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4-4-0 to 2-4-0 ??
4 L tee shirts
4L tees of WWI spruce division US ARMY civilian support worker lapel pin design
55 gallon drums
A new book is available
A passing
Aaron Precinct
Adam Robins? - Thanks guys!
ALCO 2-10-2T
Am looking for photos Shay truck mtd. snow plows.
"Come and Get It" logging movie information
"Forest Rails" book
"If Rails Could Talk" book series
"Last of the Railway Loggers" book
And more Digital Files
Another Death
Another strange book question
Aracata & Mad River GE 44 ton locomotives
Arcata and Mad River RR and Logging RRs
Auto logger machine.
Back to the blacksmith car
Baldwin 2-6-2 (c/n 37125)
Baldwin 2-6-2T #55344
BC logging photos
Big River Maru - one more time
Bill Roy's estate email
Bill Roy Stuff
Back to the blacksmith car
block car
Blue Ridge loader notes
Bob Sorensen 1915-2016
Boiler dimensions
Logging books for sale
Wood crates Was Box shook warehouse images? (resend with proper subject line)
Brass painters
brow log
Burning Wood in a Coal Burner Engine...?
Camp 18
climax video
color logging book
Coming in 2016? Custom 3D-Printed Skagit Iron & Steel 6-46 Motor Passenger Car
Converting a Russian 2-10-0
Coos Bay Dynamic Brake equipped Units Drawings and Weyco Pacific Coast Shay
Coos Bay Dynamic Brake equipped Units Drawings and Weyco Pacific Coast Shay
corrections uploaded to files
crude loco
Dave Clune On3 Cascade County Narrow Gauge new video
Decals for Logging locomotives--Rayonier
Deep in the ground rail road bed
Deep River 2-4-4-2
Deer Island DVD
Diamond and Calder Shay #4
Diamond Match Operations - Sandpoint, Idaho
Digital Catalog Downloads
Disconnect truck drawings, blueprints - ? And model photo ...
donkey book
donkey book publishing options
donkey bookJohn,
donkey diesel drive
donkey found
donkey moves
donkeys down under
Dunkirk geared loco
dunkirk loco
Eighteeen Years!
Eighteen Years!
End Of An Era - Rayonier
equipment up for grabs
Estep diesel
Fatal derailment on Englewood Railway
Finally found some info on Standard Lumber Co. in Arizona.
First Mill at Cass
first RR logger in Clatsop

Flying Cats
followup to my earlier email about the estate of Bill Roy
For sale Railroad equipment catalogs on CD and logging DVD reduced prices
Ford locomotives
Ford Tri Motor
Fred W. Spurrell 1929-2016
fun with logs
Fw: Laws Run flyer
Fw: Long-Bell Lumber at Winston Creek (Lewis County)
Fw: Obituary for Jim Vail
Fw: Sawmill in my back yard
Fw: Simpson
Fwd: Idaho Gives has begun!
Fwd: research on logging company
Gauge of southern railroads
GE 45 tonner preserved
Good Read
Great Logging book sale.
great old film
Greetings and Intro...
Help with two history questions?
Hillcrest Lumber Co.
historian Ben Kline's son
HO Logging Mikados
Horse Drawn Logging Sleds
Horse logging in Oregon and little trains...
Horse logging in Oregon and little trains...
Horse powered logging today
Hungarian logging RR
Idaho loggers
If Rails Could Talk; Volume 2 and 3
Operating Incline
Incline Car Plans, working model ...
incline car plans request
J. Parker Lamb Photo Collection
Jeff Moore's "McCloud River Railroads"
Jim Gertz Passes
Jim Ruisinger
John H. White
Kadee Skeleton Log Cars
Kinda off-topic - good cameras for close up work
Kits for sale
Klickitat Logging Article
Labbe photos
last all steam
last logger gone
last steam donkey
len_elg: unloading and loading
Light Locomotives magazine?
live & dead rollers
Local Horse logging team
log pevy
Logging operation with initials L.W.&C.RR.
Logging - Owens Valley
logging railroads in color
Logging Railroads of the Blue Ridge and Smoky Mountains
Logging Railroads of the Pacific Northwest in Color, V1
logging RR news
Logging story
logging videos
Fw: Long-Bell Lumber at Winston Creek (Lewis County)
looking for a polson #45 2-6-2
Lookout Junction
Lumber Loads - Terminology
Lytle Logging (was Help with two history questions?)
MAC tugger hoist
Matlock, Deckerville, and Grisdale, WA
Matlock Fire
Meadow River
MEDCO log car pix
Merry Christmas
Mich Cal #2 in HO wanted
mill engines
Milwaukee Lumber Co.
