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0.00 prices and blank/incomplete history
1 Changed my e-mail 2 Links Example 9.2 does not always run
1-min or 2-min data
1 year or 2 year historical treasury yield
1-Year Z-Statistic
10 and 20 day MA
Calculating Historical Breaking Below Of Simple10 Day Moving Average, etc.
10 Year Annual High/Low Price
10-year data until MSN is up again
10 Year dates; Historic Price to Sales Ratios?
How do i extract 10-year financial data for my companies? [1 Attachment]
10 year financial data and RCHGetElementNumber 5,000 12,000
10 year Financial Summary
10 Year Financial Summary.xls
10 Year Financials Data Broken
10-year High Low Price data
10 year history on: some key KPIs
10 year model - ADVFN - New Format - workaround.xlsx
10 Year Summary MSN - only a few elements work
10-year Treasury rate
10 Year Treasury yield history
10 years MSN data gathering !
10 years of data Morningstar
10 years of historical data - these elements
10 YR ROIC Data
10 Yr Summary Price/Earnings
1000 Input Tickers Worksheet
1000 limit
1000 page web limit
10k and 10q data extract
10yrs of Cap Ex data?
11-8-17 smfGetBarchartPortfolio installation
120 Day Moving Average
13862 and/or 13863 - Company Name
13862 now returns a blank
15013 returns error?
1997 Excel Version Error Help
2.0f or 2.0h?
2 formula just stopped working right and now give me "error"..why? how to fix?
20, 50, 200 day highs and lows
20 Day moving avg.
200 day MA for SPY
200 day Simple MA
2008 in xp
2016 LEAP options
20yr AAA
#25 MSN Last Price provides the previous close not the last close.
2nd Order Page Access .php involved
3,5,10 year numbers
3 mo, 6mo, and 12 mo % Price Change
3 month return
30 - minute stock prices
5 Year Average Dividend Yield rr76012
5-year book value increase in percentages
5 year growth estimate, analyst recommendations
5 year income growth rate
5 YR - High & Low & Current P/E, Current EPS...
50-day moving average
50 Day moving average and 100 day moving average
50-day SMA with RCHGetYahooHistory
52 Week Hi or Low
Dates for the 52-week High and Low
52 week high/low
52 week highs and lows for mutual funds
Dates of 52-Week Low./High
52-Week low download...
52 Week low for S&P 500 Stocks
52 Week Low List
52 week low price for the FY related query
52w L & H
5y Tax Cost Ratio
5yr EPS Estimates
64-Bit error
64-bit version of Excel OK?
A "screener" based on smf_addin
(a)does the F wall street sp sheet work still (b) other sources for reasonably priced 10 year data
A few malfunctions
a few questions [1 Attachment]
A few questions about Excel 2007
a few tickers i can't seem to work
A Few Valuation Ratios
A function for Array Formulas
A Google Historical Price function to get around Yahoo fails?
A litle bit of help please.
A low Float Excel Spread sheet
A low Float Excel Spread sheet (added files)
A Modest Proposal for Randy (apologies for the length)
a problem with your RCHGetYahooQuotes function
A Question about getting the Delta
A Question about smfGetYahooPortfolioView
a quick help~
A step-by-step example of using some of the new option functions
A stock's listing exchange
A suggestion to improve the function RCHGetYahooHistory()
A tricky field on gurufocus
A website for intrinsic value analyzing
AAII's Stock Investor Professional
AAII Data Service
AAII Sentiment Survey
AAII Stock Valuation Spreadsheet -- Anyone convert it already?
AAPL and Goog Options Quote
able to get chart off website using the plugin?
Able to get the 10Yr but not 3Yr or 5Yr
About industry data using RCHGetElementNumber
about intrinsic value, charts, and a lot of .confusion
Access Tiingo?
Access to TIAA-CREF information
Access to Yahoo groups
accessing a page through a button in another
Accessing data
Accessing IBD Data
accessing web pages: web query, IE, or XMLHTTP?
account aggregation
Accounting data
Accumulating values to produce history
Accumulation Distribution Line
Accuracy of Data
ACN Stock Symbol gets changed
Active list of ticker symbols
Add a MorningstarCV data point?
add additional rows to smfgetyahoohistory
Add button for recalc and some intermittant issues with smfGetYa
add closing price to BarChart Technical Indicators Template
SMF add-in on MAC
Add-in & formatting
Add-in and Website Page Views
add-in ctrl shift "j" command
Add-In errors
Location of Beta Add-In File
Add in for Excel is not working for some reason !!!!!
Solver Add-in for Mac
SMF Add-in functions stopped working
add-in functions download
Add-in Glitch In Excel
Add-in has stopped functioning properly
Add In Install Problem
Add-in is not functional [2 Attachments]
add-in issues
Add-In Location Error?
Add in Location issue
Add-In Locations Changed
Add-In Not Loading
Add in not working for Morningstar anymore
add in not working for Indian stocks
Add in not working for Morningstar anymore
Add-in owner/programmer?
Add-in problem with small numbers
Add-in problem with small numbers
Add in quirkiness with Excel 2002
add-in stopped working
Add-in won't work.
Add in xla location has to be reset each time I open excel and the spreadsheets I use
Add in xla location has to be reset each time I open excel and the spreadsheets I use and RCH getelement Array failing
Add ins to assist options analysis
Addendum..HELP!! do i use smf under windows 7 64 bit on my new computer?
AddIn and Vista
Addin hangs
Addin on Macintosh
Addin on new PC
addin question
smf_addin Stopped Working
Addin to import charts to excel sheet
adding a specific element number to smflite
Adding Business Summary to Valuation Model
Adding description to each RCH functions
Adding downloaded templates to tabs in one Excel workbook
adding element numbers for Yahoo balance sheet data problems
Adding new element
Adding new functions to RCHGetElementNumber
Adding Quote using AFL Script ....
Adding Rows
Adding Technical Analysis functions to the add-in
adding the F9 NOW() refresh command
Adding the SMF Add-In to VBA
Adding to a function
Addins not working...
Addition to Yahoo Sector-Industry code request
Additional data sources instead of Yahoo
Additional Documentation
Additional element numbers
Address Error
ADFN Cash Flow data for HPT
Incorrect Adj Close using smfPricesByDates
RCHGetYahooHistory adjusted close
Adjusted Close Off
Adjusted Close vs Close
Adjusted Closes
Returns Calculation -using Morningstar Returns vs Yahoo Adjusted Closing Prices
Adjusten Open / Adj. High / Adj. Low / Adj. Close
ADV/FN data - all returning ERROR - others all work fine though
Historical Net Advance/decline
Historical Net Advance/decline data for Nasdaq .and NYSE
Advance/Decline for NYSE, & NDA
ADVFN All Line Items template problem
AdvFN 1-2 qtrs out of date
ADVFN 10 yr financial statements.
AdvFN 15 year data
AdvFN - 15yr file uploaded by bikeflagaz
AdvFN- 20 statment rows by 5 years of qt data (20 cols)
AdvFN-A definitions all return ERROR
ADVFN - A Different Attempt
AdvFN-A Element Numbers
AdvFN-A Elements
AdvFN-A: Error or #VALUE! returned on data 5 years .back
AdvFN-A for TSE stock
AdvFN-A Not working as source
Any change in the last month to the advfn access as links now returning only "error"
ADVFN again
ADVFN All Line Items template problem
AdvFN "financial company" financial data
AdvFn and S&P 500
AdvFN and UK Stocks
AdvFN Annual Income Statement Date Mismatch Issue
AdvFN Annual Reports
ADVFN bogus quarterly cashflow
ADVFN change
ADVFN Company financial information
Did ADVFN data retrieval or the Add-In change?
AdvFN data accuracy issues
AdvFN data dump for Financial Co.'s????
ADVFN Data dump template
AdvFN-Data-Dump2 Example
AdvFN Data For WMT
AdvFN Data not working?
ADVFN Data to Excel ............. One more Related Question
ADVFN Data to Excel ............. One more Related Question
Advfn data - Trace
AdvFn EBIT discrepancy
AdvFN element definitions for RCHGetElementNumber()
AdvFn - element for company name
ADVFN Element Numbers
ADVFN error
ADVFN Error in spreadsheet using rchgetelementnumber()
New Advfn errors
AdvFN: Export Adjusted for stock Splits?
ADVFN fail?
advFn Financial Data
ADVFN Financial Data Templates - For Excel 2003 & Excel 2007
Newer data for table RCHGetElementNumber-Template-AdvFN-Financial-Statements
ADVFN Financials
AdvFN for some quote
AdvFN Formula??
advfn function computer freezes
AdvFN function not working
ADVFN functions not working
AdvFN Help
advfn -
AdvFN - is is not working today?
AdvFN issue
ADVFN issue traces to a PHP Bug
Advfn Line-Item Issue
ADVFN Link Speeds
ADVFN links not working
ADVFN - New website structure 10yr data
ADVFN not working?
advfn or working?
AdvFN . or , separator problem
AdvFN problems
AdvFN-Q numbers missing
AdvFN-Q vs. Yahoo (Quarterly Cash Flow Statements)
ADVFN Quarterly Income Statement Incorrect
ADVFN quote changed when logged in
AdvFN rchgetelementnumber returning wrong Qtr. End Dates
AdvFN Returning Error
ADVFN - Search by Sector
ADVFN - source data incorrect
ADVFN Symbol Problem
RCHGetElementNumber problem with ADVFN template
ADVFN Ticker for Viacom?
ADVFN Ticker methodology
AdVfn trouble (deferred revenue)
AdvFN Workaround for a few Workbooks
Advice and guidence on smf functions
Advice/Help needed
Advice Please: Which oldest ecel ver, to collect historocal quotes
AFAM and AdvFN-Data-Dump-3
AFN returning some results as Text - Excel Calc .Errors
After-hours and Pre-market quotes
After Hours Change (Real-time)
After Hours Change source
AIG Warrants
All Downloaded Sheets start with c:\programfiles....
All Equity Summary Score
All my Yahoo quotes stopped working as of June 3rd.
allow data to be extract?
Almost there
Along with the MSN screwiness
Also Baffled
Altman Function does not appear to be working....
Altman Piotroski sheet
Altman_Piotroski XLS
Always Have to Reload the Add-In
am having trouble retreiving IBD data
Am I using a sledgehammer when a tack driver might be better?
Am unable to retrieve MSN Stockscouter values
You are just amazing Randy !!!
='C:\Program Files\SMF Add-In\RCH_Stock_Market_Functions.xla'!RCHGetYahooQuotes("MMM","l1")
'Error' after 500+ RCHGetElementNumber requests
'Error' in returning values for Morninstart Take in both RCHGetElementNumber and smfGetTagContent.
"-" and "---" conversion to Zero
"%" id not working for me
"&Ticker&" question
"As we know Yahoo still will not allow option quotes .as they had in the past."
"Earnings" source not working?
"Error" with yahoo & 888 options
"IH" fix is not working for me
"Invalid" message for zip file
"Inventory Valuation Method" and "Auditor Report"
"The requested document is not accessible"
"Tic ker" & Zacks data
"Undefined" error
"x" in column head to prevent refresh
Analyst Autoloader
Analyst Concensus Estimates
Analyst mean recommendation on Yahoo
Analyst Opinion
Analyst Ratings
Analyzerxl - anything similar out there
Analyzing returns with Excel
Annual high and low PE
Annual Highs and Lows......
Annual-Qtr_MSN Financials_v1.xls error
annualized volatility calculation
another attempt at google realtime quotes
Another EMMA question
Another Gurufocus question
Another Moving Average question
Another question about smfGetYahooHistory
another question for Randy regarding RCHGetElementNumber(x, 543)
Another Schaeffers question
Another way to use the SMF formulas to retrieve data
Another YahooGetQuotes problem
any bond pricing functions
Any chance of this working on Excel Mobile?
Any change in the last month to the advfn access as links now returning only "error"
Any ETA on the Yahoo problem fix?
Any Excel macro file available for downloading all the real-time stock price dat
Any Ideas
Any Ideas on Mkt Turning Point
Any news to the Options Problem?
Any plans for a Mac version?
Any Sources of Probability Data?
Any success using this on a Mac?
Any tips on how to get the correct URL for a given page to grab the data ?
Any way to download historical data of split seperately?
Any way to embed a SMF enabled spreadsheet on a web .site?
Any way to get Reuters Desription
Any way to pull data off this site - stock2own?
Any Way to Retrieve Arbitrary Parts of Balance Sheet and Income Statement?
Any working variable/formula for ETF fee ratio?
Anybody have any idea which element contains current .EFT prices
Anybody selling their worksheets?
Anyone encounter issues with dividata today?
anyone have a cool spreadsheet that scans stocks for buy-sell signals
Anyone have problems getting the AdvFN financial statements data?
Anyone have trouble pulling Yahoo options quotes?
Anyone Still Having YahooKS Problems?
Anyway to get company name without the prefix title?
AOL Money & Finance
aParn( )
API Sources
apparently a solution to cookie and crumb here
appropriate list for yahoo finance historical data quality question
Are GetElements 975 and 976 not working?
Are Option Price Histories Avilable?
Are there codes for Yahoo Sector and Industry Categories?
Are there SMF_Add-In Events/Exits we can use???
Are they out to get us?
Are you aware of a site that allows you to keep track of dividend reinvestment option?
Argus & S&P Information
smfPricesByDates -- Array Formula
Array Assignment
array-enter formula
Array enter to get yahoo history with multiple symols for one data field
Array entered formula
Array Entering Function Calls
Array Entering Function Calls
Array Formula Problem
YahooPortfolioView Array Limit
Array of daily stock returns
array problem
Array problem with smfPricesByDates
Array Question
Array range for RCHgetelement number
Array use possible with GetElementNumber ??
Arrays -- Don't Leave Home Without Them
Arrays working but Error Bell Sound when using Ctrl-Alt-J
Asian Stocks
[ask] NEWBIE
ask randy about [1 Attachment]
asking for help, again
aspx web sites
Assignment of Fuction Keys to smf Functions
ASX (Australian) data
async xmlhttp
ATR calculation is wrong in version 2.0f
attack could be a false alarm according to
Attention: Users of Options Quotes
Attention: Users of Options Quotes - Third Friday!!
Australian Stock Market Data
Australian Stocks [1 Attachment]
Austrian Stocks
Auto Refresh
Auto Refresh and save data
Auto refresh stock quotes
Autologin to website using excel
Automated New Search
Automated News Search
Automated web access cycles with copy & paste special; show when pages loaded
Automatic Refresh of All cells/Data Feeds into Excel
Automatic Refresh of Stock Prices
Automatically build data sheets
Automatically download csv file
Automatically Pick The Correct Current Quarter?
Automating fund distributions
Automation Error
Automation Help
Available strikes
GetYahooQuotes: Average Daily Volume
Average Earnings Returns
Average True Range?
Average Weighted Coupon - bonds
AW: Download limit
AW: RCHGetYahooHistory() function, growing Spreadsheet Size
Awesome Add-Ins
back testing models
Back to Basics with RCHGetYahooQuotes()
bad data with RCHGetYahooHistory
baffled beyond belief
Baltic Dry Index (BDI)
Bank of England E/R
Bar Chart Sector Performance
Bar Chart Template
Barchart PortfolioView vs Yahoo PortfolioView current price function? elements producing "Error" results as of today 5/4/2010 Traders Cheat Sheet - View Opinion
barchart intraday quotes
Barchart Momentum - NYSE New Highs and New Lows and Moving Averages
Barchart Opinion
Barchart option chain
Barchart PortfolioView vs Yahoo PortfolioView
Barchart Sectors
BarChart Tech data
add closing price to BarChart Technical Indicators Template
BarChart Trend Spotter
Barchart Weighted Alpha after website redesign
Barchart What Not1.xlsm
BarChartMM - NYSE Advancing Issues
BarCharts now uses Zacks groups.
Barcharts TrendSpotter
barrons data
Baseball Standings
Basic Help.
Basic installation and use
Basic questions
Basic questions
basic quote
Basic user manual for newbies/idiots?
beginner's excel errors. :(
Beginner's Questions
beginner's RCHGetURLData error help
Beginner needs help
Beginner question
Bellway PLC vs. The Berkeley Group PLC
Ben Graham screen
Best Ben Graham Value Investing Template
Best execution
Best for VXX weeklies
Oops.... Best Practice question
Best source for foreign stocks and funds?
Best Source Recommendation
Best VB book
Best way to calculate moving average
Best way to convert out values returned?
Best way to extract option prices
Best way to pull multiple tickers
Best websites for 10 years of financial data
Best wiehes for a happy new year / was Website retrieval error
Best Wishes
New Yahoo Beta History Quotes...Confusion
beta 2.0
Beta 2.x -- for the more adventuresome among you...
Beta and Alpha
Beta Financials page on Morningstar
Beta Value
Better way to get this data?
bid/ask via RCHgetYahooQuotes
BigCharts historical options quote
Bitcoin and other Altcoins
Bitcoin Ripple and other symbols
Blank Field Returned for ^DJI Yahoo Quote
Block Data Download
Blog, Yahoo, and Google
Bloomberg - downloading latest price
bloomberg businessweek data refresh
bloomberg data
Bloomberg Data - Brazil
Bloomberg grab includes a text word
Bloomberg quotes
Bloomberg stock last trade price
Bollinger Band Values
Bollinger Bands (values)?
How to get bond information?
Bond mutual fund sector weightings
Bond prices
Corporate bond yields, formula not working anymore
Corporate bond yields, formula not working anymore
book recommendation for Excel VBA and Web Query
Both Google and Yahoo historical prices are hosed
Brand new - IBD question
RES: Brazilian Data
Brazilian Stocks - Help!!!
breakout feed into excel
Briefing Earnings
Bringing Options Quotes to Excel
BRK.B and Google
BRK-B quote on yahoo - help
Broker and Historical item suggestions
Broker login
Broker suggestion...
Bug for french users => suggested patch
Bug found - element 990
Bug in Element 13863
Bug in
Building an Investment/Trading System using SMF, Excel and the Internet
Building stock screeners
[Bulk] Don't Know What Happened
Bulk Download of Ex-Dividend Dates
BULK Downloads
[Bulk] Fw: Yahoo Finance "Last Trade"cell
[Bulk] GetElementNumber 13862 not working and GetElementNumber 25 not the last price
[Bulk] Gogle Results
[Bulk] Is yahoo VOLUME split-adjusted?
[Bulk] Morningstar Stock Type & Stock Style
Fax Business website
Business Week Annual Prices Template
business week extraction
businessweek data
businessweek - get company name
Businessweek - No Longer Provide Data?
But it's right there. I can see it...
Buttons ???
Buyer / Seller Names
Running add-in on Mac Excel 2011
Macros for enabling/disabling the web cache
Caching logic for RCHGetTableCell
Caculate on Close: NOT!
Calculated fields elementnumber 15001 till 15014
Calculates on doing anything
Calculating Bond Prices for Future Increasing Interest Rates
Calculating Bond Prices for Future Increasing InterestRates
Calculating Historical Breaking Below Of Simple10 Day Moving Average, etc.
Calculating Make Whole Call Yield in Excel
unable update download table despite already refreshed calculations
Calendar cycle of expiration months
call OK, put not ok
Call/Put Spreadsheet
call simple functions
Call to ForceRecalculation
Calling ADVfn data using =RCHGetElementNumber(Ticker,Element#)
Calling quotes.csv to get option prices with the new .symbol
Calling smfForceRecalculation in VBA
Calls on BRK-B
Can't access the plug-in file
Can't change links on several workbooks
Can't download quotes
Can't extract RCH Stock Funtion zip files
Can't Find GetWebData...
Can't find latest add-in files and Works In Progress Files
Can't get Bid and Ask size for some symbols (C, IBM, LVS, MGM...)
Can't get currency quotes GBPUSD and GBPEUR.and USDJPY
Can't get DCF_FWallStreet.xls to work
can't get function to work on a computer
Can't get functions to work
Can't get information of bonds via Yahoo anymore
Can't get morningstar rating
Can't get smf add on to work
Can't get smfgetoptionquotes data beyond 4/1/16
Can't get the Add-in to install or work
Can't get the MACD to calculate properly
Can't get this sheet to work [1 Attachment]
can't graph the 30mins data?
Can't load template
can't open IE in Vista but can in XP
Can't pull MSN data
Can't retrieve quotes - sometimes
Can't retrieve the MSN Company Name using =RCHGetElementNumber(Ticker,13862).
Can't seem to make it work...
Can I download financial data that are listed in Pakistan
Can I extract text and count words in one formula?
can i found ???
Can I use formula's in my VB
Can I use rchgetelement number in an array?
Can no longer download RCHGetElementNumber("AA",332)
Can no longer logon to Morningstar w/Excel 2016
Can SMF_addin files be placed in a different location?
Can smfPricesBetween get Yahoo quoute HBMFF.PK?
Can someone please help
can we use this to derive FX quotes? (off topic perhaps)
can you add the now() parameter to the smfGetOptionQuotes
Canadian Consolidated Volumes
Canadian Dividend History
Canadian Option Quotes?
Canadian spreadsheets?
Canadian Stock Standard Deviation
Yahoo dividends for Canadian Stocks - wrong?
Canadian stocks dividend yield
Cannot add more than 200 stocks
Cannot download more than 1000 values
Cannot extract price
Cannot figure out how to use the smfGetTagContent function
Cannot figure out hw to use the smfgettagcontent function
cannot find'RCHGetElementNumer' on RCH_Stock_MarketFunctions.xla
cannot find'RCHGetElementNumer' on RCH_Stock_MarketFunctions.xla'
Cannot get "=smfGetAdvFNElement" to work
Cannot get MSN data
Cannot get RCHGetElementNumber to work in combination with MSN
Cannot get S&P value to appear on non-trading days
Cannot get S&P value to appear on non-trading days
Cannot get smfGetYahooPortfolioView to work for the life of me
Cannot pull up a quote for Kinetic concepts KCI
cannot see addin in excel option
Cant find iframe source
Cant get historical revenue for banks
Capabilities of Stock Market Function Add-in
Capturing a real-time stream
Capturing data into Excel - Unit Investment .Trusts (UIT)m - Part 2
Capturing data into Excel - Unit Investment .Trusts (UIT)m - Part 2
Capturing data into Excel - Unit Investment .Trusts (UIT)m - Part 2
Cascading-Extraction: Not starting at position 1
Cash Flow Model V 17
Cash Flow Model v 17 ... Errors
Cash_Flow Model_v13.xls
Cash Flow v 17 and Business Functions
Cash/Money Market Ticker Ideas
CBOE put/call ration for the total market and individual equities for MetaStock
CBOE Symbol List of Weekly Option-[]
CBOE Symbol List of Weekly Option-[]
CBOE volatility numbers
CC Rollups WatchList - workaround.xls
CDN Mutual Fund Prices
Problem getting data from website
CEF - Closed End Funds - Dividend and Distributions
CEF Connect ---- RCHGetHTMLTable In Rows
CEF Morningstar gold, silver, bronze ratings-Average Maturity
CEF Morningstar gold, silver, bronze ratings-Average Maturity
Problem getting data from website
cefconnect - 3 general things
Problem getting data from website retrieval [Solved]
CEFConnect data
cell range problem
CEO Stock Ownership, CEO's Salary and Number of .Shares Issued
CGQ rating Addition
Change in option price
Change in StreetInsider
Change in Yahoo Finance Format
Change in Yahoo layout
Change log changes
% change on options quotes not working
Changes at ???
