: Financial News - Yahoo! Finance
AGIX - AtheroGenics Stock Flies on Speculation: Financial News - Yahoo! Finance
CSCO: Cisco: A Strong Quarter Indicates It's Shaking Off The Stagnation
AGN [source: barron's online today]
Agora Financial's 5 Min. Forecast
a question on the method Agree that this is NOT a time to be on margin, EXCEPT
agree w/ outsourcing's post - historical PEs
Agree with clamdigger in part
Agri Chem - MOS - Mosaic Co @13.15 BG - Bunge $49.48
Agricultural Suppliers/Chemicals: BG
agriculture stock gains
AGU Agrium conf call summary
Agrium Earnings Preview (I own AGU)
AGU Agrium conf call summary
AGU Agrium conf call summary
AGU target raised to $125
AGX: Argan's High EBIT Margin, Cash Rich Balance Sheet, And Minimal Debt Boost Upside Potential
AGX: Argan declares $0.70 dividend
Breaking: AGX Earnings
AGX (I own) declares special dividend
AH 3/19/2014
AH(39.25)- nearing 200 dma (40)
AH-Armor Holdings ($37.13)
AH- Armor Holdings and the sector/my opinion
AH -Armor Holdings (I own) Senate briefing notes
AH, bodily fluids and USA, CA Olympians downhill skiing
AH, CRDN - General's comment
AH ER Today A/C
AH Miss
AH movers
AH receives some negative F,C, N,
AH recives some negative F,C, N,
AH Shares of NTRI Up 14% on ER
Ahead of the Bell: Deere & Co. Downgraded
sold AHH today
Ahmadinejad arrives for New York visit
AHM -- American Home To Acquire Waterfield Financial
AHM - Research Reports
Ahmadinejad Plans to light up Jerusalem sky AUG 22
Aid to auto industry: my letter tonight to my Senators
Aid to auto industry: my letter tonight to my Senators
BRK.A,BRK.B: AIG Faces Fines While Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway Continues To Bloom In 2016
AIG as a short
update on AIG bonuses amount
AIG Expected to Pay $1 Billion-Plus to Settle Probes
AIG gets Fed rescue in form of $85 billion loan-pt2
AIG gets Fed rescue in form of $85 billion loan-pt2
AIG Greenberg transfers $2.2 BILLION to his wife
AIG- I own
AIG, LEH etc ??
AIG Posts Steep Loss, Plans to Raise $12.5 Billion in New Capital
AIG Rescue Had to Happen
AIG stock slump.... too much ?
AINV: The Market Is Clearly Making A Distinctio...
AINV: Apollo Investment and Blackrock Kelso boosted by upgrades
AINV: Apollo Investment boosted by SunTrust upgrade
AINV: Apollo Investment declares $0.20 dividend
AINV: Apollo Investment upgraded at JMP
AINV: More on Apollo Investment results
AINV: The Market Is Clearly Making A Distinctio...
air fare hikes
Air Services sector - $OLG
Airbus Plans New Jet Program To Replace the A350
Airfare increases holding
Airline fares up a lot
Airline Losses Climbing
airline stocks
DAL / airlines
Airlines and fuel costs
Airlines: article today
Continental Airlines (CAL): July traffic up 10%
Airlines Look Set for Rebound
AIRT should easily be a Multiday Runner towards $20 by end of
Akamai Technologies, Aetna, Symantec, Pfizer, Chipotle Mexican Grill
Akamai Technologies AKAM
AKN gets $21.5 M order all of it to be filled in 1st qtr 2006
AKS AK Steel Agrees to Settlement
AL(Alcan) Thinking about taking a position...
Al Gore's global warming debunked . by kids!
Al Gore's global warming debunked . by kids! & QID
Al Gore launches Italian Current TV - Any Food related stock ideas?
Al -Zawahri new video warning tanking the market
Aladdin HASP Receives 2007 Global Frost & Sullivan Award for Product Innovation
Alan Greenspan-speak
Alarming economic assertion
Alcoa's Net Income Jumps 62% On Higher Prices for Aluminum
Alcoa's Pension Will Be Closed To New Workers
Alcoa earnings are out
Alcoa net falls: wonder if this is what is troubling futures tonight
Alcoa profits rise 14%, beat estimates
Alcoa, Shell Want Climate Plan, Global Carbon Limits
Alcoa: the obvious
GILD: Sovaldi-based regimens show high cure rates in HCV genotypes 2 - 5
Alderwoods (AWGI)
Aldila (ALDA) Reports Two Tour Wins With Aldila NV(TM) Shafts
ALEA - Finance Blog
Alibaba (BABA)
ALJ -- a tepid response today to earnings report
ALJ again
ALJ and Cramer - Victor
ALJ and PTEN, VLO, energy generally
ALJ and PTEN, VLO, energy generally
ALJ and repairs
ALJ - Does Anyone Know......
ALJ dumb and dumber
ALJ dumb and dumber 22.29
ALJ Earnings Down
ALJ earnings release added to our Links section
ALJ, GM vs. Ford (debt)
ALJ LSS .....
ALJ net up 56%
ALJ (new IPO) -- refining and retailing in southwest
ALJ On The SHO List
ALJ opinions?
ALJ profit doubles - I own
ALJ pullback today to 23.05
ALJ/refinery thoughts - was Refiners
ALJ vanishes
alj... vs FTO +6% on 1.9mill shares
alj... vs FTO +6% on 1.9mill shares
I own PFE: Cellectis in takeover talks with Pfizer
All California public works projects halted
all energy futures up today, except natural gas
All energy up on NYMEX tonight-Energy question
All, Hail Teachers
All I Got Is A Humana Bull Call Spread..Would You Hedge With Puts?
All in the Family
All Lowe's,Home Depot Stores Now Open After Dennis
All members are expected to contribute - OT
All members expected to contribute.
All our candidates have plans and thoughts on this - CO - Kyoto
all things considered RETAIL is holding up better than most today
All three major indices overbought
All troops out of Iraq by August 2010
Allied Waste (9.16)
FW: Almost $100 Per Barrel
Almost Family: good news for home healthcare stocks
ALNY, a company I'm following...interesting
ALOG earnings tomorrow est. $2.12 vs .13 yr ago?!
Alon - refinery & fuels marketing IPO
Alon USA (ALJ)
alot of questionable and negative news coming over my wire...
alpha number for the day? What is it?
also don't get it
also don't get it
Altho it's weakened to Cat 4, Felix is turning more southerly
$ALTI - for an interesting ride in nanotechnology
$ALTI - more info
ALTI - Nano tech / lithium power technology
Altria Group stock repurchase plan raised
Alvarion Dn; Now Sees 2Q Loss, Cuts Rev View
ALVR took a big hit today - I own
Always be skeptical of motives
Always looking for serious members
Always shop
TSLA analyst updates
$ALY - oil services
Am getting into VLO next week (maybe?)
Am getting into VLO next week/ APC Anadarco(don't own)
Am getting into VLO next week (maybe?)
Am I crazy?
Am I the only one following Jim Chanos around here?
Amaranth collapsed
DAL: Amazing Numbers From Delta Air Lines
Amazing Times
WMT: Wal-Mart As A Sum Of The Parts, Part 2: The Part That Is Half Of What Amazon Was In 2011
amazon's Kindle Fire has flaws AMZN
Amazon is the latest e-commerce firm to post strong results. - Jul. 26, 2005
AMB MBI - SKF purchase on Monday
Ambac Confirms Limited Direct Exposure to Lehman Brothers Holdings, Inc
FW: Today's Top 10 Trending Stocks: DG, AMD, ACHN
AMD confirms: will acquire ATI Tech
AMD Nears Deal to Buy ATYT (not ATI)
AMD Plans to Invest $2.5 Billion In Chip Factories in Germany
AMD servers
AMD Wins Dell but Chip Price War Looms
GILD,MYL: Mylan named Gilead's exclusive distributor of branded HCV meds in India
AMED ah trading
AMED (Amedysis, home health care)
AMED (Amedysis) investor conference presentation Mar. 10
AMED & AFAM. AFAM announces acquisition
AMED beats estimates
AMED cash flow
AMED continues to grow (I own)
AMED continues to grow thru acquisitions (I own it; would not chase)
AMED down this a.m.
AMED downgraded
AMED earnings release
AMED enters West Virginia
AMED etc.
AMED growing thru acquisitions as well (31.40; I own it)
AMED / GTIV down on Medicare freeze
AMED home healthcare - my 2nd largest position
AMED home healthcare - my 2nd largest position
AMED( I own )
AMED - list of fastest-growing companies
AMED makes another acquisition
AMED sees more growth thru acquisitions
AMED started at Buy
AMED topping? (currently 41.70)
AMED upgrade (slightly)
AMED upped to outperform by Avondale
Amedisys (AMED) Commentary
Amedisys to Host Conference Call to Discuss First Quarter Financial Performance and Operating Results
Amedysis (AMED): no position currently
Amer Home Mortgage (AHM ) earnings this a.m., (MREIT)
America's 'Energy Policy': It's Still All About Oil
America Is Creating Green Energy China???????
American Bulls
American Bulls says sell confirmed on AAPL
American Capital (ACAS) Announces Projected 2007 Dividends
American Capital (ACAS) Announces Projected 2007 Dividends
American Capital (ACAS): I own
American capitalism gone with a whimper....Pravda.Ru
American Eagle plans Times Square flagship store
American Eagle AEO
American Eagle AEOS same-store sales up 17%
American Eagle (AEOS) continues to impress... I'm long but not long enough!
American Eagle Is Ready to Fly (I don't own)
American Eagle plans Times Square flagship store
American Economy Follows Japan . . . Off A Cliff (091113)
American Express (AXP)
American Railcar Industries
Americans saving more, spending less
Americans still ignorant of geography
Ameritrade and Think or Swim
Ameritrade and Think or Swim
Ameritrade takes my short position stock back
Ameritrade takes my short position stock back . . . appreciate comments
AMEX 52 WK HIS 6-2-08
AMEX 52WK HIS - 6-6-08 - By rsi
AMEX Options availiable on Powershares
AMEX - yahoo ^xax ; stcokcharts $XMI - component sector %'s ??? Whos Driving ?
AMG Data shows continued outflows of funds
Amgen (AMGN) Microsoft (MSFT) Others
Amgen's Net Income Rises 20% On Sales of Cancer, Arthritis Drugs
Amgen posts higher profit, trims 2007 forecast
AMGN: 60 minutes piece highlights promise of cancer-killing viruses
AMGN: Amgen to host webcast today to discuss clincal data for psoriasis drug candidate
AMGN Analyst comments
AMGN and markets
AMGN / biotechs generally
AMGN CELG: Celgene's Otezla handily beats placebo in psoriasis trial; compares favorably to Enbrel
AMGN: Dako expands partnership with Amgen
AMGN: Expanded indication for Amgen's Vectibix cleared in Europe
AMGN others
AMGN panned in Barron's this weekend
Amidst the Carnage - $SJT
Amidst the Carnage - $SJT
AMLN (8/22 Barron's) (I have no position in stock)
AMLN (8/22 Barron's) (I have no position in stock)
Among the things about equities that Cramer does not know........
'87 crash redux
'9 out of 10 e-mails now spam' -
'Best in Six Years' Crown Slips....Cramer
'Buy' on Apple
'Cyber Monday' Shoppers Hit Web
'Do We Remain on Offense?' WSJ
'Doctor my Eyes' - CRAMER !! 10/11 'Mad Money' -- DUKE vs KFX
'Naked' short selling is center of looming legal battle
'Stop Acting Rich' [1 Attachment]
'Stuck in the Mud' Halliburton's a Buy (I own HAL)
'The Great Depression Ahead'
'What I Want for You . and Every Child
'Worms' Turn on Apple Macs, Bigger Target as Sales Boom
>> AMD??
>> Some Stocks I'm thinking...
>> VISA Stock Good??
"but technical analysis is not prohibited."
"Buy" on AAPL
"Buy" on HPQ
"Canuck" is apparently a laudatory compliment
"Cheap" stocks: why we don't do penny stocks
"Checkout" taking a toll on GOOG
"Chemo brain" not an illusion
"cluster" insider buying at AMED
"Core holdings" -- AMED, VZ
"DAILY DIGEST" vs. Individual Emails & a couple other things
"Dark Pools" - Darker Markets still
"Dark Pools" - Darker Markets still
"Defragmenting" your hard drive
"Don't Think About White Elephants" (080828)
"Energy Bonanza?"
"Flight to Crap"
"For Justice, we must go to the Corleone" -- not
"GARP" investing
"geopolitical" risks
"Google Finance"
"Guaranteed 8% return" ??
"guess the February close on SP500" poll
"Its beginning ....
"JSDA " and it may go down to $14.00
"Just One Stock"picks:BHP
"Just One Stock" picks: LF
"Just One Stock" picks: TTM
"Kids Against Hunger"
The "liquidity" myth: such talk a sure sign of a bubble
"market timing"
"McMansions" tax deduction under fire
"Mild weather" - the cat is finally out of the bag . . .
"Mildly Suicidal" HOLD / SELL or not to SELL
"Mildly Suicidal" no more
"Niche" steel RIO WOR
"Of Mutual Interest"-Interview with John Bogle-Vanguard Group
"Oil stocks"
"Oil Transporters Look Ship-Shape" is the title of the banner....
"Outperform" on AAPL
"Peak oil" -- or not
"Peer" into an Apple TV
"Prosperity without Growth?"
"Range-bound" market? CORRECTED (SORRY)
"Recent earnings report" subfolder in Links section
"Runaway" inflation now at 2.3% annual rate
"Sell in May, then go away"
Fw: "Socialism"
"starbucks effect"
File - "Subject Line" for posts and replies
"TA" -- Valero Energy
"Target prices"
"The Bald One"
"They even went after our daughter's college fund"
"Top" (if that's what it is) in private equity buyouts.......
"Tsunami of earnings downgrades"
" ^TYX " Ah ,thats the one !!1 CBOE 30-Year ...
" ^TYX " Ah ,thats the one !!1 CBOE 30-Year Treasury Yield Index
"Why We Fight"
"Window Dressing," "painting the tape," & the Travel Indicator
"World in the Balance: China Revs Up"
"X-raying My 2005 Results"
"Youth Link"
AMR Widens 4Q Losses On $1.7 Billion Increase In Fuel Costs
AMSC, HTS wire.
AMSC Just my opinion
AMTD and undoing a trade
AMTX company response to seeking alpha report
AMTX: Aemetis: Solvency Concerns And An Upcoming Equity Offering
AMTX company response to seeking alpha report
AMTX: Midday Gainers / Losers
FW: Today's Top 10 Trending Stocks: AMX, RAD, GILD
AMZN $1150 target
AMZN $1250 target
AMZN $151 price target maintained (I own)
AMZN $2100
AMZN 4th qtr and full-yr 2005 guidance (10/25/05)
AMZN 950 target
AMZN 970 target
AMZN AAPL Kindle sales up
AMZN: Amazon faces three-day strike in Germany
AMZN: Amazon plans debt offering; Moody's cuts outlook
AMZN "bear of the day"
amzn and Discover card cashback toward purchases
AMZN at 125: is this market totally nuts yet??????
AMZN -- Barron's research report 10/30
AMZN,BBY: Cyber Monday sales slow on early discounts
AMZN beat by a penny
AMZN best long-term internet play
AMZN: big insider selling
AMZN cont'd
AMZN double
AMZN downgrade
AMZN downgraded (I'm short)
AMZN earnings
AMZN Echo Show
AMZN ERTS both up in after-hrs
AMZN Fashion
AMZN guidance disappoints
AMZN (I own)
AMZN -- it's about the margins
AMZN jewelry watches sales up 100%
AMZN (no position): estimates have really eroded recently
AMZN operating cash flow and income (10/24/06 release)
AMZN out with report
AMZN price targets
AMZN Prime
AMZN prime increase
AMZN probably up in sympathy w/ NFLX: strange
AMZN reports earnings after close on Oct. 24, 10/24/2006, 5:00 pm
AMZN: RISING costs in the short term
AMZN Rite-Aid
Tablets: GOOG vs. AMZN vs. AAPL
AMZN: Weekend price cut on Amazon Prime
AMZN / Whole Foods
AMZN,WMT: The free delivery gambit in retail
An article on Oil
An avid reader who is still short AMZN
An Energy
An ETF for 2010: 'Stocks Obama Hates'
An inclement warning
An Interesting article: John Bogle's Concern Over U.S. Capitalism's Future
An interesting comment for Monday's after weak Friday that coincides with option
An Issue That I'm Grappling With Now
An observation on our demographics
HZNP: Horizon Pharma's RAVICTI cleared in Canada
Analysis: AAPL
Analysis: Global Food Crisis Catches Up With Russia
Analysis: Iraq, oil and Greenspan's Gospel
Analysis: Is NFLX doomed?
Analysis: Natural gas prices investigated
Analysis of BIF ,MTR & HYB
Analysis on Credo Petroleum Corp. (CRED)
Analyst Actions: Dell
Analyst Actions: Ford Reportedly Gets an Upgrade (I own)
Analyst at Maxim says Put "SUMT" on hotscan for any dips!
analyst earnings upgrades
Analyst knocks reinsurers' estimates for "The Big One"
Analyst Sees Surge In REIT M&A Activity
Analyst suggest MSFT should consider mega internet takeover prospects
Analyst Upgrades Will Fuel the RIMM Fire
Analysts' highest-rated stocks
Analysts' Lowest-rated stocks
Analysts' Lowest-Rated Stocks DOW JONES NEWSWIRES
Analysts Downgrade Apple Shares
Analysts see higher, not lower, oil
Analysts start to pencil in Fed rate cut in October
Analysts Still Hate Amazon
Analysts unsure of gov't plan
Analyzing software for Mac?
And another bank - contaminated
AND GRP.............. BTU CNX up on Heavy Volume
And I think you'll find this interesting
And if that Oil stuff don't work out .... $SNSA
And if that Oil stuff don't work out, well dang nab it, there is always fish
and Intel joins the parade.............
....and just ONE of those huge risks
And Middle class got a tax cut - funny - thanx guyz
and, of course, we have Cramer's great May 07 call
and rumor is global hedgefunds got wacked on GM investments
And stock down 6% already
....and the wingers bitch about giving out colonoscopies and....
And then there are the Toyota Corolla STEERING PROBLEMS
And then there were 2500........
And yet more election thoughts
ANDW Andrew opened with 2 HUGE BUYS= 1.25mill shares
Anecdotal info regarding Steel - Bearish
ANF AEOS ARO BEBE - ya want growth?
Abercrombie (ANF): don't follow the stock but barrons online today
$ANF ER 11-15 A/C some F,C,N
ANGN's best selling Product "NEW LEAF"
Pick for Monday: ANGO (long)...
Animate of Rita
Annaly Mortgage
annual meetings
Annual rate of wholesale inflation over 5% now
Another 1929?
Another $90 Oil Prediction!
ANOTHER AMZN underperform rating
another approach
Another case for gold ....
Another case for gold ....
Another Co of interest - New process increases ethanol yields %10/, MON
Another Cramerism
Another Day with No Direction , Some info on TICK and TRIN
Another elec grid efficeiency maker - also Wind Turbines elec controllers
Another family losing their home...
Another gadfly on pills -- WITH A SWORD!
Another Horror Story: PHM
Another hurricane play
another income generator
Another Mortgage unit gets axed
Another New Member
another newbie question
another newbie question : Investing in Canada
Another of those helpful e-mails
another one for you Apple fans
Another one - TLT and TNX - why?
Another opportunity lost
another PDLI question
Another perspective: caution
Another piece on the mortgage mess: an Ohio city
Another place to analyse stocks
another reason the market is down! Employment report
Another reason to be patient with stocks that are down
Another REIT buyout
Another reliable sign of a short-term bottom
Another source for Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs)
Another storm brewing, just off South American north coast
Another story on why IPSU profits soaring on Sugar Demand:
Another tax scofflaw
Another thriving local economy: Northern Virginia
another tropical depression out there,bottom right
Another Ugly View
Another up day on Low Volume ?
Another View - Why Apple And Google Are Bound To Burn Investors
Another way to play SUNW is HILL
Another week of sell-offs on the way?
Another Year, Another ?
ANS.TO - $29.49 CDN
ANST -- anyone know this one?
Answer: CREE: why I'm buying March..
answer to ADR Question
Answer to dprice: hedging, shorting, or buying puts
Answer to today's 3rd & 4th CNBC Bonus Buck Trivia (7/3)
answer to your question - ACI VRS BTU
Anticipating the top in homebuilders
ANWR Oil Drilling Is Blocked; Deficit-Cutting Measure Squeaks By
Any body belive this? and is the Easter Bunny for real too?
Any body belive this ? I do
Any Body know about www. BUYINS.NET ?
Any books to recommend on investing ?
Any ideas on HRP ?
Any ideas on RS?
Any information on API? [corrected]
Any information on API? [corrected]
Any minute now, they'll appear
any news in last hr about a shipping accident?
Any news on $CMC today?
Any one has an opinion on ESLR -Ever green solar?
Any opinions about CHK at these prices?
Any opinions on ISSC..., LMT
Any opinions on ISSC..., LMT
any opinions on VMW or EMC?
Any picks on Oil_Gas_Oil Tankers as best earnings season play?
any significant good news today?
any thoughts on AMD ?
KCS $ 25.50 Any thoughts on energy stocks?
Any thoughts on this article BANK STOCKS
Any thoughts on this article BANK STOCKS>h...
Any thoughts on this article BANK STOCKS>homes
Any way to know Short Ratios of ETF's?
Any wind turbine companies we know of ?
Anybody bought/sold anything these days?
Anybody buying Nat Gas today???
Anybody buying VLO today in the 98's
Anybody else like TEK?
Anybody follow TARR?
Anybody here following the REIT's?
Anybody like NSS at $37.00???
Anybody PLAY now?
Anybody PLAY now?
Anyone back in steel ?? (X, AKS, etc)
Anyone buying more oil tankers here - World Scale
Anyone buying more oil tankers here - World Scale
anyone can post useful info or news
ANYONE can schedule a CHAT ROOM session
anyone consid'g NUE Nucor? broke 50dma
Anyone else get these?
anyone else in NUAN --- I am but !!!
Anyone else watching to short TLT (long treasuries)?
anyone following HAL?
Anyone following Peter Schiff’s recommendations, or…
Anyone following Peter Schiff.s recommendations, or.
anyone following RIO might want to read this. ANY COMMENTS. I OWN
Anyone going away in May
Anyone got any ideas on ARRO
Anyone have a hyperlink to after-hours market quotations?
Anyone have an opinion on FST?
anyone here in AIG?
Anyone here know about or own any MDZ?
anyone here looking for some extra income/
Anyone here use LEVEL 2 for analysis
Anyone here use LEVEL 2 for analysis (sorry didn't incl link)
Anyone in equities markets should subscribe to wsj/barrons
Anyone in TGB?
Anyone know what happened with TNH?
Anyone like RIMM here
Anyone notice
Anyone own DJO? Thoughts?
Anyone recognize this driller? $CDIS
Anyone recognize this driller? $CDIS
Anyone remember 1980's Penn Square financial crisis?
Anyone see a bottom coming for metals and or O/G related
Anyone see a parallel here?
Anyone still in CMT?
Anyone taking odds on how many more days............
Anyone used ?
Anyone watch Fast Money?
- anyone who suggested that returns of about 10% per annum was....
Anyone wishing to track ............... Lets take Weather
BABA,AMZN: Alibaba to launch international Taobao, sells debut bond
AOB- earnings coming Friday
AOD Quarterly Conference Call Monday
AOD; and more on the hedged covered call strategy
AOD article
AOD Due Diligence ?
AOD Holdings
AOD jumped twenty percent in after hours
AOD now 30% ?
AOD pays 0.12 per-month
AOD Quarterly Conference Call Monday
AP - Sector Wrap: Shippers Rise on Day Rates
AMGN,ABBV: Amgen and Daiichi Sankyo team up to market biosimilars in Japan
APA ... inputs appreciated
$APA Option play
Apache Corp. see 10-15% production growth
Apache Now Sees 10%-15% Production Growth For 2006
Apartment REIT's List
BRG: DA Davidson launches coverage on apartment REITs, with focus on Sun Belt
Apartment REITS Weekly gains/ NNN(19.10)
Apartment REITS Weekly gains/ NNN(19.10)
Apartment REITS Weekly gains/ NNN(19.10)
Apartments - AEC: this could be a bad sign for the industry (REIT)
FB: Facebook Doesn't Need To Worry About Snapchat, It Has Platform Value
APC - Anadarko Pete [ APA CHK ]
APC - Anadarko Pete [ APA CHK ]
APC - earnings after the close today
APC good stock, moves fast
APC in Brazil
APC locked in rig orders after Rita 6 YEARS in advance
APC sells Oil Assets for $400 Million
APC trimming debt, increasing cash
API -- margins declining and G&A rising
API Numbers!
AINV: Apollo Investment boosted by SunTrust upgrade
$APOL a short
$APOL how I will finsih this short trade
$APOL the Option Chain
$APOL Trade Down Today
Apparently a lot of pent up demand for trucking
AAPL: Apple Is Handcuffed By How Much It Can Raise Its Dividend
Apple (AAPL - $456), Buffalo Wild Wings (BWLD - $85), Cirrus Logic (CRUS - $23)
Apple (AAPL - $456), Buffalo Wild Wings (BWLD - $85), Cirrus Logic (CRUS - $23)
Apple's 2012
other potential uses for Apple's cash hoard
Apple's iTunes Plans to Offer Viacom Movie Titles
Apple's Net Jumps On iPod, Mac Sales
Apple's Profit Surges 78% With Strong iPod Sales
Apple's Store Strategy Beat the Odds
Apple "miniPad"
Apple and China
Apple and Taiwan Semi
Apple Announces ITunes Phone Made By Motorola
Apple battery fix is out
Apple can now trade on fundamentals
Apple, Car Makers Team Up To Offer iPod Connectivity
Apple Computer (AAPL)
Apple doing just fine, thank you
Apple earning $50 per-share
Apple event: iOS 8 to launch, payments solution unveiled, more iPhone 6 buzz
Apple Eyes the Wireless Auction
Apple Finds Options 'Irregularities'
Apple forecast
Apple I phones
Apple I phones
Apple Is More Than the Sum of the iPods
Apple is turning Chinese, and that's good
Apple may see $3 of added profit on each nano this quarter
Apple Moves to Its Own Rhythm
Apple Opens Doors by Running Windows
Apple outlook for 2012
Apple Pay gets foot into a big door: U.S. government transactions
Apple phones
Apple Reaches One Billion Song Downloads on iTunes
Apple/Samsung challenger
Apple shares still a bargain
Apple supplier - good news
apple target raised
AAPL,CSCO: Apple forms alliance with Cisco; new Apple TV reportedly emphasizes Siri/gaming
Apple TV -- $612 price target on stock
Apple TV's Debut mid-March
Apple TV could be big opportunity for AAPL
Apple Unveils iMac Running on Intel Chips
Apple Unveils iPhone Cellphone ($89.80 last trade)
Apple up in a very down market today (Thursday June 23)
Apple Watch reviews arrive; SocGen downgrades to Hold
Applebee's International Inc. (APPB)
Appliance makers set to increase prices AGAIN
Apr Mnf'g ISM Report On Business - Titanium $TIE
APress on dry bulk sector today
DAL: Solid traffic reported by Delta Air Lines for April
April 2007 Nor'easter , CAT to the rescue !
April 25
Aramco mulls domestic IPO for $5 bln export refinery
ARCB 21.40
Arch Crawford CRASH (again)
ARD - Arena Resources Inc.
ARDI (JMO, I would not buy)
Are agribusiness stocks overpriced?
Are bankers expecting lower rates?
Are banks betting on rate decline?
Are Cramers' fans just too young to know better
Are insiders bullish?
Are Investors Unfairly Sour on Apple?
Are Low VIX readings
Are there public companies (potential shorts)
Are trucking stocks reflecting a slowing economy
are we discounting the fact that the fed is cutting rates next week?
are we in or close to a recession
Are We Still In A Gold Bull Market? (090911)
Are You Saving Enough for Retirement? A Guide to Figuring It Out and Funding It
Argus on JOSB
Argus on UTX (I know some follow it here)
Argus price target of $270 on CMG
WMT: Contrarian picks and pans from Credit Suisse
CSX ------ my play is RAIL (Freight Car America) ARII
ARII - Railroad car manfr / leasing
Arithmetic of suspicion about 5% position disclosures
Arlene has 40 mph winds
Armor Holdings to Buy Stewart & Stevenson
Armor Holdings to Buy Stewart & Stevenson
KSS: A Turnaround Is Coming For Kohl's Corp
ARP American Repro Co.
favorite stocks Barron's
ARRS reports after close on August 7, 8/7/2013, 2:30 pm
cars to replace
ARS: this June 22 wsj item could be promising
Bitcoin article
Article: A Cleaner, Cheaper Route to Titanium
Article: Apple Tries to Bridge DeskTop, Living Room
Article: bank stocks
Article: Bill Miller shifting to big caps and lower risk
article bullish on VZ
Article: coal: BHP, MEE, FDG
Article: emerging market plays
Article: ETFs for 2006
Article: for the golfers among us - The Perfect Sco None
Article: Forbes -- housing worsening
Article: GOOG
Article: JSDA major expansion
article: LEND mentioned
Article: Mortgage woes (3/18 wsj online): NLY mentioned
Article: NUAN growth and expansion (I own)
Article: NUAN growth and expansion [I own NUAN]
article: NXG (gold)
article of befeficiaries of sub prime consolidation
article on 1st qtr apartment vacancies and rental rates today at CNN
article on CND trusts
article on cnnmoney: " The Yuan and the restless" today
Article on dividends/ babyboomers selling stocks as they retire.
Article on dividends/ babyboomers selling stocks as they retire.
Nov. 7 article on FCX
article on GMO views
Article on Mr. Market and the Naive/Arrogant Investor
Article on upcoming iPod Video
Article: Sears (SHLD) - now a hedge fund
Article: this is part of why I have Dec calls on GW
article, why are oil prices rising
Article With Energy Ideas!
Articles: Reverse mortgages for those 62 & older
As always, continue to ignore Cramer
As Demand for Coal Rises, Risky Mines Play Bigger Role
as earnings growth slows
As for myself, I want the "con" side as much or more than the pro side
As if Things Weren't Bad Enough....
as it is written, soldiers are just hired muscle
as it is written, soldiers are just hired muscle
As kids we called it "Decoration Day"
As Much as I Hate to Say 'I Told You So' ...
As Natural Gas Rises, So Do The Fed's Problems
As night follows day.....................
As Oil Prices Rise, Investors Pour Into Risky Energy Plays
As the Empire Crumbles
As usual my two traders did not disappoint today
ASD research report in Barron's this weekend
ASFI - breakout, I posted the watch last wk/chart
ASFI - breakout, I posted the watch last wk/chart/PRAA
ASH - Ashland Inc - quiet hwy bldr
- ASHLAND INC - ASH @ 58.46
Asia market indices
Asia markets gain
Here was Asia markets last night
Asia Oil Firms May Be Lesser Threat
Asia Times says China steel glut soon/curbing foreign ore
Asian Browses Open Weak Tracing Wall Street Slum- Asian Commentary
Asian IPO Boom Means 21% Lift for JPM
Asian Lunar New Year one month later this year?
Asian markets as of Friday
Asian markets per wsj online
Asian rice market plunges into uncertainty ahead of meeting on possible cartel
Asked to comment today on the events of Sunday in Pakistan.............
ASNA; GWRE; MCP; VIPS; SNTA; JCP; MDR;- on the fly- after hours- I own VIPS
ASPO, ODAC and Peak Oil
Aspreva Pharmaceuticals (ASPV)
ASPS 51.90
ASPS $97.93
ASPV : Aspreva Pharma
TASR 24.15
Assisting subprime borrowers
Assited Living SRZ others
AMGN: Unbeatable Stocks With Everlasting Dividends (8): Expertise, Growth And An Increasing Dividend
at 10:30 when inventory announced Briefing swing trader VLO
at all-time high on SP500
at all-time high on SP500: Cramer to sheep: "Buy High" 2/2/07
AT&T and the iPhone (Nokia)
AT&T Deal to Buy BellSouth for $67 Billlion
AT&T reported today (ticker: T )
At Least Six Americans Killed in Attack at Base in Afghanistan
At Toyota, safety appears to be Job # 27 or so
ATA Reports May Truck Tonnage Index Rose 0.8%
$ATAR -Atari
Athletic Apparel
ATI (I own) Reports Earnings
Atlanta: employment healthy but foreclosures rising rapidly
Atlantic Ocean looks pretty calm to this land lover
ATP Oil & Gas ATPG
Round Table Stock for the Year: JAG, ATPG, AUY
ATPG: Barron's -- High on Energy -- Part II
ATPG Oil&Gas $41.40 1/19/06
ATPL (don't follow this stock)
ATPX - GD mystery - need help
Attack Iran Report
Attack on Iran Would Push Oil Over Edge, OPEC Says
Attn: Book Worms - $30 savings
Attn: DMND holders
Yahoo! Finance Story - After the Close: ATVI DELL HOV: Financial News - Yahoo! Finance
$ATYT ER 12-21- B/O
$ ATYT Heavy Option Contract Volume on 12-20
AU Optronics AUO
Audio Interview with "Upside Trader" (080425)
Audio Interview with Miss Trade
Audio Interview With Trader Brian Shannon (080606)
Audio Interview with Trader Carolyn Boroden (070727)
Audio Interview with Trader Dan Fitzpatrick
Audio Interview with Trader David Piscorik (070803)
Audio Interview with Trader Dick Diamond (080125)
Audio Interview with Trader Ed Ponsi (070824)
Audio Interview With Trader Eric Patterson (080814)
Audio Interview With Trader Johnson (080530)
Audio Interview With Trader Ken Calhoun (080711)
Audio Interview With Trader Mark Whistler (080613)
Audio Interview with Trader Ray Barros (080222)
Audio Interview with Trader Rob Booker (080822)
Audio Interview with Trader Steve Palmquist (080219)
Audio Interview with Traders Ben and Harold Riley (080328)
August 2 seeking alpha article on FCX (I own it)
FIG goes ex-dividend on August 9
August economy stats
GM August sales up; Ford August retail sales down 13%
August short interest stats
augustson is right
AUO 2Q-Earnings (Do not own)
AUO >AU Optronics has momo
AUO - 100% buy
Auto Execs Go to Hill to Discuss Mileage
My fax tonight to U.S. Senators: Auto incentives
Auto loans included in must-pass US spending bill
auto sales forecast
Auto sales plummet
Auto Suppliers holding strong DCN ARM TRW ETN DIOD others
Auto woes spill over: Down and Out in Bloomfield Hills
AutoDesk ADSK disappointed today
AutoDesk (ADSK) -- around $36; earnings due out August 18
AutoDesk (ADSK): bought at 38.15
AutoDesk (ADSK): downgrades
AutoDesk (ADSK) guidance today
Autodesk Inc. (ADSK)
Automotive suppliers BWA
Autos: How Housing Slump Is Risk To Big Three Rebound
AutoZone: 30% stake owned ticker: AZO
AutoZone (AZO) Anyone?? ARM
AutoZone (AZO) Anyone?? ARM
AVB (no position in the stock)
Average down on IMH - I own
Average gas price hits a record $3.72 a gallon -
Average gasoline is $3.76 per-gallon
average target on GOOG is $719; earnings this afternoon
Averaging down ? Bad choice - Hindsight is always 20/20
Averaging down ? Bad choice - Hindsight is always 20/20
Averaging down ? Hanging on or changing horses ?