Modeltec articles
More books coming very soon
More Steam Donkey Drawings
Movie ,"Ring of Fire " David Jansen.....New DVD available
Murray, Idaho was: Donkey info for Max
museum fire
Mutual Plywood heisler #54
Neat logs for logging cars
Need help identifying Shay in pic.
New book
New book just released
New book - Last of the Railway Loggers
New books available on Appalachian Logging....
New file uploaded to 4L
New folder inviting comments on W I Works items at Sedro Woolley Museum, (Merv?)
New logging book coming out in March
new on30-on3 shays?
New Shay Book
New steam donkey photo posted
New Train Show March 3rd PCLM 2018
New Train Show March 3rd PCLM 2018
North Carolina question
Northern AZ. logging railroad pics
NWSL Weyerhaeuser big mallets #200 & #201
odd beasts
odd beasts
Old Timers' Events
oldest Willamette
Oldest Willamette to run
On30 logs
Operating Incline
Oregon-American crane
Oregon Coast steam crane
Ottawa,Arnprior, & Parry Sound RR
Pacific Model Loggers' Congress 2016 photos
Pacific Model Loggers' Congress, two weeks away!
Pendergast Co.
PFM Harrington Shay
Photos of Weyerhaeuser Timber Company Pacific Coast Shay #4
Photos of Weyerhaeuser Timber Company Pacific Coast Shay #4/104
Pickering Shay #11
Pile driver design?
Pile driver reply
Pine Boxes
Polson 0-4-2T ??
Pretty good history of Flagstaff and Williams Logging RR's (no Apache) Done for NPS
Rail-to-rail transition joiners on video
[wslc] Railroad Fire
rails and trails
Re; Shays with truck mounted plows
Recently published artist book, well several years back
Remembering Jim Vail
Resin kits for HO PC&F Moving cars
RIP Andy Epperly
Roger eyeich
Roots of Motive Power
Salzer Lb
Salzer Valley Lumber Co
Sawmill at 2017 FineScale Expo
Scotia donkeys
Scotia Heisler
Seeking J. Clark McAbee's contact ...
New Shay Book
Shay curves
Shay cylinder piping
Shay increased oil bunker information
Short & Narrow Rails
Silver City
Simpson auction
Simpson railroad
Simpson RR
Sixteen years of the 4L !!
Skagit Little 'Tugger for sale
SMU/DeGolyer collection and more
Southern logging
Southern Tier Logging
Spark arresters ?
New steam donkey photo posted
Steam Donkey info for Max
Steam on Mt Rainier Scenic RR
Storage of Explosives on Weyerhaeuser Timber Company's Vail Operation
Surviving skidders
Swedish river logging in the 1950´s
Tacoma Public Library Digital Archives
Taking the DCC plunge! Recommendations and Experiences?
Thanksgiving reflection
Thanksgiving reflection
That other "oldest" Shay in California
The Curse of the Bushfire
The fate of Model Railroading mag? And 1 other question
The Largest Tree Cut on Weyerhaeuser Timber Company Lands
The passing of Steve Polkinghorn (repost from the Espee Group)
The Ramsey Company - Drag lines, Yarders
Things To See On Vancouver Island
timber consolidation
Timber Times issue #60
Timber Times Passes Into History
Tom Murray
Trip to Oregon and Washington
Two historic items
Fwd: Ukraine Logging
Union Lumber Co's Mill Whistle - Fort Bragg, CA
United Class B/C Shay owners...a question
Unloading log cars ?
Washington records
Weaverville railroad
West Side Reunion - Also answers to Silver City
Westminster "Speeder"
Westminster Ironworks Buda
Westminster speeder
Weyerhaeuser #108
Weyerhaeuser and the Forest History Society
Weyerhaeuser Longview
Weyerhaeuser steam locomotive decals
Weyerhaeuser Timber/Rayonier 120 Build Date
What RR was in SusanVille Ca
what to see Vancouver BC
When did steam locomotives first go into the woods?
Willamette fun & games
willits abandoned RR in place?
WISCO question?
Wisconsin question
Wood crates Was Box shook warehouse images? (resend with proper subject line)
Wood For Citrus Packing Crates (Knots)
Wood For Citrus Packing Crates (Knots)
Wrapped Lumber
Wrecker scrapped
WSLC featured in 1950 western movie
[wslc] YMSPRR Railroad Fire - West Side cars lost
Yeon and Pelton locos
Yreak Western still operating