Changes at
Changes at Stock Checkup
Changes for release 1.2f
Changes for release 1.3b
Changes for version 2.0d
Changes for version 2.0e
Changes for version 2.0h
Changes in Earnings Estimates for S&P500
Changes in Yahoo Option Quotes web pages
Changes to program
changing an array
Changing folder for add-in
Changing the Frequency in smfGetEconData
Character Set Error / Reset
Barchart PortfolioView vs Yahoo PortfolioView
Chart Issue
Chart Movie question
Chart Pattern Search
Chart Prices Source?
Charting: date uniformity with holiday schedules for the various exchanges
did Ycharts recently make some changes?
Checking for Javascript
CHGetYahooQuotes path keeps changing
China Server ID
China Shanghai Exchange tickers factbook
Clever way to calculate ATR?
Close price by Date for S&P500 stocks
Close price on a particular date !!!
Close vs. Adj Close using smfPricesBetween
get dividend per share for ETF and Closed end funds
Closing and reopening errors
Closing Market Price for US tickers for a specific date, say 31st July 2012
Yahoo Historical closing price reflects a zero
CME futures data question
CNBC's little Insider Chart
CNBC - Mutual Fund Holdings Page
CNBC Website
Code # 4717 no longer work. (%of US holdings within ETFs)
code for bullion Prices
Code for most reliable PEG ratio?
code for Real-time price
Code for Single Quote
Code Open Source?
Codes 253 -352 return errors
Collecting data in column format
Column descripitions
Combining elements
Combining Morningstar and yahoo
Combining multiple templates
Combining quarterly financial statements
Comma fix not working for stock symbol PFIN
comma semicolon problem fix
Commodities overview and currencies
Commodity Charts into Excel
commodity price in bloomberg
Commodity price look up
Commodity quotes question
Common Data Set (a source for info on Universitys)
Company's Description
Company and It's Competitors
Company Comparison workbook uploaded
Company Description - element number 994
company description & Others
Company Description (Element 1) fails even when the MSN has the information
Company Description - element number 994
Company Fundamentals Workbook
Company Guidance
Morningstar Company name
Company Name not Displaying
Company Names
Comparative RSI
Compare dates in cell
Compare portfolio performance vs SP500
Compare the data using VBA/Macro
Compare Zacks Earnings Dates
Comparing current price to previous price
Comparison to All-Time-High, German Stocks
Compatibility with Excel 2007
Compatibility with Excel 2011 (Mac)
Compatibility with Vista 64 bit, Office 2007
Competiton Spreadsheet not working
Competitor/Industry data
Competitor Listing
Competitors Data
Competitors Data
Compile error: Invalid outside procedure
Compile error in Apple Macbook OS X (10.5 - .Leopard) installatio
Compile error in Apple Macbook OS X (10.5 - Leopard) installation
Compile error: Invalid outside procedure
compiling a list of stocks via yahoo finance screen
Complete Equity Name
Complete list of all stocks
Composite Moving Average
compounded return
Comprehensive list of tickers?
Compressing Issue
Computing Returns of S&P via Yahoo download
Computing total return correlations
Concatenate string for cell reference - Morningstar
concatenate the cell value to the URL
conditional formatting problem
Conference Event Dates
conference schedules
Connecting to error
Connection Problems
consecutive dividend increases
consecutive dividend increases
Consensus estimates for EBITDA and Capital Expenditure
Consistent Canadian Stock Symbols
Contents of Add-Ins Folder for SMF
Continued Add-In Problems
Controlling how often data is received
Conversion of Excel 2003 Spreadsheets to 2007
convert stock ticker to option ticker
cookie monster
Copies of Group Communications
Copying A routine for local use with temporary mods
Copying multiple sheets into one file
Copying SMF Files To Another Computer: Control-Shift-J no longer works
Corporate bond yields, formula not working anymore
Corporate bond yields, formula not working anymore
Corporate Bonds Yield
Corporate Governance
Corporate Spreads
Correct Installation Place
Corrected version of DCF_FWallStreet.xls worksheet uploaded to Files section
Correlation Data
COT Reports
Country default spreads and risk premiums
Country Definitions
Covered Call data: Need help
Covered Call Workbooks
Covered Calls on Stocks I own - Existing Spreadsheet?
CPU Settings for the Add-in to Work
SMF add-in crashes Excel
is it possible to use RCHCreatComment to get several graphs at one time?
Creating a Calculate Now Button
Creating a Ranking System
creating a yahoo ticker search
Creating element definitions
Creating your own custom function similar to RCHGetElementNumber
Credit Spread Option Screener?
Credit Suisse/Tremont Hedge Fund Index
Cross currencies
Crude Oil Spot Price
Crude spot yahoo API
CSV parser = Yahoo Quotes?? -- Duh! Never Mind!!
CSV parser = Yahoo Quotes?? -- Duh! Never Mind!!
Ctrl-Shift-J not working with Beta version of Add-in Excel 2010
Weekly options .... curiousier &
Curious error with ^IXIC
Currency converting
Currency cross rates
Retrieving currency data
Currency for Yahoo data
Currency Pair Quotes
Currency Previous close
Currency Quotes, Historical Prices, Daily and Year to Date Change.
CurrencyDisclaimer Data
Fw: Current and Historical Data for Currencies and Commodities
current data downloads
Current News
Current Option Pain calculation
Working example for current price
current price and yield for a list of stocks
Current Stock Price
CUSIP conversion to Ticker
CUSIP finder
CUSIP to ticker for EQ and MF data?
Custom Element Help
custom refresh
Daily and weekly historical prices for a stock
Daily Digest Issue
Daily Prices and TTM Ratio Chart
Daily Quotes
Daily Trades
Daily volumes for the NYSE and the NASDAQ
Damodaran Banks, FWallStreet, ValuePro, ValuePro Baselines
Dashes when I'm trying to use smfGetYahooPortfolioView
Data accuracy? Inconsistencies between data sources
Data codes for etfs
Data Codes for EV, EV/Sales, EV/EBITDA?
Data Dictionary
Block Data Download
Data Download Speed Problem
DATA ELEMENTS 4671 THROUGH 4679 and 4947
Data errors with some symbols
Data Feeds on ETF Performance on Yahoo might be incorrect
Data field to tell if a stock has options on it
Data for ETFs
Data for European and Asian listed companies
Data for Indian Stock Markets
Data for time companies report earnings?
Data import/download
Data Inconsistencies
Data limitations?
Data not comming
Data on
data parsing assistance
Data Pull for Closed End Mutual Funds
CME futures data question
Ignore #value errors, data retrieval error & windows security message
Data retrieval (nineMSN fund quote)
Additional data sources instead of Yahoo
Data Sources and How to Extract
Data Sources Question
Data/symol inconsistancies
Data type for RCHGetYahooQuotes call
Data Updation
Data validity (current-ness)?
How update RCHGetElementNumber Database
Database functionality ........
datacode list question
RCHGetYahooQuotes() - datacodelist (k1)
Date & Sync data
Date column becomes numeric value after switch to excel 2010
Date formatting
Date of 52-week High and Low
Date of Next or Last Earnings Report
Date of Previous Close
Date problem with
Dates by using ADVFN info
Dates for the 52-week High and Low
Dates prior to 1900
Dates when using UK regional settings
FWallStreet DCF valuation spreadsheets [3 Attachments]
DCF 4-step vs. DCF 2 or 3 step
DDM Cash_Flow Model_v16
Dealing with a Mix of ETF and Mutual Fund Symbols
Debt rating
Debt structure
Deferred Income Taxes - smfGetAdvFNElement() Function
Define new element
Delta values for Put options?
Detailed Compensation
Determine if Ticker is a Stock, ETF, etc.
Determine SMF Add-in - Version Number
DIA Last Price
Did ADVFN data retrieval or the Add-In change?
Did Yahoo make some massive change within past day
Did Yahoo quotes server change to the new .symbology?
Did Yahoo recently change their format? Yield not .working for me.
did Ycharts recently make some changes?
Difference in Reported Dividend Yield
Difference in values returned
Differences between optionquotes functions?
Different COGS number in advfn data
different file locations
Different methods
Different option price values
Different Search
Different Server ?
Different Tickers 10 year model - GuruFocus
Differentiate between MF and ETF's
Differentiating between ROA, ROE, and ROC
Difficulty downloading SMF Add-in
difficulty getting advfn data for some stocks
Difficulty Getting RCH_Stock_Market_Functions.xla Version 1.3c to Work
Difficulty getting RCHGetYahooQuotes to work
difficulty getting started
difficulty getting this to work, details
Difficulty with Put option prices using smfGetOptionQuotes & smfGetYahooOptionQuote
Difficulty with RCHGetYahooQuotes
Digest Number 2929
Direction Please
disabled macros
Disabling the Add-in in one file
Disconnect Between Calculated ROCI and Reported ROCI on Quarterly Reports
discontinued stock prices
Discount % for Closed End Funds (CEFs)
Discrepancy vs Rule#1 MOS
Distribute Excel file with SMF Add-In
Distribute Spreadsheet with SMF Add-In
#DIV/0! Error
Randy, can you give me an Excel formula to retrieve 5 year % Dividend growth for a stock
Dividend and 10-Year Financials
Dividend and Capital Gains Distribution History
Ex-dividend dates and IBD
Dividend Dates with Earnings elements
Dividend File
Gurufocus Dividend History
Dividend Payment History
dividend question - Why the difference
Dividend - recent announcements
Dividend returning N/A- can it be blank?
5 Year Average Dividend Yield rr76012
Dividend yield discrepancy
Dividend Yield on the Reuters template appears to be incorrect
dividends analysis
DJ sub-industry groups
DJ-UBS Indices Not Reporting Values
DJI historic price & volume
^DJI quit working
DJIA and ^GSPC volume question
Do I use smfgetyahoohistory correctly ? [1 Attachment]
Do these functions work with options?
Do you know a good bulletin board/group to talk about
document 2.1
Additional Documentation
Documentation and Making Changes to Templates
Documentation and Question
Documentation and YahooQuotes codes
documentation files not available
Documentation for customized functions
Documentation inaccessible?
Documentation not there
Documentation on smflncellchart
Does anyone have an excel that uses a moving average crossover?
Does anyone in this group want to make some money?
Does anyone know how to get historical prices for UK funds into Excel?
Does anyone know of a website that gives ADR ratios?
Does anyone know of eye smf equivalent in libre office ?
Does GetYahooQuotes still work in v2.0? If not, how can I pull int'l prices?
Does not get qoute for PPH ??
Does RCHGetYahooQuotes run anytime I change .something?
does SMF only scrape screens? what if your broker has an API
Does smf work on Windows 10?
does the macro security level on MS Excel 2010 affect the way SMF addins work ?
Does the plug-in run in X64 version of Excel 2010?
Does the SMF Add-In work in Microsoft Office for Mac 2011?
Does the smfForceRecalculation macro force everything to refresh?
Does this work in Excel 2013? yes
Does this work in Excel 2013? yes
Domicile Adresses
[Bulk] Don't Know What Happened
Don't see SMF in the ribbon (windows 7 & MS Office Excel 2007 environment)
Don't stuff it up for the rest of us
Don Guillett Medical
Done with AdvFN! Moving to GuruFocus els download?
DOT > Comma and visa versa
Double Dutch: CDec issue
Double Excel Cell Reference...
Double Rows in Excel
Dow Index price quote
Dow Jones Index Quotes
Dow Jones quote
Dow Jones Sector Performance Help
dow/S&P numbers using RCHGetYahooQuotes()
SMF-Addin Updates Slowing Down
Bloomberg - downloading latest price
download CSV-file via Addin possible?
Download Dividend Info into Excel
Download Historical Prices on ETPs
Download Historical Technical Analysis Data
download history prices
Download Hong Kong and Singapore stock quotes
Download IBD Screens in Excel via VBA?
download issue
Download limit
Private followup Download MACD and RSI numbers on a weekly basis
Download multiple stock data
Download Not Working for RCH_Stock_Market_Functions.xla
Download of Add-In File
Download of Implied Volatility?
Download Sample Errors
download smf addin
Download Specific Dividend Info into Excel
Download Stock Histories with more Yahoo Finance .Fields
Download Templates
Download the add-in for excel 2011
Downloading 13F data
downloading current price-volume data for 5,000+ symbols
Downloading Daily Interest Rate
Downloading dividends
Downloading FinViz
downloading free bulk historical stock data
Downloading Intraday Data
Downloading the add-in
Downloading worksheet for first time
Dreaded #NAME (yet again) ... please help I have read .the posts
Dynamically Displayed Data
Earnigs or P/E-Ratios f"r RCHGetYahooHistory() ?
Last Earnings Date - from Yahoo Finance
Last Earnings Date - from Yahoo Finance
Earnings Add in
Earnings Announements
Earnings calendar
Attention -- element updates
Earnings.Com Data data issue? Dividend Elements - Missing Declaration .Date and description errors
Last Earnings Date - from Yahoo Finance
Earnings Date & Estimates
earnings date + before or after close information
Earnings Datecode Return "Error"
Yahoo Expected Earnings Dates
Earnings elements 1286-1512 Errors in 2.0j
Earnings history
Earnings release times
Last and Next Earnings Report Date
Last and Next Earnings Report Date
Earnings Whisper data pull
earningswhisper redesigned their website
Easier use of RCHGetYahooHistory()
easier way to enter repetitive formulas
easy downloads of current price / eod data
Ebay options
Ecel 2011 for Mac
Economic Calendar
Economic Charts
FRED Economic Data
Economic Data thru the addin?
Economic Indicator Extraction (Early Stages)
Economic Indicators Data - Retrieving Name of Indicator
Economic Indicators Data - Changing Frequency
Economic Indicators Data - Retrieving Name of Indicator
economical data refreshing with macro
Edgar data feed
Edgar data feed
edit links msg when opening a file that uses the addin
ELAL.TA only appears to have mon-thurs, TEVA.TA has .mon-fri , what about SUNDAY!
Element #13670
Element # 13863 Get Company Name not working
Element 15012 - Rule #1 MOS Price
Element 293 compared to 153
Element 4811 - Fund Name
Element 4891 - Trailing Returns - 3-Month - Total Return
Element # 543
Element 8406
Element #960
Element 983 and 984
Bug found - element 990
Element 992 - Div Ex Date
Element Creation for Dummies
Element Definitions mismatch
Element Definitions mismatch
Element for country of company issued stock?
Morningstar dynamic pages - element list update planned?
Element Listings
Element not working
Element Number 605 , 608 obsolete?
element number 13166
Element number 13862 - "Error"
element number 541 Quick Summary
Element Number 605 , 608 obsolete?
Element number 8066
Element number 982, 983, and 984
Element number defs
Element number List
AdvFN-A Element Numbers
Element Numbers and BarChart
element numbers-Documentation
elementNumber documentation
Elements 1285 & 1290 and Earnings
Elements 1286 - 1397
elements-2.txt : 13865, 13867 "Industry" & "Sector"
Elements 3237 & 3242
Elements 3900 and 3901 get "error" return
Elements 4951-4958 and 5052-5058
elements 547 - 550
Elements 633,634,635,636
Elements 811, 812, 813 return error
Elements Displaying all ZEROS
Elements for identification
Elements not working
Elements of market indexes (e.g., S&P 500, DJIA, etc.)
Elements with Errors
Embedded info on GuruFocus
Embedding part of the addin functionality in a spreadsheet
Embeded activeX webbrowser in excel
emma help
Emma Documentation [1 Attachment]
emma help
Empirasign Pairs and Basket Trading
End of Day Pricing
End Of Qtr Dates
Enquiry of smfGetTagContent() function
Entering an array
EOD Futures Data
EPS Estimates History
EPS History
EPS (ttm), Element #13878
EPS (ttm), Element #13878
EPS (ttm) = Error
Equity Risk Premium
Equtiy CUSIP lookup
Erratic Morningstar retrievals - 2015
Error accessing documentation
Error after upgrading to the latest version in the work in progress folder.
Error all over workbook
Error and #Value! in most cells
Error displaying certain msn elements
Error for corp.bonds on Yahoo Finance
Error getting MSN STOCK RATING
Error getting MSN Stockscouter
Error getting stock name
poor error handling in array formulas?
Error help
Error I've not encountered before...
error in add-in
Error in decimals for european users in RCHGetTableCell
error in Effective Tax Rate 5 Year Average
Error in Excel 2010
Error in Formula
Error in Income Statement after F9
Error in margin calculation
Error in RCHGetElementNumber 1421-1512
Error in Reuters Comparison Ratios
Error messages
Error Message #2 &
Error message for market cap & Shares code
ERROR MESSAGE ON EXCEL windows has stopped working
Error message retrieving 52 Week High/Low data
Error message when installing the RCH_Stock_Market_Functions.xla
error message with smfgetAdvFNElement()
Error message with some ETFs
Error messages
Error Messages for All Queries
Error messages in =RCHGetElementNumber()
Error messages... same fields.
Error Messages - Webpages Won't Refresh
Error messages when I try to load add-in for Excel .2007
Error obtaining Put Price
Error on execution
Error on RCHGetElementNumber 989
Error on RCHGetElementNumber-Template-AdvFN-Financial-Statements.xls
Error only on some stock symbols when using RCHGetElementNumber
Error =RCHGetElementNumber()
Error RCHGetYahooQuotes
Error retrieving ^DJI data
Error: smfGetTagContent
Error - Too Many Web Page Retreivals
Error -- Too many web page retrievals
Error: Undefined or non-rectangular name
Error: Undefined or rectangular reference
Error using element code 995
error using RCHGetYahooHistory
Error / #Value! Issues
Error when switching operating systems
Error while retrieving ticker's name
Error with "Template-Yahoo-Key-Statistics"??
Error with element numbers using RCHGetElementNumber ( ) function (Morningstar)
ERROR with fetching "Last Price"
Error With FINVIZ and Zack Data
Error with RCHGetElementNumber() for Morningstar Element Numbers
Error with RCHGetElementNumber() 50/50 hit and miss with stocks
Error with RCHGetElementNumber, but not with other commands
Error with RCHGetElementNumber() for Morningstar Element Numbers
Error within 10-year AAPL financial data (german .user)
Y! quote errors from smfGetYahooPortfolioView
Errors (for Reuters Elements)
Errors in data retrieval
errors in RCHGetElementNumber for Company Description
Errors on Reuters Financial Statements Elements
Errors: SMF-Template-Morningstar-Key-Ratios.xls
Errors when retrieving data for COP
Errors when using RCHGetElementNumber on many stocks.
Errors with Rchgetelementnumber function
Errors with RCHGetElementNumber(Ticker, 5451), 5671 and 5291
Errors with RchGetYahooQuotes
Errors with the templates?
Errror Message = RCHGetElementNumber(A2, 45)
ESPN Information
"Agreement - Estimate Revisions" information from Zacks
Estimates - Frame?
M* rating for ETF's
ETF Data Slippage
ETF Data Slippage
ETF dividends
ETF expense ratio vs category
ETF expense ratio vs category
ETF Put Option Prices
ETF;s, Mutual Funds and Stocks
ETF Screen elements not working
ETF Screen Problem
ETF Screen (RCHGetElementNumber 1032-1044)
ETF Specific Data Items
ETF stats
ETF trailing 1, 3, 5 yr category ranking
ETF Trailing Total Return Category Rank (NAV)
ETF volatilities
ETF Yeilds
ETF Yield
Simplest function to return last dividend/share & pay date for ETFs
eTikr - Free Stock Quotes add-in for Excel
Etrade EPS & Revenue Est.
Etrade EPS & Rev Estimates
Etrade EPS & Revenue Est. EUR/USD
European Companies
Tickers for stocks listed in european markets?
European users with different decimal sign
european vista/decimal problem?
Ex-Date and Date of Payment
ex-dates and dividends
Ex Div Date in History?
Ex-Div Date with NOW() Command
Upcoming ex-dividend date
Ex-dividend date source
Ex-dividend dates and IBD
Ex-dividend dates and IBD
Ex-Dividend Dates with RCHGetYahooQuotes
Ex1.xls [1 Attachment]
exact DATE match for smfGetEconData ?
Randy, can you give me an Excel formula to retrieve 5 year % Dividend growth for a stock
excel 1000 symbol limit
Excel 2000 Name? Error
Excel 2000 Name? Error
Excel 2000 vs 2007
Smf_addin Working with Excel 2002 but not Excel 2007
Excel 2003 on XP
Excel 2003 Windows 8 error solution
EXCEL 2004 for Mac
excel 2007 addin behaves differently in win 8.1
Excel 2007/2003 Difference
excel 2007 addin behaves differently in win 8.1
Excel 2007 Chart Properties Help
Excel 2007 Compatibility
Excel 2007 Compatibiltiy
Excel 2007 - Excel 2010
Excel 2007 Issues
EXCEL 2007/Vista problem?
#Name? Error on all cells - how to fix this Windows 10 Excel 2010
Excel 2010 - 64bit
Excel 2010 and gummy download
Excel 2010 at home and 2007 in office
Excel 2010 compatibility
Excel 2010 crashes every time "Enable Editing" is clicked
Excel 2010, FinAnSu.xll is not a valid add-in
EXCEL 2010 Semi-Crash
Excel 2010 stopped after protected view
Excel 2010 trouble
Excel 2010 upgrade to Excel 2013, 2016, or Excel 365
Excel 2011 problem
**** Fixed **** SMF Add-in will no longer auto-load in Excel 2013 and I can't seem to start it
Excel 2013 is very slow when using the Add-In
Excel 2016
Excel 2016 Fix links Macro not working
Excel 2016 Freeze after installing SMF
Excel 32bit vs 64bit
Excel 365 Autosave and the SMF Add-in
Excel 365 compatibility
Excel 97
Is it avalible to use SMF add-in in iPad as Excel add-in is enable in iOS ?
Excel Add-in problems
Excel and smf in the cloud???
Excel and Tos
Excel attacked by HTTP Zombie Exploit Toolkit Request
Excel calculating incorrectly
Excel Converter web
Excel Copy & Paste Values macro for quotes
Excel crashes over and over again
Excel Database Question
Extract a cell from web based excel file, morning star #28540
Excel freezes with Macros activated
Excel hanging and add-in instructions changing by themselves
Excel hanging and add-in instructions changing by themselves
Excel Hangs
Excel Help: Importing Functions
Excel Help Please...
Excel in office 2013
Excel is locking up....
Excel keeps crashing
Excel Limits
Excel Linkage problem
RCHGetHTMLTable in excel macro..VBA
excel - not responding - what can i do
excel - not responding - what can i do
Excel or not Excel?