Avian Bird Flu> SVA
Avian Bird Flu> SVA
AVID, AEO opinions - I do not own.
Avis Budget (CAR)
AVNR : Does anyone follow this ?
AVR ER a real good one ( Ethanol producer)
AVR ER beat est by .11
AWEA announces wind leaders in U.S.
Awful Way to Start 2008
Awfully quiet on the board today
FW: Five Stocks To Watch For The Week Of January 6: AXP, WAG, AA, APOL & SONC
AXP confirm what many bearish (realistic )pundits said
AXS, PTP up; AIG, UnitedHealth Slump; Movie Gallery Skyrockets
AXTI - AXTI Inc - also TCK -Teck Cominco Ltd
AXTI - hand held devices , germanium source - new "green" metal
B of A buy rating on COST
B of A to re-work some CountryWide loans
BA: 787 output may be hiked with new Kawasaki kiln
BA: Airbus trails Boeing deliveries, orders
BA: Alaska Air places $990M order for 10 Boeing jets
BA and NOC and the terroist think using robotics is unfair!
BA: As Goldman downgrades Boeing, Stifel stays bullish
BA: Barron's: Boeing shares should overcome worries about cyclical order peak
BA: Bloomberg: Boeing lines up buyers for early Dreamliners
BA: Boeing: Bringing The Yield
BA: Boeing -2.3% following downgrade, Airbus order cancellation
BA: Boeing 787 orders on the rise
BA: Boeing A Lucrative Buy
BA: Boeing, Air Europa announce $3.6B order
BA: Boeing's Operational Performance Stays Strong, Outlook Looks Bright
BA: Boeing's raised buyback, dividend sends shares +2.5%
BA: Boeing announces $2.8B contract with NASA
BA: Boeing, Avolon announce $2B aircraft deal
BA: Boeing, Avolon finalize aircraft order
BA: Boeing awarded $2B defense contract
BA: Boeing beats Airbus for Q1 new plane orders
BA: Boeing better positioned as company plans to lift output
BA: Boeing CEO pledges to keep returning cash to shareholders
BA: Boeing, China Eastern in plane deal worth $7.4B
BA: Boeing Could Yield 4% In 4 Years
BA: Boeing downgraded by RBC Capital
BA: Boeing Dreamliner receives U.S. approval for expanded long-range flying
BA: Boeing, Emirates complete $56B order
BA: Boeing exec says will hike jet output if only sustainable
BA: Boeing extends run to record highs as several firms raise price targets
BA: Boeing finalizes $13B wide-body plane order
BA: Boeing finalizes Turkish Airlines' $1.6B order
BA: Boeing forecasts air cargo traffic to double in the next 20 years
BA: Boeing Has Strong Tailwinds To Support More Growth
BA: Boeing hits 52-week highs on surging profit, cash flow
BA: Boeing likely to win "space taxi" contract
BA: Boeing-Lockheed JV to develop rocket engine with Bezos-led firm
BA: Boeing misses on top line, reaffirms 2015 guidance
BA: Boeing on the way to $200, Sterne Agee says
BA: Boeing price target lifted at Barclays
BA: Boeing raises outlook after strong earnings increase
BA: Boeing receives $250M contract to upgrade NATO aircraft
BA: Boeing receives its largest-ever African plane order
BA: Boeing reports $374B commercial backlog, $67B defense backlog
BA: Boeing reports on Q2 deliveries
BA: Boeing sees sales of 6,000 planes to China over next two decades
BA: Boeing soars on strong results
BA: Boeing: Stabilizing Operating Margins Through Timed R&D Expenses?
BA: Boeing, Swiss Air finalize order
BA: Boeing to hike 737 production rate to 52/month in 2018
BA: Boeing to receive $5.1B order
BA: Boeing turns sharply lower as lackluster cash flow disappoints
BA: Boeing: Upside Towards $150
BA: Boeing Will Continue To Outperform The Broader Market
BA: Boeing: Worth $150 Despite Messy Earnings
BA: Bullish Airbus outlook foresees $4.6T airliner market
BA: Can Boeing's Epic Backlog Drive Future Growth?
BA: CIT Group places $2.5B plane order with Boeing
BA,FB: Fidelity's Danoff's picks
BA I own
BA is on sale today
BA: NASA confirms Boeing, SpaceX partnership to build space taxis
BA: Record orders continue at Farnborough Airshow
BA: Reuters: Boeing, Monarch Airlines to close on $3B contract
BA: Reuters: India eyes $1B Sikorsky helicopter deal, other U.S. arms
BA: Reuters: Ryanair in talks with Boeing for $10B order
BA: Ryanair confirms Boeing purchase; deal includes option for additional 100
Jim Chanos thinks Alibaba is shady
BABA: Alibaba -9.1% on revenue miss, low take rate; Yahoo -6.7%
BABA: Alibaba's Tmall chief reportedly sacked; new regulations planned
BABA: Alibaba falls below $88; Rosenblatt, MKM offer bullish remarks
BABA: Alibaba falls to new post-IPO lows, takes Yahoo down with it
BABA: Alibaba Is Extremely Undervalued And Has Great Growth Potential
BABA: Alibaba pares gains; Yahoo turns negative
BABA: Alibaba says SEC's in contact over regulator dispute
BABA,AMZN: Alibaba to launch international Taobao, sells debut bond
BABA: Analysts defend Alibaba's valuation; Yahoo an activist target?
BABA: Are You Still Drooling Over Alibaba?
BABA: China Jobs And Consumers Weigh On Alibaba Shares
BABA: China’s SAIC attacks Alibaba over illegal business
BABA price target slashed to $98
BABA: Stop... Don't Buy Alibaba On Friday
BABA: suit bsns practices and alleged nondisclosure pre-IPO
BABA: Yahoo, Alibaba rally following (more) positive notes
BABA: Yahoo pares gains, Alibaba -3.1% as spinoff news digested
BABA: Yahoo plans tax-free spinoff of Alibaba stake; shares +6.4%
BABA YHOO: Alibaba skyrockets following massive IPO
SNH: A REIT Taking Advantage Of The Baby Boomers
BAC and Financials
BAC BofA warns
FW: Today's Top 10 Trending Stocks: GRT, BAC, CSCO
BAC CFC ACAS SCBT GE, and I need tips
BAC EBAY & GE My first post here-
BAC trading accounts
Back In: Bought RRI (or not...)
Back In: Bought RRI (or not...)
Back in Iraq
Back in the market with a more disciplined approach
Back in XING
Back into CAKE & IGT sold CPNO watching ALJ & ARLP
Back into MO and IGR, added to GE
back out of ALJ
Back Testing Motley Fool
Backed the truck up on BRK yesterday
Bad news for MF ... but
Bad news for stocks
bad news for Visa and MasterCArd
Bad Sign: Social Security to start cashing Uncle Sam's IOUs
Bad time to buy a house
bad timing: insider buying in HOM
Bad trade execution XIDE
baffled, naive...and determined
Baffling Economics
Baidu - next GOOG?
bailout blinders on
Bailout of Detroit automakers
Bailout prospects
Bailout stands for bamboozle
Bailouts for distressed homeowners
Bailouts, rescues, cash injections in U.S. economy total $8.5 trillion
Bailouts - The Plaque Of Economic Hygiene (090522)
Baker Hughes: North American Rig Count Up To 2,222
Bakken - Enough oil for 40 years - valuation of reserves
Bakken - Enough oil for 40 years - Consider CNQ
Bakken - Enough oil for 40 years - valuation of reserves
The budget should be balanced...
Baltic Dry Index Signals Trouble ahead
NYCB: BAMl buys the dip in New York Community Bancorp
BAM - Brookfield Asset Management Keeps Generating
BAM buys Brazil power assets
BAM - I own
$BAM is still on a tear
Bank CDs and bonds are not an option
Bank CEOs Go To Washington
OK, so we've only had 16 bank failures so far this year
Bank of America says closing money market fund
Bank of America to cut dividend, issue more stock
Bank of America Writing Down $3B in Assets, Spending $600M to Support Money Mark
Bank of England Raises Key Rate to 5%
Bank of England voted 8-0 to hold rates
Bank of Japan Hike Talk Boosts Yen
Bank of Japan Leaves Rates Unchanged
bank stocks
Celebrity Bankers And The Falling Dollar (110501)
Banking Index
FIG: More talent exits the banking sector
Banking woes and fear grip European markets
Bankrupt Nation: pension debt next??
bankruptcies at all-time high
SHLD: Sears CDS Bearish After RadioShack Bankruptcy
Bankruptcy bill wld wipe out certain credit card debt (not all)
Bankruptcy filings surge
Bankruptcy for an auto mfr is not same as bankruptcy
Banks stocks rally
Banks and banking
Banks and Dividends
Banks Face Further Pressure
Banks facing political heat
Banks Naked Shorting Oultlawed list
Banks: negative article in this weekend's Barron's (here's excerpt)
Banks See Green in Carbon Projects
Banks stocks rally
Banks today 8-1-07 BSC
Bar chart Lead sectors 12-12-07
Barack said last night that today Geithner............
Barack should be pissed: Daschle knew.......
Barack wants the other $350 bln in TARP funds Sector performance Link added today - sectors with greatest alpha pt losses Monday Top 100 - Daily data 11-12-07
Barchart - Sectors with positive alpha gains today 12-04-07
Barchart Top 100 12-11-07 "sectors"
Barclays "overweight" on AAPL
Barclays reiterates overweight rating on AAPL: target $515
Barclays shares suspended after sharp fall on write-down fears
Bargains for the long term
Barge business losing thousands of dollars because of flood
Barnes & Noble and Facebook had huge insider . . .
Barnett Shale - Colorado, Utah Rival OPEC Reserves,
Barnett Shale / DVN / XTO, more
Barring unlikely circumstances, I'll be buying more ALJ next week.
favorite stocks Barron's
Barron's 10/16: Charley Maxwell on oil
Barron's - 16-Year Housing Slump? It Could Happen
Barron's 3/26: MasterCard panned on legal liability exposure
Barron's-$8,000 an Ounce Gold Part II
Barron's-$8,000 an Ounce Gold Part II
Barron's - A Bull With Very Short Legs
Barron's: AAPL FB
Barron's: AAPL FB
Barron's - Airlines Flying With a Strong Tailwind
Barron's - "The Little Book"
my pitch for barron's and wsj online
Barron's -- ANF, NKE, GM
Barron's - Anxiety Without Panic -- For Now
Barron's - Apple's Plodding iPod Sales
Barron's -Apple Phone May Steal Motorola's Appeal
Barron's: Are Allstate's Hands Arthritic?
Barron's article about REITs
Barron's article Feb. 7 re competition for Apple's iPod
Barron's article speculating on whether metals stocks have a bubble
Barron's article/ time to check NSS
Barron's: Back to Business at Broadcom
Barron's - Big Quality in Big-Caps
Barron's - Bristol-Myers' Successful Courting
Barron's - BTU -- Sooty, but Stylish
Barron's -Bullish Bet on Joe Consumer
Barron's C SCO (I own)
Barron's - Can-Do View on Alcoa
Barron's - caution about ethanol pricing and stocks
Barron's -- Choosing an on-line broker (3/13 article)
Barron's - Cleveland-Cliffs Is Cheap
Barron's: Coal Companies May Take Some Lumps
Barron's Commodities column: Gas Beats Oil
Barron's - Copper: a Bit a Cropper
Barron's: Copper Could Get Clobbered
Barron's - Corporate Profits Set to Slide
Barron's cover story this weekend
Barron's Cover story: bearish on Google (GOOG)
Barron's cover story: COP the best big-cap value
Barron's cover story - IPOs Catch Fire
Barron's Cover story: Roche and biotechs (a few paragraphs here)
Barron's Cover story- Still Betting on the Bull
Barron's cover story this weekend
Barron's cover story worth a read: consolidation in software
Barron's cover story: XMSR superior to SIRI
Barron's - CYBX
Barron's dividend stocks
Barron's - Downside Limited in Valero
Barron's - Drain on Solar Energy
Barron's -- EBAY's new Kijiji classified site "very large"
Barron's --Energy, an Aging Bull
Barron's - ethanol corn etc. Cattle and hogs
Barron's - ethanol corn etc. Cattle and hogs
Barron's - Ethanol, multiple risks
Barron's - Ethanol, Solar Plays Could Shine in '07
Barron's - Fertilizers Stocks Could Start to Wilt
Barron's - Fine Time for Selling Refining Puts
Barron's - Forget About $50 Oil
Barron's Friday Preview
Barron's - Higher Rates May Give Stock Investors Pause
Barron's Insider buying: OMM, ACAS, more
Barron's - Insider Buying/Selling
Barron's - Insurance Stocks Shouldn't Be Casualties
Barron's interview: bullish on crude
Barron's interview: contrarian predicts $45 crude
Barron's interview: positive on GOOG - Part II
Barron's interview Pt. I -- negative on housing, positive on GOOG
Barron's interview: this could last a couple more years
Barron's interview worth a read
Barron's Issue of August 8, 2005
Barron's Jim Rogers bullish on commodities -- Part II
Barron's - Jim Rogers on commodities Part I
Barron's - Marathon Oil Stock Has Less Room to Run
Barron's- Market's Ready for September -- Part II
Barron's- Market's Ready for September -- Part II
Barron's - negative on gambling stocks
Barron's - Oil Stocks Set for a Downshift
Barron's on BABA (I have no position)
Barron's on Blackstone
Barron's on CNQ and SU
Barron's on Countrywide Fincl, Berkshire, USB, WFC, more
Barron's on GM puts
Barron's on housing troubles
Barron's on line :SGP . Turning Around A Drug Maker Takes Time
barron's on PFE
Barron's Online - A Bullish Call on Sprint
Barron's Online - After Dems Win House, Be Careful What You Wish For
Barron's Online - Bites Off the Apple
Barron's Online - Bringing Back Economic Balance
Barron's Online - Bullish and Fully Fueled
Barron's Online - Canadian Oil Firms Slip
Barron's Online - Charting The Market
Barron's Online - Covered call writing in IRAs
Barron's Online - Deflationary Pressures Likely to Persist
Barron's Online - Earnings in 2008 Should Disappoint
Barron's Online - EBay Has a Sweet Bidder Outlook
Barron's Online - Gas Price May Be Summer Bummer
Barron's Online - Gasoline Industry Running on Empty
Barron's Online - Golden Opportunity?
Barron's Online - Google's Value? Search Me!
Barron's Online - HDTV: Who Wins, Who Loses
Barron's Online - Independent Refiners May Be Decliners
Barron's Online - Inflation Blown Out of Proportion
Barron's Online - New Energy Bill Could Thrill Drillers
Barron's Online - Oil Refiners Have an Open Road
Barron's Online - Oil Tankers Raising Hull
Barron's Online - OPEC Roasts Corn Fuel
Barron's Online - Petrohawk Energy Head Swoops In
Barron's Online - Quiet Gusher
Barron's Online - Reality Check on Rail Stocks
Barron's Online - Sears Holdings Holds Further Potential
Barron's Online - Semiconductors Unbecoming
Barron's Online - Shared Intelligence
Barron's Online - Silver's Golden Moment
Barron's Online - tepid near-term outlook on coal
Barron's Online - Tesoro May Be Facing Tough Times
Barron's Online - The Worm is Turning for Bank Stocks
Barron's Online - Treasurys end at lows today
Barron's Online - U.S. Continues to Guzzle Gas Inventories
Barron's Online - U.S. Gas Demand to Put Pedal to the Metal
Barron's Online - Universal Health May Lose Some Vigor
Barron's Online - Valero Is Still Rarified
Barron's Online - Wacky Winter for Gas
Barron's Online - Ways to Dodge the Tech Jitters
Barron's Online - Whole Foods May Get Trimmed
Barron's- Party May Be Over for PBMs
Barron's picks this weekend
Barron's Poison Pen: PNRA (Panera Bread)
Barron's Preview
BARRON'S PREVIEW: August 15 edition
BARRON'S PREVIEW: Dec. 12 issue
Barron's Preview (I still get these even tho subscription expired)
BARRON'S PREVIEW: Nov. 21 issue due out Saturday
BARRON'S PREVIEW of this weekend's issue
Barron's - Rail Stocks May Get Spiked
Barron's - Rail Stocks Set to Rally
Barron's -- Recent insider activity
Barron's - Refining Dazzles With Diesel Demand
Barron's research: DNA, KBH, PENN, others
Barron's research : Genentech DNA
Barron's research reports: DAL, Fannie, HPQ
Barron's research reports: AMZN AAPL
Barron's research reports: DAL, Fannie, HPQ
Barron's Research Reports - HAL and others this weekend
Barron's research: SPN (I don't own or follow this stock)
Barron's - Running Lower on Refined Inventories
Barron's - Sales and Purchases of Stocks, Insiders
Barron's - SanDisk's New Problem
Barron's: SFBC Insiders Bet on Positive Results
Barron's SIA Lifts Outlook For Chip-sales Growth ; SNDK mentioned
Barron's - Silver Investing Won't Be in Vain
Barron's -Some Magic Picks
Barron's -- some sanity on the Fed
Barron's -- still more insider buying in CHK
Barron's - Sun Micro's Macro Outlook Unappealing
Barron's- Taking Inventory of Refiners: SU and VLO
Barron's: Tech Stocks Suffer as Earnings Season Opens
Barron's this weekend will discuss energy stocks
Barron's - Time to Bet on Options -- Pt. II
Barron's - Time to Bet on Options -- Pt. II
Barron's top picks for 2014
Barron's - Top Spins
Barron's - Tough Times Won't Eat Away at Chipotle
Barron's -Two Affordable Big Biotech Stocks
Barron's - Unwrapping Alcoa's Aluminum Outlook
Barron's - Western Union Calling
Barron's - What Could Go W/ China? Pt. II
Barron's - What Now for the Dow Jones 30?
Barron's - Will Apple's iPhone "Roadmap" Show Be a RIM Shot?
Barron's - Yen-Carry Traders Get Carried Away
F (from barrons today)
Barrons - A Big Misread on Nokia
Barrons - Adjusting Offshore Drillers EPS a Bit
Barrons - Adobe Outlook May Be Less Sweet
Barrons arithmetic on JOSB
Barrons - Back to the 1987?
Barrons - Best Positioned Internet Large Caps
Barrons - Bye, Bubble? Price of Oil May Be Peaking
Barrons - Bye, Bubble? Price of Oil May Be Peaking - China 18% jump
Barrons - Corn Prices Could Pop Higher
Barrons cover- What Could Go Wrong w/ China? Part I
Barrons - Don't Hang Up on Nokia
barrons excerpt today on AAPL
Barrons - H-P Set to Stay Ahead of Dell
Barrons insider buying - Chipotle Buyer Stuffs Stake
barrons: insider selling at Burlington Northern
Barrons - Mobile Data Is on the Move
Barrons -- Morgan says chip sector worse
Barrons - Not a Great Time to Pick Apple
Barrons - Office-Supplies Sales Bound to Disappoint
Barrons on Anadigics (ANAD)
I'll pitch barrons online and wsj online
barrons online: fine time for refiners
barrons online on stock funds flows last week
barrons online today reports large insider.........
Barrons - Research Reports
Barrons - Tesoro May Have a Bummer of a Summer
Barrons - The Lowe's (LOW) Advantage
Barrons - Timing Market Tops and Bottoms
Barrons - Visa Outlook Bright Even in Slow Economy
Barrons - What's the Real P/E Ratio?
barronsonline: CLF (I own)
barronsonline: Small and Medium Banks Could Slip
GFMS Metals consulting: positive on copper; mixed/negative on other base metals
Baseball (brewski)
Baseball + youth + excellence
Basic Materials Wholesale sector
baught ABX - view of the market
Bausch & Lomb Solution Recall Exposes Risks for Eye Infections
BB&T Capital initiates SWFT ($30 tgt) and MRTN ($24 tgt) with Buys
BB&T Capital initiates YELL ($65 tgt), USAK ($30 tgt), JBHT ($25 tgt), SWFT ($30 tgt) and MRTN ($24 tgt) with Buys
BBBY (Bed Bath & Beyond)
BBBY earnings tomorrow 6/22
BBBY sales actually rose; beat estimates
$BBBY some early heavy JAN 42.5 CALL Volume
MAIN: Insiders Are Grabbing Main Street Capital
BBW at 26.80: two days in a row a good bounce off intraday low
BBW (Don't Own)
BBW (I own)
BBW raises guidance (I own)
BBY a best buy here?
$BBY a Buy ? with some F,C,N
BBY a rare short recomendation
BBY,AMZN: Retail tailwinds start to pick up
BBY and SYMC (no position in either) -- some observations
BBY (Best Buy)
BBY (Best Buy) no position in the stock
BBY big beat
BBY ceo sees TV prices continuing to fall
BBY ER 12-18-07
BBY ER 12-18-07
$BBY ER 3-30 BO Todays option Chain
BBY - great balance sheets make these things possible
BBY (I have no position)
BBY (I own )
$BBY is this good or bad news ?
BBY: pros and cons (at 44.85 today on earnings disappointment)
BBY rating cut slightly
BBY revenue guidance
$BBY Some F,C, N
BBY - Target raised to $100
BBY upgraded - I own it
BBY upgraded - I own it
BC Top 100 12-12-07 - daily changes - leaders
BC TOP 100 5-20 to 5-21 changes
BC TOP 100 5-21 to 5-22 changes
BC Top 100 5 day list changes
BC TOP 100 (7-14 to 7-16 changes)
BC Top 100 & MG 85 weekly changes (1-25 to 2-1)
BC Top 100 - changes 01-10-08 - notes
Questions - BC Top 100 - changes 12-13-07
BC Top 100 - changes 12-14-07
BC Top 100 - changes 12-17-07 - curious data today
BC Top 100 changes 3-21 to 3-28 - rel strength gains
BC Top 100 changes 4-25 to 5-2 - rel strength gains
BC Top 100 changes for 5-20-08 -------------- CLR #1 gainer
BC TOP 100 -Fri 7-25 to Mon 7-28
BC Top 100 stocks 1-7-08
Relative strength - Reply to - BC Top 100 stocks group 2-28 to 4-4-08
BC100 - 4-18 to 4-25 changes - 5d rs gains / losses
BC100 - 5 day changes
BC100 Daikly change 6-5 to 6-6 - Alt energies
BC100 Daily Change 7-3-08
BC100 daily change - 5-30 to 6-2
BC100 Daily Change 6-16- to 6-17
BC100 Daily change 6-20 to 6-23
BC100 Daily Change 7-2-08
BC100 Daily Change 7-3-08
BC100 Daily change Fri 4-18 to Mon 4-21
BC100 Daily changes - 6-3 to 6-4
BC100 - Daily chg - 6-10 to 6-11
BC100 - Daily chg - 6-11 to 6-12
BC100 - Finance manipulated by Fed - 7-17-08
BC100 Fri 5-16 to Mon 5-19 changes
BC100 Two day Change - 7/30 to 8/1
BC100 WEEKLY changes - looking for sector rotation if any 6-13 to 6-20
BC100 WEEKLY changes - looking for sector rotation if any 6-13 to 6-20
BCA Research: Stay Overweight Energy
BCA Research: stay overweight refiners
BCEI 52.40
re-entered BCF at 14.39
BCF - BlackRock Real Asset Trust
BCON ----> Check Out ACPW Awesome insider Buying
BCON ----> Check Out ACPW Awesome insider Buying
Buying now/BCRX
BCTOP 100 changes 5-9 to 5-16 - SHIPPING !!! SOLAR !!!
BCTOP 100 - Daily chg - leadership - 7-29-08
BCTop 100 - momentum MG <85rsi eps - fundamental
BDCI .07 vol creeping up to 600k & only 4 mil os this could realy move today imo
BDCs: a list with book value and dividend yield
bdic --- what the.... enough already !!!!!
BDK - Black and Decker - says something of coming growth ... but
Be careful of steel stocks
Be Careful What You Wish For
Beacon Equity Research - PCC
TSLA bear case
Bear Call Spread on SPY
bear in hiding
Bear Market?- VIX - how to buy?
Bear Market?- VIX - how to buy?
Bear May Have To Bail Second Hedge Fund
Bear raises HPQ estimates and target (to $62)
Bear Stearns - any more to come ? Thoughts
Bear Stearns: Behind S&P's Negative Call
Bear Stearns on Airlines
Bear Stearns On Refiners!
LEH - Ouchhh!!!!!! Bear Stearns similar companies
Bear Stearns take on 2008 oil prices
bearish articles on energy
Bearish key reversals in all indices today
bearish on CMG
bearish view
Bears day Out!
Bears get paid while you wait TWM QID SDS
Bears on Tuesday , Bulls yesterday who will win Today ?
Beauty of covered calls is twofold
BEAZER homes down sharply
Favorable piece on GRMN AEO SYK BEBE
$BEBE when this pullback is over look for BEBE to resume it's upward mone
Bed Bath & Beyond warns; Bernanke concerned
Bed Bath & Beyond (BBBY)....Don't own
Bee dieoff
Been away a while but I'm baaaack.... long on ASF, MSTR & others
Been thinking about the enthusiasm of Cramer's flock
Before rushing in, remember what happened on EBAY's report
Before you panic-sell your energy stocks......
Before you pay toooooo much attention.....
began re-entering CMG today at 226
began re-entering DXPE @ 32.53 today
Began shorting EWZ (Brazil) today
Behind Early Shopping Frenzy: Big Deals, Worries About Season
Behind Friday's jobs report, some really good news
behind the AT&T numbers this morning
behind VELT downgrades
Beige Book today @ 2:00 PM
Being 52 it is easier to be relatively carryover debt free
Below 35, I'm buying$ NFI
Ben's helicopter out today .
Benjamin Graham's "The Intelligent Investor"
BEP -- S&P 500 Covered Call Fund
Berkshire earnings
Berkshire a BUY
Berkshire adds J&J stake
Berkshire book value rises
Berkshire buys stake in Bank of America, adds to UNH & WLP
Berkshire buys 57 million shares of UK retailer
Berkshire Buzz: Buffett's Buying
Berkshire Credit Swaps Rise to Record Leve l, Implying ‘Junk’
Berkshire director sells
Berkshire earnings
Berkshire H athaway  BRKA   BRKB
Berkshire Hathaway
Berkshire Hathaway Adjusts Its Holdings
Berkshire Hathaway's Korean steel industry bet
Berkshire Hathaway BRKA BRKB
Berkshire Hathaway earnings are UP
Berkshire Hathaway has broken out
Berkshire Hathaway Reports 945,000-Shr Home Depot Stake
Berkshire report: Buffett Seeks Replacement
Bernanke Feb. 27 on further rate cuts and inflation concerns
Bernanke Is Wrong on Inflation, Goldman, Merrill Say
Bernanke on 60 Minutes tonight
Bernanke: Perhaps even-more opaque than his predecessor!!!!!
Bernanke Put
Bernanke: small is beautiful
Bernanke today
Bernie was right this time:
Best Buy's problems
Best Buy (BBY) EARNINGS due out Tues. Dec. 12, 12/12/2006, 9:00 am
Best Buy (BBY)
Best Buy Conference Call Summary (I don't own)
Best Buy experiment? Geeks? someone report back
Best Buy Geek Squad
Best Buy market gains
Best-Buy policies
Best Buy Return Policy
Best Buy Sees FY07 Rev $35B, Upper End Of Earlier Outlook
Best Buy to Join Crowded Field In China Market
Best Buy vs. AMZN
Best description I heard today of the bailout
Best investment advice I've ever received....
best investment strategies & Newsletters
Best job market in four years for college grads - Oct. 27, 2006
Best oil plays reply
best performance sectors
best play in energy seems to me to be OXY
Best Quote Ever!!!
Best reason for a rally tomorrow
Best Stock Market Show
Best to post an "independent" message, rather than a contrary "reply"
Best to stay in energy till this storm blows thru-
Bettin' on a bounce
Betting Against The Fed (110228)
Betting on a Bond Rally
Bewa Terry's Tips "auto-trading"
buyer beware
beware - AAII and VIX
Beware AT&T scam
Beware, bewa the CNBC face persons
Beware investing in a retirement community
BEXP - One of Top weekly losers BC100 - we may see some new sector leaders
Beyond Cable & DSL - verizon's FIOS big in our area.
beyond CDs
Beyond Google
Beyond sad, but thanks to the Governor
Beyond Silicon:
sold bgf, bought tues
BGR- Blackrock Energy etf selling at 9.28%discount
BGR holdings/appreciate all comments19.7%Canada
The Bakken OIL BHI could be a winner
$BHI raised guidance: PTEN
Mary Kay BHIP (excerpt from last earnings release 8/11)
BHP Billiton: Why I do not invest in this stocks: low earnings trend
BHP, CX - Buying Overseas With Less Risk
**** BHP=Diversified Oil Gas Mineral Group ****
$BHP looking for a stock that has Metals , Oil , Coal, Gas , Gold , Silver , and everything elae
$BHP nice TA
BHP potential acquisition of WMC and what it may mean.
BHP, RTP, and IRon ORe
$BHP some good CALL action
BI Newsletter
Biased news media
Bid/Ask Question
Bidding war chills U.S. plan to import natural gas
BIDU- chart of the day
BIDU is here.........
BIDZ (Nasdaq) debuts on the IBD100 list at #2 + article in 11/19 IBD paper
Big 3 and Union Contract Talks
big 5 oils botback $85bill in stock since 2000
Big 'Net Bets
Big Brother: Justice Department Wants Internet Firms to Store Data
Big builder's orders down in a healthy market
Big chunk of defaulted mortgages are investors
Big Companies Put Record Sums Into Buybacks
Big Cramer reversal on oil
BIG day 4 finanicals
big dividend by HMA
Big Drillers Look Like Big Deals Right Here...Cramer
Big Gun Joins Options Investigations
MMM would add big if not owned
big insider buy: TARR (I own)
big insider sales on AEOS
Big Oil's Accounting Methods Fuel Criticism
Big oil, energy stocks, and the election
Big Oil Playing A Bluff
big order for Boeing (I own BA)
GILD,BMY: One member of Big Pharma bids adieu to HCV
Big Picture Looks Risky
Big Players Join Race to Put Farm Waste Into Your Gas Tank
Big stuff re Pensions
Big Three bailout
Big Three reduce Leasing options
Big Upset: Small Stocks' Gains Defy Experts
Bigest Losers info- JD
Biggest changes in NYSE short interest
Biggest Christmas ever
Biggest correction in OIH..
Biggest Gainers and Losers 1/27/06
Biggest Gainers and Losers with significant volume FEB 02, 2006
Biggest Losers today and below: Last Five Days > 500 Mil Cap]
Biggest Mistake
biggest mistakes
Biggest Negative Surprises -Earnings
Biggest percent gainers with significant volume 2/13/06
Biggest Percentage Gainers & Losers 2/07/06
BIIB,ABBV: FDA accepts AbbVie/Biogen MS drug BLA
Bill: about steel
Bill Gross is wrong about equities
Bill Gross April 2007 Investment Outlook
The over-rated Bill Gross of PIMCO
Bill Gross on interest rates and bond market (Jan. 31 Barron's)
Bill Gross Wants PIMCO Bailout
Bill Miller Bet on Housing Slump End, Buy Centex
Bill Miller Is Bullish
Bill Miller: What's luck got to do with it?
Bill Nygren likes AMZN
Bill Nygren on WU and FDC
Billionare George Soros
Billions spent in Iraq
bio-tech stocks
Biofuels boost fertilizer demand , re :POT
Biogen, Elan sued for allegedly concealing MS drug risks
Biomedical device co.
Biometric bonanza
Alternate energies and Biometrics
biotech and pharma discussion group
Biotech slumps
Biotech Stock bounce Monday?
for those interested in biotech stocks
AMGN / biotechs generally
BIP book value / share (I own)
bird flu plays
Bird flu , SVA is the one in this story$5.50 is chart support
Bird flu , SVA is the one in this story$5.50 is chart support
Bird-Flu Virus Too Deep in Lungs To Spread Easily Among Humans
Bizarre Market
Bizzaro Market Is Killing the Grizzled Veteran
BJS earnings and guidance (I'm not in the stock)
$BJS a oil service company with F,C ,N and a 1,2,3 chart $BBY has a ER soon
$BJS a oil service company with F,C ,N and a 1,2,3 chart $BBY has a ER soon
BJS -- conflicting views
BJS downgraded; what a disappointing stock this is
BJS (July 16 Barron's research report)
BKC / Slowdown plays
BKC internecine conflict
BKC / Slowdown plays
Black Friday sales data starting to come in
Black Friday sales up 6 percent over '05
Black Hills Corporation - BKH
I own Blackstone BX
Blackstone Group hedge fund files for $4 billion IPO
Blackstone IPO Aims To Keep Control As Public Entity
Blackstone IPO priced at $31 a share, top end of range
Blackstone profit triples
Blackstone to Announce Takeover Plan for Equity Office
Blame Reg FD for This Rough Market....Cramer
Blame This Action on Options Expiration...Cramer
Bleeding , market momentum're not alone- Monday market closed?
Bleeding with're not alone
Blessings and Cheer
AMGN: Data from late-stage study show Amgen's Blincyto improves survival in treatment-resistant leukemia
Blind Squirrels /Broke Clocks
BLM says 60 percent of land off limits
BLMN: Bloomin' Brands Bloomed Again
BLMN $28 target
BLMN: Bloomin' Brands Looks Like A Good Contrarian Play
BLMN earnings today
BLMN expansion plans 2014
BLMN (I own it)
BLMN: Mild comp gains at Bloomin' Brands
Blog entry: Netflix vs. Blockbuster Revisited
Hang in there Mike75x5 - Blood, blood, bloody blood (part 3)
Blood, blood, bloody blood (part 2)
Hang in there Mike75x5 - Blood, blood, bloody blood (part 3)
Blood, blood, bloody blood (part 3)/ECA
Elon Musk's Tesla Strategy: Win Big by Falling Short - Bloomberg
Bloomberg Business news channel
The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)
BLUD beats expectations
Blue-Chip Gains Rouse Bears
Blue chips gain Friday morning after jobs report - Sep. 1, 2006
Blues Clues - Interesting "correlation" -- NOT
BLX is a stock I own
BMD- A different way to play the oil sands?
$BMET ER 12 -21- B/O
Yahoo! Finance Story - BMHC Reports Fourth Quarter and Annual 2006 Financial Results: Financial News - Yahoo! Finance
BMHC: hurricane play? - Paid $75M For Davis Bros Framing
BMHC one of fastest growing companies
BMHC one of fastest-growing companies (I own)
I own CELG,BMY: Bristol-Myers may be mulling bid for Celgene
BMY,GILD: FDA agrees to review Bristol-Myers' NDA for HCV drug
BMY,GILD: FDA clears Bristol-Myers HIV-1 combo drug
BNI's Buffet $100/sh take over offer
BNI - Berkshire Holds 10.9% Stake in Burlington Northern
BNI ER 1-23 B/O
BNI net $1.27 / share (stock is down this a.m.)
BNI - Question for those knowledgable in Options
Bob Pisani
bobmarine, in regards to EXM
bobmarine, in regards to EXM
Bodman nat gas story (feel free tell me if bad link)
Body Armor Shortage> CRDN, AH, DHB
Body Armor Shortage> CRDN, AH, DHB
BA: Boeing: Bringing The Yield
Boeing Could See Its Wings Clipped
Boeing stretches new 747, increases seating capacity
BofA positive on homebuilders, inventory of existing homes for sale at lowes
BofA shuffles Countrywide debt
BofA to buy MER for $29 a share; maybe
Boght FCX - 1% of portfolio at this time.
Bogus Fed Chatter
Bolivia Renationalization
Bolling said to like CHK
Bond fund risk
ETF for Bond yields peak ?
TSLA maturing bonds
Anchor Glassworks -Bonds? how to find info company
Bonds not necessarily "safe"
Bonds Signal Challenges Ahead for Economy
Boneheaded Fed Means More Pain Ahead
booght BBY at 44.88
Berkshire book value rises
Book: "Confessions of a Wall Street Analyst" (newspaper this a.m.)
Book Recommendation: Fooling Some of the People All of the Time
Book Recommendation: The Trillion Dollar Meltdown by Charles R. Morris
book recommendation with some info
Book review: for business history buffs: History of Wall Street
Berkshire book value rises
book value breakdown on MUSA-try again
book value breakdown on MUSA-try again
Book value of Tankers
Books and Movies Yahoo forum
Books on Investing
VNQ: Commercial Real Estate Still Booming
$BOOM A 1,2,3 buy point forming .
BOOM explodes....
Boomers , Banks, and Gas stations
booming small refiner ? ? ?
FSYS - Boone Pickens Picks Clean Energy -Forbes
Booya Bafoon Shorting GM
borrowers slower on making payments
Boston Scientific (BSX)
Boston Scientific Gets Another Warning Letter
BOT 300 $LYG Today
bot back into CMG at 54 this morning
bot BSX Boston Scientific 29.60
bot BZH Beazer Homes 46.75
bot COP, CLF, PCO, PCU today/HAL
bot COP, CLF, PCO, PCU today/HAL
bot FAZ
bot GMR 100sh @ 48.95 General Maritime
bot IIIN @ 10.10
bot JNJ today
bot more ALJ at 28.76
bot more HTE 31.90, filled gap 31.85-32
BOT Morgan Stanley MWD
bot Otter Tail Corporation (OTTR) yesterday, forgot to post
bot PHK @ 14.20
bot PTEN @ 25.15 Patterson drilling
bot PWEI today at 31.91
bot PWI (Canroy) @ 24.96
Bot some more QQQ Puts and ORB today
bot VLO-Valero $75.58 after sell'g @ 78.60
Both GM and F reported profits for Q2, however
Bottom 20 sectors - Financial sector gains
Bottom fishing: ELN (Elan)
bought 100 SRS at 20.90
bought 100sh back(sold 47.75)CCJ @ $45.10
bought 100sh PMGYF 16.80 Paramount CanRoy
bought 200sh RVT 20.15
bought a little SWFT @ 23.30 support is 23.04
bought AAPL
bought AAPL today at 84.47
bought ABB
bought ABX
bought ADBE
Bought (added) MAGS; Crooks or the developers of a new commercial business?
Bought AH 51.75
bought AH Armor Holdings- tech buy signal
bought AIG at 3.60
Bought ALJ...and some thoughts on DXPE
Bought ALJ and CMT
Bought ALJ...and some thoughts on DXPE
bought ALJ, EWJ, FDG
Bought ARLP - Coal - this morning
Bought ARLP today
bought AXS today: super free cash flow picture and balance sheet
bought (back)100sh NSS 37.73 oversold/at support
bought back ALJ
bought back into ALJ and added to PTEN this am.
Bought back into ALJ this morning
bought back into CAKE today
Bought BAS @ $27
bought BEP at 18.59
bought Berkshire in the form of BRKB
bought Best Buy at 46.45
I bought BIF today at 10.11
Bought BIIB.......good move? or bad?
Bought BJS
Bought BJS @ $30.39
Bought BP at $67.50
Bought BRCM today
Bought BRK.B yesterday @ 69.89
bought BTU yesterday
Bought BX
bought CLF
bought CAT at 72.94 - strong support at 63 to 65
bought CAT at 72.94 - strong support at 63 to 65
bought CAT at 72.94 - strong support at 63 to 65
bought CCJ @ 42.50 Cameco mining
bought CCJ Cameco @ 43.40
Bought CEG
bought CELG again today
bought CHL and AAPL today
bought CMT at 5.69 this am.
bought CMT at 5.69 this am.
Bought CNTF (China play)
bought COP at 61.30; here's a news item
Bought CREE and ALTI lightened up on STC
bought CROX at 53.71
bought CROX at 53.71
Bought DD @50.91
Bought DEO
Bought DOW, ZMH today, sold off some PG
Bought DRL $4.05
bought DRS
bought DRS, ATI
bought DUG
bought DXD - only 2% position
Bought DXPE today at 9.87
Bought DXPE....again
Bought DXPE today at 9.87
Bought DXPE today @ $27
bought EBAY this a.m.
bought EBAY this a.m.; sold AEOS at 34.15
bought EEM 77.84, sold my Japan fund yesterday
Bought EFA, FSIIX, OBCHX Today
Bought EFUT
bought EMC at 10.36
Bought ETP at 35.15
bought EXM at 11.20 vs DSX
Bought EXP at 37.01 [corrected]
bought FAS at 2.51
bought FB at 90.27
bought FCX today
bought FDG at 32.05
bought FDG at 32.05
Bought FNM
Bought FON ... Consider VOD (Vodaphone)
Bought FRO
bought FSRV today
bought FTO at 24.93 today
bought FTO at 32.20
Bought FVE today at 7.35
Bought FXI
bought GDX
bought GE today
Bought GE @ 30.46 today, also VZ
Bought GE @ 30.46 today, also VZ
bought GE today
Bought GE today at 8.94
bought GG this morning at 31.20
Bought GGC, AMED, added to VLO
Bought GOL today on weakness @ 29.85
Bought GRMN @ $88.50
bought GW today
Bought HANS
Bought HANS and more DRYS
bought HCC (insurance) today; very positive Forbes article
Bought HNP and KOL
Bought HOM
bought HPQ
bought HPQ and GOOG today
bought HTE yesterday, new duel-listed CanRoy
bought HTRN Healthtronics @ 12.97
Coal Tech - Bought HW
Bought HW, SSL too
Bought IBM, ALE: added to DSX and IGR moving up well...thoughts on oil
Bought IGT today
Bought IIF MS India Fund
bought in...vale 17.70
bought INVN @15.96 in after hours session
bought JBLU (JetBlue) today
bought JNJ
bought JNJ today
Bought JOSB
bought KSU at $13.4
Bought LEH today
bought LH
bought LHCG - home health care (along with AMED and AFAM)
bought LOGI
bought LOGI/Logitech Delivers Best-Ever Q2 Sales and Profit
Bought LOW under $30
Bought LRW last week at 19.10
bought LSS this a.m. -1st class company...
bought LUFK at 56.60
Bought MAIL; added TM
bought May 50 puts on APC
bought May 50 puts on APC - earnings after the close today
bought MCGC
Bought MMM
bought more BBW at 26.80
Bought more CMT today
comment of EBAY Bought more CREE and EBAY today
Bought more F today!
Bought More FRO @ $31
bought more HWCC
Bought more India Fund (IFN) at 26.78 this a.m.
bought more MEDX today at 10.09
bought more NSS@ 37.70
bought more PMGYF- Paramount Canroy
Bought more PTEN
Bought more TOPT today at 18.75
Bought More TWM Today!
bought MPEL at 18.55
Bought MRVC - Tom
Bought MRVC - Tom
Bought MSFT today@$25.51
Bought MTLM at 26.06 today
bought MU
bought MUSA @15.45
Did some homework - was bought NFI today
bought NOK at 28.69 today
bought Nokia (NOK) at 28.95
bought NOVA and USPH, sold JOYG
Bought NRF
bought NSS
bought NSS at 39.10
Bought NTEat $13.28 this morning 2-15-07
Other Biometric related - bought NUAN at 18 - voice recognition software
bought NUE
bought NUE Nucor yesterday, ATI, NSS
bought NXG at 3.85 today (GOLD)
bought NXG at 3.85 today (GOLD)
Bought OMM, FICC
bought OMM (OMI Corp) tanker @ 19.30
Bought OPTC
Bought P&G (PG)
bought PCL Plum Creek Timber 4.32% yield
bought PCR
Bought PD -2%, MAGS 1%
bought PETM today
bought PG
bought PG today for the dividend growth
bought PNRA today
bought PNRA today at 117.20
bought PPL
bought Pulte Homes PHM at 12.44
Bought PWE today
Bought RCL @ 6.50
Bought RCL @ 6.50
Bought RTN 44.97, Teva 29.50
Bought RTN 44.97, Teva 29.50
bought sds
Bought SHLD
Bought SIX at $5.50
Bought SLM
bought SNCR @ 27.64
bought some AMD
Bought some ASEI
bought some QID, sold some CMG and AAPL
Bought SONS today
Bought SRS
Bought STV - and still holding............
bought STZ(Constellation Brands) today
Bought SYK - Sold COCO and PPBI
bought TCK
bought TEVA
Bought TIBX
bought TIE
Bought TIE @ 25.80, ATPL @6.44 yesterday
U.S. Oil Fund; bought today at 18.37
Bought TOPT & IRBT this morning
bought topt, Drys, EXM --- EGLE
bought topt, Drys, EXM --- EGLE
Bought TPX - about the downgrade
Bought TPX - about the downgrade
bought TRA
Bought TTM - Tata Motors - Indian Car Company
bought TWM at 68.90
Bought TWM, QID, SDS
Bought UL today
Bought UNH after 2/1 split.
bought UPS at 79.95
bought USB
bought USB at 31 today
bought USB at 34.47
bought USB today
Bought USO @ $44.44
Bought USU, ACH, added TM
bought Valero (VLO) today
Bought VGENX Today
Bought VIVO at 21.75 today
bought VLO and GILD today
Bought VLO at 68.07
bought VMW first IPO i ve purchased since BIDU need addition on shopping list
Bought VTIV this a.m.
Bought VZ @35.65 AH
Bought WB today, sold some calls on DVR
Bought WIRE
bought WMT today
Bought WMI
Bought XING
Bought XING today
bought yesterday
Bought Zimmer Holdings (ZMH) this morning
Bounce or trend??
Bounce Today Anticipates Good Earnings
DIS: Disney again holds top two box office spots; MCU grosses $10B
BP's Net Rises 34% On Higher Oil Prices
BP's So Sorry
BP - Corrosion
BP inks deals w/USX & Nippon Steel for new pipeline to repair Prudhoe Bay, may keep half open
BP: Pullback is buying opportunity - Oppenheimer
BP shuts down major Alaskan oil fie
BP shuts down major Alaskan oil field
BPL Broadband over Power Lines $ CNP , $IDA , $ITRI
BPL Broadband over Power Lines $ CNP , $IDA , $ITRI
BPL Broadband over PowerLines- some folks thoughts
BPL- HomePlug Powerline Alliance Invites Companies to Help .....
BPL -more
BPOP 29.48
BPTRX- Baron Partners Fund, thinking of buying
BPTR at 1.06
BPTRX- Baron Partners Fund, thinking of buying
BQI----Candidate for reset Russell Index?
BQI - Breakout
BQI----Candidate for reset Russell Index?
3/20 JC likes HAL, WMT, UPL, NBR, COP, MRO, CVX, others
Brain gymnastics, fighting dementia
Brand new member
Brascan (BNN)
Brazil puts
Brazil Steel Co Gerdau (GGB) Increases Stake In Argentine Mill
Brazilian cos
Brazilian Ethanol - Why are we using corn when sugar cut cost 50%
BRCM, Jeff
BRCM - just a hunch
Breakdown of a Bull Call Spread
Breaking: AGX Earnings
Breaking: AINV Earnings
Breaking: AMTX Earnings
Breaking: BA Earnings
Breaking: BRG Earnings
Breaking: BRK.A,BRK.B Earnings
Breaking: BX Earnings
Breaking: CRM Earnings
Breaking: CSX Earnings
Breaking: CTRX Earnings
Breaking: DAL Earnings
Breaking: DSW Earnings
Breaking: EMES Earnings
Breaking: FB Earnings
BREAKING: FBI Raids Three Toyota Suppliers In Detroit
Breaking: FDX Earnings
Breaking: FIG Earnings
Breaking: GOOG Earnings
Breaking: GOOGL Earnings
Breaking: HD Earnings
Breaking: KAR Earnings
Breaking: LKQ Earnings
Breaking: LVS Earnings
Breaking: MAIN Earnings
Breaking: MET Earnings
Breaking: MFA Earnings
Breaking: MPC Earnings
oops.....Breaking News - Las Vegas police: O.J. Simpson questioned in connection with casino theft
BREAKING NEWS: may be a time to be cautious
Breaking news: SIMC earnings more than double revenues almost double
Breaking News: U.S. economy adds 173,000 jobs; unemployment rate at 5.1%
Breaking News: U.S. to Send 1,500 More Troops to Iraq
Breaking: NYCB Earnings
Breaking: O Earnings
Breaking: PFE Earnings
Breaking: PLOW Earnings
Breaking: PNRA Earnings
Breaking: QCOM Earnings
Fw: Breaking: SBUX Earnings
Breaking: SLCA Earnings
Breaking: SMG Earnings
Breaking: TCAP Earnings
Breaking: VLO Earnings
Breaking: VZ Earnings
Breaking: WAG Earnings
Breaking: WEC Earnings
Breaking: YY Earnings
Brear Put Sreads (BPS )and Bull Call spreads(BCS )
Breezing Through The Gov't Spending Freeze (100129)
Breaking: BRG Earnings
Brianm and Bill and all of us
Brief Foreclosure History & Mortgage Delinquency Maps
Briefing AH (EBAY) Ticker Alert for In Play market wrap: Day, Week, Year+APPL, GT, T, GOOG (NBR) Ticker Alert for In Play
Briefing swing trader VLO
Bright line rule does not trump the LARGER PRINCIPLE
Brilliant: Finally, Michael Metz said it all and well
Bring people together for disaster relief
Brinker Intl (EAT) -- Chili's restaurants etc. (don't own)
Bristol-Myers lowers guidance on Plavix
Britishsteel : the crash you see coming
Brittain - NG Prices - We are next
BRK.A,BRK.B: Another big year for Berkshire as Buffett shifts strategy
BRK.A,BRK.B: Berkshire Hathaway Energy's planned AltaLink purchase clears hurdle
BRK.A,BRK.B: Berkshire Hathaway Hits New Highs, Buffett Can Rest Easy
BRK.A,BRK.B: Berkshire outlook upgraded at S&P
BRK.A,BRK.B: Buffett's NetJets beats IRS tax claim
BRK.A,BRK.B: Buffett plans billions more of energy investments
BRK.A,BRK.B: Buffett saving a fortune in taxes on Duracell deal
BRK.A,BRK.B: Buffett wins again on BNSF purchase
Breaking: BRK.A,BRK.B Earnings
BRK.B: Berkshi Still Beating The S&P
BRK.B: Berkshire Hathaway: 20%+ Undervalued? DCF Calculation
BRK.B: Berkshire Hathaway Is 13% Undervalued
BRK.B,BRK.A: 2 Reasons Why Successful Value Investors Are Putting Up To 50% Of Their Portfolio Into Berkshire
BRK.B,BRK.A: Berkshire earnings: Cash piles up
BRK.B,BRK.A: Berkshire Hathaway: The Last Bargain
BRK.B: Should You Consider Adding To An Already Oversize Position In Berkshire?
BRKA: Charlie Munger sells $16 million
BRKA light shines bright in a turbulent market
BRKB and impending hurricane
I own BRKB: Berkshire Hathaway: The One Stock Portfolio
BRKB (I own it)
AAPL BBX BRNC - research reports in Barron's 1/15
BRNC up 4% today
Broadcom Faces at Least $750 Million Charge To Correct Options Errors
Brokerage for uncovered calls?
Brokerage with premarket and after hours capability ?
Interactive Brokers
Brokers Handle Record Volume of UN Emission Credits - LON:CLE chart
Brother can you spare a dime ... Refineries , Discount Variety stores
Brother can you spare a dime ... Refineries , Discount Variety stores
Brutal June for Toyota
BS rally or ???
BSC - Not whom is next , but when will it be ALL their turns
BSE-30 versus S&P 500
Bsns Development Corporations like ACAS
Bsns Wk alert 9/18: S&P strong buy on EMC (I own)
Bsns Wk: Beware rising rates
Bsns Wk cover story: "The Pros: Not So Smart!"
BSX...Boston Scientific beats by $0.09 (I own)
would appreciate views on JPS, BTO, FOF, ETV
BTU CNX MEE are down today like the res tof the market'
$BTU 2:1 Stock split See message #1765
BTU @ 52 week low, Can it go lower ?
BTU and CNX talk about triple Bottoms !
BTU bear Call spread trade .
BTU,CNX and CTL technology
BTU, CNX I own !
BTU CNX MEE are down today like the res tof the market'
AND GRP.............. BTU CNX up on Heavy Volume
BTU ER 1-25 B/O
BTU ER 10-19 B/O
$BTU ER 4-18-B/O A vertical credit spread
BTU ER Today B/O
$ BTU I like the setup forming ! with some F,C N
BTU (I own) and JOYG
BTU (I own) and JOYG
$BTU I want to pull the trigger but the markets are just too cold
BTU - Ind Metals Mineral sector - Coal portion of
$BTU near1,2,3, buy point
$BTU near1,2,3, buy point (coal thesis)
BTU -- Peabody announces acquisition tonight
BTU / Peabody Energy (coal)
BTU - Peabody Energy Corp
BTU Peabody Energy- Sooty, but Stylish
BTU - Peabody Energy started at BUY (I own)
$BTU pullback !
BTU rating raised
BTU the TA shows a botrtom !
Two uranium enrichment facilities are being built . . .BTUI ?
BTW, has anyone else been adding to ABB this past month?
BUCY Bucyrus beats by $0.17, beats on revs
BUCY Bucyrus beats by $0.17, beats on revs
Federal Budget Pie Chart for 2011
BUD -- Is This Bud for You?
Budget deficit balloons
Budget Deficits and the Economic Mirage
buffet/munger views on global warming/alt energy etc
Buffett's bet
Buffett's 8 Best Investment Plays msg 20829
Buffett's annual shareholder letters
Buffett's bet
Buffett's buying binge (
Buffett Berkshire
Buffett / Berkshire / Gillette
Buffett BNI
Buffett bullish
Buffett cautious on growth in Berkshire's equity portfolio - Mar. 4, 2006
Buffett Expects Record Boost To Berkshire's Net Worth
Buffett goes RV'ing as Berkshire buys Forest River
Buffett on index funds vs. ETFs
Buffett, Others Urged to Bid for Dow Jones
Buffett Plans to Give Most of Fortune to Gates Foundation
Buffett said the 'R' word finally
Buffett to Invest More in Energy Sector
Buffett warns Congress
Buggish On Gold *HEARINGS on THE FED in Washington LIVE! (090925)
Build-A-Bear Workshop (BBW ) (I own)
Builders get in line
Builders' confidence survey shows first decline in 6 months - Mar. 19, 2007
Builders' growing cancelled order woes could hit real estate - Feb. 24, 2006
Builders get in line
Building in California
building materials stocks
Building Portfolios with ETFs
Building with Caterpillar (CAT) & Home Depot (HD)
Buildup in Stores Of Natural Gas Sends Price Down
Bull market may still be ahead: Yamada
Kass: 'Don't Fight the Fed.--so Bull or Bear ? ?
CNX a OTM Bull Put Spread
Bull vs Bear-- Leon Cooperman: Why I'm a bull
Bull with on energy.........with a caveat
Bullard suggests delaying end to QE
Bullish - Agricultural Suppliers/Chemicals: BG
Bullish: BofA says no need for nationalization or further aid
Bullish Oil Inventory, Big Energy Problems
bullish on NRZ
Bullish sector charts
bullish trend in fracking, e.g. HCLP
bullishness poll
Bulls' Problems Are
Bulls Could Fall Into
Bulls Win today on light volume
Bummer Year Gets Brighter
Bump in the road
Bunge (BG)
buoght CLF - great pullback on this one
Burger King BKC
Bush Admin deliberately ignored warnings.............
Bush's biofuel agenda
Bush/Herbert Hoover: At least he could rehearse his speech
Bush Loan Plan, Fraud
Bush Loans $17 Billion to the Auto Industry
Bush-Maliki Meeting Is Put Off
Bush today on the credit markets
Bushes outline - hope he tells em to speak up
Business Development Companies
Business Development Companies (BDC's)
POLL: Business Development Companies (BDCs)
Business history buff
Business Week's Hot 100 Growth Companies
Business Week: Flawed ETFs (performance issues)
Business Wire attack
Business Wire Retail Report on December 2009 Retail Sales Figures
Busy day for me
Busy day here
Buy 'em when nobody wants 'em; sell when everyone wants 'em
Buy and hold gets a bad name
Buy before earnings? why? undercuts AMZN's prices
buy indicator
CSCO: Macquarie upgrades Cisco ahead of earnings; Goldman pulls from Conviction Buy list
Fwd: CMI: Why I Buy More Of Cummins Every Month
buy on Tuesday morning?
NVDA looks like a good buy point
Buy Refiners Off Refinery Crisis
Buy Retail Stocks Only When It Hurts
buy/sell report
Buy the stock, not the "dip"
small ball: buy/write on BBY August 45 call
TGT: Target: Would You Prefer Buybacks Or More Dividends?
buybacks/insider buying:
buybacks/insider buying:
Buyers Eschew Technical Analysis
Buyers Jumpy Over Interest Rates
Buying BABA
Buying back calls
Buying CFC on strength of Buffett speculation
Buying DIG Tomorrow
buying GE vs AOD
Buying GM when blood is in the streets
Buying into the fear of the energy market
Buying now
Buying now/BCRX
F: Ford: Poor July Sales Present Buying Opportunity
Buying opportunity for MSFT?
Buying Ops
buying puts Monday a.m/Cash is king
Buying quality "in a downtrend"
Buying REITs for the dividend: don't do that
buying Shiningbank Energy canroy SBKEF.PK
buying SPY Nov 139 puts
Buying the dip CECO
buying TM Toyota in the morning. We have a gift here...
Buying Treasurys Online: How Safe Is It?
Buying USO
Buying USO - Another View
BUYINS.NET: CBCF, CTHR, EGLE, ENZ, MDLK, SHRP Have Been Added To Naked Short List Today
Buyout of KCS Energy
Nov. 28 BUYS
Buys Abound in India -- Here's Two to Start With
Buys & Sells
BX: Buys and sells as Morgan Stanley launches P-E coverage
Buys Reinforce Outlook for Eagle Materials
buys, sells, watching AEO
buys, sells, watching AEO
My buys today & new posters
BVN -- Peruvian gold and silver
BWLD as a temporary "short"
BX: A time to reap: Blackstone reportedly agrees to $2.1B office tower sale
BX: Barclays launches coverage of asset managers
BX: Blackstone declares $0.89 distribution
BX: Blackstone gains after earnings beat
BX: Blackstone gains following Q2 beat; performance fees soar
BX: Blackstone Had A Great Q2, The Dividend Was Higher, And Performance Has Been Outstanding
BX: Blackstone on the rise
BX: Blackstone reportedly raises $14.5B for latest fund
BX: Blackstone sees value in REITs
BX: Blackstone talks about spinoff in earnings call
BX: Blackstone: The Market Is Putting The Wrong Company In The Bargain Bin
BX: Buys and sells as Morgan Stanley launches P-E coverage
BX Earnings
BX,HLT: Analyst: Blackstone likely a seller of Hilton as lockup ends
BX: More on Blackstone Q3 results
BX target $43
TBXC (@ 4.50)
BXC - BlueLinx Holdings - Trading at $13.78
BXG - Tops earnings / rev estimates - 4 Zacks Value picks
By 'cash-out" refinance, I mean
By George Soros- Culmination of a super-boom
By JARED DIAMOND- Consumption Factor
By no means the first homebuilder bankruptcy
Bye Bye BIDU
DJI 13,747 -- maybe it's just me (correction BZH)
BZH- is'nt this a head & shoulders top since July1?
BZH moves over 52 week high.
C and DRL
C - citigroup
C LF nice looking .. speaking of steel strength this iron ore player
CA is now e10 (some F,C,N for PEIX )
CAAS is a CHINA & INDIA Growth Story!! READ below and see!
Cablevision Gave Backdated Grant To Dead Official
Cadillacs selling at Chevy prices
Intel to buy MacAfee (antivirus maker)
$CAG, a real good ER, ( F,C,N ) 1,2,3 buy chart off a triple bottom , With DMI + conformation
$CAG a triple bottom witha ER 9-21-5 B/O
CAKE - average guest check UP
CAKE / CBOU rated underperform (i have no position)
CAKE down in premarket 3Q earnings short
CAKE gets delisting warning notice
CAKE up 74 cents today; will start radio spots
CAKE upgraded to outperform
CAL and BA
CAL / CPA stake
Cal-Dive DVR has been frustrating
Cal Dive (DVR) started at OVERWEIGHT
Calculating Crack Spread
Google Gadget for Calendar Spreads(Data updated twice daily)
Calendar of U.S. Economic Events January 15 - January 19, 2007
Calif. Homeowners Have Insurance Worries
Calif. real estate panel says market to stay hot
O.T. -- California fires and support orgs
California fires cause ONE MILLION to evacuate
California jobless rate hit 12.5 percent
California jobless rate over 10 percent
California jump-starts the plug-in race
California mortgage woes continue
California Supreme Court says no to pharma's pay-for-delay deals
Call 8-1-1 before digging
Call Me Crazy
Call me crazy, but ...........
Call me irresponsible............bought NFI at 26.95 today
Call-Selling Is in Season
Call writes lower your breakeven point
Callon Petroleum - CPE @12.92 - bot same , sold CNXT , Cramer effect .
CALM: "How about them Eggs?" Encore!
CALM: "How about them Eggs?" Encore!
CALM, bad week, started a tiny rise at end of Friday. Will it continue?
CalTech Prof on Future of Oil
$CAM some F,C,N on a good looking Pre !!
Cambodia confirms bird flu outbreak
Cameco, Uranium One Rise After China Signals Takeover Interest....
Campaign Contributions
Can't believe a CEO , whats the point Den of Thieves
can't see what Cramer sees in rail stocks at these prices
Can't Stand to Watch....Cramer
Can't Trust the Market
Can anyone confirm that Cramer said tonight to
Can anyone explain this? - Return anomalies on long v. short ETF's
Can anyone explain what happened to palladium
Can anyone fill us in about SIRI appearance on Mad Money
can anyone say "Smoot Hawley?"
Can China Rescue U.S.? Homeowners Can't Catch Up (090828)
Can investment in 'C' be considered'Value' invest,ment?
Can investment in 'C' be considered'Value' investment?
Can renewable energy make a dent in fossil fuels?
Can someone explain BSX to me?
Can someone explain this?
Can someone explain this to me?
Can Wall Street be trusted to value risky CDOs?
Can we beat the market?
Can we talk EBAY ????
Can you keep a secret?
Canada grants Sirius, XM broadcast licenses - Jun. 17, 2005
Canada Oil Sands> NXY
Canada Oil Sands> forgot PCZ
Canada Oil Sands> NXY
Canada Oil Sands (NXY)
Canada Poised to Kill Kyoto - Jan 23 06'
Canadian Air Frieght rules may change -Fuel Cells
Canadian crude piped to Cushing OK?
Canadian Crude Producers Look To Overcome Low Prices
Canadian Energy Trusts Should Rally Further
Canadian income funds?
Canadian income trusts
Canadian lumber play= Canfor CFPOF.PK
Canadian Metal Stocks
Canadian Nat Res Ltd - ECA Candaian NG play - Other commodities
Barron's Online - Canadian Oil Firms Slip
Canadian Oil Help?
Sources of Hidden Value in Canadian Oil Sands Equities
Canadian Oil sands, SU
Canadian oils etc: - Resources
Canadian royalty trusts: what are the tax hassles?
Cananda's Top Dividend Paying Trusts
CanRoy's/bought some PTFtoday.
CanRoy's/bought some PTFtoday.
CanRoy Yahoo group
Canroys Tax Plan
Canroys ---> Durgesh
Cantel Medical - Own, but considering selling
Canuck Oil Sand production
Cap and Trade rec by the Three stooges and Dubya .
Cap and Trade system as a Tax - Market perspective
Capital Land ?
Capital Maritime IPO Cancelled
Capital spending slowdown: caution on tech
Capping the mortgage interest deduction at 28%
Capturing Dividends
Gift Cards rise
Car rental companies; DTG
Carbon Composite - ZOLT has done well; HXL CYT eom - CCC
Carbon Composite - ZOLT has done well; HXL CYT eom - CCC
Carbon Emissions: The Next Sarbox
Carbon Fiber Shortage
Carbon in the new business world
Carbon-measuring software evolves- Global warming
Carbon-measuring software evolves- Global warming
Carbon tax thru the back door - attack on America
Carbon tax thru the back door - attack the wealthy
Carbon Trading -Nymex - Lehman
Carbon trading scheme to exceed federal bonds: ASX
Care in framing your subject line
Caremark -- nice earnings this a.m.
Caris & Co Starts (MOT) Motorola At Above Average
Carl iCahn takes large AAPL stake
Mel Karmazin, carnival barker for Sirius Sat Radio is in Barron's
Member Carolyn's short sellers' group
Carolyn's short-sellers' group (link below)
cars to replace
Carter's baby apparel ticker: CRI pros and cons please?
Carter finally parts ways w/ Sou. Baptists
TSLA running out of cash
Cash Cash Cash!!!
TSLA cash flow distress
Cash flow - depreciation adjustment
Cash for Trash
cash INFLOWS to equity funds continue good
Cash still coming out of bond funds
Cash wasn't king Friday
LVS: Single-digit growth stunner for Macau casinos
PFE,NVS: Late-stage study of expanded use of Pfizer's Ibrance successful; global regulatory applications to follow
CAT and options question
$CAT ER 1-26-6 B/O
CAT ER 1-26 B/O and SB Effect
CAT ER 4-20 BO
CAT ER looks good for the economic recovery
CAT ER Today
CAT ER today B/O, CMI ER 1-29 B/O
Catalog Mail Order sector
Catalysts / Carbon
catch falling knives or buy good companies - TMA Opinion
Catching up on posts
Catching up on the week- FMCN
Catching up on the week- FMCN
Catching up with the board
Category 5 Felix targets Honduras
Caterpillar (CAT) earnings due out Friday 4/20, 4/20/2007, 8:00 am
Caterpillar (CAT) / my approach to stocks
Caterpillar Issues Weak Outlook Amid Slowdown in Housing Sector
Caterpillar Net Rises 4.3% On Strong Sales Growth
Caterpillar Pushes Asian Expansion
CattleNetwork - Natural Gas supplies - LNG going to other ports higher buck
Cause and effect?
cause for pause - AEO
TGT ...... caution
Caution about China's new permission to invest
Caution: Canadian oil & gas trusts (Barron's)
Caution Flags- Corporate cash levels
Caution, friends.
caution on BABA
caution on COST (Costco)
Caution on Cushy Profit Margins
Caution on international funds
Caution on Reits, ect
Cautious in a 'strange day' market
Excerpt from Dick Cavett: The Wild Wordsmith from Wasilla
CAV at 7.08
CAV at 7.08 NAHB adds 25K starts for Katrina in '06
CAV downgrade scam oldest in the book
CAV insider sales, only think I don't like
CAV now up 13% to 8.09 boo-ya!
Cavco: manufactured housing
Yahoo! Finance Story - Cbeyond Reports Second Quarter 2007 Results: Financial News - Yahoo! Finance
CBH (Don't Own)
CBH STNR NVI TIF (don't follow any of these)
CBI: Engineering companies cut be hit hard by lower oil, Deutsche Bank warns
CBI Chicago Bridge and Iron down 18% today; why I bought today
CBI Chicago Bridge - jan 09 35 puts
CBI: Engineering companies cut be hit hard by lower oil, Deutsche Bank warns
CBI (I own)
CBMX -Thoughts ? Nano Biotech - AMRI SYKE
CBOE 30-Year Treasury Yield Index - tyx
CBOE call volume picking up
CBOE Options Total PUT/CALL RATIO - Lowest since 2000.. WOW
The Curious Case Of The CBOE Put/Call Ratio (090306)
CBOE put/call ratio above 1.0 all day
CBOE put/call ratio -Equity index only ?
CBOE put/call ratio: too much bullishness for my blood
Cracker Barrel (CBRL)
CBRL Group Cuts FY06 Guidance, Citing 'Squeeze' On Guests
CC - Circuit City
cc/ high implied v. candidates ADLR ONXX TELK NFLD
$CCJ brewski's contest 2 pick ER 1-31-6 A/C
CCJ Cameco mining- IBD#s>
$ CCJ ER brewski's contest #2 picks Some F,C, N
$CCJ not ready to add this as a pick yet but F,C,N it could
CCJ now this is Real Commodity trading !