Excel Performance Concerns
Excel question
Excel Resources
Excel RTD
excel sheet
Excel stops processing
excel takes a long time to recalc - ideas to do things differently?
excel versions
excel web query
Excel/Word Question
Excel Workbooks may not open after installing MS16-088
Excel Worksheet
Excel Worksheet Not Responding
Excel2007 Problem
excell 2007
Exchange name
Exchange Rate data by data
Exchange Rates?
Exchange returning PCX
Executive Comp
executive compensation
ETF expense ratio vs category
Expense Ratio, Yearly Performance
Expense Ratios
=RCHGetElementNumber(B6,5079) & (B6, 5086) not working. Mutual Fund Expenses.
Expiration Dates around earnings
explanation requested on cookies, IE9, Excel, Firefox and IBD
Extended use?
Extending RCHGetYahooHistory Array
Website to extract dividend frequency
Extract company description using smfGetTagContent
Extract competitors based on ticker
Extract Data
Extract entire page
Extract header
extract number
extract phonetic alphabets
Extract Shiller PE Ratio
Can I extract text and count words in one formula?
Extracting Country of Origin
Extracting Data for Multiple Companies
extracting data in XML format
Extracting earnings date
Extracting Fidelity Fund Identifiers
Extracting forexpro data
Extracting Help
Extracting IBD data
Extracting MSCI data
Extracting/Parsing Dates with RCHGetYahooHistory
Extracting Quarterly Earnings Data?
extracting reuters description
Extracting SMA90 value?
F9 Calculation Problem
F9 refresh RCHGetYahooQuotes
Morningstar Fair Value history
Fair Value - Automated.xls
Fama french factors
FANTASTIC!! How does it work?...and why?
FAQ: What is the smfForceRecalculation macro and how do I use it?
Fast Data
Fast Next Earnings Date
Fast smfGetOptionQuotes data source
Fastest Site for Data?
Fastest stock price history function? [1 Attachment]
Fastest stock screener
Fat Pitch Finder 0.1 Spreadsheet
Fat Pitch Finder 0.2
Fax Business website
Fed Reserve removes line feeds
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis - Economic Data (FRED) Add-in for Excel
Few dumb questions
Fidelity data import
Fidelity Website for Bonds
Field 6276 - Inventory Valuation Method
Field identifiers in RCHGetYahooQuotes
Fields off by a factor of 1000?
Figuring Basis
Figuring out URLs
file 05yr_OSV_Stock_Valuation
file - Cash_Flow Model_v17.xls, Reuters Site
File could not be found
File does not work for other users in the office
File List Test
File uploaded - Finantial snapshot
File Uploaded: SMF-Charts.XLS
Files link is showing a blank page
Finance Links
Reuters 5 year financial data disappeared
Financial data lag time
Financial library for excel
Financial Statement Element "Errors"
Newer data for table RCHGetElementNumber-Template-AdvFN-Financial-Statements
financial times extraction
Guru financials VBA download fail in Excel 2016
Find best ITM and OTM Call option for Covered Calls
find earliest date of history
Find historical stock price daily and quarterly dividend per share of any index?
Finding 'Ex dividend date' at MarketWatch
Finding first lower case character in a string.
Finding first lower case in a string returned by smf formula
Finding most recent dividend increase
Finding the next trading day
finding the true url
FINRA Bond Description
FINRA Bond Description
FINRA Website Bond Data
FINRA Website Bond Data
Finviz ATR Data Affecting Row Height chart
Finviz Earnings Date
Finviz Elements 1-68
Finviz Heatmaps
FinViz in 1call by using Quotes and Column Names
Finviz Insider Help
FinViz Question
finviz screener result
Finviz stock list
First time user: trying to get quote using RCHGetYahooQuotes
First time user: trying to get quote using RCHGetYahooQuotes
Fix Links macro
Fixed Income Data
fixed income data -- cusips, etfs, etc
Fixed Interest Site
**** Fixed **** SMF Add-in will no longer auto-load in Excel 2013 and I can't seem to start it

Fixes to 10 year model - GuruFocus
Float Shares
Fool's All-player, All-Star and Wall Street's outperform/underperform data
For Open Office
For those who are looking for rating
Forbes data
Forbes site much faster data source than Advfn...
force calculate.
Force Recalc using formula
Force Recalc Inconsistent
Force Recalc using formula
force recalculation macro freezes excel
forced recalculation
Using SMF functions in VBA (was: Foreign currency)
Historical Data on Foreign Exchanges
Foreign Exchange Data
getyahooquotes for foreign exchange rate wrong
Foreign Listed Companies
Foreign Stock Dividend date
Foreign Stocks
forex foreign exchange fx quotes
forex foreign exchange fx quotes
Forex Historical Data
Forex Quotes
Format of prices
formatting a worksheet
Formula for finding stock exchange
Formula for Options
Formula for Yahoo balance sheet sub-categories
formula help
Formula problem for multiple stock entries in smfGetYahooPorfolioView array.
Formula stopped working
Formula Structure?
Formula to get Earnings Announcement Date [1 Attachment]
Formula using "Now()" parameter
Formulas to reach a Target Price
Fortune 1000
Fortune 500 list
Forward earnings estimates help
Fragmented Yahoo History Data [1 Attachment]
FRED add-in
FRED Economic Data
Free Cash Flow per Share
Free Intraday data
Free Tech Add-In?
Freeware TA add-on
Freeze / Lockup
FT, as a data source
ask randy about [1 Attachment]
FTs' currency rates
Fubction 13862 causing error message
Full Company Name
Full security name
Full Stock Name
Full Yahoo Stock Name site unavailable site unavailable
function displayed as text
Function For Number of Pages Retrieved
Function Help
function smfPricesBetween() not working for me, why?
function smfPricesBetween() not working for me, why?
function to download historical price?
Function to Obtain RSf Field Information for ETFs
Functions don't work - American & European stock data
Functions will not work on 64 bit operating system?
Fund Data via Yahoo & Morningstar
Fund Holdings
Fund ownership
Fund Sharpe Ratio via Google
Fund summary
Fundamental Earning & Evaluation 2.1 Question
Fundamental Earnings & Valuation Model Template 1.3.xls
fundamentally promising
Future of SMF-Add In
Future Stock Price Calculations
Future-year expirations show an error in smfGetOptionQuotes
US Stock Futures Quotes
US Stock Futures Quotes
FW: Can you help me get posted in smf_addin?
Fw: Current and Historical Data for Currencies and Commodities
Fw: Error message in worksheet
Fw: Historical option prices
FW: Historical premium values for a Call or Put
Fw: I fixed the smf-elements-3.txt
Fw: my new books "Price To Value" and "Decision Framing"
FW: ** RT-Alerts Adds Fundamental Parameters to Real Time Chart Pattern Scan
Fw: smf_addin
FW: Stock quotes
Fw: Valueline Option service - anyone using it?
[Bulk] Fw: Yahoo Finance "Last Trade"cell
FWallStreet DCF spreadsheet
FWallStreet DCF valuation spreadsheets [3 Attachments]
FWallStreet_Model file not working
FWallStreet spreadsheets, anyone could reupload pls?
Fwd: Blank Field Returned for ^DJI Yahoo Quote
Fwd: Digest Number 1843
Fwd: [justcoveredcalls] New file uploaded to justcoveredcalls
Fwd: P/E Historical data - Indian stocks
Fwd: Quotes on Stock Options including Greeks
Fwd: RCHGetElementNumber - Element 963 for PFE
Fwd: write a similar loop
Fwd: [xlqusers] Yahoo Data
Tourist FX Rates
FY1 versus FY10
FYI -- AdvFN elements are no longer available
FYI: Fixing Links for Add-in being in a different directory
FYI -- IBD users
FYI - RCHGetYahooQuotes returns incorrect 52-wk high price for CL
FYI: Yahoo Query Language
Gambling vs the Stock Market
GuruFocus TMC/GDP Data Extraction
Geeting invalid results for some symbols usingStockScores
cefconnect - 3 general things
General Advice
General info
General Queries
General Question Data Sources
Generic Volume Change question
Get 10 % otm option strikes
Get a Past Closing Price, 1 date only.....
Get "Business Summary"
Get an image
Get ATM Money Option
Get Commands
Get cricket scoreboard
Get CSV M* financial data
Get data for ING Sprinters
Get data for over 3000 companies? - Follow up
Get data for over 3000 companies? - Follow up
get day's High
get dividend per share for ETF and Closed end funds
get element ADV
Get element data on specific date
Get Element Number
Get Element Number Function returns "Undefined"
Get Element Number Issue
Get Element Number - Multiple quotes
Regarding Get Error when use RCHGetElementNumber("aapl",2742) to get data from GoogleFinan [4 Attachments]
Get Error using rchgetelementnumber
get full company name?
Get Google Quotes
Get Guru Data using
get historical closing price only?
Get Industry using cell reference
Get Interest Rate
Get Option Data
Get Option Price Not Working
Get Option Price Not Working
Get Options Quotes
Get Pnf
Get Power Rating
get quote for gold
I am trying to get quotes and info in MS Access...
get Reuters cookie using VBA
get ^VIX options quote
Get Web data function
Get weekly options data
get Yahoo history won't get prices for Dec 7
Get Yahoo Option Quote no longer working for me
How to get Yahoo Quotes for Indian stocks?
Get YahooHistory for close-end fund NAV ticker
GetADVFNElement v. RCHGetElementNumber
GetElement 850 -- Industry Classification
GetElementNumber 13862 not working and GetElementNumber 25 not the last price
GetElementNumber 850 (Zacks Industry classification)?
GetElementNumber "Error"
getelementnumber doesnt work in windows 7
GetElementNumber for CIK code
GetElementNumber ranges for Reuters and Google returning undefined/error ...
GetOptionExpirations() Function
Fast smfGetOptionQuotes data source
GetOptionQuotes "u" Underlying function
=GetPrice() functionality. Is it still functional?
Getting a Delta
getting a pop up chart into a spreadsheet
Getting a Quote with RCHGetYahooQuotes
Getting a stock's currency
Getting Addresses/Zip Codes
Getting "Error" value and want to have it show as a zero value
Getting Balance Sheet, Income Statement and Cash Flow
Getting Beta
Getting $BPCOMQ historical daily number in Excel
Getting buy/sell signals based on technical .indicators.
Getting Chart data to excel ( Reuters)
Getting Close
Getting data for European indexes
Getting data for Indian Companies
Getting data for symbols that contain "-" or "." (hyphen or peri
Getting data for symbols that contain "-" or "." (hyphen or period)
Getting Data to fill on Templates
Getting data - which function
Getting Date Specific Closing Prices
Getting Dates for the 52-Week High and Low
Getting Delta for Options
Getting different data using same spreadsheet on different computers
getting error for element 5063
Getting Expense Ratios for ETFs
Getting Faulty data and don't know how to troublshoot
Getting historic dividend pay dates
getting historical prices for various timeframes
Getting historical Revenue (1-10 yrs)? Not so easy.
Getting historical Revenue (1-10 yrs)? Not so easy. - SOLVED (quick/dirty)
Getting information
Getting IPO data
Getting Last Price for ETFs (eg US:GLL)
Getting last price for option quotes
Getting link on Internet explorer
Getting LTM data
Getting message that Yahoo Finance limited to 200 ticker symbols at a time
Getting Moving Average
Getting option quotes for Canadian stocks
Getting option quotes for Canadian stocks
getting option quotes to work
getting price for specific day
Getting Quotes
Getting quotes for indices when using "RCHGetYahooQuotes()"
getting started with smf
Getting started question
getting started with smf
Getting Started with Stockcharts
Getting Symbols by Sector and Industry
Getting the NAME? error when using RCHGetElementNumber()
Getting Yahoo Options Strikes After Hours
Getting yesterday's quotes for a list of symbols
getting Zacks data
RCHgetwebdata and new version of smf
getyahhooquotes dividend code d
RCHGetYahoo Quotes disp. la y N/A for shanghai exchange in china,such as 600000.SS
RchGetYahooHistory -> Error: Starting date cannot be after ending date: 1/11/2018,2/28/2018
getyahoohistory as array for multiple stocks and .dates?
GetYahooHistory - For Index ^IRX - Only returns a few .values?
GetYahooHistory returns suddenly an error....
GetYahooHistory works but GetElementNumber does not
GetYahooQuotes: 52wk high/low for Australian stocks
GetYahooQuotes: Average Daily Volume
GetYahooQuotes datacode
RCHGetYahooQuotes error message
GetYahooQuotes in an array formula not working for me
GetYahooQuotes Not Returning Data for Dow Jones Index
GetYahooQuotes Previous Close
GICS Information
Glad You're Back!
Glitches With RCHGetElementNumber for AdvFN
Gogle Results
Gold spot price history and US dollar Index historical values
Golf Pool Money
Good news for option quotes users ... possible smfGetYahooPortfolioView function
GOOG Elements result in Error
Google API Quotes ID length
Google API with more variables
I think Google changed to https
Google data retrieval issues
Google data source not available anymore?
Google Docs Quotes to Excel CSV file
Google Docs Integration
Google Docs Quotes to Excel CSV file
Google Docs version of Company Overview
Google Element Number Errors
Google Element numbers changed?
Google Element Retrieval problem
Google Elements
Google extraction process
Google Finance
Google Finance API
GOOGLE Finance data element for 'Float" ?
Google Finance data retrieval not working as of 8/3/2011
Google Finance data retrieval still not working
Google Finance FY 6-10 do not work if firm has < 10 .year history.
Google Finance Historical Data Issue - last data Sept. 5, 2017
Google Finance Historical Price for Specific Date
how to get google finance portfolio in Excel
Google Finance RCHGetElementNumbers working on one computer but not on other
google financial pages
Google Financial Statements
Google Financials - Cannot pull Depreciation or Net PP&E
google fund data
Google has changed URL
Google History for Mutual Funds
Google income statement figures
Google latest shares outstanding
Google MUT Fund Problem
Google Net PPE
Google numbers 3072 Errors
Google option quotes
Google or MSN quotes
Google Ratios...
Re : Re : google search with smfgettagcontent
Google share price data
Google Spreadsheets
Google stock screener - get the tickers?
Google stock screener - get the tickers?
Google Trends CSV
Google vs Yahoo for Historical Prices (Preferred Stock)
Google web scraper
Googleitem returns error?
Grab OHLC for FX daily
grabbing a website
Grabbing CSV data with link
Graham Formula Spreadsheet
Graph currencies
Great Addin - but I'm curious...
Great stuff
Great tool....some suggestions if you're interested
Thanks- great work.
Greeks for Options & Quotes
Greeks for Options & Quotes
Greetings - And ?
Gross and Net PPE
Gross Number of New Shares Issued over the years
group query with smfGetADVFNElement
Guidance needed.
Guru Errors
Guru finance stock buy
Guru financials VBA download fail in Excel 2016
Guru Focus 10 Year Financials
Guru Focus - Last Quarter PFCF data
Guru Focus Question
Guru question
Guru spreadsheet no longer works
Gurufocus 10 Year Quarterly view
Gurufocus 10-yr data
GuruFocus CSV Pull
Gurufocus Data Error?
GuruFocus data may not be parsing correctly [3 Attachments]
Gurufocus Dividend History
Gurufocus Fair Value [1 Attachment]
GuruFocus financial grab VBA code issue [1 Attachment]
GuruFocus Financials Extraction for Companies with Less than 10 Years Data
Gurufocus. Kaput?
Gurufocus lately?
GuruFocus Model - latest update should work for Financial Businesses too
Gurufocus Non US Listed Stocks
gurufocus premium membership - setCookie?
Gurufocus problems
Another Gurufocus question
Gurufocus, retrieving non US data
GuruFocus TMC/GDP Data Extraction
Gurufocus Valuations
gurufocus web site financial data
Gurufocus website
Option Chains
handling #DIV/0! 'with care'
Happy new year
HardCoat cell that has formula once the formula returns a value if criteria met
Have you ever used SMF to access a Google Docs Spreadsheet?
Having an issue with getyahooquotes dividend pay date
having difficulty using addins with excell 2007
Having issue with smgGetOptionQuotes
Having problem opening any of the templates on site..
Having some problem, just started.
Having to always reload the Add-in
Having to 'reload' add-in each time I start Excel
having trouble
Having trouble adding a new element to smf-elements-20.txt
Having trouble getting greeks, bad source code displaying
Having Trouble Re-installing for Excel 2010
Having trouble to display stock data in Excel [1 Attachment]
Having trouble with RCHGetElementNumber(symbol,1290)
Having trouble with RCHGetYahooQoutes
Having trouble with Zacks, element 13888
Head-Scratching smf_addin problem
Headline: 'Rookie makes mistake'
Extracting news headlines from Reuters
Headquarters Location in Yahoo Profile Page
Heat Maps
Hedge Fund Holdings
Hello... I hv just joined the group.... Need some help on getting stock quotes
Hello Randy, I am having trouble searching for our old messages?
Hello Randy, I have a spreadsheet have been using for years now not working... [1 Attachment]
hello randy, request picture get
Automation Help
Help a Noob with =RCHGetElementNumber(Ticker,Element)
Help adding IBD information to my excel 2003 page
Help after Mac upgrade
Help / Date Format Keeps Changing / Graphs are Stale (KMM85921957V73571L0KM)
Help for a new user in the United Kingdom
Help for newbie !!
help getting google quotes
help getting started pulling data from
Help: I get this error message: "Error -- Too many web page retrievals "
Help - Just reinstalled Vista64 and Excel
Help: List was working fine at the beginning and the end but those in between are showing errors. [1 Attachment]
Help Locating Industry Relative Strength Ranking
Help me in getting full page
Help MorningStar failure
Help - Need Breakdown on ROE - Utilizing the Dupont Model
Help Needed for SMF-Template-Barchart-Market-Momentum.xls
Help needed : display formatting
Help Needed for SMF-Template-Barchart-Market-Momentum.xls
Help needed on Excel 2010 and Add ins
Help needed - some feedback.
Help: Not all data added to spreadsheet
help on closing price problem and other site source
Help on downloading options data
Help on element 884, Bond Rating
Help on Indian power exchange
Help on Indian Power Trading Exchange
Help on Indian stock market
Help on NSE
Help on RCHGetYahooHistory()
Help pulling VIX option quote
Help to Get Data Again
Help!! Translate AdvFN to Gurufocus
Help Using RCHGetYahooHistory in Excel VBA
Help Using Template and Example Files
help w stock prices in excel
Help w/ Windows
Help Wanted: Need RCH Element For Goodwill, # of Shares Outstanding, Company Description
Help with a procedure/macro
Help with Add-in
Help with AFN
Help with BarChart
help with code
Help with Company Name with Yahoo feed
Help with decimal prices for smfPricesBetween
Help with Excel 2007
Help with Excel 2010
Help with GetElement / Yahoo
help with HistoricalStockPrice quotes
Help with Index components
help with latest version
Help with Macs
help with me on yahoo quote six months before
Help with Morningstar Funds
Help with Morningstar Premium - Portfolio Manager
Help with MS Category ratings
Help with option quote
Help with Portfolio charting
Help with Raw Data for IBD Extracte template
Help with referencing
Help with smfGetYahooPortfolioView
Help with smfPricesBetween (returns #VALUE! error)
help with stoxline website
Help with this ticker symbol
Help with UK Data
Help with using Variables
HElp with webpage
Help with Yahoo Financial Statement
Help with Yahoo page formula
Here is a follow up
Are they out to get us?
Hi dear owner of smf_addin yahoogroup
Hi Everyone
HI -i am having trouble when i download examples i am getting links added
Hi I am new to using the add in - Is it possible to access data on foreign stock
Hi,I'm a newbie here, I've read the faq page, but I still have no clue to get the data below..
Hi, Japanese Tickers earning date
Hi new guy here
hi: quotes-plus replacement, fundamental data, local database
Hi Randy
Hi Randy and group members!
Hi Randy, excellent work! Genious! I however would like to ask something a litt
Hi Randy what kind of restriction have you placed
10 Year Annual High/Low Price
high/low price between dates
High Low Stock Prices for last 5 years
High premium options
High price over period (beginner)
Highest Close Between Dates
Highest Quote between Dates
Hint how to use the SMF addin file
historic data
Historic EPS
Historic PE and BRK.B ticker problem
Historic prices for Johannesburg Stock Exchange
historic quarterly info and S&P 500 index
Historic share price?
Historical 10 Year Treasury bonds PRICES
Historical Adjusted Close Prices seem to be wrong
Historical Adjusted price
Historical and Current Quotes: STOOQ
Historical and Real Time Pricing
Historical Bid and Ask Spreads
Historical Currency Data Availability
historical daily change data
Historical data from Yahoo
historical data, 13 quarters?
Historical Data direct to VBA array
Historical data for Morningstar's 16 indexes
Historical data for specific (irregularly spaced) dates?
Historical Data for Volatility Index (QQQ) [1 .Attachment]
Historical Data for Yahoo Market Statistics
Historical data of market corrections
Historical Data on Foreign Exchanges
Historical Date for Earnings, Float, etc.
Historical Earnings Announcement Dates??
Historical earnings data
Historical EOD Option Chains
Historical EPS dates and data
Historical EPS of S&P 500 companies
Historical financial data from Yahoo Finance
ASX (Australia) Historical Financial Statements
Historical fundamental data
Historical Fundamental Data using RCHGetYahooHistory
Historical High and Low annual stock prices formula help!
Historical info on insider ownership
Historical Intraday Stock Prices
Historical Market Cap Data
Historical Market Cap; RCHGetYahooHistory
Historical Market Capitalization
Historical Morningstar Star Ratings - Morningstar Star Rating Revisited
Historical MSN Quotes -- once again
Historical Net Advance/decline
Historical Net Advance/decline data for Nasdaq .and NYSE
Historical Open Interest on Individual Options
Fw: Historical option prices
Historical P/Es of Indices
Historical P/Es of Indices
historical PE and yahoo industry group and sector
Historical Performance by Sector
FW: Historical premium values for a Call or Put
Historical Price Comparison Workbook - Google docs version
Historical price data - Yahoo URL for VBA
Historical price data - Yahoo URL for VBA
Historical price formula?
Historical Prices
Historical Prices & P/E Import
Historical prices for commodities
historical prices for SPX
Historical Prices - non adjusted
Historical prices won't pull in for specific SP5 telecom ETF
Historical Quarterly Insider Purchases/Sales & Ownership
Historical Quote Auto Populate
Update on Yahoo Historical Quotes (as of 2017-07-12)
Historical Quotes: Alpha Advantage
Historical quotes for multiple stocks for a given .time period
Historical Quotes using SMF or VBA
historical ranges for AAPL
Historical Returns??
Historical S&P retur
Historical S&P return
historical stock and option quotes
historical stock prices
Historical stock quotes for 15 tickers
Historical Stock screener
Historical technical analysis
Gold spot price history and US dollar Index historical values
Historical Volatility & Risk Free Rate
Historical Volatility, Implied volatility
Historical volumes and prim. exch. open prices?
History of special and regular dividends?
Holdings Lookup.xls - do you have instructions for using it
Hong Kong Stock Options Data
Hoovers Revenue Pull
Hoping to only retrieve 10 years of Gurufocus financial data
Horizontal Lookup
How are you using Excel?
How can i convert this to a Standalone VB program ?
How Can I Get Open stock price for specific dates?
how can i get stock quotes on indian stocks in excel
How can I have a Yahoo chart open in my browser using the plugin?
How can one know Industry or a sector for indian stcoks
how change the upperscript number in word in get yahoo word
How come this is only calculating in the first cell?
How could you extend the Dates and Quotes using the smfGetYahooHistory-Template.
How do I capture just the numerical rating on
How do i extract 10-year financial data for my companies? [1 Attachment]
How do I find High and Low
Hi - I just joined, how do I get the add-in? thx!
How do i get asx options ?
How do I get results displayed in worksheet
How do I get the unadjusted closing price for a given date?
How do I Identify a P&F Chart as bullish or bearish
How do I include a risk free rate into EFFICIENT portfolio variance weights
How do I make this process more efficient?
How do I obtain a ted spread chart ?
How do I point to a cell for the ticker symbol?
How do I pull date-specific data?
How do I test for internet connectivity?
How do I us this add-in to get latest stock price?
How do I use the Function RCHGetElementNumber()
How do you pull in historical quotes for many .days ?
How do you reinstall the add in?
How do you use SMF? Offer your best tips
FANTASTIC!! How does it work?...and why?
How Does This Work?
How might I output RCHGetYahooHistory data to Rows versus Columns?
How much difference does the CPU make?
How the reference cells given can be converted to .hyper links
How to access Yahoo data on Institutional selling
How to add Talib in excel 2007 ?
how to avoid that webpage is saved
how to calculate in VBA whether a specific date .is a yahoo trading date
How to call smfforerecalculation macro into my user defined macro
How to call UDF RCHGetYahooHistory in an Excel Macro
how to clean up the desc tag?
How to collect multiple stock prices via the 'bulk" add in 'financedatatoexcel'
How to Convert Index returns plus Dividends to "total Returns" on excel [1 A
How to Convert Index returns plus Dividends to "total Returns" on excel [1 A
How to default Excel to last good business day?
How to derive realtime google data
How to determine if SMF will work
How to disable global SMF data reading?
How to display the correct stock exchange (eg. NYSE, NAS, etc.)?
How to download data only upon a request?
how to download ETF or mutual fund 50 & 200 day .moving average?
how to download the IBD50 list?
how to duplicate formula with diff cells
How to easily retrieve information in a UL/LI series of statements
How to extend array to more rows on RCHGetYahooHistory
How to extract Next Earnings Date
How to extract the symbol of the companies which have earning release today?
how to extract title?
How to Find Severance Packages? Historical Data?
How to find the exchange
How to get 1 or 5 minute data
how to get best-guess ticker given a stock name?
How to get bond information?
How to get CurrentStock Price?
How to get Date and Time of last price
How to get Earnings Estimate and surprise ?
How To Get ETF Performance Data?
How to get Excel to stop calculating
How to get following URL info in a spreadsheet cell ....
How to get Free cash flow & CROIC of 1) REITS, 2) Finance & 3) Invest. Companies
How to get FY0 EPS
how to get google finance portfolio in Excel
How to get greek letter of put option and Error of smfGetOXOptionQuote()
How to get historic data on a sp sheet / Google change?
How to get historical daily or weekly prices for one stock?
How to get historical prices & % change for many tickers for first 100 days?
How to get Indian Stock historical data
How to get Industry/Sector name according to Global Industry Classification St.?
How to get last monthly performance of stocks?
How to get started ?
How to get the Morningstar Rating?
How to get the quote of last price
How to Get this Data?
How to get weekly and monthly Yahoo historical data?
How to get Yahoo Quotes for Indian stocks?
How to install the "SMF add-in "
how to install on an imac?
How to install the "SMF add-in "
How to leave cell empty if no value
How to lookup a stock price given Ticker, Date and Time
how to make chart hold when link is being clicked on?
How to make difference at FT for interim and annual data
How to make my IE work with the SMF and a few more questions.
how to merge two Yahoo price series?
How to Modify Chart Spreadsheet
How to refresh
How to refresh prices with RCHGetYahooQuotes()
how to refresh quotes
How to retriev info
how to retrieve Call option strikes for a stock
how to retrieve data form
how to retrieve hyperlink if it exist
How to retrieve the Asian Market data?
How to retrive
How to start
how to start with smf_addin
how to transpose smfGetOptionStrikes?
how to use smfForecRecalculation macro?
How to use smfGetcsv
How to use the add-in?
Howto creat a sheet to automate a routine Formula Question Formula Question .Link Down? .Service Down?
HVN.AX stock quote is now failing
Can RCHGetHTMLTable() pull also the hyperlinks?
I am having trouble with RCHGetYahooQuotes() Excel function
I am having trouble with the function: smfGetYahooOptionQuote
I am looking for Free Intraday Data
i am new here need help (very stupid questions)
I am trying to download MSFT (Microsoft) for my work
I am trying to get quotes and info in MS Access...
I'm back!
I'm Lost
I'm new and don't get it
I'm new to the add-in, but it has crashed a few times in Excel 2003 on XP Pro
I'm new to the group. Forgive my ignorance.
I'm working on somethign similar to SMF on Google Sheets.
I can't get the quarterly cash flow to work
I can't seem to pull 10 year income statements as of today
I feel like a complete idiot...
Fw: I fixed the smf-elements-3.txt
I get "Error" message for some formulas
I get an "Error" returned when I try to find data for CRM
I give up - Cannot get this add-in installed on Vista Home Edition with Xcel 200
I have always used RCHGetYahooQuotes for my current or last day stock price
I hope...
I hope Everything is well
I installed the SMF add in yesterday,,,,not working [2 Attachments]
I like your addin
I may have missed this but is there an issue with MSN and RCHGetElementNumber?
I need a breakthrough
I NEED HELP - this is driving me nuts
I NEED HELP - this isdriving me nuts
I seem to be getting nothing but error messages
I think Google changed to https
I used to have a file to "read" a website different ways for diff functions
I want to use MIN(D1:D100) to ensure that the data are today's but...
IBD login woes - anyone else have difficulties with this?
IBD composite rating
IBD Current Group Rank Query Question
strange IBD data grab
IBD Data Download eErrors & Wrong Numbers
IBD data via SMF?
IBD excel template
IBD get element # 2005 seems incorrect
IBD get web data - script errors trying to log in
IBD group data and installation question [4 Attachments]
IBD Group Leaders
IBD industry subgroup rankings
IBD json extraction
IBD login woes - anyone else have difficulties with this?
IBD login woes - anyone else have difficulties with this?
Brand new - IBD question
IBD Rankings
IBD Rating
IBD Ratings
IBD Raw Data Extract
IBD Sector and Industry Subgroup Template
IBD - something change again
IBD Stock Check Up Data
IBD Stock Checkup Data Problem - 10/31/2017
IBD Stock Checkup Data Problem - 10/31/2017
IBD Stock Checkup Screen on to Extract?
Ibd Stock Lists
IBD template not quite working
IBD up/down volume ratio
IBM DCF Template
IBM industry groups and stocks under each group
Ideas on Function to test a ticker for having weekly options?
Identifying Highs (Peaks) and Lows (Troughs) in a data series
IE Compatibility Mode and FinViz
IE opens new tab when running macro
IE vs Firefox
IF and AND formula
If function
Ignore #value errors, data retrieval error & windows security message
IMF Global GDP
Implementing RCHGeetYahooQuotes in Windows 8 and Excel 2013
Implied Risk Premium Calculator
Yahoo Options Implied Volatility Data
Implied Volatility Chart
implied volatility (real time) + option historical data
Implied volatility via OX2 for options
Import Canada and US Economic Calendar Into Excel
Import file using smf
import stock quote into excel 2007
Importing an Image into Excel
importing bank account info into excel
Importing Company News Into Excel
Importing/Exporting Website Data
Importing stock charts via macro/web query?
Inaccurate yahoo finance dividend data?
Income Funds
Income Statement Wikinvest
Inconsistent "Error" Messages
Inconsistent text
Incorporating data into websites.
Incorrect 52-week low using RCHGetYahooQuotes
Incorrect Adj Close using smfPricesByDates
Incorrect data returned
Incorrect data when using RCHGetYahooQuotes function with VBA
Incorrect decimal format
Incorrect Ex-Dividend Date extraction
Incorrect Financial data
Getting incorrect price data from Yahoo Options call
Incorrect price returned?
Incorrect SMF path showing in excel workbook
Incorrect value
Incorrect values in Financial Statements
Index bij smf
Index Calls
Help with Index components
Index Data on the ie. SPX, DJI, COMPX and VIX
Index Data via RCHGetElement
Index, index futures and etc
Index Option quotes
Index Quotes
Index Returns;
index symbols
India stocks
Indian data providers like
Indian power exchange--File stopped working [1 Attachment]
Indicator Codes: SMF vs. TA-LIB
=INDIRECT and other woes
=INDIRECT and other woes Ignore Last!
Industry Analysis
Industry and sector group
Industry and sector ratios
Industry Constituents
Competitor/Industry data
Industry Forward P/E not working
Industry links
Industry Overview Workbook Added
Industry Peers
Inflation question about PortfoliovsSPYv1.0.xls
I am trying to get quotes and info in MS Access...
Info about company
Info Beyond Stock Data
Info on csv download
info on stock splits reported by Google and Yahoo
Sector and Industry information
Infrequent visitor -- new user
Initilal closing day price and final price
Inner HTML tags is it possible?!!
Innovation With Other Add-In or Software
Inputting Forward PE into Excel cell
Insider Monkey
Install smf_addin file for Windows 7 and Excel 2007
Install to Excel 2002
11-8-17 smfGetBarchartPortfolio installation
Installation Help
installation location question
Installation problem : Win 7 Excel 2007 64 bit please help [2 Attachments]
Installed 2.0i - "version" still reports 2.0h
Installed SMF but see nothing
Installed the SMF Add-In RCH_Stock_Market_Functions.xla
Installing the SMF Add-In with Excel for Mac
Trouble re-installing add-in after upgrade
Installing on Win 7 (64 bit) with Excel 2007 Instructions
Institutional Support & Insider Trading - Sample- Errors
Instruction of smfConvert(smfGetTagContent)
Excel hanging and add-in instructions changing by themselves
Instructions for fixing the elements problem....
instructions manual
Insufficient Memory
Integrate into webpage?
Interactive Brokers
Interesting error...
Internet Explorer Cache Setting
Internet Marketing Opportunity
Intraday charts
Free Intraday data
Intraday Price Data
barchart intraday quotes
Intraday Volume Comparison
Invalid zip file download
Inventory & Property Plant & Equipment
Investegate-Data-Collector.xls EUR/USD EUR/USD
Investment group?
Investors Business Daily IBD
Investors Business Daily IBD
Exchange name data not working data pull issues rating - stock checkup - change? Website Revamp
Investors Stock Check-up
Investors stock checkup
Is it avalible to use SMF add-in in iPad as Excel add-in is enable in iOS ?
IPO Date information
Is a Ticker a member of an index (e.g., S&P500)
Is Excel for sale stand-alone, i.e., not as part of the Office Suite? nm
Is Excel for sale stand-alone, i.e., not as part of the Office Suite? nm
Is GetElements number 850 not working today?
Is it avalible to use SMF add-in in iPad as Excel add-in is enable in iOS ?
is it possible to download IBD Lists for subscribers?
is it possible to get etf data for the =RCHGetElementNumber formula?
Is it possible to house too many RCH functions on one spreadsheet?
is it possible to input specific date into the .tickerlist" filed?
Is it possible to reference stock symbol in =RCHGetElementNumber("IBM", 941)?
is it possible to use RCHCreatComment to get several graphs at one time?
Is Reuters still not working
Is SMF Add-In work well in Excel 2003?
Is SMF using IE proxy?
Is smfGetMSNOptionQuote() broken?
Is there a demo of the smf-Addin?
Is there a fresh template RCHGetYahooHistory-Example-By-Parameters.xls
Is there a func to see if a stock is listed in some Index?
Is there a function to obtain the "Probability of Expiration" for an option. ?
Is there a limit to the amount of data that can be retrieved?
Is there a morningstar fair value number for the getnumber function?
Is there a parameter for a stock's Beta for the RCHGetYahooQuotes function?
Is there a spreadsheet pulling earnings and Div. dates plus est. Div?
Is there a way to get historical closes on commodities?
Is there a way to get NYSE daily number of new highs and new lows?
Is there a way to get the Morningstar Key-Ratios Template working?
Is there a way to pull in key metrics for ETFs?
is there an easy way to determine if a website is available?
Is there an issue with BarChartMM?
Is there an Option chains with greek add ons yet solved?
Is there an smfPricesByDates equivalent for Barchart?
Is there any function for an avg bid/ask ratio for an ETF?
Is there any hope in getting the SMF Add-ins To Work on Excel for the Mac?
Is there any way to share SMF ADDIN files between computers
Is there automated way to GetYahooPortfolioView without having to Cntrl+Shift+Enter
Is there Canadian Exchange Data (TSX and TSXV)?
Is this function wrong or perhaps its the website??
I would like to get unadjusted data. Is this possible?
Is yahoo VOLUME split-adjusted?
Is yahoogetquote the only quote you can use to get .quote?
isin -> code to Symbol using RCHGetYahooQuotes
isin code - yahoo quotes
Issue Getting smfForceRecalculation To Run
Issue with Short Term Indicators Average (Element # 704)
Issue with RCHGetHTML
Issue with smfGetAdvFNElement formula
Issue with smfGetYahooHistory
Issue with zip file
Issues moving to a new computer
Issues with Historical Divs Document and ADVfn data dump
Issues with retrieving data
Issues with =smfGetOptionQuotes
it looks like MSN changed their website for getting exchanges
Italian Fundamental Data
Italian Stock
Extract Data
iVolatility Data
IWM Option Quote
Japanese quotes
JSON Data [1 Attachment]
Just a Suggestion
Just downloaded the stock market function
Just getting familar with web queries
Just getting started and need some help
just got run time error '28' trying to run smfForceRecalculation macro
Just joined: quick question re smf_addin
Having some problem, just started.
Just started with the RCHGetYahooquotes formula
Just want a simple start ...
Just want to get a single stock quote
Just won't work
justcoveredcalls Spreadsheet Question - Randy
Keep Cells blank for Data using RCHGetYahoo and RCHGetElementNumber
Keep getting can't find SMF add in folder.
Large spreadsheets in Excel 2003 sp3
Last and Next Earnings Report Date
Last price for a stock symbol
Last price element
Last price for a stock symbol
Last Price for TEF.MC
Last price help, #25, RCHGetElement vs. RCHGetYahoo?
Last price variations
Last Trade with Amplégest Multicaps AC (FR0010375600.PA)
Last Trade with Amplégest Multicaps. AC (FR0010375600.PA)
Latest 2.1 Documentation
Latest Beta Version
Latest Release and Documentation
Latest Release and Documentation
Latest stock headline
Latest user posting seems in error
Latest version/updates location?
Latest version of SMF Add-In
Latest version of smf is 2014?
Latest Verstion
Leading Indicator of Market Top
learning vba, xml, etc
Legal Issue - discussed only once before
Legal issues
Length of Company Name
LIBOR, Ted Spread and T-Bill data extraction
like the beta version of smf_addin
where do I find the SMFFIXLINKS Macro?
Link or No Link ??
Linking Access to Excel
where do I find the SMFFIXLINKS Macro?
Links 2.2 - smfGetOptionQuotes
LINKS not working
List all URLs?
List of ADRs & their countries
List of element numbers
List of NYSE and S & P 500 stock symbols
List of Symbols
List of yahoo tickers
little bit of a crises here.. please help..reuters data
Little help...
Loading of the Add-in by Ecel 2013
Loading time
hi: quotes-plus replacement, fundamental data, local database
Location of SMF Add-in
Log in to data source.
Logging web site access times
login for Mstar
London Stock Exchange - historical EPS data?
Long Short Equity Hedge Fund in a Box
Longer Price Change
Look ahead bias when using fundamental data
Looking for 50 Day Avg for index funds
Looking for a list S&P500 stocks by Industry and Secto
looking for a piece of data
Looking for a source of historical fundamental data .for Canadian stocks
Looking for a stock screener
Looking for good excel programming book.
Looking for historical total return numbers
Looking for Intraday data....
Looking for M* Data...
Looking for more details on the VBA for the UDFs
Looking for overview of Yahoo stock tickers
Looking for specific Yahoo Financial Code.....
Looking for the ticker symbol for SPYDER GOLD.
Looking RS vs Mrkt site
Looping an Array
Lost Morningstar Functions
Lowest Low Price Over User Defined Date Range
Lowest Price
M* 30 day yield
M&A analysis?
M* Dividend Yield Data
M* Dividend yields elements 13935, 13940, 13945, 13950
M* Fair Value
M* Quicktake report - identify data with same headings
M* rating for ETF's
M* YTD Returns
SMF add-in on MAC
Mac compatability?
Mac/ Excel Add-in help?
MAC Numbers
Any Mac users
Mac Yahoo
Macintosh users?
Macro help
Macro problems?
MACRO Question
Macro to to avoid unnecessary downloads & recalculation
Macros for enabling/disabling the web cache
Macros for enabling/disabling the web cache
Macros to Retrieve Data.....Question on formatting URL
magic formula element 15014
Magic Formula Investing
Making a chart visible
Making element definitions generic with possibly unique URLs
Manager Start Date
Managing data
Managing with Excel Arrays
Manual Calculation
Manually Calculating Spreadsheet Process Slow
Many of the RCHGetElementNumber elements just stopped working
March 2017 Excel 2010 security patch causes crashes
Market Breadth History?
market cap for a specific date
Market Cap function does not function
Australian Stock Market Data
Market days vs calendar days
Market Depth/Time & Sales Data
Market Edge Second Opinion Weekly Recommendation
Market indicators
market open/ close
Market Prices for companies trading in countries outside US.
Market Profile
Market sentiment
Market Statistics
MarketGrader Scores
Markets Diary - Need Historical Data
Marketwatch (or Nasdaq) Press Releases [2 Attachments]
Marketwatch (or Nasdaq) Press Releases [2 Attachments]
Marketwatch Valuation Extraction
Match function
Matrix Use of RCHGetElementNumber possible?
Max Data Range for a Ticker
Maxing Out on Data Downloads using SMF Add-in... Any solutions around this?
Mergers & Acquisitions
Thank you and Merry X'Mas
message n° 1076
Message Search
MetaStock Data
Mexican Centenario price
Mexican Peso Fix
Microsoft Excel security message
Microsoft Office
Microsoft Office Mac 2011
Min & Max Capitalization
Mini Options
Minimizing or controlling SMF Addin calculations in a macro
Missing Data?
Missing ETF data
Missing Option price
Missing Symbol List
Missing Toteboard Workbook
mistaken file upload
^MLO Not Recognized by smfPriceByDates
Modifying GetYahooHistory to autosize array based on retrieved data
Modifying SMF-Template-RCHGetYahooQuotes
modZAdditional modules
Momentum stocks
Money Central changed web site
Money Flow Calculator
Money Flow Calculator - Still Having Difficultiies
MSN Moneycentral Investor Stock Quotes in excel..
MoneyCentral MSN Issue
Monringstar Funds
Monte Carlo Help Please
Monte Carlo Simulation on Excel
monthly and weekly prices
Monthly Price Pulldown
Monthly Volume
Moody's website
More data importing questions
More GetYahooQuotes? Next Earnings Date.
More help with AdvFN please
More Retrieval Questions
more than 5 quarterly financial statements
More- Transition to Excel 2013
Moringstar Star rating - problem?
Mornignstar fair value and recommended buy price
Extract a cell from web based excel file, morning star #28540
Morning Star 10, 5, 3, year return info.
Morning star dividend history
Morning Star Key Ratios
Morning Star Premium
Morning Star Total Return [1 Attachment]
Yahoo and Morningstar Data Timeout
Morningstar 1 month return
Morningstar 10 year data for other regions?
Morningstar 10 year financials
Morningstar 10 Years Annual Cash Flow Data
Morningstar 10 Yr Total Return error
Morningstar 3YR Return
Morningstar 5-Star Ratings
Morningstar 52 Week High/low list
MorningStar 52 wk hi/low dates
Morningstar additions needed
Morningstar's Five Year Growth Forecast?
MorningStar "Consider Buying Element & Calculating Spreads
Morningstar "Library Premium" Stock Screens [1 Attachment]
Morningstar "Ratings & Risk" data
Morningstar & SMF
Morningstar Annual Return Error
Morningstar Annual Returns
Morningstar Balanche Sheet and Income
Morningstar Canada
Morningstar Cash Flow Ratios
Morningstar CEF
Morningstar Changes
Morningstar Closed End Fund Data
Morningstar Company name
Morningstar Credit Rating
Morningstar daily performance
Morningstar Daily Returns
Yahoo and Morningstar Data Timeout
Morningstar data -> Accounts Receivable
Morningstar Data Elements
Morningstar data errors with FWallStreet_Model spreadsheet
Morningstar Data Extraction
Morningstar Data Retrieval
Morningstar dividend history
Morningstar Dividend Data Extraction
Morningstar dividend history
Morningstar dynamic content -- need a second opinion
Morningstar dynamic pages - dividend history
Morningstar dynamic pages - dividend history
Morningstar dynamic pages (stupid questions)
morningstar efficiency ratio
Morningstar element 884, Credit Rating
morningstar element information error
Morningstar elements 889, 889, get "Error"
Morningstar elements 889, 890, get "Error"
morningstar elements numbers not working
Morningstar Errors
Morningstar Fair Value history
Morningstar Fair Value and Ratings Element Number
Morningstar Fair Value history
Morningstar financial statement differences
MorningStar Financial Statements
Morningstar Financials
Morningstar Format Change
Morningstar formatting
morningstar forward comparisons
Morningstar free "Market Fair Value" data
Morningstar Free Cash Flow
Morningstar Fund data
Morningstar fund holdings
Morningstar Fund Name parse error
Morningstar Fund Screens
Morningstar Funds
CEF Morningstar gold, silver, bronze ratings-Average Maturity
Morningstar grades
Morningstar Historical Distributions (Dividends)
Morningstar Historical Valuation Ratios
Morningstar Indexes
Morningstar Investment Style
Morningstar Key Ratio's not working.
Trying to get Fcf/sales data from Morningstar key ratios
morningstar key ratios error
Is there a way to get the Morningstar Key-Ratios Template working?
Morningstar List of Stocks
Morningstar Mkt Cap and Sector
Morningstar mutual fund returns
morningstar mutual funds - full data
Morningstar NAICS
MorningStar p/e values
Morningstar Premium & Closed End Funds
Morningstar Premium data extraction
Morningstar Premium data extraction
Morningstar Premium Porfolio Holdings
Morningstar Premium Upgrade
Morningstar problems with margins?