CCJ short interest
$CCJ Uranium $USU $USEG
CCJ/USU -- Russians Request Renegotiation of Uranuium Prices
CCK Crown Holdings - Pkg & Containers
CCRT Compucredit
CCs as of late
$CD and $ING
CD- Cedant ( I own)
CD- Cedant ( I own)broke thru 200dma@21.88
CDIS CalDive and Patterson -PTEN (driller): Best Bargains ?
MCD: McDonald's: I'm Not Buyin' It
CDS Question
CDX -- a REIT that rents properties (industrial/residential)
Ceasar giveth and taketh away
recent trading OCZ EDMC CECO
Celebrity Bankers And The Falling Dollar (110501)
CELG $141 target
CELG: Abraxane expanded label cleared in Europe
CELG: Celgene's Crohn's disease candidate successful in Phase 2 study
CELG: Celgene and Acceleron Pharma to start Phase 3 study to assess luspatercept in blood disorders
CELG: Celgene buys collaboration partner Quanticel Pharma for up to $485M
CELG Celgene (I own)
CELG: Celgene Q4 EPS up 196%
CELG: Celgene reports preliminary results and 2015 outlook
CELG: Citi lifts Celgene target on Revlimid outlook
CELG Earnings
$ CELG ER 4-27 B/O A BULL PUT Spread
CELG: European Ad Comm supports expanded label for Abraxane
CELG: FDA clears new indication for Celgene's Revlimid
CELG,GILD: Earnings announcements on tap for tomorrow
CELG. Hit the 50 day ema exactly to the penney 68.47) , twice, now going higher
CELG (I own it)
CELG: Jefferies raises price target on Celgene following Q3 results
CELG: Otezla cleared in Europe
CELG: Otezla label expansion cleared in the U.S.
CELG: Preliminary data show effectiveness of luspatercept in patients with blood cancers
CELG proposed split
CELG: Revlimid expanded label approved in Europe
CELG target of $185
CELG: Celgene 2015 Results, 2016 Guidance, And Today's Price Drop
VLO: Elevation Portfolio: Going Long Valero Due To Excellent Fundamentals
Cell Phone Use Changes Life in Africa - $25 billion industry
Cellulase Ethanol - Wood pulp plants - VRNM a.k.a. STKL - Citurs Ethanol
Cellulosic ethanol will become main ethanol source in future
cellulosic ethenol
Cement , Lumber ,Steel stocks may be affected
Cement sector really takes off / MLM
Cement sector really takes off / MLM
Cemex - CX
Central Banks' Inflation Monomania Amplifies Deflation Risk
Central banks intervention coordinated
Century Aluminum (CENX)
CEO Drakeman Out At MEDX
CEO Puts Down Stakes in Home Builder WCI
CEOs "cashed out" prior to economic crisis
Certificate of deposit rates
CESV (I own) appears to be getting a lot of business recently
CESV at 10.79
CESV (I own) appears to be getting a lot of business recently
CESV question for playstones
CFC - Countrywide's failed mortgages may hit high
CFC CountryWide not out of the woods yet
CFC CountryWide not out of woods [worth re-posting]
CFC misses
CFK report (I know someone here follows it)
CFK report (I know someone here follows it)
drop in repurchases
Challenger/Chrismas said layoffs staggering
Change my mind about the NAS
Change Wave Energy stock under 5 is UTS
Change Wave Energy stock under 5 is UTS and Conacher Oil
changed my mind about oil and USO etc
Changes Coming Soon To The Dow? (090315)
Changes to my Model Stock Portfolio
Changewave/ mentions SU, TOPT(?) & Transcanada Pipeline(?)
Changewave on FRO Frontline(own it)
Changing demographics 11/04
Changing my mind about interest rates down the road
channel or breakout? big volume in PTEN today, wow.(ow
PFE: Ad Comm votes to retain Chantix label
CHAP takeover for $86 up today 8 points
Charles Schultz Philosophy
Charley Maxwell on natural gas (Barron's today)
Chart: August-December 2004 looks just like May-August 2005
chart sure looks like crude put in a bottom
Charts added to file section
Charts ahead of earnings
Charts...Dan Fitzpatrick,
+++CHAT ROOM 6 pm Eastern Sunday (3 pm Pacific time)
CHAT ROOM TONIGHT AT 9 pm Eastern, 6 p.m. Pacific
CHAT ROOM tonight (Monday) 9:30 p.m. EST
Chavez to the rescue ? More political bribes?
Chavez/ Venez says no more oil in 'dollars' ?!
CHB and CAV -- quick look another post>
CHB has strongest technicals(but overbought), then CAV
CHBT $14.18
CHCI #2 IBD 100
CHCI (don't own it)
CHD: Cleaning products
$CHD This is why I call them Terrorisy !
Cheap Insurance for Sale
Cheapest Stocks in Almost 12 Years Greet Investors
check Cramer history on SBUX
Check for unclaimed assets
Check out Jabil Circuit President, CEO Buys Shares: Financial News - Yahoo!
Check out Oceaneering Int'l /DVR
Check out Oceaneering Int'l shares fall on fourth-quarter results - MarketWat
Check out our "Links"
Check out this site. Option Ratios
Check Out - U.S. Imprisons More People Than Any Other Nation - AOL N...
Check Point Software Reports Financial Results
Check your credit card statements
Check your insurance stocks.
checking news media today; found this @
Checks show strong momentum for Research In Motion
Cheerleaders can't be reporters
Chemical Fertilizers Run Amazing
Chemical Sectors: ADM
Chemical Sectors: Agricultural Chemicals and Major Chemicals
CHK Chesapeake Energy profiled in Barron's Online
Chesapeake Energy announces adverse jury award in WV royalty litigation
Chesapeake Energy Can Heat Up Again
Chevron refinery margins
Chevron reportedly in talks to tap Iraq's oil
Chicago equity futures getting SMASHED tonight
Chicago equity futures up tonight
Chicago futures roughly unchanged at 8:30 pm Eastern time
Chicago futures Sunday evening; a comment on posts
Chicago futures up several points early evening Sunday
Chicago futures up tonight - my comments (not a front page piece)
Chico's net up 35%, same-store sales up 14%
Chile Earthquake relief
Chimpanzee shows planning and premeditation
China trade data
China Adds Limits on Foreign Investment
China already planning for food issues
China's Dependence on Coal ----- CO capture technology
China's Economy Soars 11.3%; More Fiscal Restraint Expected
China's Futu A Nation of Geeks?
China's Gone, So Oil's Headed Lower
China's Haier launches bold bid for US appliance maker Maytag
China's latest export is inflation in U.S. price tags
China's Proposed purchase of UCL
China's Thirst for Oil Rattles Old Order
China's Weakening Thirst
China & Brazil/Latin-America briefing EWZ, FLATX
China and Apple
China and the dollar
China announces rate hike
China Apple and Google
China auto sales
China BAK Battery, Inc. (CBAK)
China Bank in Early Talks on Deal For Big Investment in Bear Stearns
china banks given permission to invest globally
China can't defy gravity.......and steel
China can't defy gravity.......and steel
China can't defy gravity.......and steel/ FJSCX(13.09)
China denies it will tax capital gains on stocks -Report - DJ
China economy
China -- excerpt - interview w/ Don Straszheim (Bsns Wk)
China experiencing high inflation
China: Fortune Magazine excerpt
China Grapples With Energy Crisis
China [I'm short FXI ]
China in Barron's today: exchange with Martin Barnes, BCA Research
China - interesting articles
China investing: opportunity and volatility (article)
China Jumps Into the Denim Fray
China: long and short of it
China malls go grandiose
China may be close to the bottom
China May cut down on Treasurys purchases
China may sell U.S. bonds - Old news bit , but relevant
China, Maytag and Unocal
China merger & acquisition approach
CHL: China Mobile Faces Declining Profits In 2014
China: my way to be long and short of it
China, oil impact on global growth
China / overcapacity? / steel / deflation?
China overtakes the US in the consumption of basic agricultural and industrial goods -- BBC
China play: NTES (mentioned in Barron's this weekend, neutral)
China: Probably a Bubble, Definitely Short-Term Overbought
China rate cut
China revaluing / London Blasts
China Security Systems (CSSTF)
China short: July 114 FXI puts at 1.00
China solar stocks shining
China: some real examples of why to stay AWAY
China Steelmaking Capacity Balloons
China stimulus package
China Stock Ideas
behind today's 8% drop in China stocks
China stocks; I own closed-end fund TDF
China Stocks Look Ready for a Correction
China suppliers suggest iPad sales even greater
China tightens
China to let banks buy stocks overseas
China vs. Japan: the models
Chinas Growth
Chinese feel pinch of gas shortage
Chinese group sizes up Kenya.s titanium
Chinese Lawmaker Wants Starbucks Ousted
Chinese Legislature Passes Landmark Laws
Chinese oil demand gets even harder to pin down
FXI,FCHI: Chinese stocks extend losses as volatility increases
Chinese Web peers show relative strength
Chinese yuan to appreciate 3% further this year?
VLO: Valero Is Approaching Bargain Territory
Ching, Any thoughts on a BTU bear Call spread trade .
Ching , is ther anything wrong here ? a Bull Put spread
Ching: RMBS
Chip Fundamentals Look Fab
Chip Sector May Be Poised for Fall
CMG: Healthy round of price hikes from Chipotle
Chipotle (CMG)
Chipotle (CMG) - do not own
Chipotle (CMG) earnings due Thursday October 20 after close, 10/20/2011, 4:00 pm
Chipotle (CMG) nice earnings; beat estimates
Chipotle IPO's
Chipotle IPO's
Chiron (no position in the stock)
zachks bull of the day- WAIR
CHK -- $6 million in shares purchased by two top execs on May 5
CHK acquisition philosophy changing
CHK again
CHK and GOOG (no position in either)
CHK Balance Sheet
CHK Chesapeake Energy profiled in Barron's Online
CHK Chesapeake Energy profiled in Barron's Online
Thoughts on CHK earnings
CHK (I own)
CHK - Insider Buy
CHK insider buying
CHK is a good stock with good pin action, but SWN is a better money maker, i
CHK leveraged or not, upgraded 6-20/Marketedge toBUY
CHK--Long Position
CHK Natgas pricing
CHK new insider activity ?
CHK news could hurt drillers I suppose
TXU, CHK (no position in either)
CHK Production cut
CHK (subject changed)
CHK veersus COP
CHK vs competitors 12/29/2005
Price Target changes: 12 months CHKP DHI DSL ASH BKUNA
WMT: How Wal-Mart's Size Earns It A Place On Your Dividend Growth Watchlist
CHL: Apple, China Mobile sign iPhone deal: WSJ
CHL: Apple roundup: China Mobile, iPad Mini forecasts, memory M&A speculation
CHL: China Mobile Faces Declining Profits In 2014
CHL (I own for dividend)
CHL: Morgan Stanley: China Mobile deal to add 12M incremental iPhone sales
CHL,QCOM: Chinese 4G licenses handed out, services to start soon
Chlorine truck bomber kills 27 in Ramadi
CHNG: Give your car the vapors
CHNG: Give your car the vapors
CHNG whoops, mistook for CHNR up 360% !
CHNR - Good short prospect
AMZN Echo Show
Choosing a 529 College-Savings Plan: When It Makes Sense to Go Out of State
Chris, as you know, I do NOT like stop-loss orders
Chris, what grinds my gears are those (and they are plentiful)
Christmas has no bigger fan than I, but..................
Christmas, part II
CHRW shipping logistics
Chs. 15-16, Robt Fisk: Great War for Civilisation
$CHS ER 11-29-5 A/C
CHS may be helping JOSB today
CHS might be interesting to some
CHS on somebody's radar screen
CHUY: Chuy's Holdings upgraded by Wells Fargo
CHUY comp store sales up almost 4%
Ci, my formula for covered call writing
CIBC downgrades NXG
Cigarette Stocks: MO, CG, ITY
Cimarex (XEC)
$CIN Diversified Utiliies -MISO Midwest Independent Sys Oper
Cinergy (CIN): don't know this stock; favorable mention in barrons 5/9
Circuit City Same Store Sales down 1.8%
Cisco Authorizes up to $7 Billion in Additional Stock Repurchases
Cisco To Buy Back Up To $5 Billion In Shares
Citadel-E*Trade: Calling the bottom? Wow what a deal!
Citation's Trading Strategy
Citation $AMED - any thoughts
Citation's Trading Strategy
Citation do you still own HURC?
citation - driv (i own)
citation - PACT
citation, quick question
Citation Rules!
citation s thoughts
Citation seen on one of the message boards that you are Jim Cramer.
Citation what about ISRG
Citation, What Else Is There? XMSR, GW, BBY, FVE
Citation, What Else Is There? XMSR, GW, BBY, FVE
Citation...whats your opinion on 3M share offering at AMED?
CITGO's No-No?
VLO,MPC: HollyFrontier cut to Sell at Goldman, citing crude spreads
Citi 2009 Equity Outlook
Citi on Coal Report Summary
FB: Citigroup Remains Bullish On Facebook Due To Revenue Potential Of Instagram And WhatsApp
Citigroup's Shining Star
Citigroup China analyst on Bloomberg tv
Citigroup cuts four fertilizer makers
Citigroup Cuts Valero Energy to Hold
Citigroup gains massive tax break in deal with IRS
Citigroup lowers rating on TSO, VLO, and SUN
Citigroup May Bid For Finance Arm Of General Motors
citigroup on land drillers
why is C up - Citigroup Reports $5.1-Billion Loss, $12 Billion in Write-Downs
Citigroup stays bullish on refiners but downgrades Tesoro on valuation
Citigroup: too big to succeed??????
Citrus/tropicanna........was: Weather
CKCM Click Commerce earnings .23/ up big in ah
CKCM (I own)-Click Commerce Second-Quarter Profit More Than Doubles, but Shares
CKX (Amex) / Oil & Gas / float: 1.5 mln
Claire's Stores
clamdigger: what does this suggest to you about the future of ....
Clarification: in our stock contest list of leaders
classic panic selling and classic panic buying.
Clayton Williams Energy - CWEI
CLB Core Laboratories N V @ $32.26
CLDN: what is the appeal here
Bitcoin article
"beautiful clean coal"
RAIL Clean coal isn't climate-friendly yet - Midwest coal could see resurgence
Clean Energy ETF
Clean out your e-mail inbox
Clean your computer screen...........
Cleanup in overheated U.S. housing market
clearstation - a nice feature
Cleveland-Cliffs (CLF)
Cleveland Cliffs $CLF> "hold"> sold
Cleveland Cliffs $CLF> "hold"> sold
bought CLF
$CLF a real tanker ! Great ER
CLF a tanker ? Compare STLD
CLF a triple Bottom !
CLF chart posted
$CLF Down 3 days now !
$CLF ER 4-26 A/C
CLHB Clean Harbors bid up $5 on cleanup spec
Click Fraud Looms As Search-Enging Threat ...Associated Press
Climate Change Bill Stymied - Senatorial reply to email
climbing back into the saddle
Climbing Yields Cool Stocks - Thoughts on bond yiel...
Climbing Yields Cool Stocks - Thoughts on bond yields and market ?
Clinton seeks gas tax vote; Obama calls it 'shell' game - EIA weekly gas import
Clinton to call for foreclosure moratorium
Site to check the ETF's record CLM DRAX CMT GEMS
Closed End Fund Ideas?
added to my favorite closed end funds today
Closed end funds, ETF's> JPC 8.25% discount 8% yield
Clouds Over Condos
CLR Continental Resources went up 20% today; here's why:-BEXP up 10.88%
CLS ER Today
Clueless Congress Gentle on Ben
$CMC 1,2,3 with a pre !! $BOOM
$CMC spurred answer
CMCSA: Comcast loses more video subs, but offsets with broadband growth
vips- earnings announcment
CME some F,C,N on why this stock could move up FX options 23 hours a day
CMG "analysis" (?) - some folks just don't get it!
CMG and PNRA (from a seeking alpha article today)
CMG beat by a mile on earnings
CMG - Chipotle - Mexican Restuarant
CMG - Cramer on Chipotle
CMG earnings are out
CMG (I own)
CMG (I own) target $166
CMG,MCD: A decent read on U.S. restaurant sales
CMG price target $400
CMG results out
CMG secondary priced
CMG started at 'Buy"
Fwd: CMI: Why I Buy More Of Cummins Every Month
$CMI a example for F,C,N on why this stock should rise in 06 ( I own )
$CMI ER 1-30-6 BO some F,C,N on why this stock could be a long winner
$CMI ER 1-30-6 Some F,C, N for this stock to be a winner
CMI ER Very good
$CMI some F,C, N in a sector that looks in a up turn
$ CMI Some F,C,N Twice ! Watch for terrorist action soon, Check photos
CMI- someone else noticed the cup & handle too& debt reduction
CMRG sold
Senate Finance Cmte to investigate home healthcare billing
CMT- another viewpoint
CMT has turned - ALJ puzzles
CMT has turned - ALJ puzzles
CMT- no support til 200dma around $6.50
CMT - Time to capitulate???
CMTL earnings
$CMTL Great ER up 5 dollars ! F,C, N
CMTL holders
CMTL on target today
$CMTL some F,C,N !
$CMTL terrorist @ work !
CMX -- add another safe healthcare company to the
CMX -- add another safe healthcare company to the
CMX guidance (excerpt)
Art Cashin on CNBC
CNBC $1 million portfolio challenge
CNBC @ 9PM Tonight any body else check it out ?
CNBC: a place for those in denial (another example)
CNBC's 15 Most Embarrassing Bloopers
CNBC's Gasparino is an IDIOT, plain and simple
CNBC's Kudlow Mulls Senate Bid
CNBC's Melissa Francis
CNBC anchors' mantra today: market has left bear market territory.............
CNBC disclosures
CNBC million-dollar stock contest
CNBC stock challenge contest: currency part - tickers?
CNBC Stock Million-Dollar Stock Challenge
CNBC Talking Head-Speak
CNBC TV stock picks
CNBC viewers plunge
CNC Er 2-6 BO
CNG - Natural Gas compressor manf's - Atlantic hurricane predictions lowered - Aug 8, 2006 - Depression in Atlantic may be come Tropical Storm Debby - Aug 22, 2006 - E. coli outbreak traced to bagged spinach; 1 dead - Sep 14, 2006 - First tropical depression forms in Caribbean - Jun 10, 2006 - Hezbollah agrees to Lebanese peace plan, officials say - Jul 29, 2006 - House passes bill to boost refinery capacity - Oct 7, 2005 - Owners find insurance won't rebuild homes - Jun 11, 2006 - Report: NK may have performed nuclear test - Oct 8, 2006
CNN Presents today
CNN top ten stock picks !
$CNQ a perfect 1,2,3 buy pattern ! With DMI+ conformation
CNQ & Oil inventory data
CNQ- Canadian Nat Res, almost bought today, read this>
CNQ -Canadian Nat Res Ltd - ECA Candaian NG play - Other commodities
CNQ -Canadian Nat Res Ltd - ECA Candaian NG play - Other commodities
CNX 2:1 split 5-31-6 more info
CNX 2:1 split 5-31-6 more info
CNX a OTM Bull Put Spread
CNX and other energy stocks on why these stocks can move up fast
CNX, ,BTU ,FCL ,,ACI should heat up as the summer gets hot
CNX has lost 28 points in 3 months ( %50 )
CNX -- post on message board; question
CNX started at outperform 2:1 split 5-31
CNX started at outperform 2:1 split 5-30
CNX started at outperform 2:1 split 5-31
CNX, TOL and several others mentioned in article
CNX yesterday had a Volume of 29 meg shares traded
Coach (COH)....I Own
"beautiful clean coal"
coal and ethanol legislation
Barron's: Coal Companies May Take Some Lumps
Coal companies: BTU FCL FDG ARLP
Coal Companies/ MEE, CNX, FDG
coal: Consolidated Energy
coal: Consolidated Energy (I don't follow it)
Coal downgraded - CSX ?
Coal fired Power PLants could run short of Coal> MEE
Coal fired Power PLants could run short of Coal> MEE
Coal Industry Stocks
Coal News and Markets
Coal Prices and Production
Coal Prices and Production
Coal Prices- and the battle for same
Coal: Putting U.S. Electrical Needs in Perspective
Coal , Rails , Coal Tech - BNI BTU KFX
Coal Stock Valluations
Sold the rest of my coal stocks today.
Coal Stocks - MEE JRCC BTU ACI
Coal stocks- perspective
Coal stocks stay hot. My Favorite $FDG with some F,C, N
Coal stocks stay hot. My Favorite $FDG with some F,C, N
Coal Surge Seen by Mobius as China's Imports Increase
Coal Tech - Bought HW
ROUNDTABLE: coal-to-fuel investment ideas????
Coal to liquid Fuel Read this , $SSL
Coal to Liquids methane concern by enviroruinists
Coal to liquids plant bill before congress
coal-to-liquids technology: clean? dirty?
Coalescence: Putting U.S. Electrical Needs in Perspective
Coca Cola KO
COF and COP to be added to SP100
COGO (as relates to China's high-speed railway build-out)
COGT play on immigration
Cohen & Steers
Cohen & Steers
Cohen on RCL in Barron's (I don't follow the stock)
Coinmach (DRY) follow up.
Coinmach (DRY) follow up.
CoinStar (no position)
Coke trade secrets case 'something out of a spy novel'
Cold cash
cold weather baked in already?
Colder Temps Move Oil Up
Coldwater Creek's A Strong Bounce Candidate
Colebrook enters landfill gas generation deal
Colombia trade pact (I have to agree with this editorial)
Colonoscopies and mammograms
Colonoscopies: no excuse not to have one regularly
LH and alternative to colonoscopy: Govt may pay
Color on Chinese
Color on recent mark-to-market
Color on weakness in V & MA
NFLX: New Moves By Hulu And Comcast Should Scare Netflix Shareholders
Comcast raised Adelphia ISP rates after aquisition
Coming Collapse of the US Dollar
SBUX: Use Upcoming Earnings To Scale Into Starbucks
Coming Earnings Reports week of Jan. 23
Coming Earnings this week's calendar
Coming Home to Mortgage REITs
Comment and suggestion [corrected]
comment of EBAY
comment of EBAY Bought more CREE and EBAY today
comment on GM - Hello
Commentary on Chinese Yuan revaluation
Commentary: Congress and "energy policy"
Commentary: ethanol and corn craze
Commentary: Peak Oil And Politicians -Saudi arms deal for more oil
Commentary: The 'Noisy Market' Hypothesis
Commentary: The Economy
Commentary: The Katrina Crisis
commentary today by Herb Greenberg, the bane of mortgate reit investors.....
Comments and info on ANH and GE MoneyMarket
comments on China & the Olympics
Comments on ENMC or STKL?
comments on HRP
Comments on the "character" of the group ....
Comments please on a strategy to hedge energy positions
Comments posted after AppleInsider news article
Commercial Boom Blurs Boundaries
commercial mortgages default rates
Commercial/office vacancy rates
Commercial Paper Buyer's Strike is RATIONAL
VNQ: Commercial Real Estate Still Booming
Commercial real estate getting worse
Commercial real estate still in the toilet
Commercial Traders Continue Upping Their Long P...
* commissions
Commodites: cool down or pause?
have always been reluctant to invest in companies dealing in commodities
Commodities> NUE, PD
Inquiring Minds Want to Know if the Commodities Bubble Has Burst?
Commodities Bubble?? GLD SLV DBC
Commodities: DBA DBO USO SLV GLD
Commodities - Opinion
Commodities, per The Economist. Good points
Commodities, they are a-changin' Ouestions and opinions
Commodities, they are a-changin' Ouestions and opinions
Commodities ... TIE, ATI & RTI & ZOLT
Commodities ... TIE, ATI & RTI & ZOLT
Commodity inflation could hurt restaurants
Commodity Strategists: Zinc Prices May Gain 41% ARS , MTLM
Compact fluorescent lights + LED? "3-way Fluorescent bulb"
Compact fluorescent lights + LED? "3-way Fluorescent bulb"
Compact fluorescent lights + LED? "3-way Fluorescent bulb"
Compact fluorescent lights --Mercury
Companies most bearish on earnings outlooks since 2008
companies that are good at investing
companies with very strong free cash flow UNH analysis
Company Audit Shows Widespread Refinery Problems - BP Bp Plc (NYSE) 67.85dn
Company vs. stock
FB: Facebook's 'Spending Problem' Is Overblown: Ignore Analysts, Study Historical Comparisons
TSLA competition
Complaints against Brokerage Firms
complaints too slow on housing in New Or/ SGR
complications in the Gulf
CompuCredit Corp - CCRT @44.72
Computers seen selling briskly in holiday buying
Concentrating on companies with very strong free cash flow
Concerns about nursing home companies
Concerns rising that Fannie and Freddie could need bailout - Apr. 21, 2008
Cramer July 5, 2007: conditions are too good to go short!!!!!!!!
Condo boom comes to the industrial sector
Condo Slowdown
Confectioners group -Sugar
Confectioners - Hershey starting to look attractive.
confession: I do not understand the GM 's huge 'cancelled tax credits' in Q3
Conflict of Interest ?
Conflicting Employment Data - Birth-Death adjustment
congrats to VLO holders
Congratulations to us!!!
Congress throws gas on the oil fire
Connecticut Slights FuelCell Energy
Conoco Phillips (COP)
Conoco Phillips (COP) earnings release this a.m.
HPQ: JPMorgan fund manager sees value in beaten-down ConocoPhillips
ConocoPhillips Barrels On
ConocoPhillips-Burlington Deal Set To Close Next Week
ConocoPhillips net income rises
Conquer the Four Fears (070822)
conservative AAPL target of $335 (less than a 19 P/E)
Conservative Daytrading- Oxymoron ?
Conservative investors use covered calls to increase
Gov't source admits "no legal authority for Conservatorship"
Considering adding TM
Considering adding to ALJ or ICO tommorow
Considering CHK
Considering ENN preferred?
considering HAL
Considering MSFT but waiting for a markets pullback..Any Thoughts Here??
Consol Energy selling off (down 6 pts)
$68 target on ED (Consolidated Edison)
consolidated report on same-store sales today
Consolidation in oil begins
Consolidation of PBM's?? (I own CMX)
Construction Jobs
Construction Spending Rose As Pending Homes Sales Fell
Consumer borrowing slows in August
U.S. consumer confidence tumbles
Consumer confidence report April 26
consumer confidence takes a hit
Consumer Confidence Takes Big Hit
U.S. consumer credit down again
November consumer debt down
consumer electronics optimism reported
Consumer Electronics stock ? very bullish
Consumer energy costs / spending / inflation
consumer loan demand continues to fall
Consumer Metrics Signaling A Slow Train Coming (100606)
Consumer not slowing down in Vegas at least $MGG
Consumer Prices Jump 0.2% On Higher Food, Medical Costs
Consumer Prices Rise 0.1%; Housing Starts Slide 7.9%
Consumer spending, incomes up in December; savings rate worst since 1933 - U
Consumer spending, incomes up in December; savings rate worst since 1933 -
Consumer Spending Slows in February
Consumer spending thoughts
Consumers aren't dead. They are alive and well in trailers.
Consumers Energy Developing High-Tech Meter System
Consumers Energy Developing High-Tech Meter System as Part of $6 Billion Pla
Consumers Energy Developing High-Tech Meter System as Part of $6 Billion Plan
Contact info for U.S. Senators
contact you elected officals on your view of this bailout
Container Shipping Stocks
contemplating which stock to get duk, stz, or zqk
Continental Air May traffic rose 14%
Continental Airlines (CAL): July traffic up 10%
Continental Airlines (CAL): shorted today at 29.95
Continental Reports Sharply Narrower Loss
Bakken oil fields maps and information (CLR Continental Resources presentation)
Continental sees fuller planes
Continued caution
Continuous Technological Development Drives the World Wafers Markets
Contrarian Commentary>> The Week Ahead
Contrarian Commentary >> The Week Ahead November 18th, 2006
Campaign Contributions
Control the rage within....
Conversations With Top Traders (081205)
$COO on this news stocks down , ER 12 -12 5 A/C
Cooler Heads Prevail, Lifting Gas Demand
Cooling Home Market Spurs Interest in Foreclosure Sales
Cooper Cos. Sales Under the Lens
VNQ: My 4% Dividend Yield Portfolio: Exchanging ConocoPhilips For VNQ
COP buyback
COP Conoco splits 2/1 June 1st
COP -- High Oil, Gas Prices Boost ConocoPhillips's Net by 51%
COP (I have no position)
COP interest in LNG terminal
COP message board -resource reality
COP sees production above 3rd qtr, exploration costs up
COP text-- this a.m.'s ER
COP....thoughts on DE
COP, VLO etc. heavier crude
Copart - CPRT - $23.42 and Stryker - SYK - $46.95
FCX: Freeport-McMoRan: An Anti-Cyclical, Undervalued Copper Play With A Near 4% Dividend Yield
copper's omens
Copper merger muddied? Freeport surges on buyout rumors
Core Wholesale Prices Decline, Suggesting Inflation Is Easing
Thanx Tony - CORI Corillian Corp
Corn-based ethanol may starve the world's poor
Corn Ethanol: Biofuel or Biofraud?
Corn Farms Replace New York Lofts as Hottest Property
Corn looks a helluva lot pricier than a year ago
Corn planting rises 19%
corn prices
Corn prices are falling,
Corn prices threaten ethanol
Corn to Etahnol
Corning Develops a Glass Without Heavy Metals
Corp Bond Etf's - HYG - Credit Crunch Unearths
Corporate Earnings
Corporate income tax issues (wsj online) excerpt
Corporate life
Corporate profits (wsj online excerpt)
Corporations as "persons"
CORRECTED: added to BTU at 47
[corrected] ETFs / Mutual fund inflows/outflows
Correction- billion dollar energy companies gained today 2/09/06
correction ebay 20's? eBay entry point
correction: If I were a chartist (which I am not)
Correction time is near- CEE
COST - $2 billion stock repurchase approved
COST also down on sales data
$ cost averaging: NEW, GIVN, USU
COST buy rating reiterated, plus more
COST: Costco July same-store sales up 7%
COST (largest wine seller) Wine Sales Thrive As Old Barriers Start to Crumble
COST same-store sales up 7%
COST (which I own) warned, lowered guidance
costco' gas
Costco's Profit Grows 12% On 11% Increase in Revenue
Costco (COST) + Luke + project
Costco (COST) + Luke + project
Costco (COST) upgraded [I own it]
Costco on guidance and store openings pace
Costco outlook (I have no position)
Costco sales report today
could be an options writer's dream market
Could Crude Oil $100 Cause the Next Credit Crunch?
Could GM be closed by summer?
could not resist: bought PETM at 28.16
Could pricing topple the iPad?
Could Push Crude Higher!
Could the Ukraine's currency slide be a hint of what we look forward to?
Count your blessings.
Counting the Poor
Country by country for investment purposes
Countrywide announces a total workforce reduction of 10,000 to 12,000 over the next three months representing up to 20% of its current workforce
Countrywide Financial Corp
Countrywide Financial September Mortgage Funding Plunges 44% [CFC
Countrywide Fincl: CFC interesting post on message board
- Countrywide mortgages in foreclosure nearly double
Countrywide plunges 17 percent premarket
County Council votes against coal company IGCC
Court of appeals: Enron investment banks off the hook
Court ruling a disappointment for coal, bullish for gas & nuclear - Prudential
Court Says WNR/GI FTC Appeal Denied
Coventry Health Care Looks Very Healthy
Covered call questions (new to options)
Covered Call questions please....CHK and others
Covered call strategy here
covered call transxns today
Covered call writing and LEAPs
covered call writing in an IRA
Investors Observers- covered calls on MU< AMGN< WMT
Covered Calls DRIV (i just sold it)
Covered calls/OII, ZMH
Covered Calls the Fund Way
covered calls to write (sell to open)
covered half my AEOS short at 43
covered put/call options
covered rest of AEOS short at 44.28
Covered short on TOL
Covered SMH short this a.m.; shorted CTRN
Covered TSO short / was most-likely a mistake
Robert Green, CPA, and IRS's Denial of Trader Status (Audio Interview 080919)
CPI and CRB: Food and Energy
CPI and CRB: said by another, but I agree
CPI inflation calculator
CPI Story
CPI tomorrow
CPO a CNBC contest pick
CPST - Breakout of Bullish Pennant
CPST -Capstone , IR ,Ingersoll-Rand - Alt. Energy
Energy Independence - CPST closed up 21.97%
CPST - Sold $4.75
CQB 5.66
CQB $7.09
Crack spread highest since Katrina/Rita hurricanes
Cracker Barrel (CBRL)
Cracks in the Ceiling
Cracks me up when people think property values will crash.
Cramer is a DUNCE, we all know that
CRAMER !! 10/11 'Mad Money' -- DUKE vs KFX ( ceo on squawk box this a.m. )
cramer a lawyer Cramer :Talking Up His Own Book
Cramer ain't no fundamentalist - CAKE
Cramer already doing Mondays damage control
Cramer's advice-LINE
Cramer's advice-LINE
Cramer's 'Mad Money' Recap: Smile With Align Technology
Cramer's 'Mad Money' Recap: Smile With Align Technology
Cramer's 'Mad Money' Recap 9/22
Cramer's 'Mad Money' Recap: Smile With Align Technology
Cramer's "major turnaround" at GM may be on hold!!!!!!!!!
Cramer's an idiot
Cramer's at an earlier all-time market high......
Cramer's best advice ever
Cramer's Call can be harmful to your wealth. Must see!
Cramer's Friday afternoon meltdown
from the summary: Cramer's lightning round Tuesday
How can Cramer's Mad Money show survive?
Cramer's Mad Money Record Speaks for Itself
Cramer's picks haven't beaten the market--Barron's
Cramer's record at market highs
Cramer's stock picking
Cramer's Top Ten Land Bank stocks
Cramer's track record at market highs.......
Cramer and Greenberg bash FBR
Cramer and Latin America...
Cramer and Mad MOney
Cramer and SNDK
A little history: Cramer: another time, another top: Booya!!!
Cramer , Archer Daniels , Corn ADM, MON
Cramer , Archer Daniels , Corn . Back up the old truck filler with corn
Cramer bearish on SBUX tonight
Cramer Blew This One
Cramer bullish on GOOG, UTX, CAT, RIG, KBH, XTO others
Cramer changes his call .( .¿.).
Cramer has not learned in all these years
Cramer is a DUNCE, we all know that
Cramer is demonstrably wrong..........again
Cramer is going to show those who try ......
Cramer is interviewing Sirius CEO tonight
Cramer is probably about to be his own undoing
Cramer is the current day Joe Granville bought NTGR
Cramer - It's all rigged - Any comments on this?
Cramer July 5, 2007: conditions are too good to go short!!!!!!!!
Cramer just leaked" big tanker acquisition today..."
Cramer/Karmazin/SIRI last night
Cramer liked Massey last wk now BTU
Cramer likes retailers on econ stimulus package plans
Cramer losing his touch: MEDX is UP 12 cents
Cramer Madness
Cramer Moratorium
Cramer needs a two-hour show
Cramer now "predicting" $110 crude oil
Cramer on BKC this afternoon
Cramer on CHK...this was fun gaming the gamer...LOL
Cramer on coal tonight
Cramer on DOW and EMN
Cramer on energy stocks LAST WEEK (8/19)
Cramer on Freddie and Fannie
Cramer on Home Depot
Cramer on May 21: DJII 14,458 in 2007
Cramer on tankers/FRO
Cramer on tankers/FRO
Cramer on the financials and GS tonight
Cramer out of all sides of his mouth
Cramer out of JNJ
Cramer pans HOM
Cramer perspective... opinion
Cramer predicts adverse effects on NYC of subprime crisis
5/07 Cramer predicts DJII 14,458 in 2007
Cramer pumped DVR RIG HERO tonight
Cramer pushes VLO, DOW, CNX (coal); pans DK
Cramer radio show today= sell GOOG
Cramer radio show today= triple buy on BZH, sell GOOG
Cramer reportedly sells all his FDG
Cramer, Rogers Don't watch his show, but just wondering.........
Cramer said another very silly thing Friday night
Cramer said EZM supplies RTI, thats huge because of RTI's Bigtime $800M contract
Cramer says NYX , AAPL and CSCO best growth stoc...
Cramer says NYX , AAPL and CSCO best growth stocks for 2007
Cramer Says To Buy EBAY
CRAMER shouting again...
Cramer show
Cramer sure was wrong on oil and gas.
Cramer take two
cramer a lawyer Cramer :Talking Up His Own Book
Cramer: the record
Idiot Cramer tonight per CNBC itself
Moron Watch: Cramer touted CRM at 71.83
Cramer touted RIMM Tuesday night, but are its best days...............
Cramer touted XTO and ESRX
Cramer touting coal ; GS downgraded sector-
Cramer trashed FRO/ tankers today 5 minutes
Cramer warning on oil stocks!!! peewy !! Oil and Steel - Generic drugs
Cramer warning on oil stocks!!! peewy !! Oil and Steel - Generic drugs
Cramer Wednesday night show summary
Cramer: what a dope. Valero Energy calls
Cramer wisdom when he only had 25 years experience
Cramers pick last night: INTX it has a PE below 15
Cramers stock picking..
Crash Of 2008 Now Worse Than Crash Of 1929
Crash of '87
Crash of US Economy?
CRDN earnings before market opens Tues. July 27, 7/27/2010, 8:00 am
CRDN a double bottom play
$CRDN a Great buy " DOGI "
Body Armor Shortage> CRDN, AH, DHB
$CRDN and a Merry Christmas to All my friends
CRDN Ceradyne (19.86)
CRDN - earnings February 24
$CRDN, $EASI,$SHFL 3 Stocks that may have bottomed
CRDN ER 4-27
CRDN ER Kicks Butt
CRDN ER my contest Pick
$CRDN ER today and its sounds good
CRDN -- how can this push the stock price UP?
$CRDN I see this name a lot - views?
$CRDN is not jist body amour .
CRDN is now in compliance
CRDN is the bottom near?
$CRDN my second Pick in Contest 1. Check out the TA
CRDN still looks DOA to me
CRDN- technical gap on chart 27.50-29
Credit cad delinquencies and materiality to big banks' bottom lines
Credit card debt/delinquencies up
credit card debt in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy
credit card defaults rise in February
Credit-Card Issuers' Problem: People Are Paying Their Bills
Credit Card rewards programs
Credit Crisis Hurts Rating Agencies
Credit crunch and raw materials costs helping shipping rates!!!!!!!!!!
Credit market, capital market, the economy. Not th...
Credit market, capital market, the economy. Not the same. Ben Stein's take:
Credit Suisse: Airline stocks have room to run
MFA: MFA Financial creeps higher after earnings
CREE (among others) sued for patent infringement
$CREE - breaking out of 4 month base
$CREE Buy @ 25?> see chart
$CREE Buy @ 25?> see chart
Cree Deal With Nichia: Good Sign For Future of White
CREE- DOWN after report- I own
CREE featured in Apr. 11 Forbes magazine (p. 77)
Cree (I own) S& P Upgrade
CREE (I own) and GG (I sold)
Cree (I own) S& P Upgrade
Cree moving up - any news?
CREE - News.... BAD if credible
CREE selloff Friday
Cree Up On News
Criminal Investigations of Massey Energy Go Forward as Citizen Pressure Builds for Prosecution
Crisis Trumps Budget per Obama
Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) ; (CRM)
CRM downgraded .........a little
CRM: Is A Sell
CRM: Is A Sell
CRM: Is A Sell
CRM / - why I'll keep my short position
CRM short
Yahoo! Finance Story - Analyst Says Crocs Poised for Growth: Financial News - Yahoo! Finance
CROX 13.78
crude and gasoline futures actually DOWN a bit today
Crude and gasoline inventories both fell
Crude and gasoline inventories both fell
Crude and gasoline inventories: the details
Crude and gasoline inventories today
Crude chart
Crude contract's future (no pun intended)
Crude falls as weaker Rita nears Gulf Coast - Sep. 23, 2005
Crude futures at noon Friday June 17
Crude futures down on inventories report
Crude futures mark a five-session win
crude futures up .40 to $57.67
crude futures up .40 to $57.67/ NG prices
Crude Hits 1-Week High As Refinery Usage Grows
crude inventories report bullish
Crude inventories up, gasoline inventories down
crude,NG WMB, EP, ALJ
crude now at 59.80
I own VLO: Valero's Ethanol Adds To Robust Crude Oil Refining
crude oil futres up to 61.70/tech
crude oil just about unchanged at $131
Crude Oil Production
crude oil: sideways to down unless a close above 52.11.
PPT - Crude oil staying put
crude oil vs the stock mkt
Crude: path of least resistance has to be down
Crude Prices Jump As OPEC Sets Cut
Crude Spread (Crack Spread ) Supply Demand Cycle
Crude supplies in-line after BP shutdown - Aug. 16, 2006
Crude: the stories behind the stories
Crude up 700% in seven years: bubble??
Crude up 700% in seven years: bubble??
Cruise companies
Crushing Fed Leaves Us Few Prospects
CRYP - Tech Stock $32.63/share Mar. 4 close
CRZO 36.22
CSCO $32 target
CSCO $34 target
CSCO 37 target
CSCO amazing cash flow
CSCO beats
CSCO Bsns Week: Cisco's expanding reach
CSCO: Cisco goes after Palo Alto/FireEye with new hardware, services
CSCO: Cisco tops $30; new mobile products launched at MWC
CSCO - down ~10% after hours
Breaking: CSCO Earnings
CSCO since earnings
CSCO (thankfully my basis is 18)
CSCO vs. AAPL on iPhone
CSFB ups energy sector to "overweight"
Pir, cstl and goog
CSX: Analysts see little hope for a CP Rail-CSX merger
CSX: Analysts see little hope for a CP Rail-CSX merger
CSX: CSX Is Dirt Cheap
CSX ------ my play is RAIL (Freight Car America) ARII
CSX ------ my play is RAIL (Freight Car America) ARII
CT and "Fast Money"
CT ... Does anyone follow ?
CTGI - Highest Rated under $10
Out of CTRN today
CTRN - I own
CTRN is having a sale
$CTRP International, Ltd
CTRX: Catamaran buying Salveo Specialty Pharmacy for $260M
bought CTX at 14.45
CUB 44.70
Cude, the OIH, and drilling/exploration: some loose thoughts
curious lockstep of refinery stocks and crude
currencies vs gold charts
Current crisis explanations
My current holdings
CURRENT LEADERS IN STOCK CONTEST #1 (12/14 close): congrats
Current Moderate/Agressive Portfolio CHK
Current Moderate/Agressive Portfolio CHK
Current Picks
Current plan is either to scream or slit my wrists.......
Current portfolio musings and questions
Current shorts
current strategy
Current strategy: cash flow plus cash flow -- "small ball"
Current thoughts on the Market and what .to do...
Current thoughts on the Market, Inflation - and further discussion...
Current Top 20 sectors , 9-16-05 sector leaders laggards
Cutting Back - ALJ, PCU, TMA, VTIV
HRP, I own and now is on a hot topic same as CUZ,
CVC-Cablevision Systems
CVC-Cablevision Systems
CVD - Favorable Article
CVS - A Must Buy For Dividend Seeking Investors
CVS and more
CVS Corp. (CVS)
CVS,CTRX: Human mulling options for its PBM business
CVS: CVS Caremark inks deal with MedStar Health
CVS: CVS Caremark: Operational Momentum Continues, Buy On Dips
CVS: CVS Caremark: Standout In Pharma Supply Chain's Growth Story
CVS: CVS Health Proving Differentiation Is The Key To Shareholder Value
CVS expansion
CVS,GILD: Gilead counterpunches AbbVie with CVS deal
$CVS has a ER 5-5-5 BO and some F,C,N
CVS: McKesson extends CVS contract
CVS more attractive than WAG
CVS: Revenue Shows That Ceasing Tobacco Sales In Stores Is No Great Loss For CVS Health
CVS: Sustained Performance In The Future And Growth In The Top Line Make CVS A Buy
Put Oils on Your Buy List: COP, CVX, XOM
CVX Chevron I kike it and bought more today
CVX ups dividend 13%
CVX - Would the IRS frown?
CWPC - just broke 3 today
news continues to worsen for CWTR
CWTR: buy the clothes, not the stock
CWTR cuts guidance A LOT
CX: Cement Maker's Shares Ain't Heavy
CY - Cypress Semiconductor Corporation ----Solar
Cyber Monday Sales Top $700 Million
Cyber Monday WMT TGT
cyber shopping
CYBX down 2-3/4 in after-hrs
CYBX down again on news
CYBX Icahn stake
CYBX in 2/5 Barron's: a good short?
CYBX -- Medicare says NO
FB: Facebook And Its Advertisers: A Virtuous Cycle In The Making
CYD earnings focus report " free "
CYD ER I own
CYD ER ( pretty Good )
CYD -the best buy
AMGN: Data from late-stage study show Amgen's Blincyto improves survival in treatment-resistant leukemia
D.C. Cherry blossoms to peak early this year
Good day ..
My Two New Buys - Home Depot (HD) and D. R. Horton (DHI)
D.R. Horton (DHI) As Stock to Study
D.R. Horton Net Rises 61%; Builder Lifts 2006 Outlook
D.R. Horton Reports Orders Fell 23% in First Quarter
DAL $68 target
DAL $69 target
DAL: Airline math: Jet fuel down 30%, fares down 5%
DAL / airlines
DAL: Cowen: Delta Air Lines to lead sector
DAL: Delta Air Lines aims for deeper penetration into China
DAL: Delta Air Lines: How New Efficient Aircraft Will Boost Results In The Future (Part 3)
DAL: Delta Air Lines plots strategy in China
Breaking: DAL Earnings
DAL: IATA: Global airline traffic up 7.4%
DAL in Barron's today
DAL target $55
DAL target $60
DAL,UAL: Buying opportunity expected to set up in airline sector
DAL,UAL: Confidence in airline stocks picks up again
DAL,UAL: Even as oil prices plunge, airfares stay high in U.S. "uncompetitive oligopoly"
DALAirline roundup: Oil rally clips shares; big upgrade for SAVE, DAL, UAL
Dale holding C & AIG
Dallas Fed's Fisher says world economy facing 'sustained' food price inflation
Dance of the Oil Fairies - Paper plant closing and BAM
Dance of the Oil Fairies - Paper plant closing and BAM
Dance of the Oil Fairies - Paper plant closing and BAM
DJ Transports may be a danger sign for stocks
danger sign: Michael Metz said today that................
Groupe Danone (DA) and Nestle (NSRGY)
Daschle script has interesting history
Geithner / Daschle withdraws name
Data release bearish for crude
Data suggests strong holiday sales for retailers
data today
DATA: Volatile enterprise tech stocks sell off after disappointing earnings
Database stock ideas an appropriate jumping off point
dave and buylowrk: thanks re IFN net asset value
Dave Landry's Market in a Minute 061030
David Halberstam: we've lost a scholar
Daytrader Cramer
DBC ------ commodity tracking ETF
$DBRN a good upward pre (F,C,N )
DCR - oil hedge
DDD: 3D Systems, Stratasys tumble again
DDD: 3D Systems -3% AH after announcing 5.95M-share stock offering
DDD: 3D Systems' New Deal Could Strengthen Its Position
DDD & SYSS-coverage initiated as a buy- I own
DDD Motorola Taps 3D Systems to Help Make "Project Ara" .Customizable Phone a Reality
DDD,SSYS: 3D printing stocks post big gains
DDD,SSYS: Jefferies cuts 3D Systems target, looks at long-term competition
de ja vu
Deal breakdowns cost hedge funds dearly
Dean's Op-ed in Thursday's Washington Post
Dear John: If you're lurking here, I want to tell you....
Dear Mr. President...
Dear World
margin debt
Debt-financed Dividends
Debt growth continues..........
Debt to Equity Ratios
Debt Weighing on Middle Class ..... and
Dec. 1 is VLO meeting to act on proposed 2-for-1 stock split
Dec Crude poll
Decelerating Business Tech spending
December auto sales down
December retail sales: largest gainers/losers
December; savings rate worst since 1933 - U
Decided to join some on AEO
Decided to nibble: bought DHI at 27.51 this a.m.
decline in energy a benefit?
Decline in Pending Home Sales Points to a Market Slowdown
Decline of hard media not good for DRIV, AMZN, etc.
Deepwater drillers could plunge 35% on average
BA: Boeing awarded $2B defense contract
Sector Rotation -Defensive Market ? Good article
Defensive moves
Definition: "liquidity"
I own ,VNQ: REITs see strong bid as deflationary signals arise
Deflation & Unemployment
Deflation Now, Inflation Later (081107)
Defy Energy's Chicken Littles
deisel engines
DEIX an IPO opening today (?)
Delay on option expensing...6 more months
Delcath (DCTH): $3.00 share price (RTQ)
Delcath Systems...
Delinquencies On Consumer Loans Up In Third Quarter: Report
delivery innovation
Dell, ALDN - I own
Dell's Profit Falls 28% Amid Charges
Dell beats by $0.02
Dell delays third-quarter results; SEC formalizes probe
Dell Pares First-Quarter Forecast As Price Cuts Fail to Spark Sales
Dell Profit Up 52%, Sales Up 13%
Dell to Report Lower Sales and Profit, Signaling Mounting Troubles
DELL to use USPS to Deliver PC
Dell vs. HPQ
Dell Warns of Earnings Shortfall
Delta beats
Delta Greeks tutorial video
Delta Pilots Caution Against Hasty Deal (I hold a short position at UAUA)
Demand, and criticism, rises for liquefied natural gas
demand for computer motherboards "falling off cliff"
Demand for Halliburton services grows
Demand is up for swanky floors
wh? - was demanuel ? Oil btu/bbl Sweet vs Sour Crude
Democratic Congress Could Be 'moderate Positive' For Ethanol
Democrats are going to pay for this piece-of-crap healthcare bill
Democrats seeks to raise taxes on oil companies - WSJ
Democrats Won't Sit on Defense
Demographic Bear?
Dems put pressure on GOP re offshore drilling limits
Dennis Gartman
Dennis Kozlowski
department stores swoon
Depression of 2008 ? Bill Bonner
Despite Fuel worries airlines stocks rise
Despite Options Probes, UNH Has Fans
Details behind the numbers
Details behind this week's numbers
Details of last week's mutual funds/ETFs funds flows
Detroit automakers not advertising on television
Deutsche Bank cuts XOM,COP & CVX
Deutsche Bank Securities on O/G, Refiners
Deutsche Bank Starts Alon USA Energy (ALJ) At Buy
Deutsche Bank - UBS - more expected , but bad news - lets see reaction today
Deutsche raises 2008 EUA CO2 forecast to 40 euros
Devaluation rumour absurd or not?
Devil's Advocate.....for a moment
Devon Energy (DVN): Barnett Shale expansion?
Devon Energy (DVN): earnings report in our Links section
Devon Energy DVN (I own)
Devon Energy DVN- upgraded 6-6-05
Devon Energy sees lower 2005 oil production levels
Devon Says Sending Production, Drilling Crews To Gulf
DFR - I own.
PDFS 10.24
DFS: Discover Is Flush With Cash
DGIN - Online banking
latest trades EDMC DGIT VOCS etc
DGIT: analyst sees no likely further bid
DGIT missed on revenues and net income
DGIT: trading halt, news pending
DGX -- bought at 50.20 today
DGX (I own)
DGX / LH / UNH -- Quest Loses Contract to Provide Lab Services For UnitedHealth
DHB lawsuits up the gazoo!
Irenderit-Armor Holdings/ DHB, CRDN
DHB lawsuits up the gazoo!
$ DHB This is just too funny." The only thing I can find funny are people who would this now"
DHI 20.24
DHI 20.24
DHI -- D.R. Horton Profit Increases 20%
DHI raises forward guidance
DHIL 122.80
DHIL 110.25
Bot DHR today
DIA puts (April 114s)
Diagnostic Products (DP): could be a buying opportunity
Diana asked about AGIX
Did anyone else read Barrons & most important thing, etc.
Did anyone else read Barrons---Hickeys remarks on dollar, & hyperinflation?
Did Bear Stearns Soft-Pedal the Risks?
Did Cramer really recommend this one ?
Did Google Make Taxes a Scapegoat?
did i get thrown out,XMSR
did I miss hurricane season this year?
Did Morgan Stanley predict a dollar crash within 3 years?
Did some homework - was bought NFI today
Did some rearranging today DSX and ALD
Did some rearranging today DSX and ALD
Did the Dollar take a big hit internationally ?
Did Today's Speeches Accomplish Anything?
Did you notice that the Bush administration stole another $326 billion yesterday for benefit of Citi creditors & stockholders?
Different President with a "Monica problem"
DIG : anyone use this to hedge your oil and gas st...
DIG Investors!
Digest Number 564
Digest Number 868
Digging Into the Ethanol Debate
Digital Health
Digital River beat comfortaby on both eps and revenues
Digital River DRIV started at overweight
Digital River (DRIV): 19 times 2006 estimates
Digital River DRIV started at overweight
Digital River expands to Japan
Digital TV Sales Lift Results at Circuit City
Digitmal Music continued strong $NAPS $AAPL
Dim Bulb pumping LOW tonight
Dimmable florescent lights
$ DIOD - Diodes Incorporated - Hybrid Auto play
Dipping my toe back in
FW: Direct investment in Asian companies
Dirty king coal - CO2 sequestering
Dirty US Media Secret: 'Rest of the World' Rebels Against Climate Taxes
TSLA cash flow distress
DIS: ESPN looks to the future with sports rights costs locked in
DIS: Formidable movie pipeline at Disney
Disappointing income and spending reports Friday
Disciplined investing in quality growth in troubled times
Disconnect: federal coal plant loan program
DISCUSSION QUESTION: What is YOUR method toward markets today?
div stocks
div stocks
Diversification and covered calls
Diversification - Lessons learned: what's your
Diversified Utilities
divided opinions on NFLX (Netflix)
Dividend ETFs
PFE: Pfizer Is A Strong Dividend Stock With Low Downside Risk
Dividend Stock equiv to split ? TARR
Barron's dividend stocks
Dividend stocks - Energy?
Dividend Stocks-Every-Dividend-Investor-Should-Own
Dividend stocks? FNF MGM MSFT
Dividend stocks for 2016
Dividend Stocks Group at Over3percentDividendStocks
dividend stocks: this is why you buy . . .
Dividend stocks: what's your best idea (ex-REITs and CANROYS)
Dividends up again this year
Dividends vs. free cash flow
Check out this video and DIVX
DJI 13,245: just added to QID and SDS
DJI 13,625
DJI 13,747 -- maybe it's just me
DJI 13,747 -- maybe it's just me (correction BZH)
DJI 14,038 - there's just too much bullishness for me
DJI correction complete ?
$DJIA Dow Jones Avg
$DJIA Dow Jones Ind Avg
DJIA recent highs and my perspective
DJII 11K >> 12K >> 13K
DJII 12,567 -- good time to be lightening up in my view
DJII 13,503 : personally, I'm selling into this...
DJII 7180 - getting a little bullish here (just a little)
DJII 8761: Just a hunch, no guaranty..................
DJII at 12,781 -- bought DXD at 55.16 today
DJII at 8620
DJII up 1,000 points in four days
DJII vs RUSSELL 2000 - IWM short or puts
DJII vs RUSSELL 2000 - IWM short or puts
SNDK earnings July 19, 7/19/2007, 6:00 am
FB: Facebook launches embedded videos, mobile ad exchange, IoT SDKs
DMI - Directional Movement Index Indicator
[DMND] good earning reports
[DMND] good earning reports
DMND new position
Your friendly neighborhood Baptist kidnappers
$DNA a er play 10-10-5 A/C
DNA and VLO F,C,Non why these stocks could be in for more uptrends
DNA comment
DNA earnings release this afternoon
$DNA ER 4-20-6 some F,C,N
DNA ER A/C today My plan is a ....
DNA - FDA Seeks More Data on Avastin In Breast Cancer
$DNA Follow up ! A time line
DNA good news
DNA raised to buy (I have no position in stock)
$DNA some F,C,N
DNA the terroist action have no effect
Merck and DNDN (I follow neither)
DNDN (Dendreon) -- What do I do now?
DNDN up $1.28 to $18.48
DNKN: Dunkin -5% premarket on Q2 sales miss, reduced full-year outlook
DNKN: Dunkin Brands Faces Major Headwinds
DNKN I own
didnt expect to see Gold and Silver decline
Do Not Call Registry for Cells - urban legend
Do Not Call Registry for Cells - urban legend
Do not drive recalled Toyota until fixed
Do not sell this mkt short
do not understand - added to BIF - 13.52% yield
Do stocks rise into options expiration date? If so, why?
Do the McDonald Bros. have a lesson for XMSR?
do u guys think Intc or AMD would be a good investment??
Do u think USB is a good buy now.....low 34's i'm starting to sa
Do u think USB is a good buy now.....low 34's i'm starting to salivate
Do you always use stops?
Do you trust Ally Bank?
Do you trust the management of a Co?
DOE Overreporting Supply
Does a company ever run out of stock to sell?
Does Anybody have opinions about Wal-Mart - SLOW CHEKOUT LANES
Does Anybody have opinions about Wal-Mart - SLOW CHEKOUT LANES
Does anyone follow FRO, thoughts?
Does anyone follow USG?
Does Anyone Know The Way To Market Recovery? (081024)
Does anyone like IFSIA
Does anyone share my view that .............
Does BlackBerry Have a “Problem”?
Does Driving Slower Save Gas?
Does History Restart With Each Big Price Move?
Does it bother you that they think you are so stupid?
Does mortgage plan suggest a bounce is due?
Does this guy make sense ?
Does this make me a trader? God forbid; SOLD SWFT at 25.22
Doesn't 150 points straight up require a breather here?
Dogs of The Dow
Dollar: All Eyes on Bernanke (070831)
Dollar's Recent Fall Spurs Lots Of Talk, But Crash Unlikely
Dollar's Slide Could Roil Stocks
Dollar Capitulation Underway
Dollar Concerns
Dollar , Iran , Oil -
Dollar Recoups Losses Ahead of Fed Meeting
Dollar- Treas Sec'y Henry Paulson - read between lines ? Thoughts ?
Dollar Tree and more (don't know the symbol)
Dollar Trouble
Dollar vs CRB
Dollar - what is going on?
Dollar Will Buck Weakness Trend
Domestic auto rebound??
Don't Believe the Hype
Don't buy the dip in Qualcomm says Bernstein
Don't catch a falling knife
Don't complain to me about the shortage of investment ideas,
Don't complain to me about the shortage of investment ideas, news, and analysis
Don't complain to me about the shortage of investment ideas, news, and analysis
Don't drag that mortgage into retirement
Don't feel like the Lone Ranger
Don't forget Japan
Don't Get Burned in Bonfire of the Oils
Don't Get Left Holding the Bag
don't get sucked into too much energy
Don't Incur Putin's Wrath
Don't know if steeping outta bounds here but?
Don't leave the group ....EMC,CRNT
Don't leave the group simply because you are bearish.....
Don't leave the group simply because you are bearish.....
Don't let oil FUTURES fool you....
Don't make the same mistake again
Don't Quit Market When Everyone Else Is
Don't re-arrange the deck chairs on the Titanic!!
Methane - don't see how Bush speech good for bond market
Don't Sweat the Tightening
Don't take offense: I "weed"
Don't Want, Don't Need
Cramer Don't watch his show, but just wondering.........
Don Coxe & commodities boom
Don Hays interview in Barron's this weekend
Don’t Get Caught Short These 5 Stocks Ahead of Earnings Season
Dont Buy anything now
Dont buy the Brokers yet- Barrons
Dont look at Analyst Future Earnings Growth?
Doogie Howser Treasury Secretary Crash 2.0????
double-bottom with FRO?
double dip or depression ? or other ?
Double hull tanker shortage Big Profits !
Double pos in MAIL, increased UAUA shorts
Doubled up my NTE today
doubled up on HURC at 15.10
Doubts raised over EU's biofuels target
Doug Kass: now bullish on AAPL
Doug Kass: Buy Citigroup
Doug Kass Comments
Doug Kass: Trading Against the Trend
Dov Pharmaceuticals (DOVP)
Dov Pharmaceuticals (DOVP)
TSLA Q4 deliveries down
Dow 12K
DOW 13,000
Dow's Brief Fall of 1,000 Points Sets Off Anxiety -
possible solution Dow at 15000 but with 20 percent depreciated dollars ? ? ?
Dow broke 200dma on higher volume
Dow Chemical
Dow Chemical overpaid for Rohm and Haas - Barron's (I don't own DOW)
Dow down 281 is like down 562 at DOW 14,000
Dow Hits New High
Dow Hits Six-Year High
Dow Jones Industrial Average 1900 thru 2004
Dow Jones is forming a head and shoulders pattern
Dow: Longest bull run in 80 years
DOW shares may appeal to long term investors.
DOW to buy Chinese water components company
Dow to Hit 16,000 - and i am all short - shorts are covering
Dow to Hit 16,000 - and i am all short - shorts are covering
Dow Volume reports confusing me - help?
Down again today?
Down Day Will Encourage Bulls...Cramer
Down grade for CSX
Downgrades Pressure Web Stocks
Downgrades: VZ, SBC, TPC
Downloadable music XMSR
Downloadable music XMSR
Downward Spirals Uncork Some Value....Cramer
[7] DPH - Delphi
dprice's hypothetical: What if gone for a year, w/no account access
DPTR derivative suits filed
DPTR lowers production
DPZ $13.28
sold TDF today at 24.12 (Templeton Dragon Fund)
Dreman, Pioneer Scoop Up Bank Shares
Dreman says short the exchanges
Dress Barn (DBRN): 42 cts vs. 5 cts a year ago
Dress Barn guidance (I have no position)
DRI release (excerpt) re same store sales
Offshore drillers sink as Aramco secures lower Ensco rates
Drillers and contrary indicators
markox's Oil Drillers overview
Drillers: risk if overcapacity
FB: Facebook: Future Growth Opportunities To Drive Value Higher
DRIV ah trading
DRIV and AAPL (I own DRIV)
DRIV and PTEN.......please HELP!!
DRIV at 26.30 and MFLX at 19.30 (April 29 3:20 p.m. ET)
DRIV comments
DRIV drew quite a lot of volume at 31.52
DRIV earnings due tonight; XMSR due Thurs. a.m.
DRIV earnings due tonight; XMSR due Thurs. a.m.
DRIV earnings (long)
DRIV: expansion by acquisition
driv filings - citation
DRIV - flag type -gaps again
DRIV - flag type -gaps again
DRIV, GW, KMG, YCC others report earnings this afternoon
DRIV Question re New Debt taken on in 2004
DRIV raises guidance (I own it)
DRIV (saw this post on the message board today)
Driver error in Toyota issue in NY
SDRL 20.71 Pre-market 18.50
DRL breathtaking
DRL (Doral Financial): this in Barron's this weekend
DRL- Doral gave tech buysignal@$16.40
DRL Follow Up and check HRS
DRL Follow Up and check HRS
DRL- Negative View
Drought and trees in the West
Drugs Generic , Drugs Whsle
BRK.A,BRK.B: Berkshire Hathaway: Plenty Of 'Dry Powder' As Stock Approaches Repurchase Territory
Dry Bulk article
Dry Bulk Set to Soar
Dry bulk shippers news site
Dry bulk shippers news site
Dry bulk shippers price targets
Dry Bulk Shippers - QMAR - yesterdays news , but still valid
Dry bulk shipping radio interview
Dry bulk shipping rates
Dry bulk shipping rates (Bloomberg) (EXM, DSX, EGLE,etc)
Dry bulk shipping stocks
Dry Bulk Shipping: Strong steel prices continue to spur transport demand
Dry Bulks way down again
Dry Shippers - Any comments on this sector
DryShips – Taking on Water
DRYS (and NAV)
DRYS and other bargains
DRYS buys oil drillers
DRYS DryShips Earnings Preview
DRYS DryShips beats by $0.04, beats on revs; gives positive outlook
DRYS DryShips Earnings Preview
DRYS - earnings
DRYS, or any dry bulk shippers TOPT- crude oil tankers
DRYS, or any dry bulk shippers TOPT- crude oil tankers
DRYS - QMAR Bulk Dry shipping
DRYS today - made a mistake
DRYS - took some profit
Dryshippers Hilights
DryShips – Taking on Water
DryShips conf call summary
DRYS DryShips Earnings Preview
DryShips – Taking on Water
DryShips: Q3 results strong
dsco anyone?
DSTI - Gallium , Indium , Germanium - Solar Cells - Semiconductors
DSW results
DSW - another $37 target
DSW continues to expand
Breaking: DSW Earnings
DSW has 5.1% comp store sales growth
DSW I bought today
DSW: More on DSW's FQ2
DSW sets store expansion plan
DSW target $39
DSW upgrade (I own)
DSW: Zacks' Bear Of The Day: DSW
DSX -- if you back out the one-time gain, they are going
DSX NM SEA others
DT US Medical Eqipmenr index
QQQQ is near the midterm channel support line
Car rental companies; DTG
Dubi's posts
Due diligence for ACI, CF, GMXR - Need advice
Duggar family not stopping at 17
FDG - dumb me
Dumb move of the week: I sold OXY at 93+
Dumb Question
Duopoly Investing
DuPont's earnings good indicator for the other fertilizers
DuPont's Holliday Says U.S. Recession Is Unlikely
DuPont Cuts Earnings Guidance, Partly Due to Hurricane Impact
durable goods orders fall in November
Durable-Goods Orders Fell 2.4% in July
Durable-Goods Orders Plummeted by 10.2%
Durable-Goods Orders Rose 1.3% in December
Durable orders fall 8.3% in October, most in 6 years
Durables Demand Rises 2.6% As Orders for Aircraft Soar
DVA $114
DVN and COP under 60; VLO under 51
DVN completes acquisition
DVN, COP, etc: Stock Picks for 2006: Twelve Big Names
DVN: Devon buys BHP's interest in Gulf oil stake
DVN earnings today
DVN -- entry point (Devon Energy)
Devon Energy DVN (I own)
Devon Energy (DVN ) I own it -- downgrade
DVN lowers production guidance, cites Canada
dvn this new was not that new
BJS DVR mentioned in article about growth
DVR - Cal Dive Reports First Quarter 2007 Results
DVR IPO proceeds helps HLX
DVR Presentation
DVR started at BUY by Banc of America
DVR started at Overweight
PFE: Can Pfizer Make Headway In A Rare Skin Tumor?
DWRI - Design Within Reach, Inc
DWRI - Design Within Reach, Inc
DWRI - Design Within Reach, Inc
DXO - Double Long Crude Oil
DXP Enterprises 2Q Net Nearly Doubles; Sales Up 53%DXPE
DXP Enterprises-DXPE
DXP Enterprises, Inc. Announces Strategic Acquisition and $10 Million Increase in Credit Facility: Financial News - Yahoo! Finance
Bought DXPE today at 9.87
DXPE 38/24 could be magic numbers
DXPE acquisition: accretive to earnings immediately
DXPE acquisition price appears to be well-under
DXPE ....... also Texas Roadhouse
DXPE and Gargoyles
DXPE at 22.82
DXPE at 30.49 (23% of float short; stock up 25% in seven days)
DXPE beat by 7 cents
DXPE -- bot more today at 28.15
DXPE earnings (no position)
DXPE --- fewer than 6 million shares in float; around $28 per-share
DXPE has a market cap of only $150 million
DXPE ....... I Bit
DXPE (I own)
DXPE - lightened up
DXPE - made a move up today
DXPE rockin again
DXPE....sold half
DXPE started at Buy
DXPE strong buy reiterated
DXPE - use of proceeds, price targets, estimates
Dyanmic Market Report
Dynamite on incoming flight
E-commerce: a lot of room left to grow
e.g. AMZN -- the "free shipping" Achilles Heel
E.g., look at JPM's "gross profit" progression over last 3 yrs
E85 stations multiply in Michigan
Each of us has several different styles and facets, of course
Eagle Bulk Shipping
Early evening Wednesday: stock futures up
Early Monday evening.......futures up in Chicago
Early Options (I own both)
Early read on Katrina's impact: GE
Berkshire earnings
Earnings Alert
earnings & pps
Earnings Announcements for Friday, February 3
Earnings Announcements for Monday, February 6
Earnings Announcements made Monday , 02/06/06
Earnings calendar
Earnings calendar with current estimates:
Earnings next week + URL
Earnings out: INTC and IBM
Companies most bearish on earnings outlooks since 2008
Earnings Reports Nov. 11-16
Earnings Results Are Falling to Earth
Earnings Schedule for the Week of Jan. 16
Earnings Season is coming
Earnings Season, it begins in earnest
Earnings so far, and what's on tap for the week
EARNINGS this week
ABBV: AbbVie Q1 U.S. sales up 19%; operating earnings up 25%; non-GAAP EPS raised
AMGN: Unbeatable Stocks With Everlasting Dividends (8): Expertise, Growth And An Increasing Dividend
EASI new info
EASI what happened
East Coast Port Container Traffic Increases
East of Eden
Eastbound and Down, CMT and Heavy-Duty Trucking
Easy formula for a Famine P/E
Easy loans now mean a hard landing later....8/1/05
easy real time quotes
BBY big beat
FB: Facebook Could Make eBay Obsolete
Ebay , a stock for long term
EBAY accelerating sales growth (I own)
EBAY after a 4 point plus run (incl after hrs toni...