Morningstar question
Morningstar Questions: Financial Health Rating, FCF/Net Income, FCF
Morningstar quotes still possible?
Morningstar quotes still possible?
Morningstar Rating for ETF
Morningstar Ratings Retrieval Worksheet
Morningstar ratings for stocks
Morningstar Ratings - not working
Morningstar Ratings Retrieval Worksheet
Morningstar Rel Strength compared to S&P500
Morningstar Sector Weighting Titles Renamed
Morningstar Site changes. 10yr data no longer available.
morningstar smfGetCSVfile difficulties with company report data
Morningstar star's rating
Morningstar Star Rating
Morningstar Star Ratings for Canadian Mutual Funds
Morningstar Stewardship rating
Morningstar Stock Type & Stock Style
Morningstar stocks credit rating
Morningstar Style Box
Morningstar Style Boxes
Morningstar Subscriber Data
Morningstar sued for 'screen-scraping'
Morningstar Template
Morningstar Template Error
Morningstar text changing problem
Morningstar Top 25 Holdings
morningstar tsx
Morningstar Upside Downside Capture
SMF Template - Morningstar Valuation Metrics [1 Attachment]
Morningstar vs. Yahoo EPS Growth Estimates
Morningstar Wall Street recommendations
Morningstar with library acct
Morningstar Working
Morningstarr Trailing Returns for mutual funds returning incorrect values!
Morningstart Moat
Morninstar Elements not Working
Most Efficient Pull of Barchart Data
Most Recent Data Above/Below A % Threshold
motley fool caps identifiers
Motley Fool Stats Page for MSFT
Motorola Droid
Mottly Fool Cap Rating
move to/save in a memory stick
Moving Arrays
Another Moving Average question
Moving Average Slope
Barchart Momentum - NYSE New Highs and New Lows and Moving Averages
Moving averages for sp500
Moving files between PCs
using this add-in in MS Access
MS data
MS Office 2011 (Apple) compatibility with SMF Add-In
MS Office 2013
MSM Eliment numbers
smfGetTagContent for MSN
MSN-10-Year-Summaries errors in elements 153-192 and 203-212
MSN 2 Errors? Stock Scouter
MSN analysts
MSN Change to Financial Pages
MSN Close element #25
MSN Codes RCHGetE_nbr..
MSN Company Description Returns Bad Characters Whenever Apostrophe is Present
MSN data
MSN Data Element (1)
MSN data error
MSN Data Problem
MSN data working?
MSN Earnings Growth Rates
MSN element # returns undefined
MSN Elements not working
MSN elements not working anymore
MSN Financials - Regardless of company type
MSN/Google/Reuters Financial Statements Data Elements
MSN Income Statement and Balance Sheet
MSN Interest Expense always 0?
MSN Monet Option Quotes
MSN Money
MSN Money 10 year summary sometimes out of chrono. order
MSN Money 5 yr growth rate
MSN Money Stock Rating
MSN Money - tax and deferred tax
MSN Money template to get 10 Year Summary
MSN Moneycentral Investor Stock Quotes in excel..
MSN moved the goal posts
MSN news alert
MSN Option Quotes
MSN Option Quotes
MSN Problems with 10 year Net Profit Numbers
MSN Reference numbers have stopped working [1 Attachment]
MSN Risk Rating
MSN spreadsheet & DCF works after rebotting my Vista 64 bit system.
MSN Stock Quote problem
MSN Stock Quotes Addin
what happened to MSN Stock Scouter?
MSN Stock Scouter Ratings
why no msn stockscouter rating for all these midstream mlp's ?
MSN StockScouter Web Page Error
MSN URL Change
MSNStockQuote vs RCHGetElement
MStar data elements
Mstar IS and BS data not complete
Multi tickers for historical quotes?
Multiple history retrievals at once
Multiple instances of a quote in same spreadsheet.
Multiple symbols in the same sheet
multiple worksheet vlook up (OR?)
must be doin somethin wrong with RCHGetYahooHistory
Yahoo Mutual Fund data
Mutual Fund data / attributes
Mutual fund dividend yield - RCHGetYahooQuotes
mutual fund question
Mutual Fund Quotes
Mutual Fund Rank in Category % - 3Yr
Mutual Fund Redemption Fees
Mutual Fund Returns and Risk
Mutual fund screener
mutual fund total return questions
Mutual Fund Yearly Data
Open End Mutual Funds missing recent dividend history
My Add-In
My Add-In Problem
My Excel file stopped working on one computer
My Recent Problems With
My spreadsheets cannot see the SMF addin functions
My Trouble with Getting Option Quotes
N/A on Yahoo Finance
NA returns by formula
NAICS and/or SIC codes for companies
Morningstar Company name
#Name & #Value Error Messag
#Name & #Value Error Message
#Name? Error on all cells - how to fix this Windows 10 Excel 2010
#Name? Error on all cells - how to fix this Windows 10 Excel 2010
#Name? in the downloaded templates
name of an ETF?
#NAME problem for smfGetOptionQuotes() function
Named Ranges in SMF Formulas
Names of securities....possibly NASDAQ related?
Names of securities....possibly NASDAQ related?
Naming VBA Modules
Unable to grab data from
NASDAQ Financial Statements
Nasdaq Insider form 4 data extraction
NASDAQ Institutional Holding Extract
Nasdaq number of 52 week highs, lows, total
ETF Trailing Total Return Category Rank (NAV)
Navellier Stock Grade
Navellier Stock Grade
Navellier stock grades
Need a way to capture the 10 Year Treasury Bond Yield
Need Advice on RCHGetYahooHistory
need advise and help [1 Attachment]
Need Average Annual P/E ratios
Need guidance
Need Help Randy -- RCH functions gone!!
Need help again!
Need help 'cause of changes to what MSN returns
Need help getting S&P 500 Sector weightings
Need help in how to count dividend increases and decreases
Need help - is this possible or exist already?
Need help! New User
need help on errors by using rchgetelementnumbers
Need Help Randy -- RCH functions gone!!
Need Help Randy - Reuters Error Notification
Need help regarding Historical ownership summaries
Need help to capture data to a spreadsheet
Need help to get last daily quote on a stock symbol
Need help with "Functions" basics
Need help with dividata webpage
need help with dynamically loaded data
Need help with formula
Need help with GetYahooHistory
Need help with RCHGetYahooQuotes & VBA array
Need help with retrieving morningstar ratios
need help with stock options web query!
Need help with this webpage
need help - WSJ data quote
need helps
need indian market Addin
Need Nasdaq OHLC and breadth data for this week!
Hello... I hv just joined the group.... Need some help on getting stock quotes
Need source (or Website) for Market Data
Need specific data only
Net Fixed Assets
Net Income and Cash
Net Income of sp500
Net Income Returns 0 Value
Net Insider Buying/(Selling)
Net-nets.xlsm uploaded to forum members folder
smfGetYahooPortfolioView - adding new metric from Yahoo
New 52 week highs - capture as of date
new add-in version
New ADV datadump file
New Advfn errors
new basic question
New beta version of the add-in -- 2.1.2010.06.06
New but interesting question
New Computer with Excel 2007 and Vista
New Computer with Windows 8.1 and Office 2010
New element file
New Errors with some SMF codes
New file uploaded to smf_addin
New file uploaded to smf_addin, Missing main .xla?
New files have been uploaded to the website
New Files on the "Works in Progress" web page (beta version 2.1.2015
New Files on the "Works in Progress" web page (beta version 2.1.2015
New Files on the "Works in Progress" web page (beta version 2.1.2015.08.13)
New GuruFocus 10 Year Model
New guy getting better!
New guy on block
New installation, problems with Morningstar samples?
New Laptop and I think I screwed up!
New link for Live Quotes
New Member Question
New Member Question
New official release of the add-in -- version 2.1.2012.01.30
New official release of the add-in -- version 2.1.2012.02.02
New official release of the add-in -- version 2.1.2012.12.29
New official release of the add-in -- version 2.1.2014.01.30
New Option Function Cudos
A step-by-step example of using some of the new option functions
New Option Name
New Option Tickers
New option tickers help
New options symbology question
New parameter for =smfGetYahooPortfolioView() ??
New SMF Add-in article
New SMF add-in sample
New SMF Extension for LibreOffice Calc
New SMF User
New Templates -- Google Financial Statements data
New to Group - Interest Rate Sources
New to group - just want to say, "THANKS!"
New to SMF Add-In
New to SMF - Question - ADVFN - How to Pull up Data using Specific Ticker
New to the group, trying to figure out SMF-Template-RCHGetYahooQuotes
New to this program, quick question about linking formula
New user, can get only Yahoo data [3 Attachments]
New user, can get only Yahoo data [3 Attachments]
new user help..
New User Problems
new user some questions.
RCHgetwebdata and new version of smf
new vervion of smfGetADVFNElement() is not working, but the previos one works
New Web Source
New website data
New websites for stock data?
New Yahoo Beta History Quotes...Confusion
New Yahoo Options Data?
newbe having trouble
NEWBIE: #Value error in Excel simple functions
Newbie Angst II
Newbie assisatace with errors
[NEWBIE] Can NASDAQ Real-Time data be captured ?
Newbie - Can this system work for me?
Newbie - Error Message for Some Functions
Newbie Help
Newbie Installation Problems
newbie looking for some elements
Newbie needs help
Newbie needs help retrieivng Mexican Ticker symbol with "&
Newbie needs help retrieivng Mexican Ticker symbol with "&"
Newbie Problems with SMF Add-in
Newbie Problems with SMF Add-in
Newbie Questions for HK Stock Options Data
Newbie question about "Ticker" in Earnings Estimate tab
Newbie question - Can I use Excel 2010?
newbie question - OPENING PRICE NEEDED
Newbie Questions for HK Stock Options Data
Randy Newbie questions: Options quotes and refreshing data
Newbie Seeking Some Assistance
Newbie stuff - RCHGetYahooQuotes
Newbie teething pains
Newbie trying to calculate YOY income & sales growth
NEWBIE: #Value error in Excel simple functions
Newby help
Next day open prices
Next Earnings Date
Next Earnings Date, e.g.=RCHGetElementNumber("XRX", 1285)
Next EX-Dividend Date
Next reporting earning date code?
No Financial Data for some companies
No Functionality
No MSN spreadsheet works after installing latest version
No price history for Dow Indexes at Yahoo Finance
No Support for a short time
Non-functioning element numbers
Non-Refresh on startup
Non-SMF Open Source TA add-in library
Non SMF-related question about charts
Non-yahoo sources for Ask and Bid data for options?
None of the example sppreadshhed seem to work.
Nonfunctioning Spreadsheets
Not able to get any of the templates to work - #name? query response
Not able to RCH function on Windows 8
Not calculating all the time
Not downloading data?
Not for general posting to group
Not getting smf addin file
Not pulling in stock data
Not receiving Reuters data
Not sure if it can done since i know nothing about excel
Reuters not working in IE, what should i do?
Not working in Excel 2010
Not working: smfGetAdvFNElement-Template-All-Line-Items.xls [1 Attachment]
Note on YAHOO Data Response Failures
novice question
novice question about sources of financial data
Now returns error
NSE Quotes
number codes
Number extraction.
Number of Columns Limitation
smfGetYahooPortfolioView; Output of Field Numbers 58,61,65,68,72,76
Numbers (iWork 09) first script for Yahoo quotes (applescript)
numerous error messages
Nutrition Data Page
Nuveen Closed End funds
NYSE Advances and Declines and =RCHGetElementNumber("YahooMS", 13822)
Obscure (?) UK Funds
RCHgetelements still obsolete?
Obsolete element #
Obtaining "Block Data"
Obtaining Annual Income Statement -- Diluted Weighted .Average Shares
obtaining data
Obtaining Data for 'Buy Alerts' Spreadsheet
Occasional Incomplete Yahoo Data
Odd error message
Off topic Discussion - Commodities international prices
Off topic - Learning VBA
can we use this to derive FX quotes? (off topic perhaps)
Compatibility with Vista 64 bit, Office 2007
Office 2007 compatibility
Office 2007 + Why use "Array" mode entry?
RCHGetElementNumber doesn't work with office 2010
Excel in office 2013
Office 2207
Office 365 on MAC
Offline and Data not there
Offline Data Retention, RCHGetYahooHistory
offsite pages instead of url
OffTopic - Darvas Boxes
Offtopic question....
Ofice 2007 .Service Down?
Oil and Gold Spot Price
OK.. reuters
Ok. stupid Question...Probably...
ok.. trying something simple...
Old SMF add in not loading & crashing spreadsheet, do I need to upgrade?
Old spreadsheets dont work after re instalation
One Excel Worksheet-multiple company Financial Statements?
One file corrupts the others
One more Option Function Suggestion
One Option Per Row Format
One other way
one question about SMF-Template-Yahoo-Key-Statistics.xls
Get data from online excel file
OnLive Desktop for the iPad
Only error messages
Only getting "Error" for MW option retrieval - Yahoo OK
Only Getting Partial Data
Only Getting Partial Data
Only #Value! cells, no data!
Oops.... Best Practice question
Open a file with a macro
Open End Mutual Funds missing recent dividend history
Open interest for Stocks
open office
open office calc
Open Order Book Data
open source financial database?
Opening and Saving File Question;
Opening workbook takes too long
Opinion? RCH versus PowerPivot
Option Calls
Option Chain using optionsxpress
Option Chain Variable DDE formula Help Randy if you are able?
Option Chains
Option chains Downloader, multiple stocks at once
option charts
Option Contract Adjustments
OTM and ITM option data
Option Data by Symbol
Option data using smfGetOptionQuotes
Option Delta
Option Expirations?
Option Liquidity
Option list
Option Premium Fair Value
Option price errors
Numbers for Mac and iOS now has native support for stock and option prices
Option pricing not working
Option quote erro
Option quote problems ??
Option quote problems ??
Option Quote Put Help
Option Quotes
Option quotes appear to be way off...
Option Spread Calculator
Option Strategy .– g_sorbara
Option Symbol
Option Symbols
Option Weeklies and OTM quotes
Optional argument to ignore caching?
SMFgetoptionstrikes data source?
Options: Bid and Ask and historical
Options Download for multiple Symbols
Options Greeks Data
options outside US
Options quotes stopped working
Options quotes stopped working
Options spreadsheet by Paul D. Kadavy
OptionsTracker entry issue
OptionsXPress = "bad source"
Original pricing for ticker in
Oslo Stock exchange - Yahoo Ticker DOM.OL
OSX ieframe.dll, msxml3.dll
OT: Meta Stuff
OT: vb project with A.I. features combiled with value investing content
Other excel workbooks slow
Other historical quote services
OTM and ITM option data
Out of commission
Outdated Links?
Outstanding shares function not working
Overall market data
overall ranking
Overbought - Oversold data [1 Attachment]
OX and OX2 data sources not working
OX Greeks via smfGetOptionQuotes
OX Greeks via smfGetOptionQuotes Open Interest Problem for PUTS
OX source stops outputting data
P/E Differences
Fwd: P/E Historical data - Indian stocks
P/E, P/B, P/S ratios for S&P 500
Need Average Annual P/E ratios
pain of transition
Pairs Trading with smf_addin
Parameters fo smfGetYahooHistory
Parse CSV file with all Nasdaq tickers
Parsing returned text to retrieve either number of splits or NO
Parsing Yahoo CSV Data
Password required to unzip?
Password protected site
Password required to unzip?
Paste Special Values data
Pattern Finding
Pattern Screener
Pb with RCHGetYahooHistory
Download PDF File
Peculiar problem
Peer Analysis (TTM) and add conference call events?
Peer Comparison- Ratio.xls File not Working
Peer Comparison.xls worksheet MSN ERROR
Peers / Reliable Data
Percent Change for specific days
Percentage of Emerging Markets within VTIAX
Percentage Stocks above their Moving Average
Performance hit on historical quotes
Performance issue, US Stock name lookups, other questions.
Physical Address and Research and Development
Pinksheet data
Piotroski Add-In Enhancement
Piotroski calculation...
Piotroski F_SCORE Adjustments
Piotroski F-Scores / Altman Z-Scores
Piotroski Scores
Piotroski Scores
Pivot Point Data
Playing with smfPortfolioVies
Please can somebody start me off
Anyone please help me on getting this table? Tried RCHgethtmltable but to no avail.. [1 Attachment]
Please help a Newbie.
Please Help; I don't know what is going on
Please help: keep getting windows security alarm
Please Help- quick question
Please help! Why doesn't this work?
Please help with German values
PM-CF-EPS Trend 1.0
PnF charts - using percentage instead of the traditional box
PnF charts - using percentage instead of the traditional box
Point and Figure charts
Point and Figure signals
Point and Figure stock charting using Excel 2003
Pooling resources to buy a data feed
poor error handling in array formulas?
Populate the spreadsheet when open it
Populating a Large Array Using RCHGetYahooHistory
Portfolio Monitor
Portfolio return calculation
Portfolio spreadsheet works but needs "Tweaks"
portfolio tracker integration?
portfolio tracker integration?
Portfolio Tracker Uploaded
Porting your code to VB.NET
Portuguese info!
Position Dissector [1 Attachment]
Possibility of an option valuation model?
Possible Data Overload?
Possible Expansion of RCHGetYahooQuotes() Function
Possible new historical quotes functions
Possible SMF Web Site?
possible to get quarterly earning for company in NYSE and NASDAQ?
possible to run add-in through a proxy server?
Possible to use Yahoo Option argument?
Possiblity of linking to
Posting Messages via VBA to Yahoo Group
Potential solution for different ticker names - ISIN number
Power Exchange of India
Preferred Stock Quotes
Preventing RCHGetQuote
Previous high and low
Previous Report Date
Previous Year Qtr Earnings
Price and Volume last 5 or 6 days ?
Price Change %
Price channel
Price Only OHLC
Price Target Sample - google docs spreadsheet
Prices pulling but the deleting
Pricesbydates - base Yahoo function?
PricesByDates function
primary exchange open.
Print View
Printing an Excel print file
prior market day closing price
Private followup Download MACD and RSI numbers on a weekly basis
Probability of Touching
Probably a settings issue
Option Expiration Table AAPL problem
problem accessing Reuters data
Problem Connections
problem extracting data for some tickers at MSN Stock Scouter website
problem extracting reuters valuation
problem extracting yahoo historical data
Problem getting smfgetoptionstrikes to work
Problem Getting the Delta
Problem In
problem in using smf addin in excel 2007 or problemin yahoo finance
Problem installing SMF-Addin
Problem installing the add in file (.xla format)??
Problem loading ADVFN Data
problem logging in
Problem of using smfGetTagContent Function
Problem RCHGetYahooHistory date result ...
Problem reading ticker symbol for Indian stocks in Morningstar
Problem Retrieving Option Leap Data
Problem saving files to new PC
SMF Addin (not lite) and IE Dialog Box - Problem Solved
problem to fix
Problem to get last price of ^DJI
Problem using array with GetElementNumber
Problem using FWallStreet file
Problem using SMF
Problem using SMF across two networked computers
problem whit excell calculation cell
Problem with smfgetCSVFile
problem with add-in in Excel 2010
Problem with adding in smf_addin in excel:mac
RCHGetElementNumber problem with ADVFN template
Problem with AdvFN #'s 5196 - 13625
Problem with AdvFN? - Screenscape workaround
Problem With "Prices Between"
Problem with Array
problem with Calculated - Piotroski
problem with changing source for yahoo quotes
Problem with Quarterly Earnings History
Problem with element #1199
Problem with Element No. 469 -- Earnings Surprise Difference
Problem with excel
problem with excel 2010 getting yahoo quotes
problem with formula
Problem with GetElementNumber
problem with Google annual revs code
Problem with MarketWatch Site
Problem with month in GetYahooHistory()?
Problem with multiple long arrays [1 Attachment]
Problem with RCHGetElementNumber()
Problem with RCHGetElementNumber for Forward PE on YahooKS
Problem With =RCHGetElementNumber(Ticker, X) Function
Problem with RCHGetYahooHistory
Problem with RCHgetYahooHistory quote [1 Attachment]
Problem with RCHGetYahooQuotes function [1 Attachment]
Problem with RCHGetYahooQuotes function [1 Attachment]
Problem with retrieving PE
problem with =SE(B12="";""; GrowthRate(B12;$K12;COLONNE(B12:$K12)-1))
Problem with sending file w/ RCH formulas to other people.
Problem with smf addin
Problem with SMF-Template-Morningstar-Total-Return.xls
problem with smfGetAdvFNElement() function
problem with smfGetAdvFNElement() function
Problem with smfgetCSVFile
Problem with smfGetOptionExpirations()
Problem with smfGetYahooHistory
Problem with the Add In
Problem with the spreadsheet
Problem with ticker COP
problem with tickers
Problem with using add-in
Problem with Vanguard Corporate Bond ETFs
Problem with version 1.3
problem with wall street journal
Problem with Yahoo Option Expiration Command
problem with yahoo ownership
Problems encountered in DCF_FWallStreet
Problems extracting data - try ticker 'DAL'
problems getting smf to work
Problems getting the add in
Problems looking up MSN data
Problems migrating to a new computer
Problems Retreiving Morningstar Data
Problems Retrieving Chart
problems using template 10 Year Model - ADVFN-New Format
Problems when using same excel sheet on different computers
Problems with 10 year historical ROC
Problems with accessing Morningstar information
Schollaert- Problems with 'RCH Get Element NUmber'
Problems with Excel Calculation/Recalculation....Takes to long
Problems with finding index tickers
Problems with IBD recently
Problems with Morningstar Category Rank Data
Problems with MSN and BarChart functions
Problems with RCHGetElementNumber()
Problems with RCHGetYahooHistory after Windows Vista re-image using Excel 2007
Problems with Samples
Problems with smfGETADVFNElement...
Problems with smfGetOptionQuotes
Problems with smfpricesbetween
Problems with the functions
Problems with this formula - Corrected
Problems with this formula - Corrected
problems with Vista (I think)
Problems with Yahoo Finance Data Retrieval
Problems with Yahoo historical quotes
Problems with Yahoo Prices
Problems With YAHOO RCHGetElementNumber
probs with RCHGetYahooQuotes and VBA
Probs with standalone file
processing data returned by rchgetyahoohistory in a macro
profile summary
ProFunds Download
ProFunds Download
Programmatic entry of array-entered functions?
Proposed changes in Google data
Protected worksheets
Proxy settings
pSort problem
Public or Private?
Pull in Chart Data
Pulling charts into Excel
Pulling Competitors off of Yahoo! Finance
Pulling Financial Ratios
Pulling in Data
Pulling strictly Month-End options....