EBay's Bid to Win Back Buyers
EBAY and Dollar General $DG 05/06 outlook
EBAY and Dollar General (not sure I agree with the 2nd)
EBAY and Verisign
eBay at New Highs
EBAY: Barron's cover story this weekend
EBay boycott winds down, but anger remains
eBay Catching a Well-Deserved Bid
Ebay changes
eBay Conference Call Summary
EBAY -- Cramer 2/2/07
Ebay - Did not expect overreaction like this
EBAY downgrade; internet stocks generally
eBay (EBAY)
correction ebay 20's? eBay entry point
EBay expected to report $1.67 billion in quarterly ...
eBay fair value?
EBAY, GOOG and PayPal
EBAY / GOOG - Google and Skype Join Backers Of Spain's FON Web Start-Up
EBAY growth
EBAY growth and diversification
EBAY growth and diversification (I own)
EBAY: growth engines?
EBAY guidance (from barrons online)
EBAY has a very real problem with the way.....
ebay -- I buy & sell on it but don't own the stock
EBAY (I own)
EBAY (I own it)
EBAY, INSP, SYMC -- interesting in after-hrs session
Ebay lowers fees - hmmmm . That don't happen in goo...
Ebay lowers fees - hmmmm . That don't happen in good times
EBAY -- more growth (I own)
EBay raises outlook, beats anal ysts' forecasts - Apr. 18, 2007
EBay raises outlook, beats analysts' forecasts - Apr. 18, 2007
Ebay - nice to have - not need to have
eBay - of course
eBay on Conference Call
EBAY - one view on why it's down today
EBAY panned in Barron's this weekend
EBAY: eBay/PayPal split set to occur in July
EBay Profit Jumps 40%, Trims Earnings Guidance
EBAY raised to Buy (I own)
EBAY rating raised
EBAY requires PayPal or credit card
EBAY secondary
EBAY: several things
EBAY / Skype -- growing market share
EBAY; Skype now has 100 million users
EBAY / Skype -- PayPal feature added
EBAY - Start selling -- NO LISTING FEES until Sept 30
eBay StubHub acquisition greeted favorably
EBAY to form Taiwan auction site
eBay: UBS Media Conference Call Summary
EBAY (versus GOOG)
EBAY vs. GOOG dust up this week
EBAY: why the rebound today? I own
So far EBAY, YHOO, GOOG; Thursday AMZN
Ebola fighting stocks
EC - Engelhard Corporation Earnings report 10/24
market forecast from BofA
ECA CEO steps down before earnings?
ECA Encana/ Marketedge says oversold good entry
ECM - Auto Power Management
Econ speaks on bank deposit safety-----not adequately capitalized
Economic Correction Disease (091030)
Economic data and the markets
Economic data /Ken Fisher Book
Calendar of U.S. Economic Events January 15 - January 19, 2007
Economic Recovery? Or, Son of a Bubble... (091023)
Economic Recovery: The Unresolved Mysteries (100205)
Economic reports calendar for this coming week
Economic stimulus proposals
Economics 101 -- an interesting alternative view
Economics 101 ? - weblink
Economics and Iraq
economics of oil sands
economics of oil sands/CNQ, SU, MRO, IMO
Economist- The Worldwide Housing Bubble
Economists discount Chinese threat to sell off dollar
economists react: Breaking the String?
Economists Say Fed Message Is That No Cut Is Imminent
Economists To Miss The Next Financial Crisis (100319)
Economy Crawls, Raising Recession Fears
economy doing well
Economy Poised For '07 Rebound, Forecasters Say
Economy Skids to Near Halt
EcoSecurities cuts offsets due biodiesel woes
Ecuador halts oil exports after protests- Bananas
Ecuador halts oil exports after protests- Bananas
Ecuador won't nationalize oil industry
ECX - European Climate Exchange Trading Monthly update Apr 2008
ED (I own it for dividend)
Ed McMahon reportedly 650K in arrears
CELG: FDA clears Takeda's ixazomib for multiple myeloma
RIMM, Medco, Express Scripts
EDD - Don't Overlook Super-Cheap Emerging-Market Bonds
Editing: dissertations, theses, articles, business documents, etc.
Editing/polishing college/grad school papers, admissions essays, etc.
Editor finds values in financial services
Editorial: The up side of high food prices
Notable earnings after Wednesday’s close
EDNE.OB Eden Energy ran across this (SCAM)
Edne scam
education and purchases
Edwards, Obama, Richardson and Clinton on energy
Edwards shows new face of cancer -
EE Times China Semiconductor news Lifts tech heavy Nasdaq today
EEI - 1.5 mln float undiscovered Clean Air / Environment stock
EENC and other oil plays
EENC and other oil plays
Effexor recall by Pfizer
EFUT today
EFX - Equifax Inc. $35.10
Egan-Jones - non conflict of interest CDO rater
EGLE a dividned Play for short term .50 for a 15.60 per share
EGLE a reply
SBUX: Why Food Is Now A Big Part Of Starbucks' Strategy
EIA June 6 gasoline imports - Bush sabre rattling
EIA NG Report Highlights
EIA Short Term Energy Outlook III- coal
EIA Short Term Energy Outlook III- coal
EIA Short Term Energy Outlook III- coal
EIA weekly gas imp - refiners
EIA Weekly gasoline imports May to 5/23
Eight group unsubscriptions in last 5 days
Eight New ETF's
Einhorn closes CMG short
Einhorn short on CMG
Eisenhower's Farewell Address Jan. 17, 1961
Elan ($ELN)
Election Shuffles Energy Drill Team
Electric Futures / Nat gas
ETR - Electric Utilities sector
Natural Gas / Electricity futures
Electricity Futures 3 yr weelky chart
Electricity - New Futures Indexs added to
Elementary Options Intro and education
$ELGE ER 5-8- AC
increased offer for ELK - BMCA, not BLG
ELK- close to breakout - also HBP LPX
ELK Elkcorp (NYSE) - Roofing
swhc flo dyn tune cot elnk tnc
(ELN) a quick thought
ELN alert
$ELN Elan News
Elon Musk's Tesla Strategy: Win Big by Falling Short - Bloomberg
ELOS - Up Nearly $3 after hours
eloy up on down day
ELRN Elron Elec Ind GIVN Given Imaging ???
Elsa, 0% financing
FB: Facebook goes after TV ad dollars with new buying options, Nielsen deal
ELX preannounces to upside
CSCO: Cisco unveils integrated server/storage hardware, encroaches on EMC's turf
EMC Chart
EMC (I own)
EMC May Shift Into Overdrive
EMC Posts 93% Jump in Net Income
EMC sees "bump in the road" of recovery
EMC still underestimated
EMC (TSX) being listed on NYSE
EMC -- up in the early going today to 13.48
EMC Warns of Quarterly Shortfall
Dividend approach to retirement
Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008- China agent of US ?
Emerging caution on India (msg 1495)
Nov 3 : Emerging Markets Turnaro und is Getting Closer—Here’s Why
Emerging markets and MSCI EFA funds EEM
EMES: Emerge Energy -4.3% on news of secondary offering
Emission-Based Vehicle Ownership and Use
EMKR - Emcore wins $4.6m follow-on order for CPV receiver assemblies
EMN: Eastman Chemical looks cheap - Barron's
EMN ER 10-26 A/C
emphasis on the other side of the equation: RISK
Employers pushing back against immigration hysteria
Employment and unemployment
stocks down in midafternoon: employment data and downgrades
EMR a split after a real good ER and recent stock splits
EMR ER 11-7 B/O
EMR ER 2- 6 B/O
$EMR F,C. N with a 1,2,3 setup formimg
$EMR some F,C, N for this stock to rise this year !
CSCO: Cisco Systems Announces 24% Dividend Increase, Now What?
ENB Enbridge-Tobin Smith :$4 in earnings (own)
ENB Enbridge(own)pipelines leads conservation
ENB- Enbridge role in Canadian oil sands pipeli...
ENB- Enbridge role in Canadian oil sands pipelines
ENB Enbridge-Tobin Smith :$4 in earnings (own)
EnCana cuts gas output projections- Prod cuts will mean hihger prices this fall
Encana (ECA)
Encouraging Improvements vs. Bigger Picture
End is Near
end of day action ?
End of Housing Slump Seems to Be Drawing Near
End of the quarter paperwork
AMGN / biotechs generally
VLO: Should You Buy Valero Energy Following Earnings?
Energy - A Competitor For Ethanol? BP DD
... Energy & Metals ... CCJ , USU , AUY , NG
Energy and Caribbean storm threat today
energy and metals off?
Energy article [message post 15369]
Energy bear
Energy Bill - guest talk on NPR Diane Reem this morning
Energy Bill Highlights - some picks , need more ideas !!
Energy companies most up today at 11:00 am
How energy cost are hurting the economy.
Energy deals
Energy disconnects
Energy Drinks
Energy (ECA,VLO), Water (PHO) and Defense (SAI)
Energy (ECA,VLO), Water (PHO) and Defense (SAI)
buffet/munger views on global warming/alt energy etc
Energy Execs see oil below $100 this year
Energy futures markets are FUTURES markets
Energy: I guess you'd call them my "Three Horsemen"
Energy impact could worsen
H.R.6 -Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007
Energy Information Administration
Energy Information: cap ex in drillers??
Energy insiders buying on dips
Energy inventories could stay plentiful
Energy inventories piece
Energy inventories reports
Energy inventories report bearish AGAIN
energy inventories report out (per wsj online)
Energy inventories reports
Energy makes for strange bed fellows part two
energy mutuals & trusts
Energy Plays: The Spark Is Still There
Energy Policy Act - benefits to utilities
Energy: Prefer refiners and exploration, but have no interest in
Energy prices
World Energy Reports Financial Results for First Quarter of 2008
Energy Report Numbers
VLO: Valero: Why Major Refiner Is My Only Position In Energy Sector
Energy sectors seeking parity
Energy selloff is overdone
Energy Service and Equipment company shopping
Energy-Services Companies: Drills and Bills
Energy stock decline ?
Energy Stock Looks Ripe for the Picking
Energy stock picks for 2006
VLO: Stick with quality energy stocks amid the carnage, analyst says
Energy stocks: APA and DVN - but why call DVN more risky
Energy stocks are acting as if crude will go to $35 and NG to $6 or $7
Energy stocks as an invesment: QUESTIONS
Energy stocks as investments: VLO, COP, OXY, DVN for example
Energy Strategies Galore
Energy today
Energy - VLO - CNQ
Energy vs Energy service
EnergyBiz Magazine . September / October 2007
Engineer: DuPont hid facts about paper coating
Enough Said about Bush's "legacy"
Enough With the Ethanol, Already....Cramer
Ensco to Replace BellSouth in S&P 500...I own ESV
Ensure Your Accounts Are Safe
Entered TWM at 63.90
Enterra Energy's Woes Mount
Entertaining essays by Bill Bonner
Grounded Dreamliner Stalls Titanium and Allegheny
EP: Anybody following this stock
EP El Paso
Epidemic of Fear
Equipment shortages hit regional producers hard -Emirates
Equities vs. real estate
Equity funds' cash flows turn negative
Equity funds inflows; bond funds outflows
Equity futures down in early going Monday evening
Equity futures have been down all evening
Equity mutual funds have had net $32 billion OUTFLOW
ER's for this week
ER for the week ending 12-17 Could be some interesting trades both long and Short for next week
ER for WFR -- MEMC Electronics
ER Preview-Conference/Events Calendar for the week of February 26 - March 2
ERES (no position in the stock)
ERES short
ERF Enerplus raises monthly distribution .02 to $37Cdn
Eric Bolling answers the question:
Eric Bolling Bolts CNBC's Fast Money for Fox?
erratic trades in google today
ERS - Empire Resources - more Fundies
ERS - Empire Resources - 5 yr eps data - own added to today
ERS -Empire Resources, Inc - excellent earnings report
ERS - Empire Resources - more Fundies
iPad's corporate converts
ERTS - Electronic Arts' Positive Xbox 360 Spin
ERTS reports: mixed picture
ERTS up in after-hrs: 7.3 million shares traded
12:03 ESLR Evergreen Solar options activity (10.07 -0.37)
$ESLR F,C,N $ 100 pb Oil could cause stocks like this to take off.
ESLR falls on supply termination
ESPR secondary
ESPR secondary
Estimates raised on AAPL by Jefferies
Estimates raised on AAPL by Jefferies
Estimates reduced on AAPL
RIG,ESV: Transocean sends rigs to the scrap heap, dragging down offshore drillers
etf's, water, nuke, solar
etf's, water, nuke, solar
ETF and Mutual fund inflows/outflows
Weekly mutual fund and ETF funds flows report
ETF Link
ETF / Mutual fund cash inflows/outflows
ETF / Mutual fund inflows/outflows
ETF performance 2005
ETF screener link at bottom of our homepage
[corrected] ETFs / Mutual fund inflows/outflows
ETFs to short
I own VLO: Valero's Ethanol Adds To Robust Crude Oil Refining
Ethanol: a minority view perhaps
Ethanol and climate change, etc.
Ethanol and the price of Gas
Ethanol Backlash In Small Midwestern Towns
Ethanol, biodiesel eats into US corn stockpiles
Ethanol - Brazil yes, US maybe a ways off for full deployment
Ethanol could leave the world hungry
Ethanol , energy bill , controversies
Ethanol Firms Set Public Plans Despite Rocky Debuts by Others
Ethanol group up nicely on Friday
Ethanol has OPEC publicly Concerned
Ethanol -- I'd avoid the stocks, and wish the best to industry
Ethanol -Investing in the Renewable Energy
Ethanol -Investing in the Renewable Energy
Ethanol is Here to Stay
Ethanol is here to stay ! We have vehicles
Ethanol more research and Myths
Ethanol Myths!
Ethanol - Passiive Investing in the Renewable Energy Industry
Ethanol Pipeline proposed -Iowa
Ethanol prices
Glycerin Ethanol Production Breakthrough
Ethanol Production Continues Impressive Rate
Ethanol side effects: Absentee Rates Midwest
Ethanol side effects: Absentee Rates Midwest
Ethanol stock charts and related at lows - buying is occuring
Beware of ethanol stocks
Ethanol stocks to get revved up about- MSN Money
ETHANOL Sugar set to bowl over other big investments
Ethanol - The Hoax of All Hoaxes
Ethanol (was Yahoo COP message board)
Ethenol...was: Yahoo COP message board
ETR - Electric Utilities sector
ETR -- Entergy Gauges Hurricane Damage at $1 Billion
ETR (I own it for the dividend)
ETV EXG monthly payouts
ETV EXG monthly payouts
EU industry carbon emissions flat in 2007
EU Tells US Airlines to Pay for Their Carbon Emissions or Lose Flights to Europe
Euro banks halt trading in some mortgage bonds
Euro Central Bank Lends Another $10.5 Billion
Euronet Worldwide Inc. (EEFT)
JNJ: European Ad Comm back expanded use of Imbruvica
Europe's carbon market holds lessons for the U.S.
Europe Pays to Ship U.S. Coal
European and British tourists helped sales....
Europeans stepping up purchases of US assets.
Even if bush can put behind himself..................
Even my dentist and barber say.............
Even scarier: India index vs. our NASDAQ for last three months
Even the Wall Street Jrnl sorted thru the nonsense
Even Warren Buffett believes in the judicious use of debt
Even with GOOG up 7% in after-hrs session........
Events like that at Ft. Hood bring out our dumber sides
Ever the skeptic...................
Every adult in Britain should be forced to carry 'carbon ration cards', say MPs
Every life has a story: Tabasco sauce King
Every market cycle's pumpers have their myth
EVERY member should at least be able to
Every member should feel free to share picks/info (caveat)
Every member should resolve............
Every Move Now Takes Us to the Limit
Every new member should (actually EVERY MEMBER
Every year I read a story like this..........
Everybody likes XMSR but........................................................
Everyone has heard of Harold Hill; he's a creation of Meredith Willson..........
Everyone seems negative on commodities and basic materals-RIO
everyone should subscribe to barrons/wsj online; here's an excerpt
Everything's Finally Coming Into Focus
Everything I've seen says those Shanghai market players
Everything in Commentary
Evidence of a "frothy" top?????
EWJ (I' m short it)
EWJ -breakout on 14mill shares
[sellemshort] EWP: views on Spanish stocks? Anyone?
EWZ iShares Brazil: Fitch upgrades Brazil to Investment Grade (I own)
EWZ, other ETFs
EWZ short
ex Fed Chairman Paul Volcker's view
Example of differing view of the econmy
Example of my concern that a dominant customer can ...
Example of my concern that a dominant customer can put ....
example of newsletter
Example of what's wrong at Home Depot
big layoffs coming to Texas oil country
from barron's, excerpt
Excel Coal sale to BTU approved by shareholders
Excel list fastest 100 - symbol errors on last list !!
Excel Maritime Carriers Earnings Preview (I own the stock)
Excel Maritime (EXM)...I own
Excel Spread Sheet for calculating pivots, resistance and support levels
Excellent blog giving an overview of 2007
excellent opp to buy FRO (today)and get $3.10 dividend
Excellent point by Jeff Macke the other night on...
Excellent point by Jeff Macke the other night on Fast Money
Exception to $3.00 rule: feel free to discuss Bear Stearns
excerpt: Barron's magazine this weekend
Excerpt: January 18 barrons online: CROX
excerpt: KONA
Excerpt: renewables and energy dependence
excerpt today: iPad competitors
Morgan Stanley Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) . Global Tracking Monitor . First Ha
Exelon Abandons PSEG Acquisition, Faults New Jersey
Existing-Home Sales Climb As Inventories Continue to Fall
Existing-Home Sales Fell By 2.7% in Latest Month
Existing home sales report Monday; DELL reports this week
Existing-Home Sales Resumed Decline in March
Existing home sales up, inventories up, prices down
EXM 10/15/07 research report in Barron's
EXM 10/15 research report in Barron's
EXM anyone?
Dry Bulk shippers: Favorable Forbes article: EXM DRYS EGLE
re-entered EXM (Excel Maritime) today at 4.16 (dry bulk shipping)
EXM - Excel Maritime Carriers
Excel Maritime (EXM)...I own
what to expect next week
EXP -- Buffett Sees Value in Beaten-Down USG
EXP cut to hold
EXP: Eagle Materials - re-entered short at 49.27
EXP: Eagle Materials - re-entered short at 49.27
EXP suddenly jumped up 1.30
Expect more of the past 2 days,briefing .com
Expect your state income taxes to rise
Expectations for November retail sales: mixed
Expensive Oil and the Trend
Experimentation Will Improve Your Trading (090424)
Experts: Global Food Shortages Could .Continue for Decades
Experts: Natural gas vehicles getting attention
Experts: Natural gas vehicles getting attention -ALLIED WASTE
Expiration week
Current crisis explanations
Explanation and attempt to be even-handed
Explosions Cut Gas To Georgia, Armenia
Export more-import less. Simple math.
Express Scripts - ESRX
Extension of Jobless Benefits Clears Key Senate Hurdle
Extensions of time to file Federal Form 1040
extra crude
Extraordinary Popular Debt
Exxon, Chevron Post Record Profits
Exxon, Chevron Post Record Profits- hows bout Medical gouging
Eye Of The Hurricane
ez armor
EZPAWN -EZPW about 18.8 (I own it)
F: 4 Reasons Ford Could Be One Of The Best Dividend Investments Of The Next Decade
F & GM
If anyone needed more evidence that. . .
F Auto watch: Solid demand in luxury segment
F: Automaker stocks react to oil price slide
F: Automobile M&A activity could pick up
F: Cheaper oil good for Ford and GM, but not for Tesla
F: Concerned About Equity Valuations? Consider Ford
F: Ford's Bright Future Beyond The Earnings Beat
F: Ford's Domination Of Planet Earth Is On, Or Ahead Of, Schedule
F: Ford's Sell-Off Might Present A Buying Opportunity
F: Ford gains 1% after bottom-line beat
F: Ford gains market share in Europe
F: Ford Gets First 'Very Juicy' Rating: We Love The New F-150 And Initiate With A $28.50 Price Target
F: Ford: Global Market Power
F: Ford Has $20 In Its Crosshairs
F: Ford Investor Day, Monday Sept. 29: Stock Potentially Trading At 30% - 35% Discount To Intrinsic Value
F: Ford Is Motoring Its Way Higher
F: Ford July U.S. sales
F Ford Motor
F: Ford Motor Company: An Underappreciated Value And Income Play
F: Ford Motor: Set To Take Down $20 Sooner Rather Than Later
F: Ford picks up market share in Europe as GM contracts
F: Ford preps for global Mustang launch
F: Ford preps for new F-150 roll-out
F: Ford sits as top car seller in Canada
F: Ford - Solid Quarter, Still On Track For A Great 2015
F: Ford: The Best Bet Among American Auto Manufacturers
F: Ford To Launch 25 New Models Including Mustang In Middle East, Africa
F: Ford Will Continue To Grow
Will China buy assets of GM or Chrysler
F: Growth Is Strong For Ford
F How to insure you buy stocks "on the way up"
F,KMX: U.S. auto sales forecast to end the year strong
F: Market share gains for Ford in Europe
F: Positive review for the 2015 F-150 pile up
F: Rave reviews for the new Ford F-150
F: Recall Woes Don't Stand In Ford's Way To $28.50
F: Rosy forecast on U.S. auto sales
F should continue to increase
F: Strong month for European car sales
F: Strong U.S. truck demand lifts Ford in July
F: U.K. automobile sales +6.2% in September
f/u on mflx
F: Utility demand strong for Ford in November
F: Why Ford's Recent Pullback Is A Buying Opportunity
F: Why Ford's Sales In China Continue To Impress
F: Why Ford Has Huge Potential As An Income Stock
face the "greenies" Chevron reportedly in talks to tap Iraq's oil
Facebook (I don't own or use)
remember history before jumping into Facebook IPO
Fact check: Barack said U.S. invented the automobile
FACTBOX-Details about Toyota's U.S. sales suspension
Factory orders in August DOWN
Factory orders up by 0.7% in May
Facts Do Matter…The Economy Does Better U nder Democrats (VIDEO)
#6 Oil ? Fair Retails?
Fair value on SP500
Fairly bearish; current holdings
FAL - FalconBridge Ltd - N- Inco Ltd
Falling Dollar's downside more than you think
Falling energy prices: the silver lining
Falling fuel prices.
Falling knife or buying opp? VLO and CHK
catch falling knives or buy good companies - TMA Opinion
falling knives 20 bankrupsies?
falling knives - mortgage lenders and rising rates
FANG stocks
Fannie and Freddie to suspend foreclosures temporarily
Fannie, Freddie Mac portfolios shrink
Fannie Mae loss
Fannie Mae fine: "hundreds of millions"
Fannie Mae: Hiding Something again...??
Fannie Mae (no position)
Fannie Mae sees house price declines accelerating
FAQ: Private Equity Boom
$FARO up on quarterly results
FAS etc. (financials generally)
Fascinating charts located on Google Finanaces' website.
Fashionable to complain about lawyers, but....
Fast Money
Fast Money's Pete Najarian: did he play without...
Fast Money's Pete Najarian: did he play without a h...
Fast Money Interview.....Hovnanian On Homebuilder Jitters
Fast Money panel tonight decidely bearish
Fast Money Picks - OKE, EMC
Fast Money quick recaps
Fast $$ panelists, esp. Najarian negative on market
Fast recovery on demand Hot Water - ENB Enbridge
Faulty Forecasting
Favorable article: HERO USU C CAH
favorable article on CNQ
Favorably mentioned stocks in Apr. 25 issue of Forbes
Favorite CEF
Favorite DIVIDEND STOCKS (I own all of these)
favorite sites and charts links
Fax to White House about immigration enforcement
FB $100 price target
FB $108 price target
FB - $146 target
FB 150 target
FB $160 target
FB 165 target
FB: 3 Reasons Why Facebook Is Still A Buy
FB $94 price target
FB and
FB: Angie's List Is Dying For The Same Reason Facebook Is Winning
FB: Another Brick In The Facebook Road To $100
FB beat
FB: Cantor upbeat on Facebook's video ads; Forrester teen survey positive
FB: Citi values Instagram at $35B
FB: eMarketer: Facebook's U.S. usage still growing, monetization outperforms
FB Facebook
FB: Facebook +3.7%; Cowen values Instagram at $33B
FB: Facebook -8.4% AH on revenue, spending guidance
FB: Facebook: $90 Price Target Is Possible With App Links And LiveRail
FB: Facebook ad partner reports strong Q2 click rates, ad prices
FB: Facebook's call touches on spending plans, video, forex, search
FB: Facebook's Futu Fantastic
FB: Facebook's market cap tops IBM's; partner reports strong Q3 numbers
FB: Facebook's New Shazam-Like Feature Is Another Step Towards $85
FB: Facebook's Opportunities For Growth Are Vast
FB: Facebook's Q4 highlights: 53% ad growth, 1.39B MAUs
FB: Facebook: Are New Highs Coming Soon?
FB: Facebook at Work launches in test mode; $100+ targets arrive
FB: Facebook: Big Business Means More Business
FB: Facebook bucks tech selloff following BofA target hike
FB: Facebook buying major video ad tech platform LiveRail
FB: Facebook buys shopping site to improve e-commerce ad quality
FB: Facebook buys voice recognition tech developer
FB: Facebook Can Rally Past $90
FB: Facebook developing website for professionals
FB: Facebook files mixed shelf registration
FB: Facebook: Firing On All Cylinders
FB: Facebook: Firing On All Cylinders; A Deep Product By Product Dive Into This Social Media Giant
FB: Facebook, Inc. Hits Mega-Cap, Is Dow Jones Calling?
FB: Facebook Increasingly Looking Like A Strong Ecosystem Play
FB: Facebook Is A Buy - PayPal's President Is Defecting To Team Zuckerberg
FB: Facebook Is About To Step On Google's Toes
FB: Facebook Is Accelerating Its E-Commerce Plans
FB: Facebook Is Getting Closer To E-Commerce
FB: Facebook launches embedded videos, mobile ad exchange, IoT SDKs
FB: Facebook launches would-be Snapchat rival
FB: Facebook, LinkedIn, Yelp, GSV rise AH thanks to Twitter
FB: Facebook: LiveRail Acquisition Makes A Lot Of Sense
FB: Facebook makes new highs; Q2 ad performance well-received
FB: Facebook Messenger tops 500M MAUs
FB: Facebook: Mobile Monetization Strategy Is Clear
FB (Facebook): no position, don't follow
FB: Facebook On Track To Becoming A Major Player In Payments
FB: Facebook partners with IBM on ad targeting, plans Q1 2016 Oculus launch
FB: Facebook plans entry into healthcare
FB: Facebook Q3 Earnings Outlook
FB: Facebook reportedly shows interest in Nokia maps unit, launches dialer app
FB: Facebook roundup: Foreign ads, mood experiment, App Links
FB: Facebook: Save Feature Could Mean Sustained Engagement Rates
FB: Facebook sees Atlas giving Instagram's ad sales a boost
FB: Facebook Still Popular Among Teens, Key Takeaways For Investors
FB: Facebook strikes ad deal with Publicis reportedly worth $500M
FB: Facebook: The New Face Of A Monopoly
FB: Facebook tops 2M advertisers, gives them a new app
FB: Facebook tops $84; Messenger reportedly turning into developer platform
FB: Facebook Tries To Increase Revenues In China Without Opening A Local Website
FB: Facebook unveils content-saving service, might use it for ad targeting
FB: Facebook: Virtual Reality Gets Social
FB,GOOG: Facebook goes after Google with new ad tech platform
FB: Here's How Facebook Is Beating Google
FB: huge jump in advertisers for Facebook
FB in Barron's today
FB: Instagram gives Facebook a Chinese opening
FB: Instagram tops 300M active users
FB: ITG upbeat about Facebook's Q2; new music/TV service on tap
FB: Mobile 62% of Facebook's ad sales; MAUs rise 14% Y/Y
FB: Numbers Aside, Why You Should Be Long Facebook
FB price target $105
FB: several new price targets raised
FB target $108
FB target of $105
FB target price changes
FB targets raised
FB: Time To Load Up On Facebook?
FB: Time To Sell Google And Buy Facebook
FB to dominate mobile
FB today
FB: What Caused Facebook's Profit Explosion?
FB: What I Would Pay For Facebook
FB: WhatsApp tops 700M active users
FBR "targets" on various
Cramer likes CMG, pans HANS, FCEL, others
FCEL (no position in this stock)
FCEL Victor's msg 7686 a superb point
PFE: The FCF 5: Does Pfizer Manage To Clear All 5 Of My Free Cash Flow Tests?
FCSX -Fcstone Group Inc - CARBON MARKETS
FCX: Freeport-McMoRan Is Attractive
FCX - 11th special dividend since 2004 (I own it for dividend)
FCX a good one; also a nice vehicle for writing covered calls
FCX - additional risks?
FCX -- anyone have a view?
FCX beats
FCX: Freeport Indonesia lifts force majeure at Grasberg copper mine
FCX: Freeport McMoRan target upped to $45 at Nomura, citing catalysts ahead
FCX is a steal (I own it for dividend and cap appreciation)
FCX is among the FIVE most active NYSE stocks
FCX: Miner cost cutting to continue, Cowen Says
FDA finds no tie between Tamiflu and Japan deaths
FDA warning diabetes drug
Bill Nygren on WU and FDC
FDC 43.25
FDG sold to TCK announced today
FDG BTU How do you best VALUE an energy stock??
FDG - Cdn Pacific Cuts 2006 EPS Guidance On Fording Output View
FDG correction
FDG - dumb me
$FDG? F, C, N,
FDG- Fording after hours 311K shares (sorry)
FDG - Fording earnings last night= huge.
FDG must have some free cash flow !
FDG now just below the 20 day of 40. About a 10% pullback.
FDG - one view
FDG sold to TCK announced today
FDG tanking!!!! bullish coal
FDG tanking!!!! bullish coal
FDG up today BTU SSL
FDG up today BTU SSL
FDG X-dividend
FDIC says big banks still not lending enough
FDIC To Cover Losses On $75 Trillion Bank of America Derivative Bets
FDX: bought today at 86.02
FDX: Cowen: New pricing strategy at FedEx a boon
FDX: FedEx improves results across segments in FQ3
FDX: Investors and analysts applaud FedEx-TNT deal
FDX target $203
Fear > greed > fear > greed etc. etc.
Fear, greed, fear, greed, fear, greed, fear, greed, etc.
Fear of posting bad STOCK PIX
Feb 07 new positions for Renaissance Tech hedge fund
Feb. 16: Cree Announces Record 350 mA LED Brightness and Efficacy
February retail sales - various
WSJ NEWS ALERT: Fed's Beige Book Shows Economic Sluggishness Persists
Fed's concerns
Fed's discount rate
Fed's Fisher
Fed's Fisher says U.S. economy appears to be weathe...
Fed's Plosser says US rates may not be high enough - Oct. 5, 2006
Fed and interest rates
FED and oil prices
Fed Attempts To Tame U.S. Market Volatility
Fed: Banks Tightening Subprime Standards
Fed cut and the American Way?
Fed cuts forecast for economic growth - Feb. 20, 2008
Fed cuts what happens to carry trade?
Fed cuts what happens to carry trade? found this in Forbes 8/23/07
Fed Debate on 2000 Tech Bust Holds Lesson on Current Risks
Fed decides to leave rates UNCHANGED
Fed divided on rates
Fed Efforts Failing?
Reuters today: Fed expected to cut rates further
Not "if" but how much of a cut in Fed Funds rate?
Fed has lost control over interest rates
Fed holds rates steady
Fed holds rates steady, sees inflation elevated
Fed Is Prepared to Act if Inflation , Official Says
Fed Is Prepared to Act if Inflation Stays at 'Too High' Rate, Official Says
Fed meeting today
Fed member: short rates to rise sooner
Fed Minutes
Fed Minutes Give Little Indication A Rate Cut Is Near
Fed Move Was Technical
Fed Official Bangs Inflation Drum, Despite Signs of Easing Pressures
Fed Official: Bank Will Protect Economy
Fed Official Says Bad Data Helped Fuel Rate Cuts, Housing Speculation
Fed Put imo
Fed Put imo
Fed Rates..Just a W...A...G...
Fed: recovery spreading
Fed says.....
Fed Sends Bulls to Slaughterhouse Again
Fed Sets Open-Ended Asset Purchases to Spur Growth; Extends Low Rates Into 2015
fed should have released this news yesterday
Fed Succeeds in Scaring the Market...Commentary
Fed Taking Action to Counter Cash Crunch
Fed tomorrow
Fed Tracker
Fed unlikely to lower Fed Funds target rate
Fed Up With Cendant...Cramer
Fed wary of alleged "recovery's" sustainability
Fed watch
Fed watch: retail sales tepid
Federal "deal" to stave off bankruptcies
Federal Budget Pie Chart for 2011
Federal Deficit Sharply Lower
federal mortgage aid ending
Federal Regulators Seize Two National Banks
Federal Reserve bond purchases in the future
Federal reserve Breaks the law in BSC Bailout
Federal Reserve Increases Key Interest Rate to 3.75%
Federal Salaries
federal seizures
Federated Mutual Funds
FedEx Buys Out Partner in China For $400 Million
FedEx (FDX)
FedEx Profit Jumps but Contract Hurts Outlook; Economy Seen Healthy
FedEx Raises Express Rates
FedEx said to pick first China hub
FEDs next moves ?
Feeling mildly nervous
VLO and CRAMER Feeling Mildly Suicidal.......Blood all over my portfolio
latest on Hurricane Felix
FEMA: any doubt what the "F" stands for???
FEMA contracts- SGR laying housing groundwork/CAV
FEMA wants manuf. homes inventory-CAV(6.80)
Fermans reply Lessons learned: what's your
Fertilizers - AgChems -Food
Fewer New-Home Sales as Prices Rise
FF Key Statistics -- FIRST FINL FUND
FFC: Flaherty & Crumrine/Claymore Preferred Securities Income Fund: A Good Or Bad Investment?
FFIV- R> James raises target price
FW: FHRX First Horizon Pharmaceutical Corp
Fiasco that fed Great Depression
Fibonacci Man, Blast to the Past (Audio Interview w/Trader Greenblatt 081017)
Fidelity's screener cash flow comparison output
Fidelity options approval process & suggestions
Field goals and covered calls
Liars can figure
FIG: "Top-off" distribution coming for Fortress?