Pushing the Option Envelope
put "share outstanding" data on WSJ
Put buy and sell on Charts
Put Call Ratio
Put-Call Ratio charts & Volitility Cha
Put-Call Ratio charts & Volitility Char
Put-Call Ratio charts & Volitility Chart
Put-Call Ratio charts & Volitility Charts
Puts File to Match Calls-Kadavy-Example-for-Randy
Putting Company website link into Excel
Putting Yahoo historical dates into chronological order
Q&A: How can I get Yahoo Finance financial statements data?
Q for Randy: Is it ok to post the pluggin ?
Q-Rabbit Ranks (was Stockscouter Rating System...)
Q5 Research Site
QuandL -
Quarterly data for the past 5 years?
Quarterly Dates
Quarterly Earnings Projection
Quarterly Eps - sales
Quarterly Version of "15-Year-Financial-Statement-Retriever-ADVFN.xlsx"?
SMF Add-In and Quattro Pro
Query related to SMF Template RCHCreatComment Charts Layout.xls
Questin about the Hungarian data
smfStrExtr Question
Question about AdvFN-Data-Dump-2.xls
Question about Bloomberg
Question about historical data
Question about muliple years of data
Question about multiple SMF addins loaded at the same time
question about PortfolioView and other questions
Question about RCHGetElementNumber?
Question about Retrieving Web Data
Question about Yahoo historical quotes
[Question]download Adaptive price only
Question downloading option quotes
Question: Fair Price
Question for MSN's smf-element
Question for new user
Question for R Harmelink
Question for Randy about SMFLite
Question for Randy H.
question for Randy RCHGetElementNumber
question for Randy regarding Barron's Stock Grader
question for Randy regarding RCHGetElementNumber(Ticker, 1421) formula
question for Randy..regarding RCHGetYahooQuotes function not working right
Question for RH
Question Mark Appears: GetYahooQuotes
Question on Cash Flow Model V17
Question on getting NYSE New High and Low and differences between Barchart/YHOO
Question on
question on refresh and forcerecalculation
Question on the J3SG_Gurus spreadsheet.
Question on Yahoo History Function and Universe of Stocks Available
Question on Yahoo Key Statistics data elements
Question Re Cash_Flow Model_v17.xls
Question re =RCHGet command
Question Regarding Morningstar Data Feed
Question: SMF-Template-SMFTech-Beta.xls
Question to smfGetADVFNElement function - Formatting of returned numbers
Questioning the accuracy of AdvFn...
Questions on RCHGetYahooHistory() & RCHGetYahooQuotes()
Questions on SMFPricesBetween()
Questions on Zacks....
Questions regarding Cash Flow Model (v7)
Quick Chart Review
Quick Examination Worksheet
quick one - parsing off "M" & "K" (million and thousand)
A quick question on RCHGetTableCell
Quick Start
Quick webpage templates
Quicken intrinsic value calculator website
quicken question
Quicken site
Quit Working
Quote and chart question....
Quote data for NASDAQ and DJIA
Quote for ticker for one historical date
QuoteMedia Historical Data
quotes not refreshing (Yahoo VS)
Quotes on Stock Options including Greeks
Quotes using new Option Tickers
Quotesheet to Excel CSV format
Randy, can you give me an Excel formula to retrieve 5 year % Dividend growth for a stock
Randy's RCHGetYahooQuotes template
Randy - any advice on downloading Morningstar data?
Randy, any idea why my spreadsheets stopped working????
Randy, as a new year begins, I wanted to thank you for all that you do..:+)
Randy, Can You Add Support for Fred API?
Randy, can you give me an Excel formula to retrieve 5 year % Dividend growth for a stock
Randy, function RCHGetElementNumber(ticker,14320 ) not working
Randy...HELP!! do i use smf under windows 7 64 bit on my new computer?
Randy, how about using the ratings at this site to replace Zacks?
Randy..How can I identify a Stock's 1 year out Target Price
Randy, how do i extract single closing price of mutual fund X days ago
Randy, how do I fix Excel error msg saying it can't find add in?
Randy, how do I use the smfFixLinks macro
Randy, How to have automatic stock feed into a certain cell? - Streaming
Randy..I still don't see dividend data regarding RCHGetYahooHistory function
Randy, just wanted to say thanks
Randy, MACD based on EMA please
Randy Newbie questions: Options quotes and refreshing data
Randy OK?
Randy please help!
Randy, RCHGetElementNumber(ticker, 858)..zacks number..not working
Randy, RCHGetElementNumber(ticker, 878) returning error message..why?
Randy..regarding my last message...forgot to include this
Randy...regarding p/ffo
Randy..regarding your answers to my questions
Randy some help please, complications trying load macros into Office 2010, 64OS
Randy some issue is blocking an Excel startup for 2013
Randy- Thank you
Randy, Turley M Muller, Pls see this message, thank you!!
Randy..what do you think of this site as a replacement for Zacks ratings?
Randy, what is smf formulat to get the stock price at finviz website shown below
Randy what version of windows and excel are you using?
Randy you posted you were loosing hope for a Yahoo .option downloads
Randy your a Genius.
rate of return .xla
Raw Stochastics or %R
RCH 2.0
RCH comment
RCH Element Functions
RCH Element Number for 'Upcoming Events'
RCH elements definition xls
RCH fails on large amount of dat
RCH functions keep disappearing
RCH Functions Library add-in
RCH functions using OX data
RCH get dividend amounts in a date range
RCH Get Element Number Error
RCH GET History Question.
RCH get web data and narrowing source data return
RCH Get Yahoo History
RCH get yahoo history help
RCH GetYahooQuotes
RCH_Stock_Market_Functions-2.1.2016.12.03 vs RCH_Stock_Market_Functions-2.1.2017.11.30
='C:\Program Files\SMF Add-In\RCH_Stock_Market_Functions.xla'!RCHGetYahooQuotes("MMM","l1")
RCH_Stock_Market_Functions.xla won't stay linked.
RCHElementNumber 25 MSN Last Price is Obsolete, Any subsitue recommendations?
RCHExtractData Problem
RCHGet Elements Errors only for certain sources [1 Attachment]
RCHGetDataElement vs. RCHGetElementNumber
RCHGETELEMENT #'s not working
RCHGetElement Errors
RCHGetElement Number 13629;ReutersRat;Comparison Ratios
RCHGetElement Number Problems
RCHGetElementNumber() returns "Error"
RCHGetElementNumber (1,33,34)
RCHGetElementNumber 1 Company Description
RCHGetElementNumber 1285 (Next Earnings Date)
RCHGetElementNumber 13638-13640
RCHGetElementNumber 13666
RCHGetElementNumber 13863 (company name) cutting off first 2 letters for funds
Error in RCHGetElementNumber 1421-1512
RchgetelementNumber,14428 Morningstar AE Annual Estimates -FiveYear Growth Forecast
RCHGetElementNumber(), 1592
RCHGetElementNumber 163 - 172 Producing Error
RCHGetElementNumber 25 retrieving me a last price with wrong decimal place
RCHGetElementNumber 4812
RCHGetElementNumber 4815
RCHGetElementNumber 4892
RCHGetElementNumber 5059
RCHGetElementNumber 5079
RchGetElementNumber 621 = Yahoo eps growth rate
RCHGetElementNumber 63, 47, 42, 54 get Error but 13666, 878, 941 OK
RCHGetElementNumber 850 not working?
RCHGetElementNumber 976 and 975 52 Week Low and High
=RCHGetElementNumber($A$2,7296), error message eps, dividends, book value, roe,
Rchgetelementnumber, ADVFN, retrieving right symbol, wrong company
=RCHGetElementNumber("Element",100) function not funtional
RCHGetElementNumber "Error"
=RCHGetElementNumber("exc", 25) give me "Error"
RCHGetElementNumber ("XXX", googleelement#) not working
RCHGetElementNumber & smfTagContent return 'Error'
=RCHGetElementNumber($B$2,3522) dividends per share dps
=RCHGetElementNumber($B$2,3523) etc.. are getting error messages
=RCHGetElementNumber($B$4,5886) is getting an error message?
=RCHGetElementNumber(B12,25) returns "error" if no symbol in "B12"
RCHGetElementNumber(B2, 1)-Error
=RCHGetElementNumber($B6,25) not working??
=RCHGetElementNumber(B6,5079) & (B6, 5086) not working. Mutual Fund Expenses.
rchgetelementnumber(b7, 25 ) element numbers?
RCHGetElementNumber calculations
=RCHGetElementNumber($D$3, 6556) returning error .after working before for months
RCHGetElementNumber Data Rounding??
RCHGetElementNumber doesn't work with office 2010
Fwd: RCHGetElementNumber - Element 963 for PFE
RCHGetElementNumber-Element-Definitions - source .Earnings
RCHGetElementNumber-Element-Definitions.xls => 14212 .-> 14221 etc
RCHGetElementNumber-Element - error
RCHGetElementNumber Error
rchgetelementnumber errors
RCHGetElementNumber for ETFs
RCHGetElementNumber for Industry Name
Error with RCHGetElementNumber() for Morningstar Element Numbers
RCHGetElementNumber for most recent stock price and its date and time.
RCHGetElementNumber for Name?
RCHGetElementNumber() For Stock Sectors [1 Attachment]
RCHGetElementNumber for thousands of tickers
RCHGetElementNumber for volume data
RCHGetElementNumber Formula errors
RCHGetElementNumber function and arrays
RCHGetElementNumber function for Balance Sheet, Cash Flow, and Income Statements
RCHGetElementNumber function no longer working
RCHGetElementNumber() Function Not Working on Desktop Computer
RCHGetElementNumber() Function Not Working on Desktop Computer
RCHGetElementNumber functions not working for some elements
RCHGetElementNumber gives wrong value
RCHGetElementNumber help
RCHGetElementNumber: How can access Morn* Corporate Credit Ratings
RCHGetElementNumber: How can I access Yahoo Finance Analyst Opinion?
RCHGetElementNumber issues
RCHGetElementNumber(KO,969) Undefined problem
RCHGetElementNumber: Magic Formula 15014 Does not return value
RCHGetElementNumber- No code for Last close?
RCHGetElementNumber no longer used?
RCHGetElementNumber no longer working for me
RCHGetElementNumber not working anymore for AdvFN dat? (i.e. 8146, 8186, etc...)
RCHGetElementNumber() not working for forward annual dividend rate
RCHGetElementNumber - not working for Google and .Reuters
RCHGetElementNumber - null elements
RCHGetElementNumber only succesful when using one way, very strange!
RCHGetElementNumber - Problem getting 5 Year Dividend Growth for Canadian St
RCHGetElementNumber - Problem getting 5 Year Dividend Growth for Canadian Stocks
RCHGetElementNumber problem with ADVFN template
RCHGetElementnumber: result all are undefined
RCHGetElementNumber() returing Error
RCHGetElementNumber Returning "Error"
RCHGetElementNumber() returning some values in .millions and other in billions
RCHGetElementNumber() returns "Error"
RCHGetElementNumber returns "Error" for all .element numbers
RCHGetElementNumber returns #Value
RCHGetElementNumber - Showing Error
RCHGetElementNumber-Template-IBD-Stock-Checkup.xls does not return any values
=RCHGetElementNumber(Ticker, 13873)
=RCHGetElementNumber(Ticker, 13932) Showing Error
RCHGetElementNumber(Ticker, 14058) --> RCHGetElementNumber(Ticker, 14211)
=RCHGetElementNumber(Ticker,25) returns Error
RCHGetElementNumber(TICKER,253) gives me total assets and not current assets
=RCHGetElementNumber(Ticker, 3308)
RCHGetElementNumber(ticker, 46) - Return "NA"
=RCHGetElementNumber(Ticker, 5439)
RCHGetElementNumber(Ticker, 63) (5 yr dividend growth)..not working
RCHGetElementNumber(ticker , 63) not working? why? thanks.
RCHGetElementNumber(ticker,886) returns error message with others
RCHGetElementNumber...... Undefined response....?
RCHGetElementNumber VBA error
RCHGetElementNumbers: 5 Yr Avg Payout, 5 Yr Avg P/E, 5 Yr % Dividend
RCHGetElementNumbers 5064, 5093, 5079, 5061 don't work
RCHgetelements still obsolete?
RCHGetElemnentNumber Problems
RCHGetHistory return showing blank cells
RCHGetHTML Graph ().html ???
rchgethtmlcell query
RCHGetURLData only returns a small part of web page.
RCHGetURLData1 - Access denied
RCHgetwebdata and new version of smf
RCHgetwebdata and new version of smf
RCHGetWebData assistance
RCHGetWebData call not returning a value
rchgetwebdata error
RCHGetWebData()-Expiry Date Error - Yahoo
RCHGetWebData - extracting stock prices between >
RCHGetWebData function help
RCHGetWebData - help needed
RCHGetWebData - help needed
RCHGetWebData IBD Sector Description Trim Text
RCHGetWebData Problem
RCHGetWebData-Template-Bar Chart-Quotes-Extract
RCHGetWebData User Guide / Help
rchgetwebdata with VALUE and smfword functions .query
RchGetYahooHistory -> Error: Starting date cannot be after ending date: 1/11/2018,2/28/2018
RCHGetYahooHistory: Additional though (2)
RCHGetYahooHistory adjusted close
RchGetyahooHistory Adjusted Close Discrepancy
RchGetYahooHistory -> Error: Starting date cannot be after ending date: 1/11/2018,2/28/2018
RCHGetYahooHistory and monthly adjusted prices
RCHGetYahooHistory array-enter
RCHGetYahooHistory bug? Problem with one ticker
RCHGetYahooHistory bug? Problem with one ticker
RCHGetYahooHistory by date
RCHGetYahooHistory commands in VBA
RCHgetYahooHistory Data Discrepancy
Problem RCHGetYahooHistory date result ...
RCHGetYahooHistory - display in horizontal
RCHGetYahooHistory() Dividend History
RCHGetYahooHistory: docs and start day
RCHGetYahooHistory-download for a specific Date with Array-Formula doesn't work
RCHGetYahooHistory error #Value
RCHGetYahooHistory for DOW
RCHgetyahoohistory for ^GSPC does not return yesterday's data
RCHGetYahooHistory for large number of stocks
RCHGetYahooHistory for more tickers
RCHGetYahooHistory function [1 Attachment]
RCHGetYahooHistory() function, growing Spreadsheet Size
RCHGetYahooHistory function not working with reinstated ^DJI price history?
RCHGetYahooHistory() function stopped working for me..any idea why?
RCHGetYahoohistory: getting dividend and closing price in one shot
RCHGetYahooHistory Hangs in Macro
RCHGetYahooHistory in a loop
RCHGetYahooHistory in Version 2.1.2017.06.09
=RCHGetYahooHistory is not working
RCHGetYahooHistory, MA slope
RCHGetYahooHistory: Market Data Time of Access
rchgetyahoohistory maximum history
RCHGetYahooHistory missing some data
RCHGetYahooHistory not downloading full history
RCHGetYahooHistory not getting accurate data, or user error?
RCHGetYahooHistory not getting prior close
RCHGetYahooHistory Not Working?
RCHgetYahooHistory() outputs to only one cell
RCHGetYahooHistory parsing issue?
rchgetyahoohistory price issues on UK stocks
RCHGetYahooHistory - prob fetching monthly
rchgetyahoohistory problem
RCHGetYahooHistory() Question
RCHGetYahooHistory result has me stumped
RCHGetYahooHistory return database ready - MultiSymbol XLS added to Files Section
RCHGetYahooHistory return database ready - MultiSymbol XLS added to Files Section
RCHGetYahooHistory - returned information offset by one day
RCHGetYahooHistory returning bogus results
RCHgetYahooHistory returns values that doesn't tally with the one on the yahoo website??
RCHGetYahooHistory - Rows rather than columns
RCHGetYahooHistory - Something Wrong With Dates Propmt
RCHGetYahooHistory spreadsheet error checking
RCHGetYahooHistory stopped working this morning
RCHGetYahooHistory stopped working this morning
RCHGetYahooHistory() to get annual dividends
RCHGetYahooHistory to get average price for a particular year
RCHGetYahooHistory web retrieval error
=RCHGetYahooHistory which column to use?
RCHGetYahooPrices Between [2 Attachments]
rchgetyahooquote for element# b, b6, a,a5
RCHGetYahooQuote Limit of 200 elements retrieved!
RCHGetYahooQuote undo problem
=RCHGetYahooQuotes("^DJI","l1"), =RCHGetYahooQuotes("^DJI","p2")
=RCHGetYahooQuotes("MMM","e8") Earnings Estimates
RCHGETYAHOOQUOTES("xle","y") does not work
RCHGetYahooQuotes and Dividend Payout Ratio
RCHGetYahooQuotes (and other services) down?
RCHGetYahooQuotes() - Array
RCHGetYahooQuotes Array with Autofilter
RCHGetYahooQuotes Auto Refresh option
RCHGetYahooQuotes($B2,"l1") is no longer working
RCHGetYahooQuotes - Code for Forward Annual Dividend Rate
RCHGetYahooQuotes() - country id
RCHGetYahooQuotes() - datacodelist (k1)
RCHGetYahooQuotes default server is chinese yahoo?
RCHGetYahooQuotes() Dividend Symbol "y"
RCHGetYahooQuotes does work for Dow Jones
RCHGetYahooQuotes erratic behavior beginning Fri, 7/15/11
RCHGetYahooQuotes error message
RCHGetYahooQuotes error when retrieving symbol name
RCHGetYahooQuotes Ex-Div Date Problems
RCHGetYahooQuotes fails after Under Armour spilt
RCHGetYahooQuotes fails in Win10
RCHGetYahooQuotes - Float Shares (f6) - promlems
RCHGetYahooQuotes for FBIOX
RCHGetYahooQuotes for Indexes
RCHGetYahooQuotes for Options
RCHGetYahooQuotes Freezing
RCHGetYahooQuotes disp. lay N/A for shanghai exchange in china,such as 600000.SS
RCHGetYahooQuotes() function? can it be used only with array or singularly?
RCHGetYahooQuotes function giving incorrect results when called using VBA
RCHGetYahooQuotes disp. lay N/A for shanghai exchange in china,such as 600000.SS
RCHGetYahooQuotes High / Low incorrect
RCHGetYahooQuotes is adding Carriage return to cell
RCHGetYahooQuotes is returning an error; plus: historical currency data?
RCHGetYahooQuotes Issue
RCHGetYahooQuotes Issue with Reccalc
RCHGetYahooQuotes - Market Cap figures
rchGetYahooQuotes not retrieving avg volumes (a2) .since a couple of days
RCHGetYahooQuotes not working on certain tickers
=RCHGetYahooQuotes now returns ERROR
RCHGetYahooQuotes Problem
RCHGetYahooQuotes() Providing Erroneous Results
RCHGetYahooQuotes() question
RCHGetYahooQuotes return Date?
RCHGetYahooQuotes returning "Error"
RCHGetYahooQuotes returning "Error" - sometimes
RCHGetYahooQuotes returning incorrect stock Prices on weekends
RCHGetYahooQuotes Returning N/A for Symbol "INDU"
RCHGetYahooQuotes returns 0
RCHGetYahooQuotes returns 'Error'
RCHGetYahooQuotes returns error
=RCHGetYahooQuotes() returns wrong stock price?
=RCHGetYahooQuotes - smoe function didn;'t work properly
RCHGetYahooQuotes sporadically returning N/A for "n"
RCHGetYahooQuotes steps
RCHGetYahooQuotes stops working - here's a workaround
RCHGetYahooQuotes t8 (Target Price) convert to SMF Element
RCHGetYahooQuotes() template working
RCHGetYahooQuotes(TICKER,"d1") not working
RCHGetYahooQuotes() - TO : Andy and digsupply
RCHGetYahooQuotes Trigger
RCHGetYahooQuotes - version change in behavior
RCHGetYahooQuotes() versus RCHGetElementNumber()
RCHgetyahooquotes Vertical Array example vs Horizontal Array
RCHGetYahooQuotes vs RCHGetElementNumber
RCHGetYahooQuotes yields Error
=RCHGetYahooQuotes, zeros and N/A
RCHGetyYahooHistory delivers Data without Decimalpoints
RE etfconntect
Re : Re : google search with smfgettagcontent
Re : Re : google search with smfgettagcontent
RE Your Upload of the Ex-Div Spreadsheet Sample
Reading the Morningstar holdings style
Yahoo Finance no longer sending real time data?
Real-time data during market hours
Real time format
Real-Time Index Quotes
Real-Time Intra-Day Prices
Real-Time Prices into Excel
RCHGetTableCell-Template-Yahoo-Real-Time-Quotes.xls Formula Question
Real-Time stock data import
Real time volume
Real-Time Yahoo Quotes
Real time yahoo quotes with subscription
Recalc causing strangeness -- Question Answered
Recalc of YahooMS
Recalc Speed and Data Grouping
smfForceRecalculation (any way to run quicker?)
Recalculation issues (GetHTMLTable function)
Recalculation of sheet very slow
Recalculation on demand
Recalculation- one sheet versus entire workbook
Receiving "Error"
Recent problems with Yahoo option quotes?
Recent problems with Yahoo option quotes?
Recommended Sources
Mutual Fund Redemption Fees
#REF error in rchgetyahoohistory when pasting to columns higher than IV
#REF! error in rows 65537 and larger?
Reference cell for company name at MSN Money website
referencing a ticker within a
Referencing my addin to RCH addin
Referencing the RCH addin
Refresh Button
Refresh CommentCharts via Link
Refresh RCHGetYahooQuotes
refresh stock quote data
Refresh takes 30 seconds
Refreshing Data for RCHGetElementNumber
Refreshing option quotes
refreshing smfGetOptionQuotes via smfForceCalculation
refreshing using the now() parameter
Refreshing Web Queries
Reg: To work on SMF Add-In
Reg Yahoo Interactive Chart data
Regarding company tickers
Randy..I still don't see dividend data regarding RCHGetYahooHistory function
Regarding Stock Scouter
Regression Relative Strength
Relative Strength Index
Relative Strength Index
Relative Strength of Price ratings
Reliability of sources
New, maybe reliable data source (International also)
remove me
Removing temporary or cache files
Rene, last posting
Repairs to RCH_ Stock_Market_Functions.xla
Repairs to xla
replace point
Replace RCHGetYahooHistory call
Report Yahoo null data
REQUEST: Commodity Prices using SMF?
Request for additional code for modGetOptionQuotes
Request for Yahoo Data NYSE/NASDAQ Vol+Adv/Decline etc.
request help on getting hk quotation
Request Help on smfForceRecalculation coding for Excel Sheet
Required Help on RCh Function
Resend: Version 1.3g of the add-in is now available
restated Financial Data
retail data
Retrieve De-listed Date / Last Date Traded with get rchgetyahooquotes?
retrieve fixed number of quotes
Retrieve historical quote
Retrieve Industry for each stock in S&P500
retrieve previous close
Retrieved Value Doesn't Match Webpage
Retrieveing Bond Fund Data
Retrieving Actual Closing Dates
Retrieving ASX data
Retrieving Beta
Retrieving currency data
Retrieving currency figures
Retrieving current news
Retrieving data within an EXCEL VBA
Retrieving Information form morningstar for Australia stocks
Retrieving Monthly Mutual Fund Price Data
Retrieving Option Delta
Retrieving Option Strike Price
Retrieving Options Volatiliry
Retrieving S&P Information
Retrieving Sectors/Industry
retrieving stock option months
Retrieving Stored Queries
Retrieving TIAA-CREF fund data
Retrieving Ticker Symbols
Retrieving TSP quotes
Retrieving watchlist information
Retrieving Yahoo Option Data
Retrieving Yahoo stock split and dividend info
Return 0 instead of error
Return text not cell referrence
Returning Errors: Trend Values for
Returning Inner HTML?
Returns Calculation -using Morningstar Returns vs Yahoo Adjusted Closing Prices
Returns including dividends
Reusing a Form
Reuter Datalink
Reuters not working in IE, what should i do?
Reuters 1Y and 3Y div Growth Reuters
Reuters 5 year financial data disappeared
Reuters add-in Help?
Reuters and ADVFN
reuters annual financials
Reuters - Closing Price
problem with RCHGetHTMLTable for and last quote
Reuters Correction
problem accessing Reuters data
Reuters data elements and templates do not appear to work
Reuters data using RCHGetElementNumber: You are not Alone.
Reuters data using RCHGetElementNumber: You are not Alone.
Reuters Elements 13630 & 13634
reuters estimates
Reuters Estimates Template
reuters example template
Reuters: financial data is missing
Reuters financial statements
Reuters Historical Earnings & Sales Surprises
Reuters Key Develoment.xls Template
Reuters not working in IE, what should i do?
reuters problem while using RCHGetElementNumber
reuters problem while using RCHGetElementNumber
Reuters Rat resulting in an error
file - Cash_Flow Model_v17.xls, Reuters Site
Reuters stock price
Reuters website changes
ReutersRat source elements
ReutersRat and ticker KORS
ReutersRat source elements
Revenue geographical location
Reviewing error when using mfGetOptionQuotes with OptionSource as Source
Rising & Falling on unusual volume
Risk grades
CC Rollups WatchList - workaround.xls
Row by Row identification of the column with highest cell value
SMF Add-in Announcements - New ZIP File -- Version 2017.11.04
RSS Feeds
RSS Support thru the addin
RTD Function
RTD - Real Time Data
Rueters problem?
Rule #1
Rule#1 Excel template?
Run ("smfForceRecalculation")
Run-time error '53' upon opening
Run-time error '13' Type mismatch
Run-time error '13' Type mismatch using Yahoo! historical prices
Run-time error '53' upon opening
Running add-in on Mac Excel 2011
running out of memory
Running SMF Add-in in Excel 2010 [1 Attachment]
Running SMF add-ins on Mac
Running SMF on german excel
Running test file [1 Attachment]
Running the smf add-in on Excel 2004 for Mac
Russell 2000 components
Russell 2000 components
Russian Stock quote
RUT Options
S&M and G&A broken out
S&P 100
S&P 5-Star Rating -> Morningstar valuatio
Stopped Getting Yahoo Historical Data for DOW and S&P 500 recently
S&P 500 Data
S&P 500 Functions No Longer Working on Template
S&P 500 historical daily dividend
S&P 500 Index Calls
S&P 500 member stocks
S&P 500 site
S&P 500 SMA 50
s&p 500 symbols list [1 Attachment]
S&P 500 Total Return historical price data
S&P 500 Total Return History?
S&P 500 Total Return Index vs ^GSPC SPY .
S&P data
S&P data
Argus & S&P Information
Argus & S&P Information
S&P Quality Ranking
S&P Rating
S&P Rating
S&P Rating
S & P Sector Data
S&P Stock Ratin
S&P500 adjusted for dividends
S&P500 sector returns
Sacks Stock Screener Data
Trying to get Fcf/sales data from Morningstar key ratios
sales growth tag
Sample System Backtesting Workbook?
Sample Timed function does not appear to work on my excel.
Saved Web Page Array
Saving Excel workbook with the Add-in open takes very long time
saving for examining offline
Saving XLA into own file
Schaeffers changes?
Scheduling Earnings Dates Announcements
Schollaert- Problems with 'RCH Get Element NUmber'
Schwab Equity Ratings
Schwab Equity Ratings
Schwab Equity Ratings Report
Schwab Weekly - Followup
Schwab Weekly - Followup
Scrapping morningstar for data
Screen scrape data to plot intraday chart
FYI -- Yahoo has added a basic screener
Screening by company age...
Screening for value stocks with stockmarket addin?
Screner Capability
scrolling graph
SCSS DCF Template
SCTR scores
Searching for My Messages
SEC's interactive financial statements
SEC converting to XBRL format
SEC Enhances Online Search Capabilities for Investors website
SEC interactive Data
Sector and Industry information
Sector and Industry information
Sector for ETF?
Get Sector, Industry, Beta from MSN, Yahoo (or other) for Canadian Stocks?
Sector, Industry Group, Domestic, etc
Sector P/E Weightings
Sector Performances
Need help getting S&P 500 Sector weightings
Need help getting S&P 500 Sector weightings
RCHGetElementNumber() For Stock Sectors [1 Attachment]
Sectors and Industries (GICS)
Microsoft Excel security message
See data on Website but smfGetAdvFNElement gives no data or incorrect data.
Seeking solution: sales and earnings for last 8 quarters, $$$
seems to be I am getting the previous 2 day's close, not the last day's close.
Server ID
Serverid for RCHGetYahooHistory function
Set up question
Sever Functions returning error
sfWord sfWord() UDF function
Help Wanted: Need RCH Element For Goodwill, # of Shares Outstanding, Company Description
Shares Short/Short Ratio returning error
Sharpe Ratio
Shift f9 nothing happens, hit calculate sheet nothing happens. [1 Attachment]
Shift f9 nothing happens, hit calculate sheet nothing happens. [1 Attachment]
Shiller PE in Gurufocus (Premium content)
Short Company Description
Short Interest
Short Interest Ratio Canadian Stocks
silly mistake ?
Silver spot price
Simple Fix?
Simple formula for Closing Volume?
simple moving avg
Simple question Extracting Data froma Web Site
Simple Question-How do you hide the Rows/Cols in Excel?
Simple Questions
Simple Quote Retrieval
Simple Stock Quote Query
Simple Syntax question
Simplest function to return last dividend/share & pay date for ETFs
Simplified Chinese Character
Sites for long(er) term EPS growth estimates?
Slight data differences
Slight mod to RCHGetElementNumber to restart cache when 1000 rea
Slight mod to RCHGetElementNumber to restart cache when 1000 reached
Slow Calculations - a possible solution
slow download
Slow Force Recalculation & Get Data
Slow progress with SMFGetGurufocusItem
Slow Response
Slow Response with RCHGetElements Function
Slow Spreadsheet
Slow / Unusable with Yahoo
SMA 11/ 55/200
Smart Money Financial Statements Value sheet question
SMF - Access
SMF add-in on MAC
smf add-in and Office 2010 64bit version
SMF Add-In and Quattro Pro
SMF Add-in Announcements - New ZIP File -- Version 2017.11.04
SMF Add-in Blog
SMF Add in codes
SMF add-in crashes Excel
SMF Add-In error
SMF Add in Errors
SMF Add In Formula Errors
SMF Add-in functions stopped working
SMF add-in has stopped loading
SMF add-in has to be manually started
SMF Add-in History stopped working
SMF Add-in installation
SMF add-in installation problem
SMF Add-in not returning proper strikes
SMF Add-In not working
SMF add-in on MAC
SMF Add-in on MacBook
smf add-in on windows 7
SMF Add-in Problem
SMF add-in required
SMF Add-in seems to not work or shows errors
SMF Add-In (smfPricesByDates) returning #N/A
SMF Add-in - Template-Yahoo-Key-Statistics
**** Fixed **** SMF Add-in will no longer auto-load in Excel 2013 and I can't seem to start it
SMF-Addin Updates Slowing Down
smf_addin & ftp
SMF Addin and RCH
smf_addin_Barchart Portfolio ticker
smf_addin excel plugin.
smf addin Feb 2012
smf addin for Indian stocks
SMF-addin for Mac
SMF-Addin freezes up.
smf_addin functions vs RCH functions
SMF addin giving error with "#VALUE!"
SMF Addin in Windows XP
smf_addin issue
SMF AddIn location
SMF Addin (not lite) and IE Dialog Box
SMF Addin (not lite) and IE Dialog Box - Problem Solved
SMF Addin not working
SMF-Addin on Apple or linux
smf_addin Stopped Working
smf_addin templates
SMF Addin was disabled somehow
Smf_addin Working with Excel 2002 but not Excel 2007
smf addins keep unistalling
smf's price functions
SMF & excel 2003
smf & Mac
SMF & Morningstar Closed-End Fund Research
SMF and Excel 64 bit
smf_annual perf template
smf blocked
SMF Convert data
SMF disabled
SMF Does not auto-load
smf element files on a server?
smf-elements - what are the last 6 fields??
SMF Error
SMF for Dummy's?
Smf Force Recalculation Is Not Working [1 Attachment]
Smf Force Recalculation Is Not Working [1 Attachment]
SMF Formulas returning blanks
SMF Formulas v Elements
SMF Function List
SMF function to retrieve NASDAQ RickMetrics score?
smf functions for option quotes
SMF functions not returning anything
SMF Get .XLS ?
SMF GetWebData
SMF -Google help
smf in VBA Subroutine
SMF Installation
SMF Lite Get Yahoo Quotes
SMF Lite - GetYahooHistory?
Smf Lite Return Volume Only
SMF logging causes Excel crash
SMF Options
SMF Options
SMF Options quotes
SMF or Web Query?
SMF stopped working
SMF suddenly returns ERROR
SMF_Tech Question
SMF-Tempale-Work-Implied-Volatility and excel 2007
SMF-Template-10-Year Charts Errors
SMF-Template-10-Year-Charts.xls [5 Attachments]
SMF-Template-Barchart-Market-Momentum.xls returns errors
SMF-Template-Barchart-Technical-Indicators.xls, bug or by design, bug or by design
smf Template in WIP
SMF-Template-Misc-Technical-Indicators.xls not .working
SMF-Template-Misc-Technical-Indicators.xls not .working
SMF-Template-Misc-Technical-Indicators.xls not .working
SMF Template - Morningstar Valuation Metrics [1 Attachment]
SMF-Template-RCHGetYahooQuotes.xls 163 KB rharmelink Aug 14, 2007
SMF-Template-Reuters-Ratios-Comparison templete not working [1 Attachment]
SMF-Template-Yahoo-Historical-Quotes-MultiSymbol - error
SMF-Template-Yahoo-Historical-Quotes-MultiSymbol - error
SMF Template Yahoo Historical Quotes MultiSymbol Run Time Error - Networkdays
SMF-Template-Yahoo-Key-Statistics spreadsheet errors
SMF-Template-Yahoo-Key-Statistics spreadsheet errors
SMF-Template-Zacks-Earnings -Announcements
SMF- Templates MSN
SMF @ Windows XP/Excel2007
SMF work with Berkshire Hathaway?
SMF Yahoo data into German version of Excel
SMF Yahoo Historical Quotes Multisymbol sheet question.
SMFaddin now working
SMFAddinTest.xls Error
smfForceRecalculation (any way to run quicker?)
smfForceRecalculation (any way to run quicker?)
smfForceRecalculation (any way to run quicker?)
smfForceRecalculation - does it recalculate all open spreadsheets
smfForceRecalculation for current worksheet only
Calling smfForceRecalculation in VBA
where to download smfForceRecalculation macro
smfforcerecalculation macro query
SMFForceRecalculation only.
SMFForceRecalculation() - Reference Not Valid
SMFForceRecalculation with Excel 2000
smfGetAdvFN no longer working
smfGetAdvFNElemen not working
Not working: smfGetAdvFNElement-Template-All-Line-Items.xls [1 Attachment]
smfGetAdvFNElement does not work
SMFGetAdvfnElement Error Fix
SMFGetAdvfnElement Error Fix
smfGetAdvFNElement issue
smfGetAdvFNElement not working
smfGetAdvFNElement-Template-All-Line-Items is not working
Not working: smfGetAdvFNElement-Template-All-Line-Items.xls [1 Attachment]
=smfGetAdvFNElement templates return #NAME?
=smfGetBarchartPortfolioView() returns "--" data fields
smfGetBarchartPortfolioView example
=smfGetBarchartPortfolioView() returns "--" data fields
smfGetCSVFile( ) Brazilian Central Bank - Problem
smfGetCSVFile expansion
smfGetCSVFile Format
smfgetcsvfile formula problem
smfGetCSVFile function
smfGetCSVFile function loads csv file header line only
smfGetCSVfile not picking up 10 years of data in array
smfGetCSVFile parameters
smfGetCSVFile Question
smfGetCSVFile seems not to fetch certain markets
smfGetEconData format
smfGetEconData not working
smfGetGuruFocusItem Fiscal Period (Annual) off
smfGetGuruFocusItem() Not Working for Quarterly Data
smfGetOptionExpirations - bad/no data from Yahoo
SMFGetOptionExpirations Dates Off by Four Years
smfGetOptionExpirations() function using Yahoo - Not working
smfGetOptionExpirations seems to be working intermittently
smfgetoptionquote not working
smfGetOptionQuote on google spreadsheet
Fast smfGetOptionQuotes data source
smfGetOptionQuotes and delta specification
smfGetOptionQuotes - Can't figure out why this doesn't work
smfGetOptionQuotes does not work with decimals in strike
smfGetOptionQuotes-Example-ITM-OTM-Multiple-Expirations.xls, Open Interest
smfgetoptionquotes: fractional strike
smfGetOptionQuotes-Function Documentation page error
smfGetOptionQuotes gets wrong data
smfGetOptionQuotes give wrong numbers for ADBE
SMFGetOptionQuotes() latest version
smfGetOptionQuotes not working
smfGetOptionQuotes not working for 2016 options
smfGetOptionQuotes not working for some datacodes
smfGetOptionQuotes problem
smfGetOptionQuotes question
SMFGetOptionQuotes returning "Error"
smfGetOptionQuotes returning "N/A"
smfGetOptionQuotes returning error today
smfGetOptionQuotes returning error today
smfgetoptionquotes template for covered call returns
smfGetOptionQuotes with MarketWatch or MSN as source
smfGetOptionQuotes with specific expiration dates
smfGetOptionsQuote-Example_ITM-OTM - More expiration dates?
SMFgetoptionstrikes data source?
SMFgetoptionstrikes data source?
smfGetPortfolioView() FEEDBACK
smfGetPortfolioView() Trying to use Field "51"
smfGetPortfolioView, variables
SmfGetPricesByDates and RCHGetElementNumber - not working [FIXED!!]
SmfGetPricesByDates and RCHGetElementNumber - not working [FIXED!!]
smfGetTagContect inconsistent issue
smfGetTagContent Code
smfGetTagContent for MSN
smfGetTagContent() or smfstrExtr(RCHGetWebData())?
smfGetTagContent -- People viewing AAPL also viewed:
smfGetTagContent Question
smfGetTagContent standalone file
smfGetTagContent to get pre-open prices
smfGetTagContents - never mind
smfGetYahooHistory vs RCHGetYahooHistory
smfgetyahoohistory double price adjustment
smfGetYahooHistory example
smfgetyahoohistory function
smfGetYahooHistory Issue
smfGetYahooHistory-Template Intregation in an excisting Worksheet
smfGetYahooHistory vs RCHGetYahooHistory
=smfGetYahooOptionQuote() and =smfGetOptionQuotes()
smfGetYahooOptionQuote Function
smfGetYahooOptionQuote - ITM/OTM
smfGetYahooPortfolio 40,41,63,66,51,52
Y! quote errors from smfGetYahooPortfolioView
smfGetYahooPortfolioView Also Broken
smfGetYahooPortfolioView - Currency question
smfGetYahooPortfolioView() Custom Template
smfGetYahooPortfolioView - digits after decimal point
smfGetYahooPortfolioView dividends
smfGetYahooPortfolioView does not fill multiple entries for a single stock
smfGetYahooPortfolioView Exchange
smfGetYahooPortfolioView() -- Fix errors on percentage adjustments when value returned is non-numeric [1 Attachment]
smfGetYahooPortfolioView just returns dashes
smfGetYahooPortfolioView limit
smfGetYahooPortfolioView not refreshing
smfGetYahooPortfolioView; Output of Field Numbers 58,61,65,68,72,76
smfGetYahooPortfolioView stopped working
smfGetYahooPortfolioView Thanks, and a minor glitch ...
smfGetYahooPortfolioView: ticker arrays, dates, Barchart
SMFgetyahooportfolioview usage?
smfgetyahooquotes not working for me?
SMFgurufocus returns Premium
smfHighBetween always returns 0
smfInCellChart Use and Documentation
smfLastPrice & Indexes
smfLastPrice & Indexes
Question for Randy about SMFLite
SMFLite decimal separator issue for Non-US equities
SMFLite-RCHGetYahoo Quotes
smfPrice by and between
smfPricesBetween(A35,NOW()-365, NOW(),"1008")
Smfpricesbetween() adjusted results
smfPricesBetween("Header",,,"0102030105060708") gives error #VALUE!
smfPricesBetween & RCHGetYahooHistory SEPt 17th
smfPricesBetween() as Array Formula
smfPricesBetween calculates Low including Dividend
smfPricesBetween - does not seem to work for 52-week low
smfPricesBetween function
smfPricesBetween in Userforn [1 Attachment]
smfPricesBetween returning Adjusted values?
smfPricesBetween returns 0
smfPricesBetween returns just zero
smfPricesBetween returns not correct data?
smfpricesbetween with monthly dates
smfPricesByDates -- Array Formula
smfPricesByDate problem
smfPricesByDates -- Array Formula
smfPricesByDates() adjusted closing price includes dividends
smfPricesByDates -- Array Formula
smfPricesByDates Causing Slow Calculations in Excel
smfPricesByDates does not work anymore [1 Attachment]
smfPricesByDates doesn't work
smfPricesByDates-Example-Stocks-By-Dates returns error
smfPricesByDates for CSGH, NEWN, CHWY ?
smfPricesByDates() function ?
smfPricesByDates not working
smfPricesByDates performance issues
smfPricesByDates showing $505,480,256 for today's price
smfStrExtr Question
smfstrExtr and quotes?
smfstrExtr Options
smfStrExtr Question
smfStrExtr to the end of the string
RCHGetElementNumber & smfTagContent return 'Error'
SMFTech-Beta.xls question
SMFTech function for STO
SMFTech Function with data in descending order
SMFTech module
SMFTech Question
SMFUD Template
smgGetPricesByDates for closing price
So Close
Softball of a question
Software Issue
Solid State Drive
apparently a solution to cookie and crumb here
Solution and Enigma
Solution for a #VALUE return in a formula
Solver Add-in for Mac
Solver Add-in for Mac
Some assistance with RCHGetYahooQuotes part of spreadsheet
Some code corrections / suggestions
Some Element Numbers Not Working
Some Errors
Some missing parameters [1 Attachment]
Some RCHGetElementNumber codes do not work today
Some Reuters Not Working, Error
Some suggest who have problems ...
some symbols no longer working
Sorintino Ratio
Sorry about dumb question: Mac
Sorry, but I am completely lost
Sorry for ignorance
Sorting data with array
Sorting data with array
Sorting in the array
source for good risk-free rates and yield curve
Source for Trend Info
Source of the fidelity pages
Source pages??
Source Request - Historical Market Metrics
Sourcing and Extracting trading data
Spanish stocks MCE (Mercado Continuo) apparently not working
SPANISH STOCKS (Ticket extension .MC) [1 Attachment]
Specific minute tick download
Specific Symbol not working
specify smfGetCSVFile array dimensions in vba
Speeding up yahoo data retrieval
Speed of processing data retrieval
Speed-up process time
Speeding up the retrieval process
Speeding up yahoo data retrieval
Split Information
Spot Gold Price?
Spot Prices of Metals
Spread Sheet locking up
Is it possible to house too many RCH functions on one spreadsheet?
Spreadsheet Date Extraction
spreadsheet help
Spreadsheet Not Working [1 Attachment]
Spreadsheet partially failing
Spreadsheet Question
spreadsheet that downloads historical data
SpreadsheetGear - anyone here using it?
SPX Options
Stack trace on RCHGetWebData
Standalone SMF Addin
Standalone version of smfPricesByDates?
Standard Deviation
Morningstar Star Ratings for Canadian Mutual Funds
Starter Questions
StartHelp & MacroFor1WkChange
Starting Date of Data Series
Starting Date of Historical Quote
StatPlus free give away today
Status Code = 12029
Stellar Job -- Give it a try!
Still can't get Google info
Still having error
Still No sign of Randy
Stochastic elements
Stock & Commodity Futures
Stock Buyback Lookup Formula
Stock Charts - Notproviding European Data
Stock Charts PnF
Stock Data Interface -- Beta Testing
stock exchanges not supported by yahoo
Stock Market Functions Add-In and Windows 7
Stock names
Randy, what is smf formulat to get the stock price at finviz website shown below
Stock price data on a particular Day
Stock price data source other than Yahoo
Stock price every 5 minutes
RCHGetYahooQuotes returning incorrect stock Prices on weekends
Stock Quote Retrieval Speed Comparison (Which is fastest?)
Stock quote values not retained when emailed
FW: Stock quotes
Stock Quotes for Australia (ASX)
Stock quotes question
Sacks Stock Screener Data
Stock screener in Excel
Stock Screener Template
stock screener with historical backtesting capabilities
Stock screener.xls
Stock screener.xls ticket hypelink each symbol
Building stock screeners
Stock Screening
AdvFN: Export Adjusted for stock Splits?
Stock upgrades/downgrades
Stock vs ETF prices
StockChart PnF Element Number Problem
Stockcharts pulled into Excel for Daily Weekly and Monthly Charts now provides free real-time charts and quotes for everyone!
StockCharts data
Stockcharts P&F - bullish percent indices
StockCharts P&F -- Pattern
Stockcharts pulled into Excel for Daily Weekly and Monthly Charts
Stockcharts URL parameters
Stockcharts #VALUE
Stockfetcher Data Retrieval -- Login Required
StockHouse data errors
Stockhouse page
Stocks on the move for IBD Subscribers
stocks that trade at or near cash
Stockscores errors
Stockscores errors
why no msn stockscouter rating for all these midstream mlp's ?
Stockscouter Rating System -- Factor Grades
Stockscouter scores in an array
StockScreener spreadsheet
Stopped Getting Yahoo Historical Data for DOW and S&P 500 recently
smf_addin Stopped Working
Stopped working after web query
Stoxline Technicals
Strange Chart Output
strange crash problem
Strange error condition...
Strange error with smfGetADVFNElement
strange IBD data grab
Strange problem while copying spreadsheet
Strange retrieval problem with RCHGetYahooHistory
stream real time data of the option chain
Strike Price
Struggling with modifying a sheet
Struggling with this one
Stuck on this one
Study of Screener
Ok. stupid Question...Probably...