FIG: Fortress +2.4% after big Q2
FIG: Fortress's Income Can Mitigate Its Risks
FIG: Fortress Investment +3.6% after beat, special dividend
FIG goes ex-dividend on August 9
FIG (I own for the dividend)
FIG: More talent exits the banking sector
Fighting the Last War, Re-living the Last Rally?
File - "Subject Line" for posts and replies
File - The REIT Stuff (real estate discussion)
File - Three E-mail delivery options
File - Using to post long URLs
FB: Facebook files mixed shelf registration
Final Four Poll results for stockinvestorsforum
Final Gallup poll: Barack 55 McNutty 44
Final hybrid figures IRS unveils tax-credit figures for Toyota, Ford hybrids
Final USAToday/Gallup: 11 point lead for Barack
PFE: Pfizer Finally Beats And Raises Cleanly Enough To Generate Alpha
finally a successful put transaction
finally dumped SWFT @ 21.74, under 200dma
Finally, some sanity about "liquidity"
Finance and Retail Whsle sectors - Lead/Lag the consumer economy
Finance- How to Read Financial Statements 101
Financial Manipulation Is Not A Victimless Crime Larry Kudlow (VIDEO)
financial panic - what to do now
Financial Screens and Fund Performance Measurement
Financial sector and SKF and XLF etc
Financial sector looking good.....................
Financial Sense Article on Oil Supply
KBW sees recession in early 2008; downgrades 32 financial stocks
Financial Stocks - $ACAS
Financial stocks-CitiGroup
DOC financials
Financials are looking toward old avenues to generate more business.
Financials - maybe after October
Financials out of favor
Financials Sectors - also 2 day lead sectors
Financing real estate investments
Finding a "stimulus" job
Finding a Foundation for Housing
...and pay particular attention to Karen Finerman
Fingers of Instability
Firewater not Popov
Firms pile up earnings warnings
First-Class Stamp to Rise 2 Cents
First Loss
First Message : various stocks> RMH
RGEN at $37.... My first post here Oct 2013 at $10
First post in a while and today's recoverery
first post - my intro
First Post (reference to MBI)
First Post (reference to NBR, HMC, BIP, VTI, EFA, MBI)
First Solar
First Solar (FSLR -$141), Resmed (RMD -$33) and Apple (AAPL -$331)
First-time buyers nibbling in housing
First time poster - my positions
First Venture into the Oil Patch
Fiscal conservatives should be outraged...........
Fiscal Irresponsibility Versus Fiscal Austerity (101215)
Traders, Beware Phony Growth From Fiscal Stimulus (100108)
Fish Fraud
Fisher for president!!!
Fisher House -
Fitch cuts HD ratings, outlook negative
Fitch raises rating on Valero (VLO)
Five high risk mining stocks I like for 2007; 3 other stocks I like:
Five More Companies Show Questionable Options Pattern
Five Star (FVE) (I own)
Five Star (FVE) - selling at discount to book value per Yahoo Finance
VLO, MPC,TSO: Cowen remains bullish on five top oil refiners
FIX -Comfort Sys Usa Inc (NYSE)
fixed income investment - I bought CDs
FIZ is gaining bubbles...
FLA - Florida East Coast
Flash Memory Mfg- who ?
$FLE ER 12-8-5 B/O Some heavy CALL volume today
$FLE ER and Outlook some F,C, N
FLE Fleetwood mobile homes strong here
FLE- Fleetwood ramping RV prodn/earnings tomorrow
Fleeing to bonds? Choose carefully
FLEX (contract mfr) (no position in the stock)
FLEX (I don't own) and SANM (I own)
"Netflix Support Team" e-mail scam
Flight to precious metals as inflation hedge ? SLW
Float - Problems w/paper assets seem to be spreading: PayPal
Floor Talk: Fears mount that Russia may cut off oil flow to Western Europe
Floor talk: Color on market sell-off
Floor Talk: Commodities unable to hold onto yesterd...
Floor Talk: Commodities unable to hold onto yesterday's gains
Floor Talk: Energy Update
Floor Talk: Energy -PXJ
Floor Talk: Fears mount that Russia may cut off oil flow to Western Europe
Floor Talk: Late day sell-off...GS rumor refuted
Floor Talk: Late day sell-off...only up 13 now
Floor Talk: Market rally
Floor Talk: Morning sell-off
Floor Talk: Oil & the SPR -Update-
Floor Talk: Some observations on tech
Floor Talk: Some of the factors that may have contributed to this afternoon's sell-off
Floor Talk: Surging oil takes the market down
Floor Talk: Tankers
Floor Talk: This afternoon's abrupt sell-off
Florida's Housing Hurricane
Flow of Capital Into U.S. Rises
Flow of immigrants' funds to developing nations slowing
Floyd Norris in NYTimes: No Bad News Words
Floyd Norris (NYTimes): and NovaStar
trevvor, saw this on FLR tonight:
FLR GVA ?? Thoughts/ IIIN
FLR GVA ?? Thoughts/ IIIN
FLS does anyone follow this stock
Flu vaccine vendors
fm Stocks guru
FMCN - Focus Media Hldg Ltd
FW: Today's Top 10 Trending Stocks: CSCO, GE, RFMD
FMR reports stakes in 11 comapnies
FMS -- Dialysis provider shuts five centers in D.C. area
FNET is the leader in Mobile Gambling
added to FNFG today
added to FNFG today
FNFG -- I may add more in light of this report
Focus on Companies to Split - NBR
focus on investing
Follow Sam Zell and Keep an Eye on American Commercial Lines
Follow the Leaders - NASDAQ 50% plus YTD gainers
Follow the leaders - NYSE 50% plus gainers YTD
Follow up to previous post, $CLF
Following Buffett Into Utilities
Following the Crowd on SanDisk
Followup article on "investor" aspect of homebuying
FOMC in 2 weeks
FOMC More interest rate hikes to come.
AT&T and Vodafone (I own T)
FON & NXTL (you should subscribe to wsj online)
FON (I own it) NXTL (I do not own)
FON (I own): news continues to improve here
FON (no position)
Food banks , helping others , helping ourselves - VOTE !!!
Yahoo! News Story - Food costs rising fastest in 17 years - Yahoo! News
Food for Fuel Is No Laughing Matter
Food for Haiti
Food Futures Report - Wheat down 40% fm high
Food Is Gold, So Billions Invested in Farming- NY-TIMES
Food issues - and commodities
Food issues slowly creeping in this worldwide - weather just one factor
Food Price Inflation, Monetary Policy & Financial Markets
FOOL article - DIVI payers - UL "Hot" restaurant stocks (CMG, TXRH, etc.) BEBE -- divorce effects??? FRPT HERO to buy TODCO (motleyfool) HOTT Motley Fool article on PIR Pacific Sunwear in the dumps Pier One still treading water SSL
for all you AAPL fans
For All You Swingers Out There....
For anyone interested in Napster (NAPS)
For Banks, More Trouble Just Around the Bend
For Ebay holders...A new competitor to Pay Pal starting in june, listen to audio
For educators: Melinda Gates Op-Ed piece
AEO for example
For longs/bulls: WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE ETF to buy long?
For newer investors: AAPL is an example
For newer investors: AAPL is an example
For newer investors' re DRIV
for newer members: what I mean by free cash flow
For novices: pretend it's a washer, dryer, or new car
For Oil, It's All About Demand
for security GEPT , IPIX
for security why not LLL? (don't own)
FOR the NEWBIES ,PTI Securites Dan J Haugh Preisdent Free news letter
For the week of May 26 2008
for those following housing, DHI apparently warned
for those interested in Barron's and WSJ online
for those interested in biotech stocks
For those of you in CMT
For those of you interesed in the "Market Index Rotation" - As of 01-26-06
For those who can't or won't read the NYTimes article I posted earlier
For those who own or follow NFI
For those who remember the 50s and 60s
For those who still think it's the unions who show no restraint
For those who thing technical analysis complete hooey.. $AMED example
For those who write either covered or naked call options
for those with any interest in Toyota
For today I'm lookin at ...
For tomorrow my predictions !
A Cramer prediction for the coming week (for what it's worth...)
For you ALJ holders
Forbe's 200 Best Small Companies
Forbes: AEO American Eagle
Forbes: AEO American Eagle (I own)
Forbes article 3/24 Hybrid Autos - Pwr Mngmt Semi-conductors
Forbes article - AAPL at $547 by January 2012
forbes article: ethanol distillers
FORBES - Bear Lurks Beneath Choppy Market
Forbes: Buy Like Buffett
forbes-china-growth-will-propel-aapl-shares-to-547-in-the-next Honda Won't Go Low In India Value Investor Consensus Pick: Amgen
Forbes :Google's Questionable Clicks
Forbes: Hotel shares suffer in year of the 'staycation'
Forbes Magazine Deserves an Award [naked shorting article]
Forbes on international investing
Forbes: Quarterly earnings are looking good so far
Forbes STOCK of the WEEK - June 20, 2005
Forbes Tech-Turnaround Candidates
Analyst Actions: Dell, Force Protection, SeaChange
Force Protection ( FRPT ) - wsj after market close today
Force Protection ( FRPT ) - wsj after market close today
sold all my Ford
FORD - $7.35
Ford's $10 Billion Bonanza
Ford's Canada sales rise
Ford's Chief Cites Hurdles to Turnaround Push
Ford and Tesla
Ford apparently not exiting leasing on trucks SUVs
Ford Caps 2009 With 33 Percent Sales Increase, First Full-Year Market Share Gain Since 1995
FORD (don't follow it or own it)
Ford (F) Stock
Ford / GM buys ?
FORD hammered today
Ford Invents Hybrid that is 300% more efficient than Toyota
Ford Invents Hybrid that is 300% more efficient than Toyota Prius
Ford Looks to Close Plants, Shed Jobs in Overhaul
Ford Mo (F) REPORTS loss
Ford Motor
Ford Motor Co (F)
F: Ford Motor Company Issues 20% Quarterly Dividend Hike
Ford Motor COO sells 150,000 shares
Ford new CEO - could he make the difference?
Ford plan submitted to Congress
Ford Sales decline in September
Ford sales rise
Ford sees dramatic 'cash for clunkers' boost
$15 target on Ford (ticker: F )
Ford to buy down debt
Ford to offer buyouts, early retirement to 75,000 workers
Ford, Toyota US Sales Flat; GM Down (I own TM)
Ford, Union Reach Agreement On Health-Care Benefits
Ford vs. TSLA
FORDING -FDG record Distribution$1.80(C)!!(own 500sh)
market forecast from BofA
Forecast: More Pension Freezes
Forecaster is bullish on zinc
Foreclosure Fiasco
foreclosure mess vs. rally in stocks
Foreclosure rates
Foreclosures are rising
Foreclosures' impact on other housing prices
Foreclosures, late mortgage payments increasing
Foreclosures Nearly Double
Foreclosures spiked in August - Sep. 13, 2006
Foreclosures to spike as new rates kick in - Mar. 19, 2007
Foreclosures Up, Prices Down
foreign capital inflows DOWN
Foreign inflows/ link
Foreign inflows/ link
Foreign Investments
Foreign markets/investments
Foreign Stocks and Foreign Taxes
foreign stocks/markets
Forgive, for I have sinned
Forgot to mention
forgot to mention also ELK, MVCO as rebuilding stocks
Form 4952: if you qualify to deduct margin interest expense
Form 4952: deducting margin interest expense; qualified dividends
Format for composing REPLIES
former high flyer RIMM losing developers
Former JPMorgan Banker: Exploiting Consumers Is 'The Purpose Of The Banking Organization'
Fortune 40: Stocks to retire on - a bit of research
FORTUNE'S 100 Fastest-Growing Companies
FORTUNE'S 100 Fastest-Growing Companies, Here is1
Fortune's Fastest 100 - included JLG
Fortune's Fastest 100 - List with symbols for excel port
Fortune: not out of the woods yet
Fortune: the next housing shock
FORTUNE: Why bank stocks are cash machines - May 29, 2006
Forward looking market
forward multiples on drillers
FOSL 119.82
Fotrune 500 2008 Annual ranking of Americas Largest Coprorations
found RIO Tobin Smith /Changewave newsletter
Four Cornerstones Of Good Options Trading (081121)
Four new NASDAQ indices
FOUR shots to the head in "self-defense" - sure
Fox Business News
Fox News) starting new bsns
FOXH- Positive Earnings.
FOXH- Positive Earnings.
FPL turns orange peels into fuel - I own
FRA a bit off topic
Frank - Homebuilders - sector has bottomed ?
Frank Rich: The Other Plot to Wreck America
Frank Rich: The Other Plot to Wreck America
HD: WSJ: Fraudulent transactions surface in wake of Home Depot breach
FRE and FNM plummeting again today
FRE - dont I feel stupid
FRE - Freddie Mac -
Fred Richard's take on the FDIC
Fred TWM
Freddie and Fannie
Freddie and Fannie: nationalize??
Freddie Mac losses mount [1 Attachment]
Freddie Mac asks for another $13.8 billion
Freddie Mac losses mount [1 Attachment]
SBUX: Starbucks Brewing Strong Free Cash Flow
Free cash flow example -- VLO
Free Cash Flow help
Free cash flow -- the ones I like now
Free Cash Flow - Titanic
Free Cell Phone Service
Free Excel Plug In for Stock Data
Free real-time stock quotes
more commentary on Freeport McMoRan FCX earnings today
Freight Car America (RAIL): added today at 53.40
Freight Car America (RAIL) under 52
FreightCar America IPO, F,C, N
FreightCar America IPO, F,C, N
FreightCar America IPO, F,C, N $ RAIL IPO date
French lesson here for U.S. workers, but they won't learn
Fri 3-14 to Fri 3-21 - Sector changes
Friday usually my trading day
Frightening how fast complacency returns to the market
Frightening when I agree with Cramer.......on NOK
Frisbees, Cute - Gripes about Christianity Inc
Dim Bulb disses FRK, JBLU others; pumps Crocs
FRK Buyout price = 11x EBITDA
F (from barrons today)
FRO and ocean tankers
$FRO and $SFL (own both)
FRO- buy more on gapfill backto 42.50area
FRO - Cramered ?
$FRO dividend
these FRO estimates a world apart for '05
FRO (I own)
FRO (I own)announced 2.00 dividend
FRO rates and breakeven points (I bought FRO today)
FRO, SFL Earnings
FRO upgraded to BUY/ Marketedge
Frontier Oil announces new $100 mln share repurchase authorization (FTO)
Frontier Oil (FTO): earnings out before mkt opens Aug. 7, 8/7/2006, 7:00 am
Frontline and Friends on Fire....The Motley Fool
Frontline FRO
Frontline Ltd (FRO)
Frontline Ltd ($FRO) (I own it)
Frontline Ltd (NO) - FRO - DSX thoughts
FW: Frontline Ltd (NO) - FRO - Preliminary Fourth Quarter and Financial Year 2006 Results
Frontline press release spinoff
Frontline Weekly Newsletter
Getting frothy????
Frothy Shipping Market
Bloomberg on FRPT
FRPT cash crunch
FRPT CC highlights
FRPT down more than a point and a half this a.m.
FRPT getting legs
FRPT news
FRPT: refreshing to see conservative accounting
FRX Forest Labs breaking the March resistance area
FRX Forest Labs slowly creeping up (own)more...
FRX upgraded 5-31-05 to strong buy, technicals turned very bullish
FSC: New Fifth Street management slashes the dividend
FSC: BDC names in focus at SunTrust
FSC: Fifth Street boosts JV loan fund with Kemper Corp.
FSC: Fifth Street Finance boosted by coverage initiation
FSC: Fifth Street Finance boosts syndicated credit facility
FSC: Fifth Street Finance now off 13.6% after big dividend cut
FSC: Fifth Street Finance sells 13.25M shares for $9.95 each
FSC: Fifth Street Finance: Staying Bullish As The Company Raises Its Dividend
FSC: Fifth Street gains after lifting dividend
FSC: Higher yields boost Fifth Street Finance
FSC: More on Fifth Street Finance Q2 results
FSC: New Fifth Street management slashes the dividend
FSC stock offering is GOOD news
FSC: upgrade
FSLR- bad earnings
FSLR- bad earnings
FSYS - Boone Pickens Picks Clean Energy -Forbes
Ft. Hood shooter is paralyzed
FTEK finding support at the 50d ema at $24.00. I like and have owned.
FTO To Replace RL in S&P Midcap
FTO & VLO compared
$FTO Frontier Oil Co. - write in candidate
FTO - Frontier Oil earnings release this morning
FTO Frontier Oil why such an over achiever ?
FTO growth plans
FTO looks like a winner
FTO / OII -- Smaller Energy Firms Could Be Energized
FTO target raised
$FTO , $TSO, $VLO - Valuations
VZ: WIN, FTR, CTL soar on REIT news; AT&T/Verizon/Sprint gain
fuel prices and domestic airfares
Fuel- Tek news - AEP plant modifications
Fuel- Tek news - AEP plant modifications
FuelCell Energy (FCEL)
Fund inflows are improving (it's IRA season after all)
fund inflows chasing the international funds
Mutual fund inflows/outflows
Fund money flows still not all that good
Fund Pro Sees Growth in Pfizer, Pepsi
fundamental/ technical discussion - GM and F, DNA ...
Fundamentalis: MSFT and FCX
Funding Deals On the Cheap Grows Harder
funding stock repurchases
funds flows
Funds cash flows for most-recent week
Funds cash flows week ended September 26
Funds flow report: the fine print behind the numbers
funds flows
Funds flows detail
Funds flows for week ended March 15, 2006
Funds flows report details week ended 10/4
Funds flows show some improvement
Funds flows week ended Feb. 14
Funds flows week ended Jan. 10, 2007
Funds money flows (weekly)
funds now selling oils they bought last week
Funds....One I like - FSMEX
funds outflows
funny , just asked about 401k's other day
further on stocks to watch - buffett's screen
further to ACI VRS BTU
Future Boy: Will the real ethanol please stand up? - Jun. 23, 2006
Future Crude Oil Prices
Future NG supplies narrowing
Future of Metal Stocks ATI,RTI,TIE
future of theus dlr - OPEC members clash over weak dollar
future oil markets- discussed
Future Outlook for Commodities Consumption
USO,OIL: Crude futures chalk up sixth straight gain
Futures-currencies, commodities, energy
futures down big on Sunday night early
Futures Down a Lot Tonight.
Equity futures down tonight
Sunday night equity futures markets seem.............
Futures tonight
Futures tonight (10 pm Chicago time); CPI tomorrow (I think)
Futures up as much as market was down yesterday - volatility
Futures up significantly
FVE 4 million share offering apparently comes to market
FVE assumes management / saves expenses
FVE bucking the trend today on above-average volume
FVE (I own -- it's around 7.50 per share)
Fw: 5 Year 5.25% Senior Note: Securities Auction Announcement
FW: 8 Stocks Poised for Breakout...
Fw: ALERT: New Valero Energy Corp. SEC Filing
Fw: "Socialism"
Fw: BABA: Is Alibaba's Run Over?
FW: BAC: It Appears As Though Shares Of Bank Of America Will Be Taking A Hit On Monday
Fw: Behavioral Finance: Thin Line Between Love and Hate
Fw: Breaking: SBUX Earnings
FW: Breaking: YY Earnings
FW: Burlington Stores trades sharply higher on Q4 earnings- BURL; LEN; GES; CHL
Fw: CBS News: 13-point lead
Fw: CELG: Celgene's Stock Should See New All-Time H...
Fw: CSCO: Cisco offers poor guidance, shares tumble
FW: cx
FW: Direct investment in Asian companies
FW: Dividend stocks?
FW: Examining the Test Tubes at Gilead Sciences: Last Week's Top Stories
Fw: F: Believe It Or Not, Europe Will Drive Ford Higher Soon
Fw: F: China auto sales growth cools to 9.7%
Fw: F: Minor recall for some 2015 model year Ford vehicles
Fw: FB: Facebook buys startup to strengthen push for carrier deals
Fw: FCX,CROX: Cooperman closes out Apple, opens Comcast, FCX, and HCA
FW: FHRX First Horizon Pharmaceutical Corp
FW: Five Stocks To Watch For The Week Of December 2: TM, JCP, KR, DG & ARO
FW: Five Stocks To Watch For The Week Of January 13: JPM, WY, ROST, WEN & SWHC
FW: Five Stocks To Watch For The Week Of January 6: AXP, WAG, AA, APOL & SONC
FW: Free Stock Pick for Mon May 5, 2014- WCN- ANN- LNCO
FW: Free stock picks for Thursday September 11th, 2014
FW: Frontline Ltd (NO) - FRO - First Quarter 2007 Results
FW: Frontline Ltd (NO) - FRO - Preliminary Fourth Quarter and Financial Year 2006 Results
FW: Frontline Ltd (NO) - FRO - Sale of Asset
Fw: FSC: Fifth Street Finance: This High Yield Stock Remains Deeply Undervalued
Fw: GILD: Express Scripts/AbbVie HCV deal should not be surprising
FW: GOOG: The Bar Is Set High For Google, Will The Company Meet It?- I own
FW: How'd you do?
Fw: Merrill Lynch (MER) own
FW: Micro Cap Gems - April 16, 2014 Volume 4 Issue 37- DTLK
FW: MMP: Magellan Midstream started a Buy at Wunderlich- I own
Fw: MNKD: MannKind buffeted by Tourbilion letter
Fw: News Alert: G.M. and Chrysler Explore Merger
Fw: [Newsletter1] AAPL Set up For Monday
Fw: PDLI: PDL BioPharma's accounting firm quits
Fw: PETM: Despite Downgrades, PetSmart Is A Good Value
Fw: PNRA: Barclays: Panera 2.0 a long-term Buy
FW: retirement income
Fw: RIG,ESV: BMO foresees better times ahead for offshore drilling stocks
FW: Ship Finance International Ltd. (NO) - SFL - Interim Report July - ...
FW: Ship Finance International Ltd. (NO) - SFL - Sale of the single-hull VLCC Front Vanadis
Fw: SODA: Pessimism On SodaStream's Prospects In The Americas Market Is Overblown
Fw: Sorting Through the Stock Laggards of 2009
FW: Stifel raises Aruba Networks to Buy
FW: Stock Pick for Mon, Jan 26, 2015
Fw: The Darker Side of Apple: The Human Cost of Your iProducts
FW: Thursday Market Close, Euro +0.002755 Gold +12.63 S&P -13.78 DOW -109.69 DowFut -97 NAS -35.99 USD -0.202
FW: Today's Top 10 Trending Stocks: AAPL, LINTA, INFN
FW: Today's Top 10 Trending Stocks: AMD, GLUU, ROC
FW: Today's Top 10 Trending Stocks: AMX, RAD, GILD
FW: Today's Top 10 Trending Stocks: ARRY, CSCO, HE
FW: Today's Top 10 Trending Stocks: BABA, BAC, MSFT
FW: Today's Top 10 Trending Stocks: BABA, ODP, BAC
FW: Today's Top 10 Trending Stocks: BAC, AUXL, CSCO
FW: Today's Top 10 Trending Stocks: BAC, BKW, PBR
FW: Today's Top 10 Trending Stocks: BAC, FB, JPM
FW: Today's Top 10 Trending Stocks: BAC, JDSU, YHOO
FW: Today's Top 10 Trending Stocks: BAC, ODP, FB
FW: Today's Top 10 Trending Stocks: BAC, RAD, LIVE
FW: Today's Top 10 Trending Stocks: BBRY, MNKD, T
FW: Today's Top 10 Trending Stocks: BBY, CSCO, JBLU
FW: Today's Top 10 Trending Stocks: CSCO, GE, RFMD
FW: Today's Top 10 Trending Stocks: CSX, LINTA, KO
FW: Today's Top 10 Trending Stocks: CY, CODE, CSCO
FW: Today's Top 10 Trending Stocks: EXAS, LINTA, KO
FW: Today's Top 10 Trending Stocks: FB, EMC, FMCKJ
FW: Today's Top 10 Trending Stocks: FB, PBR, EMC
FW: Today's Top 10 Trending Stocks: FDO, FB, TRLA
FW: Today's Top 10 Trending Stocks: GE, T, XOM
FW: Today's Top 10 Trending Stocks: GRT, BAC, CSCO
FW: Today's Top 10 Trending Stocks: INTC, ACHN, FB
FW: Today's Top 10 Trending Stocks: JCP, AMAT, CSCO
FW: Today's Top 10 Trending Stocks: JCP, MNST, SIRI
FW: Today's Top 10 Trending Stocks: OTIV, BAC, SIRI
FW: Today's Top 10 Trending Stocks: SAPE, AAPL, BAC
FW: Today's Top 10 Trending Stocks: T, JCP, CSCO
FW: Today's Top 10 Trending Stocks: TKMR, RDA, PIKE
FW: Today's Top 10 Trending Stocks: VRTX, F, ISR
FW: Today's Top 10 Trending Stocks: VZ, GLUU, DGLY
Fw: Today’s articles on Dividends & Income
Fw: Today’s articles on Investing Ideas
FW: Top 50 Trending Stocks for Friday: AA, TSM, JBLU
FW: Top 50 Trending Stocks for Friday: AMD, BSBR, WFC
FW: Top 50 Trending Stocks for Friday: BAC, JPM, HPQ
FW: Top 50 Trending Stocks for Monday: FB, PFE, MSFT
FW: Top 50 Trending Stocks for Thursday: MACK, MU, MSFT
FW: Top 50 Trending Stocks for Thursday: MNKD, ONNN, CSCO
FW: Top 50 Trending Stocks for Tuesday: BLDP, SUNE, S
FW: Top 50 Trending Stocks for Tuesday: FNMA, AAPL, DAL
FW: Top 50 Trending Stocks for Tuesday: NRF, BSBR, PBR
FW: Top 50 Trending Stocks for Tuesday: ORCL, T, NVDA
FW: Top 50 Trending Stocks for Wednesday: RAD, CSCO, CSE
FW: Tuesday Market Close, Euro +0.000645 Gold -0.755 DOW -117.59 NAS -58.81 USD -0.039 DowFut -87 S&P -13.94
FW: Tuesday Market Close, USD +0.041 DowFut -89 Gold +3.810 S&P -12.63 NAS -17.45 DOW -119.13 Euro +0.000345
FW: V: Visa - I Share The Cautiousness Of Raymond James, But For Different Reasons
FW: V: Visa: Is It The Best Long-Term Stock In The Credit Services Sector?- I own
FW: V: Visa: Overvalued In The Short Term, Fantastic Investment In The Long Term- I own
FW: volatility in the stock price. That is the Root Cause of all of this (NFI)
FW: Will Exxon Mobil Keep its Footing? Last Week's Top Stories
FW: Zillow Shares No Place to Rest Your Head? Alpha Now Weekly Recap
FWD: [$10 an Hour Pay Gap = Billions of Extra Dollars a Year]
[Fwd: 15 Signs American Society Is Coming Apart at the Seams]
Fwd: 3 Stocks on Fire for today
[Fwd: A new "derivatives bust" coming September 2009 ??? Explained]
[Fwd: America's Two Economies (excellent graphics)]
[Fwd: An In-Depth Look At the Federal Budget]
[Fwd: Bloomberg: Rogoff Says China Crisis May Trigger Regional Slump]
fwd: cars, airplanes, trains and the end of cheap energy
Fwd: Chart of the Day: Corporate Non-Taxes
[Fwd: Citigroup Warns Customers It May Refuse To Allow Withdrawals]
Fwd: Contrarian Commentary, The Week Ahead
[Fwd: corporations are now "people"]
Fwd: Cramer perspective... opinion
[Fwd: Derivative markets]
Fwd: Financial Crises for Dummies
[Fwd: FORD MOTOR COMPANY Annual Meeting]
[Fwd: Fw: 'Buy farmland and gold,' advises Dr Doom]
[Fwd: Fw: Financial problems hit Japan......]
Fwd: Fw: This is scary (off topic but important)
[Fwd: FW: Understanding the Current Financial Crisis]
Fwd: Government Policies Spark Food Crisis in America
Fwd: HAL: Oil services selloff raises red flag among energy analysts
[Fwd: Hey, you senators: Thanks for nothing]
[Fwd: Home Sales Slide - Again]
[Fwd: important credit card info!]
[Fwd: In 8 1/2 Minutes, Jon Stewart Devastates CNBC and Its Destructive Boosterism of Failed Wall Street Scams]
Fwd: Is this Federal Reserve thing as bad as it looks...
Fwd: =?iso-8859-1?Q?Sinovac Receives China State Food and Drug Administration...
[Fwd: Lake Forest secret millionaire donates fortune to college]
[Fwd: Market Advisor]
[Fwd: Military-Industrial Complex Speech, .Dwight D. Eisenhower, 1961]
Fwd: Morning Briefing -- August 10, 2010
Fwd: Morning Briefing -- July 28, 2010
Fwd: Mortgage bankers: home boom to continue
Fwd: most-stressful cities in US
Fwd: $MRVL A change in ER dates $MRVL another range bound equity with some good F,C, N .
[Fwd: New Discount Brokerage Firms]
[Fwd: News about Goldman Sachs]
Fwd: Newt Gingrich - Sleepwalking into a Nightmare
Fwd: Nightmare for Apple
Fwd: NTGR Netgear ( own )
Fwd: Phil Flynn Energy Report 8/31/2006
[Fwd: Pictured: The credit crunch tent city which has returned to haunt America]
[Fwd: PM Gordon Brown has made the call to "outlaw the shadow banking system and offshore tax havens!"]
Fwd: Rail car manufacturers - IPO symbol $RAIL
Fwd: Rate cut bombs! Fed between rock and a hard place!
[Fwd: Results of GOP lassie fair: Naked Short Sales Hint Fraud in Bringing Down Lehman]
Fwd: Rupert Murdoch quits NI boards
[Fwd: So much for our discussion on Toyota floormats.]
fwd: Special Notice- Yahoo Groups changes
Fwd: Steve Jobs
[Fwd: Straight talk on the Obama mortgage plan]
[Fwd: Tax Data Highlight Corporate Loopholes]
Fwd: TECHNICAL CORNER: Case Study: HURC FOR 2005-8-20 9:56:01
Fwd: Technical Corner: The Message of the Market
Fwd: The Daily, Part 1 of 3, 7-25-05
[Fwd: THE FORBIDDEN Saturday Night Live SKIT]
[Fwd: The real cause of the crisis was the debt bubble. Colin Twiggs]
[Fwd: The truth about pirates]
[Fwd: The WaMu Story]
Fwd: Today’s articles on Macro View
Fwd: Tomorrow's News Today -- August 06, 2010
Fwd: Tomorrow's News Today -- August 18, 2010
[Fwd: Tomorrow's News Today -- March 04, 2010]
[Fwd: Tomorrow's News Today -- March 11, 2010]
Fwd: Tomorrow's News Today -- March 23, 2010
[Fwd: Tomorrow's News Today -- May 05, 2010]
Fwd: [ultrapeteroleum] Ultra Performance After 7% Daily Loss
Fwd: UTILITY & INCOME newsletter
[Fwd: Video: Goldman Sacks stealing 100 million a day, runs the US government]
[Fwd: Wal-Mart, Wall Street and W: Three W's That Sank the American Economy and Boosted China]
Fwd: Wall Street Bailout, Congressional Cover-up, or Sarbanes-Oxley?
[Fwd: Wealth, Income and Power in America]
[Fwd: What The Top U.S. Companies Pay In Taxes]
Fwd: WSJ NEWS ALERT: Starbucks Cuts Outlook, Citing Weak U.S. Economy
i sold too early - FWIW - my sentiment
FWIW == NXG target raised to $6
FWIW re market direction
FWIW - T Boone Pickens
JC also touted HPQ, FWLT, HD, INTC
FWLT earns .55 stock up 2.50
FWLT- Foster Wheeler builds power plants
FWLT Foster Wheeler incl. in clean-coal tech(own it)
FWLT Foster -Wheeler - Nice chart , up 3+% 52wk high today
FXI,FCHI: Chinese stocks extend losses as volatility increases
FXI - China [I own]
FXI: Rush of money forces shutting of new investment in some China ETFs
FYI - cars without spares
FYI - cars without spares
FYI for ultra short ETF owners
fyi - just for kicks: Cramer cutting back on oil quite severly
FYI: pre-IPO shares of NG company
fyi RAIL and HANS
FYI The Class War Launched by America's Wealthiest Is Getting More Savage
G8 Summit St. Petersburg - Uranium
Gains and Losses for taxes
Gallery charts for watch
Game over: LEND down another 53% today!!!!!!!!
gaming stocks and Macau
gaming stocks and Macau
gaming stocks: Macau growth slowing?
Gaming stocks - made some moves
GAO Blasts Weapons Budget
GILD: Assessing Gilead's Reality-Perception Gap: Upside Revenue Surprise
Gap's Profit Falls 11% On Weak Sales Results
Gaps and other wives' tales
Gaps?? GOOG?
Gaps?? GOOG? Mark
GARP Ideas
Gartman is bullish on China
Gartman is hazardous to your wealth . . .
WMT: U.S. gas prices fall 10% in three weeks
Gas & propane prices, remote/rural MI
Gas and oil investors: margin clerks will rule this Friday, Monday, Tuesday
Gas crunch likely as Mideast races to meet local needs
Gas exporters to meet in Tehran on April 28
Gas -Michigan
Gas Price Affects...USA Today - Looks like half of us already feeling sting
Gas prices and a bit of this and that
Gas prices around the globe - Jun. 9, 2006
Gas prices back up-alternative fuels?
Yahoo! Finance Story - U.S. Gas Prices Jump 18 Cents in 2 Weeks: Financial News - Yahoo! Finance
Gas prices push higher - Lundberg survey - Apr. 20, 2008
Gas Turbines Get Financial Breath of Fresh Air
decline in crude oil and gasoline prices . . .
Gasoline and crude oil today
Mastercard Advisors reports that U.S. retail gasoline demand drops
Gasoline headed back to $3
Gasoline: How low prices will go
Crude inventories up, gasoline inventories down
Gasoline inventories higher than expected
gasoline inventories report bullish for refiners
Gasoline inventory drawdown great than expected
Gasoline panic
decline in crude oil and gasoline prices . . .
Gasoline price pinch
decline in crude oil and gasoline prices . . .
Gasoline prices: A Full Tank of Hypocrisy
Gasoline / refineries
Gates v. GM
Gathering Storm
Gauging Two Booms How Long Can Oil And REITs Stay Hot?
Gazprom Registers to Trade on Nord Pool
GCFB and Warrants.
GCFB private placement
GCFB -- saw this over on the TXRH message board
GCFB - Up big on big volume
$GDI F,C,N on a good looking Pre!!