Subsidiary Financials
suggestion for smf formula RCHGetYahooQuotes(ticker, "n" )
Suggestions for some of the Modules (to Randy and others)
Sum of dividends Paid
supress refresh
symbol lookup
Symbol question
Symbols for Dow, S&P, and NASDAQ
Syntax for option symbols?
system seperators
systematic incorrect data on yahoo finance for LSE (London) listed stocks
TA routines in scripts
Tabulating Options Trades using Yahoo Finance price feeds
Tag data processing and closing td cells
Tailing zeores - "Last price" - smfGetYahooPortfolioView
Yahoo analyst target prices
Technical Indicators Excel
TED Spread
Template Editing
Template for Yahoo Portfolio
Template formula changes - Global changes
Template Help
Template with most key data crammed in one page
yahoo templates don't work for ticker stz
Templates for Technical Analysis? and World Markets?
Terry's Tips
Bloomberg - downloading latest price
Texas ratio/12 quarters of data
Texas ratio/12 quarters of data
Text Extraction
text files
Randy- Thank you
Thank you and Merry X'Mas
Thank You for Altman_Piotroski.xls
Thank you Randy
Thank you, Randy Harmelink
Thank you - That's it!
Thanks Again
Thanks and AdvFN question
Thanks and possible M* Key Ratio changes?
Thanks for having lots of patience with learners
Thanks for making! A question...
Thanks for providing a good service
Thanks for the fixes; Template-Barchart-Technical-Signals.xls I found (3) Error
Thanks Randy
The Ideal Spreadsheet for Intrinsic Value Estimations
The Name Field is Too Short
The New "smf-Template-Morningstar-Portfolio-Attributes.xls" gives "Error"
The New File Store on Your Website
The only one?
the street CEF rating
The Rating
The Street Quant Rating
the street ratings into my spreadsheet??
TheStreet ETF Screener
Think I'm using latest version, but missing so many values
Thinking about translating your code to VB.NET ...
This is how I use SMF
This used to work....
Ticker analysis automation question
ticker differences
Ticker errors?
Ticker for Dow Jones Industrials?
ticker list
Ticker or Symbol
smfGetOptionQuotes-Example-ITM-OTM-Multiple-Expirations.xls Extracting Dates from Ticker Symbols
Ticker Symbol does not work
smfGetOptionQuotes-Example-ITM-OTM-Multiple-Expirations.xls Extracting Dates from Ticker Symbols
Ticker symbols and futures?
ticker symbols for competing/related companies
Tickers for stocks listed in european markets?
Tickers with periords [.] or dashes [-]?
TickerTrend in RCHGetYahooQuotes function
Time Control
Time delay queries?
Time Segmented per Minute
Time to cleanup old Files -
time warp?
Timed recalculation GetPortfolio
Timed refresh during market hours
TK the Group
TMF Rule Maker
TMX page gets mixed results
TMX website
Extraction from
To: Randy H
Reg: To work on SMF Add-In
Too many error message on my spreadsheet
Too Many smf Routines?
Too Many Web Pages Retrievals
Too Many webpage retrievals
Too Many webpage retrievals
Top 25 Holdings in Morningstar
Top 5 equities
Tos and Excel
TOS Lost Connection
Total Enterprise Value
ETF Trailing Total Return Category Rank (NAV)
Total Return for ETF funds
Total Returns for Mutual Funds, Yearly, going back many years
Total volume
Total weekly volume
totalpc.csv stock screener
Tourist FX Rates
Tracking Historical Performance Using "Quarterly Earnings - Calendar Date"
Tracking Investments - Quicken vs Excel
Trading Days in Canada & getyahoohistory
Trading Economics
trading volumes again??
Trailing 12-Month FCF
Trainling returns for Preferred stocks
Transfering file to another computer
More- Transition to Excel 2013
Transpose doesn't work
Returning Errors: Trend Values for
Trouble editting array
Trouble Getting Add-In Installed
Trouble getting annual div result using .RCHGetElementNumber(,989)
Trouble Getting RCHGetYahooQuotes to Work
Trouble installing in Excel 2007
trouble installing on a Mac
Trouble Installing SMF Add-in in Excel 2007
Trouble Installing with Office 2010 and XP
Trouble loading a file into an array using the smfGetCSVFile function
Trouble pulling Google Finance fundamental data (you fixed it!)
Trouble pulling Google Finance fundamental data (you fixed it!)
Trouble pulling last price for EWT
Trouble re-installing add-in after upgrade
Trouble with FRED
Trouble with option quote
Trouble with pulling Google data elements
Trouble with Stock Valuation Document.
Trouble with Website
Trouble with Windows 7 and the file path
Trouble with Windows XP and 2007 Excel
RCHGetTableCell() Troubleshooting
Troubleshooting errors
Troubleshooting Non-Working Function
TrueCar, Inc (TRUE)
try to understand
Trying to add the SMF calculation button on my toolbar
Trying to download RCH zip file
trying to get ASX:SWM for google templates
Trying to get IBD composite rank
Trying to get started
trying to get weekly option quotes
TSP quotes
morningstar tsx
TSX Financial Data
TSX listed stocks
TTM dividend using RCHGetYahooHistory (last increase)
TTM dividend using RCHGetYahooHistory (last increase)
TTM Yiled for a mutual fund off
Tunnel down if not found
Turn Cache Off To Speed Up Retreival
Turn Off Auto Sort
two questions about RCHGetYahooQuotes
two RCHGetElementNumber calls return "Error" message
Two Tiered Fetch
TYO: 7267
U Undefined
UK Financial Data
UK stocks
ULIP NAV into Excel
unable to copy and paste RCHGetYahooQuotes with relative reference
Unable to extract data
Unable to get add ins working
Unable to get RCH_Stock_Market_Functions.xla Version 1.3c to Work with the Automated MOS Calculator for AdvFn (Excel Based)
Unable to Get Results Certain Stocks which is available via Yahoo Finance API
Unable to get the formula right
Unable to get the SMF_addin to work on PC
Unable to pull data for some ticker symbols
Unable to pull strikes for SPX
Unable to retrieve AdvFn data with RCHGetElementNumber
Unable to retrieve data - (RCHGetYahooQuotes(A7,.n.))
Unable to use FWallStreet
Unadjusted Stock Price
Unble to find Interest LTM
undefined after cell edit
Undefined Elements "Fixed": 854, 860, 866, 872
Undefined error
understanding formulae in RCHGetElementNumber-Element-Definitions.xls
Unexpected smf_addin problem
Unit Trust prices
Unreadable html code
Unrecognized Text Error Message
unsubscribe link bounces
Unwanted Cell Transformation
Up Down Volume TSE and VSE?
Upcoming Events
upgraded to excel 2007
Upgrading to real-time quotes
Upload with ERROR
Google has changed URL
US Company Overseas Sales %
US Corporate BBB bonds yield
US Dollar index data
US Stock Futures Quotes
US Treasury Yield Data - RCHGetHTMLTable - Vlookup
Usage Rights
USD INR Quotes
Use ef element #851 Zack's Rank of Industry
Use in MBA programs/classes
use of asynchronous flag
Use of find1 thru find4 ?
Use of smf_addins cause excel to hang (i.e. not respond)
Use page that requires login?
User-defined smf-elements?
Using 5 Tildas in a RCHGetElementNumber
Using Add-In for Indian stock markets
Using Addin with the German version of Yahoo-finance
Using AdvFN template - depreciation in Cashflow .statement
Using Arrays to Get Faster
Using Cache
Using Element Definitions
Using elements for sector and ETF return history
Using Excel Index() with smfgetcvsfile
Using EXCEL to Download Stock, Fund and Option Data
using functions in another module
Using GetCSVFile with Gurufocus
Using GetYahooPortfolioView for a handful of Stocks and one stock is double dashes - why?
Using Globe Investor
Using InCell Charts function
Using Loop vs Using Variant Array in VBA
Using new file but still get errors
Using OFFSET Function in Excel
Using Python and COM with the Add-In
Using RCHGetElementNumber() for S&P 500 da
Using RCHGetElementNumber() for S&P 500 dat
Using RCHGetElementNumber() for S&P 500 data
Using RCHGetWebData
Incorrect data when using RCHGetYahooQuotes function with VBA
using RCHgetYahooQuotes() output in VBA code
Using SMF Add-In for Mutual Funds and Stock .Quotes on Different Computers/Excel
Using SMF Add-in over multiple worksheets
Using SMF add-inn
Using SMF_Addin in MS-Access
Using smf functionality to substitute/manipulate a different array formula
Using SMF functions in VBA (was: Foreign currency)
using SMF in blogspt
Using SMF on a Mac
Using smfGetOptionStrikes Function in VBA
Using smfGetYahooPortfolioView
Using SML Add-in to get Morningstar Star and Moat Data
Using Spreadsheets with Add-ins on different computers
Using the add in on two separate computers
using the addin in a corporate network
Using the DOM object model
Using the recalculate parameter in RHSGetYahooQuotes
Using the Smf Add In RCHGetYahooQuotes()
Using the smf_addin with excel 2011 for MAC
Using the smfGetYahooHistory fuction (lite version) to get a closing price.
Using the smfGetYahooJSONData() function
Using VBA to read RCHGetYahooHistory into an array [1 Attachment]
Using VBA with SMF
Using yahoo codes for premium realtime prices
Using Yahoo! Price History Adjusted Close to track.performance
valuation formulas
Valuation templates
Morningstar Fair Value history
Ignore #value errors, data retrieval error & windows security message
#VALUE! Even Though The Data IS There...
#VALUE! Occasionally
Value Screening
Values Changing
VB script to run serially on sequential sheets
Off topic - Learning VBA
VBA and RCHGetYahooHistory
VBA code for RCHGetElementNumbers 4681,4684,4690 and 4705
VBA Error -Type Mismatch
VBA Modules (SMFLite-RchGetYahooQuotes-Example)
VBA Syntax Error
VBA to copy HTML and paste to excel worksheet
VBA to post a chart in your workbook
VBA Usage
VCLK errors (was: New file uploaded...)
Version 1.3a of the add-in is now available
Version 1.3c of the add-in is now available
Version 1.3d of the add-in is now available
Version 1.3e of the add-in is now available
Version 1.3f of the add-in has been uploaded
Version 1.3h of the add-in is now available
Version Check
Version Difference??
version not upgrading
Determine SMF Add-in - Version Number
Very impressive
Very slow opening and saving some files
vista and 2007
Visual Basic or self-contained
^VIX data
VIX future quote
VIX in Google
VIX options quote not working-Addin 2.1.2013.02.06
VIX options quote not working-Addin 2.1.2013.02.06
Vix Term Structure Data
VLookUP and Zacks
Vol Sold / Bought
Monthly Volume
Volume Difference Between Yahoo and Google Finance
VWAP excel
Wall Street Journel Website formula no longer works
WallStreet Journal Online
Want to add "One Year Price Target" to my worksheet.
Want to Make Dividend Histogram
Warrant Price Issue
Way to get last Close Price
Web extract for Italian stocks
WEB ONLY stting not woking
Web Page limit
Web page source not showing required field
Web Query for YAHOO history for stock quotes
Getting website link from Yahoo and Msn
Best wiehes for a happy new year / was Website retrieval error
Website to extract dividend frequency
website with accurate dividend data (including pink sheets)?
Websites that need a login
websites with login or passwords
Weekly dates
Weekly option prices
weekly options quotes
Weekly options .... curiousier &
monthly and weekly prices
Weekly Quote Issue [2 Attachments]
Weird error after reformatting pc, error shown when opening template [1 Attachment]
weird error - may need some help
Weird problem with RCHGetYahooHistory
Welcome Back Randy
Welcome to smf_addin
Wharton Ratio Analysis Model
What am I doing wrong in these formulas
What am I doing wrong in these formulas
What's a good site for grabbing commodities prices?
What's happening with yahoo quotes?
What causes option quotes to fail?
What did I do wrong?
What does FY1, FY2, etc mean?
What does undefined mean
What does #value! response mean when using RCHGetElementNumber function
what happened to MSN Stock Scouter?
What is can’t ?
What is the best source for complete financial statements?
What is the best source for real time stock quotes?
What is the best way to troubleshoot?
what is the difference between Rch type formula and smf type formula?
What is the Element to Get the Tickers Full Name?
what is the refresh interval on RCHGetElement?
what Reuters data is available?
What to do when you get #NAME? error
What wrong wit the formula?
When does yahoo finance adjust data for dividends?
When function doesn't work - how to fix?
Wher is the list of Element Numbers posted
Which Data Source for RCHGetELementNumber is best?
Which element # denotes year 2011 and which one denotes year 2015 ?
which function can i use to extract a picture
Which is better to use?
Which site has the most accurate Fundamental data?
Which Tool To Use
Which website provides 10years data for non-US stocks?
Why am I encountering the problem with smfJoin?
Why am I getting all #NAME? 's in my spreadsheet
why am i getting 'error' for zacks rating?
Why am I having issues getting data
Why Can't I Find Documentation for "smfGetYahooHistory"
Why does RCHGetYahooQuotes() with Now() slows down Excel so much?
Why does this formula produce an error
why doesn't the do anything?
Why doesn't Zacks element 848 work any more?
Why Don't Any Files Work?
Why is it returning #VALUE! in all the cells?
why is stock dividend growth formula giving me all 0s ???
Why is the Damodaran Banks xls sheet protected? Workaround?
Why is there no Zacks number for ticker O today 7/16/15?
Why isn't it signed in?
why isn't there any MSN Stock Scouter rating data?
why no msn stockscouter rating for all these midstream mlp's ?
Wierd Problem with History Download
Wikinvest 10 year financials, great source to use the plug-in
Wildly wrong option quotes? [1 Attachment]
will this work for the divend scanning
Williams %R
#Name? Error on all cells - how to fix this Windows 10 Excel 2010
Windows 10 and IBD (
WIndows 10 Woes
Windows 2007 Excel Keep losing connection to C:\smf\RCH_Stock_Market_Functions.x
windows 7 excel 2010 migration
Windows 7 with excel 2007
Windows 7 with Excel 2010 and/or 2013
Windows 8.1 Add In Location for Skydrive
Windows 8.1 Compatibility
Windows 8 and Excell 2013 - SMF Add-In inconsisently working?
Windows Security Warning message anyone?
Problems with RCHGetYahooHistory after Windows Vista re-image using Excel 2007
Wiped my OS & Re-installed; can't get SMF working again : (
WIT Prospector and Valuesoft
Wit Prospector Lite
with smfGetYahooPortfolio add the Price/Book Value Metric P/BV
wmf add-in stopped responding
Work file looks for add-in in a different .location....
Working example for current price
Working MacOSX version?
Working on php version of SMF
Working With Indices
worksheet slow? [1 Attachment]
Worksheets can't load
World Map Example
Would anyone be willing to share historical Stock Scouter Ratings? Randy?
write a similar loop
writing VBA function
Writing your own elements
Wrong date for GetYahooQuote?
wrong number
Wrong Results
WSJ Dividend Declarations
WSJ Financial
WSJ Market Data
WSJ - PE Capture
x days moving average
XD for ETFs?
XLA library is not being opened in Excel 2016 64 bit.....
_xlfn.IFERROR gives #NAME?
xls file
XMLHTTP error - running emulation of Excel under .Linux
XMLHTTP error - running emulation of Excel under .Linux
XMLHTTP User Defined Type Source Code
XP,Excel 2002 and 2007, and Converter issues with add-in
Y-Charts Lookup no longer working
Yahoo 200 day MA
Yahoo adjusted close prices
Yahoo! Adjusted Close = Total Return?
Yahoo Adjusted Close vs. Actual Close
Yahoo adjusted close vs. Real time prices
Yahoo! Adjusted Price Quotes Broken (Again!)
Yahoo Advancers / Decliners
Yahoo's 50 & 200Day Moving Averages are wrong- any other place to get this data?
Yahoo & MSN database vs. web page
Yahoo & MSN database vs. web pages
Yahoo "high" quotes not working?
Yahoo Analyst Opinion Mean Recommendation
Yahoo analyst target prices
Yahoo and csv file
Yahoo and Morningstar Data Timeout
Yahoo and Verizon (or whoever)
Yahoo Annual IS, BS,SCF
yahoo basic chart
YAHOO Beta Screen
Yahoo Business Summary
Yahoo CAD/USD Prev Close
How can I have a Yahoo chart open in my browser using the plugin?
Yahoo charts with old dates are appearing
Yahoo Closing Price on a Specific Date
Yahoo code Description
Yahoo Code for "Next Earnings Date"
Yahoo codes
YAHOO Codes & Prices Between Dates Example
Yahoo Comp Bond Rate
Yahoo contact
Yahoo CSV Feed Parameter List
Yahoo .CSV (smfPricesByDates and RCHGetYahooHistory) not Adjusting for Divs
Yahoo Data
Yahoo data - Avg Vol (3m):
Yahoo data base problem?
yahoo data code list
Yahoo data codes for RCHGetYahooQuotes() function
Yahoo data returning errors
Yahoo data times out & errors the past hour.
Yahoo - Direct Competitor Comparison
Yahoo! Dividend History
yahoo dividend yield
Yahoo dividends for Canadian Stocks - wrong?
Yahoo ^DJI Ticker - Error message
Yahoo Earnings Calendar
No Yahoo Earnings Estimates Available on any stock for a couple of days
Yahoo element 1285 not working - Next Earnings Date
Yahoo Elements
Yahoo elements 4926 and 4927 have wrong description
Yahoo EPS estimates
Yahoo Expected Earnings Dates
Yahoo Finance Analyst Estimates?
Yahoo Finance API appears to be gone
Yahoo Finance Australia
Yahoo Finance Data Source: Historical Data page or Summary page
Yahoo Finance Financials
Yahoo Finance Headlines Under Stock Quote Website
Yahoo Finance no longer sending real time data?
Yahoo Finance Portfolios
Yahoo Financial Statement Accuracy
Yahoo High Low Yearly price data
Yahoo Historic Financial Data
Yahoo Historic Quotes
Yahoo Historical closing price reflects a zero
Stopped Getting Yahoo Historical Data for DOW and S&P 500 recently
Yahoo Historical Dividends & Stocksplits
Yahoo Historical Prices on the Yahoo Finance web site
yahoo historical prices and dates
Yahoo Historical Prices - close
Yahoo Historical Prices on the Yahoo Finance web site
Update on Yahoo Historical Quotes (as of 2017-07-12)
Yahoo Historical Quotes in JSON format
Yahoo historical stock quotes
Yahoo History Errors
Yahoo History Array-Entered Help
yahoo history array start date
Yahoo History Errors
Yahoo History File
Yahoo History Issue
Yahoo History messages
Yahoo! History Monthly Close
Yahoo History price
Get Yahoo History Problem [1 Attachment]
yahoo history repeating last date with bad data
Yahoo income, balance sheet data: unsupported?
Yahoo index symbol ^DJI returns N/A
Yahoo Industry PEG
Yahoo Insider Buying %
Yahoo intra-day quotes not workings
Yahoo Is At It Again
Yahoo JSON files
Yahoo Key Statistics
Yahoo Key Statistics changes?
Yahoo KS page
YAHOO Latest Price access
Yahoo Limits
Yahoo Live feed
Yahoo Major Holders
Yahoo Market Breadth data into Excel ?
Historical Data for Yahoo Market Statistics
yahoo missing some "key statistics"
Yahoo Mutual Fund data
Yahoo Mutual Fund Functions Don't Work
Yahoo Net Asset Value
yahoo news headline
Yahoo Option Bid qoute
Retrieving Yahoo Option Data
Yahoo Option Import
Yahoo Option woes... please and thanks!
Yahoo Options
Yahoo Options broken
Yahoo Options Implied Volatility Data
Yahoo Options quotes (again)
Yahoo Options quotes (again)
Help Requested: RCHGetTableCell-Template-Yahoo-Options-Quotes.xls
Yahoo PEG Ratios
Yahoo PM Fund Total Returns
Yahoo - potential issues with k/m/b (thousand/million/billion)
Yahoo, Price Target Summary, of the Mean, Median, High, Low stock prices
Yahoo prices between question
Yahoo Prices problem
Yahoo Quote failures - work-around?
trying to get the new yahoo quotes working
Yahoo Quotes Error
Yahoo quotes? Live?
Yahoo quotes server data code
Yahoo: RCHGetElementNumber
Yahoo real time prices
Yahoo Real Time Quote with smfGetTagContent Function
Yahoo Real Time Quote wtih smfGetTagContent Function
RCHGetTableCell-Template-Yahoo-Real-Time-Quotes.xls Formula Question
Yahoo RealTime Link
yahoo realtime quotes for
Yahoo reporting ETF's error
Yahoo retrieval periodic errors
Yahoo source element 13863 not working
Yahoo stock statistics data retrieval?
Yahoo stock symbol
Yahoo Summary - Real Time quote
Yahoo Symbol
Yahoo Tags
yahoo templates don't work for ticker stz
Yahoo/Thompson PT Ranges
Yahoo Ticker for US DOllar index
Yahoo Ticker Symbol
Yahoo Ticker Translations
yahoo uk - error 999
Yahoo Upgrades and Downgrades
Yahoo Volume Stats returning wrong string (no "M")
Yahoo weak lately on 52W highs and lows
YahooHL and Average Price/Earnings ratio
YahooKS Elements
YahooMS used in RCHGetYahooHistory() function?
YahooPortfolioView Array Limit
YahooQuote provide value and/or standalone
YahooStockQuotes Error
yChart Lookup
did Ycharts recently make some changes?
Ycharts problem
Ye Olde Newb Stupide Question of Ye Daye
Currency Quotes, Historical Prices, Daily and Year to Date Change.
year to date change for a stock
Year-to-Date Returns
Yearly Close
Yearly High-Low-Close Prices Codes
Yet another installation question
YHOO Business Summary
Yhoo historical quote and prev. earnings date.
Yield Missing
Yoonew - Stock Market for Sports Tickets
z-altman score and caps rating
Piotroski F-Scores / Altman Z-Scores
Zack's Industry changed again?
Zack's element number 1286-1400
Zack's Industry changed again?
Use ef element #851 Zack's Rank of Industry
Zack earnings dates.
Zack Elements
Zacks - Element #1301
Zacks Data
Zacks Data - thank you
zacks earnings date
Zacks elements
(Zacks) GetElementNumber 848, 850, 13885, 13888
Zacks Indust and Sector
zacks most accurate estimate versus consensus pull
Zacks Mutual Fund Rank
Zacks problem (again) Elements 848, 850
Zacks Rank for stocks, mutual funds and ETFs
Zacks Rank (element 848)
Zacks Rank for stocks, mutual funds and ETFs
Zacks Rank for zacks subscribers?
Zacks Rank No Longer Available?
Zacks Rank not seeming to work
Zacks screen
Zacks -- seems to have switched over to their Beta system
Zacks Site
Zacks website changed format?
Zip file for Examples & Templates?