GE and Earth Day
GE ended $8.51 Friday
GE: General Electric: Traders May Sell, But Investors Should Hold
GE hit a new low today
GE hit a new low today (market behavior)
GE Matches Earnings Targets, Sales Rise More Than Forecast
GE money fund redeeming 96 cts on dollar
GE News
GE now trading unchanged (2 pm ET)
GE, Schlumberger agree CO2 alliance
[GE Shores Up Securities Trust in Account Shift
GE Surge Could Signal Large Cap Lift
GE Taking a beating..what gives?
GE Thoughts?
GE wins $2B deal for engines for Taiwan, others
HTE- yahoo messagebd link
GEB ($4.00): Genetronics Biomedical Corp. ACQUISITION TODAY
Gee, Pete, no wonder folks think you're so smart
Gee - They are innnocent - fat chance
Gee Whiz, folks, what a surprise.......
Geithner's plan is a Ponzi scheme
Geithner Goes Begging in China; What It Means to You .
Geithner was never my choice for Scy Treasury anyway
I own GE: General Electric, Buy Following Strong Earnings
Ford vs. General Motors
General Motors, General McClellan and other parade ground generals
General outlook - will there be further rate cuts
General outlook - will there be further rate cuts
Generally ignore evening futures in Chicago
Generics Eat Into Pfizer's Profit; Costs Offset Novartis Sales Gain
GENR (i own it, thanks to another member's recommendation here)
GENR (i own it, thanks to another member's recommendation here)
Geo Soros - VLO
Geology refresher needed - Barnett Shale - Colorado, Utah Reserves,
Geothermal video for anyone interested
GEOY anyone ever hear of this company before
Get Ready For A Long Ride (081010)
Get references/ DOW
Get references/ DOW
Get Used to These High Oil Prices
Getting antsy here ..
Getting Defensive
Getting e-mail to trade options: METALS
Getting e-mail to trade options: METALS
Getting frothy????
GFIG 4.31
My biggest LOSSES
GG and CREE (I own)
$GG ER 3-6-B/O
GG stake
GG target raised
GG up .88 today; thought to get a hot deal out of the Barrick/PlacerDome deal
GGB -- Brazil Steel Co Gerdau Boosts Output At Specialty Mill
GGB -- Brazil Surges on Rate Cut
GGB -- Brazilian steel (nice yield as well)
GGB Gerdau Steel (10.42)
GGB (own it)
GGB (steel)
GGC -Georgia Gulf Corporation / SHLM A. Schulman, Inc. - Chem Plastics
FB: This Niche Could Help Facebook Grow Aggressively
GGXY - First Day of Trading
Ghost Housing Market
Ghost-Town America: The Service Industry (100305)
GI > Giant Industries refiner
GI (Giant Industries)
GI (Giant Industries; a refiner) started at BUY
GI -- refinery fire in Virginia
GI- refinery play to keep eye on
Giant (GI) reports $3.38 per-share net income
Giant Industries (GI): I own
Giant Industries (GI): I own
GILD no position
GILD,ANTM: Gilead inks deal with Anthem for Harvoni
GILD,BMY: One member of Big Pharma bids adieu to HCV
,GILD: Bristol-Myers presents data on daclatasvir at Liver Meeting
CELG,GILD: Earnings announcements on tap for tomorrow
GILD: Gilead's Harvoni achieves 96% cure rate in HIV-positive HCV-1&4
GILD: Gilead's simtuzumab an Orphan Drug for rare liver disease
GILD: Gilead's Sovaldi and Harvoni show encouraging results in patients with difficult-to-treat liver disease
GILD: Gilead's Sovaldi cleared in Japan for HCV-2
GILD: Gilead inks collaboration deal for Anthrax and Ebola vaccines
GILD: Gilead inks exclusive HCV deal with PBM firm
GILD: Gilead notifies healthcare providers of potential risks with Harvoni or Sovaldi in patients taking antiarrhythmic
GILD: Gilead Q4 EPS up 364%, Harvoni sales >$2.1B
GILD: Gilead Sciences: 7 Different Insiders Have Sold Shares This Month
GILD: Gilead Sciences Beats And Guidance Raise Give It Room To Run Upward
GILD: Gilead Sciences declares $0.43 dividend
GILD,GSK: 2015 could be the year of the blockbuster drug
GILD: Indian drug firm cleared to sell generic sofosbuvir
GILD: Merck presents data on two HCV Phase 2s at Liver Meeting
GILD,MYL: Mylan named Gilead's exclusive distributor of branded HCV meds in India
GILD: Sovaldi-based regimens show high cure rates in HCV genotypes 2 - 5
GILD: Wells Fargo says recent weakness is a buying opp for Gilead
GILD: Gilead Sciences: 92% Earnings Growth And 88% Free Cash Flow Growth
GIS: General Mills, Inc. declares $0.41 dividend
GIS: General Mills to close two plants in start of cost-cutting program
Give a little to help homeless teenagers
Give our bonuses! The market is up! See?
Give the Gift of Life Today Valentines Day
Given Imaging Receives Reimbursement Clearance (I own)
Given Imaging Receives Reimbursement Clearance (I own)
Given Imaging Reports First Quarter 2007 Results (I own)
Given this news, you have to wonder what...............
Giving Up Something for Nothing (071012)
GIVN: Fourth Quarter Revenues Increase 25% to Record $34.2 Million
GIVN - I have a small position at this time
GIVN - Woman Swallows Camera Pill for Endoscopy
glad I didnt short BOL earlier Second Opinion
glad I didnt short BOL earlier Second Opinion
Glass half-empty
GLBL @12.02 / CDIS @ 56.17 Marine ,Shipping , Oil Svcs
Commodities: DBA DBO USO SLV GLD
Glenn Beck CNN view on Ethanol
Glimmer of hope in California housing
GLNG - Golar LNG Limited - pure LNG play - also BRG - thoughts
Global Chip Sales Are Expected to Rise in 2006
Global Financial Illness (090109)
Global Food Crisis (continued)
Global food crisis is bad..........
Global oil reserves up only 1% last year
global stock picks by s & p
Global warming - Related corrective industries
GlobalTech Stocks
Gloom Bodes Well for a Good
GLW earnings: outlook has some inventory issues
GLW (I own)
GLW: not the most-glowing picture for telecome sector
GLW touted on Fast Money Thursday night
Glycerin Ethanol Production Breakthrough
GM's manufacturing issues . . .
GM's Plug-In Push (i have a short pos on GM and long on TM)
GM's Vehicle Sales Tumble 26%; Ford, Chrysler Also Post Declines
GM ..... and its bonds
GM and the future
GM claims several models have 30+ MPG
GM exec stands by calling global warming a "crock"
GM, Ford, auto manufacturers
GM, Ford Sales Tumble; Toyota Posts 9.5% Gain
GM Plan to Take Toll On Sales Volume, Personnel
GM Raises Vehicle Prices Amid Rising Input Costs
GM Restates Loss, Delays Filing
GM said to have retained bankruptcy counsel
GM Shorting Question
GM, Union Near Pact on Health Cuts
GMCR: I covered short way too early I guess
GMCR: Keurig Green Mountain: Overhyped Short Opportunity?
GMCR Keurig recall
GMCR, pulled back to the 50 day
GMCR taking a serious plunge
GMCR: The Hidden Value In The Keurig-Kraft Deal
GME 20.81
GME 30.33
GME $50.39
GMR( General Maritime ) huge I-Watch buy interest
sold GMRE
GMT Railroad leasing and transportation
Due diligence for ACI, CF, GMXR - Need advice
GNA ---> Sharp move whats UP> IIIN wire/rebar
GNA ---> Sharp move whats UP> IIIN wire/rebar
GNSS Genesis breakout -another Gunderson pick @ $14
GNSS Genesis Micro brokeout yesterday above $15
*** GO BLUE ****
Go figu Bush Admin in charge of security
Criminal Investigations of Massey Energy Go Forward as Citizen Pressure Builds for Prosecution
God (sic) bless the 2nd Amdt freaks
going naked, shorting etc.
Going to buy WB tomorrow, sold ASBC
Going to medical school
GOL...a stock to consider. Nice and steady growth and good returns. I own.
VLO,MPC: HollyFrontier cut to Sell at Goldman, citing crude spreads
Gold- a question of interest rates or not ?
Gold & silver anyone in
Gold and GM
didnt expect to see Gold and Silver decline
Gold and Silver up
Gold at 5.73
Gold bubble begins. New strategy needed
Gold bugs: Heights make me dizzy
Gold dipped down quickly
Gold down; Crude Falls to $71 a Barrel As Data Shows Stocks Grew
Gold down to the $690 range Mon Morning
Gold ETF thoughts welcome.
Gold: herd - dollar unpegged against Gold in 70's
Gold Investing With An Eye On 'Mister Market' (100930)
gold is "en fuego"
gold miners?
GOLD now 575.... Why ?
Gold - October 1987 probably comes to mind every October
Gold, Oil
Gold / Oil Falls Amid U.S. Offer of Iran Talks
Gold, Oil, Natural Gas AXAS GG
Gold Price Manipulation- Bear Stearns Murdered at the Golden Gates
Gold Prices Plunging
Gold Prices Plunging - Some charts to support and challenge same
gold, silver
Gold , Silver and Energies
Gold: sometimes the herd is right, sometimes the herd is not
GOLD stocks
gold stocks - auy aem
Gold Stocks - GG PUT
Gold stocks or ETFs that you think are good buys here
Gold: The Barbarous Relic You Can Trust (090227)
Gold Touches A New Record (091009)
Gold WB SKF financials
Goldcorp (GG) raised to BUY
Goldcorp to Acquire Glamis for $8 Billion
Golden Age of Dividends dawning
Goldman's top 10 stocks w/ upside potential . . .
Goldman Grilling
Goldman-issued subprime bonds lead downgrades
Goldman Lifts View on Oil Refiners, Boosts Rating on Valero Energy
Goldman on Base Metals
Goldman Raises $20 Billion, Rivaling Blackstone's Buyout Fund
Goldman rates CNQ to outperform
Goldman real estate downgrade; ratings changes
Goldman Sachs' 22 stock roster (incl KAR and FB)
Goldman Sachs"forced liquidation" 24millsh XOM
Goldman Sachs downgrades send stock down
Goldman Sachs Fraud
Goldman Sachs: If there is a surprise this qtr, it should be to the upside - Punk Ziegel
Goldman Sachs on energy
Goldman Sachs successful bet
Goldman Says `Take Profits' After Crude Hit Record
Goldman turns bearish on oil
Goldman warns of a substantial US recession
goldmans metal price forecasts
Goldmans top retail picks
Article: for the golfers among us - The Perfect Sco None
Golf Galaxy, Inc. Completes Initial Public Offering of Common Stock
Gonna' be sure I OWE state taxes in 2009
Gonna be a good Day!
Good 4th qtr in 03, 04, and 05 followed dismal 3rd qtrs
good analysis of energy stock seesaws
good article on rig shortage, barnett shale, natural gas
Good article on Solar Energy
good article today in yahoo finance
good board $HYDL
OXY: Is Occidental Petroleum A Good Buy Over ConocoPhillips?
Good call on $ITRI
Good CRM Article
Good day ..
Good day/ bad day...NFI, CHK, PTEN, PDC, NBR
Good day to sell!
[sellemshort] Good earnings just may not do it
Good for Apple: Cingular's Net Rises On Customer Gains
Good for goose? Good for gander?
Good for refiners? Gasoline for U.S. to Dwindle
Good for us: cover story in Barron's on return of LBO's
Good GI Article
Good Money After Bad (100516)
Good move: Google Shoots Down Web Browser Rumors
Good news/bad news
Good news, bad news, and oil of course 3/31 10 a.m. est
Good news for Industrial contractors
Good news for PEIX secondary products
Good news: foreign money still coming into U.S. securities
Good news or not: inflation or not? volume or not?
Good op-ed: Zero tolerance for hate
Good post - New member. Please critique my plan.
good question - Is the consumer really dead???
Good read: Samuelson on purported global "liquidity"
good site= / energy article
Good stocks and market crashes
good stocks for dividends ED, KMP
Good to be here - TRLG
Good to be here - TRLG
GOOD - views on PWEI please? (I have no position in the stock)
Good vs Bad Risk in Trading (100705)
Goodbye Energy Markets
Goodbye To Office? Not Yet
GOOG 5-month low
GOOG $925 target
GOOG advertisers cutting spending as keyword costs rise / More
GOOG's market share in China declines
GOOG and breakdowns of other good stocks
GOOG and WZEN about the break out of consolidation
GOOG; anyone has opinion
GOOG; anyone has opinion P/E determinations
GOOG April market share good
GOOG: Article on Why GOOG is Selling Shares
GOOG beats, splits (I own)
GOOG critics' common error (I think)
GOOG decline in cost per click
GOOG doing the Limbo! How low can you go?
Goog ER Wednesday
GOOG estimates and target raised
GOOG estimates (today)
GOOG February searches up 40%
GOOG Google reports Q1
GOOG in China (excerpt economist)
GOOG: net income beat by 16 cents, revenues higher ...
GOOG (no position; damn it!!)
GOOG: Now Not The Time To Buy Google Shares
GOOG over-reaction:
GOOG (p. 2) Just for fun
GOOG (p. 2) Just for fun
GOOG: payment service open to all merchants
GOOG price target
GOOG price target changes today: not shabby at all
GOOG price target changes today still pretty good
GOOG: question for Victor re YHOO and GOOG
GOOG reports on Thursday after close
GOOG still leads in search
GOOG target $1050
GOOG to $1000
GOOG to $1000 in 2012?
Goog, UAUA shorts
GOOG up 4 pts. on 3.9 million shares in after-hrs
GOOG vs. RIMM et al.
GOOG - VZ / VOD -- Barron's - Cable Bidding Big for Wireless
GOOG warns
GOOG warns of seasonality
GOOGL($554) Versus GOOG($545)
"Google Finance"
Google advance for advertisers
Google Advances Software Challenge With Spreadsheet
Google Agrees to Buy YouTube
Google's Now Only as Pretty as the Rest
Google's Profit Nearly Triples As Revenue Surges 67%
Google anyone in? Long or Short?
Google backers find new bet
Google Blow-Out
Google Charms the Analysts; Natural Gas Goes Bonkers
Google fights back over advert fraud allegations
GOOGLE going to offer free phone service via Internet
Open poll on Google (GOOG)
Google (GOOG)
Google Highlights Corporate Push In Search Upgrade
Google in Talks with China Mobile
Google invests in HIMX
Google Likes CHina too
Google Misses by a Mile
Google Press Release offering FREE wireless broadband coverage
Google Report Puts Momentum to the Test
Google shares may fall another 50 pct-Barron's
Google Shares Plunge On Disappointing Results
Google Shifting China Search Engine to Hong Kong
Google sniffing round Skype
Google stock may be at risk
Google Strikes Deal With Dell
Google Takes YouTube Global
Google to buy DoubleClick
GOP leaders say House-version of stimulus plan..........
GOP MCs beginning to "get it"
GoPro is getting into the drone business and now the stock is surging
Gore Gets $1-Million Award for Environmental Work
Gore gets Nobel, warns of ominous threat
gorilla trades
Got a chuckle out of this
Got a Sony PS3 - need Apple integration
Got Back In To DXPE today
Got back into CNE today
Got some SWFT this morning too
Got this off Yahoo
gotta' dissent
gotta' dissent/ LOW, HD
Gotta' say I'm a bit disappointed with MARKET lately
Gotta' say I'm a bit disappointed with participatio...
Gotta' say I'm a bit disappointed with participation lately
Gotta Love Ethanol Today
Gov't source admits "no legal authority for Conservatorship"
govt freeze on new CanRoys
$ GP would you short this stock now ?
$GPN ER, Some F,C,N on why this stock should increase in price for 06
Grace period over
gradually shifting my short-to-long ratio
Grain Bull Market - The Cartel in Your Cupboard
grand jury subpoena to MEDX re options
Granite City Food & Brewery (GCFB) hits new 52wk high
Granite City Food & Brewery (GCFB) hits new 52wk high
Granite City Food & Brewery (GCFB) (I own)
Granite City Food and Brewery (I own)
Grants Aim for Shift To Home-Based Care
Gravity and Debt
Great Article On Subprimes
great call on IPII
Great Depression II ? (081128)
VIPS- A great growth stock by Zacks- I own
Great post JD: MSG 13682 -- Just catching up
Greater fools Panera Buffalo wild wings
Greater fools Panera Buffalo wild wings
Greatest good for the greatest number......[corrected]
Greatest good for the greatest number......[corrected]
Greece vs the US- fm Seeking Alpha
Greenblatt's "Little Essay that Beats the Market"
Greenblatt's magic formula
greenblatt - citation's questions
Greenspan's book due Sept. 17
Greenspan Calls Home-Price Speculation Unsustainable (Update4)
Greenspan:Euro could replace dollar
Greenspan fears 'dramatic contraction' in Chinese stocks
Greenspan quoted as saying oil @$100 will break US Dependence
Greenspan rant
Greenspan - Recession ... oops no recession .. maybe
Greenspan Rewrites History
Greenspan says more dollar weakness ahead
Greenspan says worst of housing downturn may be over
Greets - ICE -carbon credit system - NOX credits
Greets - ICE -carbon credit system - NOX credits
Grey Wolf
Grey Wolf beat handily -- nice report
Grey Wolf (GW) earnings Feb. 26 pre-market, 2/26/2007, 7:00 am
Grey Wolf GW -- added today at 6.51
Grey Wolf GW -- Barron's this weekend
Grey Wolf (GW): land driller short interest
Grey Wolf GW - ng vrs oil drillers
Grey Wolf stock repurchase plan
Greywolf (GW) and Goldcorp (GG) question
CMG: Chipotle Mexican Grill - Riding The Industry Growth
GRIL -- Grill Concepts to Open a Daily Grill Restaurant
Chris, what grinds my gears are those (and they are plentiful)
Frisbees, Cute - Gripes about Christianity Inc
Bought GRMN @ $88.50
GRMN cash flow, purposes, covered calls
GRMN cash flow, purposes, covered calls
GRMN..doubled my position today
GRMN - Eyes Revenue Growth
$GRMN new fishfinders
$GRMN new fishfinders looks like a hit
$GRMN up $2.73 and my prediction is
Grocerie Sector - strong , getting stronger
Grocers - Foreign Banks /Utilities
Group eyes $50bln bid for Dow Chemical: report
group improvements
Group is really quiet
Group question: what is ideal portfolio in market like this?
Chinese group sizes up Kenya.s titanium
Groupe Danone (DA) and Nestle (NSRGY)
Groupe Danone (DA) and Nestle (NSRGY)
Groups Thoughts on "Wall Street Journal"
GROW is the new #1 on the IBD100 - huge squeeze on Monday
Growers compete for fertilizer supplies
Growing Fiscal Disparity Between Insiders And Outsiders (110113)
Growing Pains for Chipotle
growth in earnings
Growth in Global Oil Demand Is Expected to Ease
Growth May Slow In 2006 as Boom In Housing Cools
Growth of Global Money Supply
Growth Stocks - AH, AVID, PSUN
Growth strategy: PTEN Patterson-UTI at BofA Conference (I own the stock)
Growth vs Value Stocks
GRPN - Buy?
GRS (gold)
GRU NASDAQ tomorrow
GRU a good buy?
GRU NASDAQ tomorrow
GS CEO to get $68 million bonus
GS (I don't follow the stock)
HUM misses on earnings- I own
GS nat gas picks XTO,EOG,ECA
GS predictions
GS Predicts $95 Oil This Year!
GS sees 35% growth in SBUX stock price
GS Sees $75 Oil For Last QTR
GSK: Agenus up on successful outcome of Glaxo Phase 3 shingles vaccine study
GSK article in Barron's
GSK: Emergent Bio makes initial batch of Ebola vaccine for Phase 1 study
GSK: FDA clears asthma indication for Breo Ellipta
GSK: Glaxo shingles vaccine candidate successful in Phase 3 study
GSK: GlaxoSmithKline +3.8% after UBS turns bullish
GSK: GlaxoSmithKline Q1 revenues flat; CF Ops off 60%; EPS to decline this year but ramp the next
GSK Is there any better dividend stock?
GSK Is there any better divident stock than this?
GSK,MRK: Ebola vaccine candidates pass safety test in in Liberia trials
GSK: Positive Ad Comm vote for Breo Ellipta expanded indication
Breaking: GTIM Earnings
GTIM report
GTIM same-store sales . .
"Buy" on GTIV
GTIV: home healthcare, guidance and stock repurchase announcement
GTIV (I own)
$ GTK ER 12 16-5 B/O with some F,C,N
$ GTK ER 12-16 B/O Take a look @ the CALL Volume
Guess It Benefits The Small Investor
Guidance released today $GLW and this stock has no action!
Gulf Coast Scammers Prey on Storm Victims
Gulf oil spill: The Halliburton connection
Gulf states may soon need coal imports to keep the lights on
Gunderson said tonight Nasdaq 2100 resistancestiff
GuruFocusAlerts (long)
Gustav Concerns
GUSTAV- repair co. 4 rigs & pipelines ?
Gut feeling about the summer of 2008
GW - Grey Wolf
GW - Grey Wolf -- institutional percentage
GW - Grey Wolf stock search homework
GW Greywolf approach'g buystop 8.62
GW (I own it)
GWR article
H and R Block Shares, Does anyone think that the stock is a dog?
H.B. Fuller Q2 EPS Rises To $0.56; Analysts Expected $0.41;
H-P's Profit Rises 51% On Cost Cuts, PC Gains
H-P Boosts Outlook As Net, Revenue Climb
H-P Increases Lead Over Dell In PC Shipments
Unlike the RC, "Project Medishare" is actually doing something in Haiti
Haitian relief assistance
WMT: Wal-Mart As A Sum Of The Parts, Part 2: The Part That Is Half Of What Amazon Was In 2011
HAL 3rd Quarter earnings up %19
HAL chart
KBR - HAL has a conference call discussing EARNINGS monday
HAL is low volume breakout, and running into 2001 resistance
HAL: Oil services selloff raises red flag among energy
Fwd: HAL: Oil services selloff raises red flag among energy analysts
HAL ready to go to $60+don't forget asbestos settlemt
HAL ready to go to $60+don't forget asbestos settlemt
HAL up nicely
HAL what's up with this stock
Half of Damaged Refineries Near Restarting
Half point cuts on BOTH discount rate and Fed Funds...
Half point cuts on BOTH discount rate and Fed Funds...
Half Wit is Half Right
Halliburton Profit Rises Sharply On Demand For Oil Services
Halliburton Spin-Off Positive
Halliburton Unit Risked Civilian Lives, Lawsuits Say
Hang in there Mike75x5 - Blood, blood, bloody blood (part 3)
Hank Paulson: follow the bouncing ball
HANS big move
HANS added to SP Midcap 400 Oct. 26
HANS> opinions?
HANS big move
HANS: early August target cut to $55
Hapless and Clueless
Happy Anniversary: The Civil War & our involvement in WWI
HAPPY ANNIVERSARY: group is one year old today
Happy Father's Day: lawyer's perspective on fatherhood
Happy Fourth of July !
Happy Holidays
Happy Labor Day weekend to all
Happy New Year
Happy New Years Folks...
Happy New Years Folks...
Haptics , RFID and the TinyUrl
$HAR and message #887
Hard-asset REITs: inflation, management, turnover
Hard to be bearish on energy here
hard to believe....
Hard to believe it's been almost a year
The same Harry Dent who wrote this book...............
Harry Reid
link to Harvest Energy Trust (HTE.UN) try again
Harvest Energy Trust (HTE) I bought yesterday
Harvey HELP
Harvey Relief
has a different outlook on economy
Has anybody talked about this?
Has anyone ever actually analyzed
Has anyone seen the IBD 100?
Has Apple Peaked?
Has FDG been going through a post stock split depression?
Barron's Online - UPDATE: Has Research In Motion Gotten Too Expensive?
Has the Fed Already Lowered Interest Rates?
Haste makes waste: fax to Senators today
Hats off to Colin Powell
have always been reluctant to invest in companies dealing in commodities
Have builders stocks put in bottom already
Have owned SFCC since 5/17/2003
Have the drillers stop getting drilled ?
Have to agree with this
Have to disagree strongly with Najarian on WFR
Fwd: The Hawks Who Cried Wolf
bought HCC (insurance) today; very positive Forbes article
HCCI - Trucking and technology of engines:
HCII 10.28
HCII 11.87
$15 target on HCLP
HCLP Earnings
HCLP,EMES: Hi-Crush Partners upgraded to Buy at Wunderlich following pullback
HCLP,EMES, SLCA: U.S. Silica sees frac sand demand, and its share price, piling up
HCLP: Frac sand firms stay optimistic despite oil price slump
HCLP: Hi-Crush adds volume to frac sand deal with Halliburton
HCLP: Hi-Crush Partners ships first unit train of s...
HCLP: very nice earnings report today
sold entire position in HCN today
HCP declares $0.545 dividend
Breaking: HCP Earnings
HCP guides to 5% FFO per share growth in 2015
HCP: HCP, Inc. declares $0.545 dividend
HCP- high dividend stock
HCP: More on HCP results
Unusual Dividend Payor - HCSG ($21)
News flash: HD and LOW growth slowing
HD balance sheet data
HD, CAKE, MRVL, others
HD comps beat
HD: Earnings call bravado helps to lift Home Depot
$HD ER 5-15 B/O
HD ER A miss!
HD expands (no position): gotta love companies with cash
HD financials
$HD has a ER 11-15 5 B/O
HD: Home Depot Hammers The Earnings Nail On The Head
HD: Home Depot Hammers The Earnings Nail On The Head
HD: Home Depot lower after missing Q1 estimates
I own SCHD: SCHD: Lower Volatility Than SPY, Lower International Correlations And A New Place In My Account
HD,PETM: Digging into the Retail Sales report
HD: Why Home Depot Could Outperform This Sector Peer
HD: WSJ: Fraudulent transactions surface in wake of Home Depot breach
HD,WSM: Put These 2 Home Improvement Value Dividend Stocks On Your Radar
He's baaaaack! 'Mad Money' recap Aug. 15
he lurkers: what has been your strongest non energy stocks p
Heads up on Gulf weather this holiday weekend
Heads Up on NTO
Health Cover age and mortgage Foreclosures
Health of housing
House approves Medicare legislation: health stocks
Healthcare sector ratings roundup - upgrades/downgrades
Healthcare Sector May Be the Strongest for the Next Three Months
Almost Family: good news for home healthcare stocks
Healthy rise in MO's dividend (I own for the dividend)
heat wave bullish for NG and coal?
Heat wave helps mall retailers
Heating oil sticker shock to hit New England
Heavy Crude Refineries
Heavy dose of holiday retail reports/findings today (wsj online)
Heavy Oil Production Technologies
Hedge Fund Industry's Dirty Little Secret
Hedge Fund Manager: Goodbye and F---- You
Hedge Fund managers' relief
SYF,DAL: Here are the large caps that hedge funds are buying up
hedge funds and 5% positions disclosed
Hedge Funds and CDO Investment Landfills: How professionals dump their toxic
hedge funds are shorting ETFs rather than stocks
Hedge Funds: Uranium Market
hedgefunds keeping crude above $50
^VIX options for hedging
Hedging Against Inflation
hedging energy
Hedging ?- May worries me 70% DJIA - 30% DXD ?
Hedging: what is your "other?"
Hedging with QQQQ March puts / "market" concerns
Hedging with QQQQ puts
Hedging with shorts on index ETFs: DIA vs. IWM
Helix Energy (HLX) 2d qtr net UP SHARPLY
Hello all, Thanks for letting me join,
Hello all, Thanks for letting me join,
Hello. New to board---- Looking For Shorts??
hello to board
Harvey HELP
Help me please!- Required reading
Help me please!- Required reading
Help me with PE, Future PE and projected earnings!
Help: new ticker symbol for New Century
help? $NFLX Will this lady regain her past Glory ?
HELP! Pros and Cons of the various markets.
Help with TLT and Treasuries please...
Help with XXIA
Helpful if members will share their buys and sells.
HELX opinions?
Hercules Offshore HERO reports October 30 a.m. , 10/30/2007, 8:00 am
Hercules Offshore (HERO) in Barron's June 25 issue
Hercules Offshore To Buy Todco for $2.4 Billion
Herd's short-term memory loss
here's a list of Canroys and yields
here's a list of Canroys and yields- How to find US listing
here's a little doom and gloom - have a good w/e
Here's a question for you all.
here's another "doom and gloom" piece, or a good laugh--your choice
here's Boone Pickens' hedgefund holdings (not verified)
Here .... and there . Citigroup - Bank of Isreal
Here are my holdings- UP 9.5% YTD
Here are my holdings- UP 9% YTD
Here are my stock picks
Here is the deal on FORD
Here is the ER
Here say: Oil Market in general
Here we go again......................
Here we go , another injection of sorts - patient very ill
Heritage-Crystal Clean, Inc. (HCCI)
Heritage Oil Corp.
Herman Cain today on Libya
My heroes
HERO acquisition of THE
HERO doing nicely; may still be a buy
HERO selling for 8 times post-merger trailing earnings
HERO selling for less than 8 times post-merger trailing earnings
HERO To Buy Todco: bought HERO at 24.35
Confectioners - Hershey starting to look attractive.
HES (7/31 Barron's)
HES said hurt by NG prices
Hesitant To Lend To Auto Suppliers, Retailers
Hewlett guides UP
Hewlett Packard HPQ -- earnings up 25%
Hewlett Packard HPQ still # 1 in PC shipments
Hewlett-Packard: Smartphone Central?
Hey Commander check this out about BHP
Hey gang!
HEY George , are you still here ? GRMN up big today after a KA ER
Hey Larry, 'Daytraders' Benefit Investors
Hey son got quoted in Stars ands Stripes
short HGG
HGG $20.88
HGG at $11.15
Hi, I'm New to This Group...
Hi/ Lo Index
Hi Lo Index - Whats you alls capital protection plan at this time ?
Hi/Lo ratio 2:30 P.M.
Hidden GEM with $60M backlog OMNI
HPQ high PC sales
HIG rated outperform (others)
high call option activity in EXM
High Court to Hear Microsoft Patent Case v. AT&T
High Dividend Stock IMH Impac Mortgage Holdings
High-end chocolate takes off
High-end housing bubble likely to pop in hot markets
High-energy fuel source makes a comeback and checkout $RAIL
High on Energy -- Pt. I
High premium on total honesty
High Prices Maybe Here To Stay
High Rice Cost Creating Fears of Asia Unrest
High-yield savings
High Yield Stock - CLM
Higher Bond Yields Signal Gains for Stocks on Economy
Higher minimum wage could cut into teen retailers' margins
Highest-rated stocks
Highest rated stocks by analysts
CTGI - Highest Rated under $10
Hill an undiscovered stock trading near Book Value
HIMX and CHL -- good news, nice targets (I own both)
HIMX earnings report: no surprises (I own)
HIMX: Himax surges following bullish Craig-Hallum note
$12 target on HIMX I own it
HIMX/Motley Fool comment
Historical chart
historically warm U.S. winter . . .
TGT dividend history
HLEX breakout watch- Healthextras, Marketedge upgrade/stbuy
Sold HLX, added to GM short
NSC Norfolk Southern Corporation - hmmm
HMSY bucking trend again today
HMY -- buy, sell or short gold or silver stocks or ETFs
Ho, ho, ho: Good news on housing starts, prices
Ho Hum, another budget surplus month
More Apple aftershocks: Select Chinese auto stocks rally
Hoefer & Arnett Starts Amazon At Sell
HOKU...up big in pm. News is a big deal. PV deal with Sanyo
HOKU...up big in pm. News is a big deal. PV deal with Sanyo
Hold tight
Hold Your Breath ... The Bear Market Is NOT Over! (090904)
holding, opinion on NFI?
holding, opinion on NFI? PTEN Patterson- breakout (own)
Holdings and Thoughts of a Lurker
Holiday sales fail to get shoppers to splurge -Cyber Monday
Holiday sales FELL 2.3 percent
Holiday spending
Hollywood Primes the Pump for Mideast Money
Holy Crap whats up with this?
Home Depot acquistion
HOM @ $4.36 - Home Solutions of America, Inc - up in premarket
HOM earnings this afternoon MAY (repeat MAY)
HOM -- nice margins, nice affiliation with HD
Home builders see a recovery in 2009 - Apr. 24, 2008
Home Builders Expect Weaker Sales Of New, Single-Family Houses in June
Home builders see a recovery in 2009 - Apr. 24, 2008
Home Builders Split Direction Amid Earnings
Home buyer tax credit about to lapse
Home Defense Stocks - Biometrics Homeland Security
Home Defense Stocks - Biometrics Homeland Security
Home Defense Stocks VISG?
Home Deport earnings hammered
Home Depot acquistion
Home Depot and Lowe's (HD and LOW) I own LOW
Home Depot and Lowe's problems transcend housing's
Home Depot: Building on Success
Home Depot, CEO 'Pay Rage' Boils Over in Vote
Home Depot deal cut in price
Home Depot down on earnings
Home Depot HD
Home Depot [ HD ] -- retooling???
Home Depot (HD) vs. Lowe's (LOW)
Home Depot report earnings Tuesday, 8/14/2007
Home Depot, Seeking Growth, Knocks on Contractors' Doors
Home Depot sells supply unit, announces $22.5 billion buyback
Home Depot vs Lowe's
Home Depot warns on full-year guidance - Aug. 15, 2006
Home equity lines/loans evaporating
Home equity lines of credit rates highest in 5 years
Home equity lines of credit rates highest in 5 years
Home-Equity Loans Level Off
Home foreclosures set record in 1st quarter
Home furnishings demographics deteriorating
Home healthcare M&A
Home-improvement boom
Home loan demand, rates rise ahead of Fed hike
Home prices get even more overvalued
Home prices jump 14.7% in third quarter
Home-Remodeling Boom Cools As Higher Loan Rates Begin to Bite
Home remodeling contractors facing slowdown
Lumber Prices - Home resales fall (report 8/23 a.m.)
Home resales fall (report 8/23 a.m.)DHI
home sales dropped
Home sales and Weak Spots in Economy Show Strength at End of 2006
Home sales cool off; prices don't
Home sales fall 2.7 percent in August
Home sales shifting into buyer's market
June pending home sales UP
Home value losses vary
Homebuilder Lennar to buy fomer Marine base in Orange County
Homebuilder shorts: answer to Markox
Homebuilder targets raised (I own DHI and TARR)
Homebuilders - real estate market
Homebuilders and stock repurchase plans
homebuilders are up -- on the other hand,/CTX
homebuilders are up -- on the other hand,/CTX
Homebuilders as trades